french slang words 🐝✨

Accro = Slang for an addict

Ado= short for “adolescent”= teen
Apéro = Short for “aperitif”.
À poil = naked
Appart = short for ‘appartement’= flat
Aprem = Short for après-midi = afternoon
Babiole = something worthless
Bagnole = car
Barjot = nutcase, insane person
Ben =interj. for “well”. Often used at the beginning of a phrase, and followed by “oui” or “non”
Bide = Stomach
Bidon = Bad, false, ex: c'est une promesse bidon = this is a false promise
Bite = Dick
Blé (du blé, des sous, des ronds, du pognon, du fric) = money
Bled = boondocks
Bof =interj for 'not really’, 'i don’t like this’, 'let me think a while…’
Boule = slang for head, testicule, or ars / ass (vulgar),
Bouffe= food
Bouffer = to eat
Bourrin = horse
Bosser = to work
Boulot = job
Se casser = to leave ; “Casse-toi !”= “Go away !”
Chier = to shit
Les Chiottes = WC, toilets
Chouraver = to steal
Cinoche = Cinema to see a film
Con (mas)= stupid
Conne (fem) = stupid
Connerie = crap
Crever = to die, or to be exhausted
adj., crevé(e),. As in “Je suis crevé(e)” = “I’m exhausted”
La crève = a bad cold,
Crever la dalle = be famish, be starving
Cul = ass
Débile = stupid
Déconner= doing silly thing
Dirlo = headmaster
Enculer = To fuck
La fac = short for “faculté”= University
Faire chier = to annoy, to bother, ex: tu me fais chier = you are bothering me
Faire la tête, faire la gueule = to pout, to sulk
De la flotte = water
Flics, keufs = police
Foutre = to do or to make, or to put
Ex: “Va te faire foutre” = “Go get fucked/Go fuck yourself”
“Qu'est-ce que tu fous ?” = “What the hell are you doing?”
“J'ai rien à foutre ici, avec toi” = “I have nothing to do here, with you”
“J'en ai rien à foutre ” = “Je m'en fous” = “I don’t care”
“Où est-ce que je l'ai foutu ?” = “Where did i put that?”
Hyper = very, really, “Il peut être hyper attentionné ” = “ He can be very considerate ”
Kiffer = to like, ex: Je kiffe la science = I like science
Génial = awesome, great ex: tu es genial = you are awesome
Gosse = Child
Grave = stupid, ex: son père est grave = his father is stupid.
Gueule = mouth
Gueuler = to shout, to scream, ex: arrête de gueuler! = Stop shouting
louper = to miss
Machin = Stuff
Mome, mioche, gosse, gamin, moutard = child
Ouais = yes
Piaule = room
Piquer = to steal, to pick
Pote = friend
Se tirer, se casser = to go away
Taff = job, task
Taule= jail
Truc = Stuff
Tronche = face
Type, mec = guy
Vache = nasty ( but “Oh la vache” is an exclamation which means “damn”)
Vachement = very ex: elle est vachement difficile= she is very difficult
Zinzin = mad

C'est c'genre de soir ou t'essaie de rester calme, ou t'en veux a la terre entière, tu a qu'une envie c'est de te mettre en boule dans ton lit et pleurer pleurer toute les larmes de ton corps. A ne plus pouvoir respirer.
—  fullblizzardheart

Mes craquelés au citron….

Merci au magasine ‘Cuisine actuelle’ pour cette recette très sympa que je conseille à tout les personnes qui aiment le citron !

Ingrédients :
- 1 œuf
- 125 g de sucre
- 1 pincée de sel
- 100 g de beurre mou
- 1 citron jaune bio (pour récupérer zeste et jus)
- 1/2sachet de levure chimique
- 300 g de farine

Mélanger le tout à l'aide d'une spatule ou de la feuille du robot.

Décor :
- sucre en poudre
- sucre glace

Faire des boules de 3 ou 4 cm de diamètre et les