Lunch 🍞🔥 Avocado, lime, and chili flakes! I added plenty of coriander after taking this photo too. 📸🌱 I discovered that Heart Space Whole Foods sells freshly made artisan bread, delivered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I picked up a sourdough boule for £3 this Thursday. It should last me a few days. 😋 Not a bad price for tasty small batch bread!

french slang words 🐝✨

Accro = Slang for an addict

Ado= short for “adolescent”= teen
Apéro = Short for “aperitif”.
À poil = naked
Appart = short for ‘appartement’= flat
Aprem = Short for après-midi = afternoon
Babiole = something worthless
Bagnole = car
Barjot = nutcase, insane person
Ben =interj. for “well”. Often used at the beginning of a phrase, and followed by “oui” or “non”
Bide = Stomach
Bidon = Bad, false, ex: c'est une promesse bidon = this is a false promise
Bite = Dick
Blé (du blé, des sous, des ronds, du pognon, du fric) = money
Bled = boondocks
Bof =interj for 'not really’, 'i don’t like this’, 'let me think a while…’
Boule = slang for head, testicule, or ars / ass (vulgar),
Bouffe= food
Bouffer = to eat
Bourrin = horse
Bosser = to work
Boulot = job
Se casser = to leave ; “Casse-toi !”= “Go away !”
Chier = to shit
Les Chiottes = WC, toilets
Chouraver = to steal
Cinoche = Cinema to see a film
Con (mas)= stupid
Conne (fem) = stupid
Connerie = crap
Crever = to die, or to be exhausted
adj., crevé(e),. As in “Je suis crevé(e)” = “I’m exhausted”
La crève = a bad cold,
Crever la dalle = be famish, be starving
Cul = ass
Débile = stupid
Déconner= doing silly thing
Dirlo = headmaster
Enculer = To fuck
La fac = short for “faculté”= University
Faire chier = to annoy, to bother, ex: tu me fais chier = you are bothering me
Faire la tête, faire la gueule = to pout, to sulk
De la flotte = water
Flics, keufs = police
Foutre = to do or to make, or to put
Ex: “Va te faire foutre” = “Go get fucked/Go fuck yourself”
“Qu'est-ce que tu fous ?” = “What the hell are you doing?”
“J'ai rien à foutre ici, avec toi” = “I have nothing to do here, with you”
“J'en ai rien à foutre ” = “Je m'en fous” = “I don’t care”
“Où est-ce que je l'ai foutu ?” = “Where did i put that?”
Hyper = very, really, “Il peut être hyper attentionné ” = “ He can be very considerate ”
Kiffer = to like, ex: Je kiffe la science = I like science
Génial = awesome, great ex: tu es genial = you are awesome
Gosse = Child
Grave = stupid, ex: son père est grave = his father is stupid.
Gueule = mouth
Gueuler = to shout, to scream, ex: arrête de gueuler! = Stop shouting
louper = to miss
Machin = Stuff
Mome, mioche, gosse, gamin, moutard = child
Ouais = yes
Piaule = room
Piquer = to steal, to pick
Pote = friend
Se tirer, se casser = to go away
Taff = job, task
Taule= jail
Truc = Stuff
Tronche = face
Type, mec = guy
Vache = nasty ( but “Oh la vache” is an exclamation which means “damn”)
Vachement = very ex: elle est vachement difficile= she is very difficult
Zinzin = mad



Location: 4328, boul. St-Laurent, Montreal

Metro Station: Mont Royal

End of April… marks the end of finals. School’s out!… Well only for about 3 days until I go to summer school. 

Nonetheless, gives me enough time to explore my city without any pressure from my academic responsibilities!

Today, my boyfriend and I were planning on having a lunch type date in the Mile end until our plans miserably failed when we realized our chosen restaurant wasn’t going to open for another 4 hours. We decided to hop on a random bus on the corner of the street since it was pouring like crazy and we didn’t feel like staying out in the rain. We got off a stop when we started feeling like we knew the neighbourhood and ended up in the Plateau… again. 

After finding a place to eat, we decided to walk around some new areas in the Plateau we hadn’t discovered yet. Although it was raining, breathing in fresh air was so refreshing considering we had been locked in our room the past 3 weeks trying to stuff 5 courses worth of information in our heads. 

I felt like I was in a European dramatic movie - walking in the rain with a little umbrella with my favourite person, discovering places with nothing else in mind. Queue the Parisienne music. 

We suddenly stumbled upon an exotic looking shop on the corner of a street. From the outside looking in, while we were dripping with water, we could see plants and wine and bright lights and greenery and comfortable couches and… coffee! Sold.

We went into the coffee shop and was immediately warmed with welcomes from the waiter. A coffee shop - but a different kind at that. The first thing that caught my eye was with no hesitation the lights on the ceiling. I don’t really know what the letters spell out, but they sure look aesthetically pleasing so I rolled with it.

The section next to the windows was very casual with the couches. There were mini candles decorating each table and plants flowing around every corner, making the space extra inviting - battling the coldness of the weather outside. As the Jazz music was playing in the background, we took a seat on the couches, avoiding the tables since we didn’t have laptops since we didn’t have school. Emphasis on the comfort!!! No school equals we can sit on the nice couches and relax. 

I saw students around me on their laptops still working very hard on their studies… accompanied with their glasses of wine instead of the usual latte. I liked it. I love coffee but i live for these different little details in shops. 

Let me explain the wine though, because it is a very important part of this “coffee shop”. It’s not really a “coffee shop”. It’s a hybrid. Half coffee shop, half bar. You heard that right. It’s also a bar. Order food, order alcohol, order coffee - sit at the huge circular bar for a nice glass of wine or beer or anything else, or sit on the couches like me and still order your usual. I got a chai latte this time so I tried to be a bit different than my regular latte. And it was delicious! One of the best I’ve ever had.

I felt like I was in a different country in this cafe. With decorations like mini instruments on the walls, to the candles on the tables, to the vintage looking decor, I also felt like I was in a Jazz club. Everything was so perfectly shaped together. 

I know I say I love all the cafes in Montreal - and I do, don’t get me wrong - but this place is really one of my favourites now. It made me feel like I’m in 1920s Paris and I lived for it. Next time, I’ll even dress for it.

Sometimes, your plans might go awry and your chosen restaurant will open only 4 hours later. However, sometimes… those moments are calls for better adventures and more exploration with improvisation. Let the rain guide you to beautiful shelters.
Chanel, Bosch, Disneyland, Décathlon renoncent à faire de la pub chez Hanouna
Des décisions tranchées qui ne vont pas plaire au groupe Canal+.

Bosh, Chanel et Disneyland annoncent renoncer à diffuser des spots publicitaires qui accompagnaient ou devaient accompagner l'émission phare de C8, “Touche pas à mon poste.”

“Bosch ne cautionne pas ce qui est s'est passé et les propos qui ont été tenus. La marque a décidé d'arrêter la publicité digitale et télé en cours et à venir pour cette émission”, a déclaré une porte-parole du groupe allemand au site BuzzFeed.

Pour la direction de Disneyland, l'émission, “va à l'encontre des valeurs” de la marque. Même son de cloche pour Chanel qui estime que le programme n'est pas “en adéquation avec les valeurs” de la “Maison.” Décathlon et Petit Navire annoncent également renoncer à publier des spots lors des émissions “Touche pas à mon poste.”

Des prises de position tranchées qui pourraient provoquer un effet boule de neige sur les autres annonceurs qui travaillent avec le groupe Canal+. Ainsi, la marque Lu annonce désapprouver le canular et envisage de cesser leur collaboration avec les émissions de Cyril Hanouna. Même chose pour la compagnie aérienne EasyJet qui explique “étudier la possibilité de communiquer à nouveau sur cette chaîne.”

Los Signos Leyendo Historias del Zodiaco

Aries: Soy uno de l@s shek@s malos… IUJUUUU, AHORA OJALA MI SIGNO QUEME TODA LA CASA.

Tauro: Lol, al parecer en las historias tengo tipo magia negra para no engordar… Soy macumber@ :3

Géminis: ¿Qué verga…? Me encanta *-*… Creo :u


Leo: Ay Dios, no soy tan diva *Ve el reflejo de su cara en la pantalla* Ash, soy divina.

Virgo: Siempre dicen que ordeno todo… Si vieran mi cuarto, cambiarían inmediatamente de opinión :,v

Libra: *Se pone a pensar si es en realidad como dicen la historias* *Le agarra una explosión celeblal*

Escorpio (Mujer): Me pusieron tantas veces que soy hombre, que ya pienso que soy transexual, lol.

Escorpio (Hombre): ¿Pero qué? Juju, todos me temen 7w7.


Capricornio (Mujer): Me pusieron tantas veces que soy hombre, que ya pienso que soy transexual, lol. x2

Capricornio: Himpaktadeishion

Acuario: Tipo que yo soy como Sagitario 2 pero mas kul :v. Lol.

-Sagitario: ¿Qué dijiste? :u-


PD: Esto no es para criticar a ningún escritor, ¿Okey? 7w7


¿Les gustó?

Je suis tellement contente pour ma double licence éco/socio ! J’ai été tellement paumé ces dernières années, pour le choix de ma filière, le choix de mes études… J’ai jamais su ce que je voulais faire, et j’ai jamais cherché. J’aimais juste être la fille qui savait pas, et essayer de m’intéresser à l’avenir me donnait plus envie de pleurer qu’autre chose. Mais quand j’ai découvert la SES, j’ai juste tellement aimé. C’est tellement intéressant et concret ! Et savoir que je vais étudier l’économie et la sociologie pour encore 3 ans me rend tellement heureuse. J’ai bossé, et j’ai eu quelque chose que je voulais. J’ai l’impression que tout prend enfin un sens, que ces dernières années j’ai pas bossé dans le vide. Je vais faire quelque chose que j’aime, et je sais que je vais m’éclater là dedans ! Je suis juste tellement heureuse et reconnaissante ! 

BULLSHIT and other related terms in French

baratineur/se - bullshitter

débiter des insanités - to spout nonsense

dire des conneries/raconter des conneries à qqn - to bullshit  someone

dire des idioties - to talk nonsense

dire n’importe quoi - to talk rubbish/shit/crap

faut pas déconner ! - cut the crap!

faux-cul - someone who is full of shit/two-faced

foutre les boules à qqn - to piss somebody off/(to scare the crap out of s.o)

les conneries - bullshit

n’importe quoi ! / n’importe nawak ! / portnawak ! - Bullshit!

qu’est-ce qu’il ne faut pas entendre ! - that’s a load of crap/that’s bullshit

un mytho - a bullshitter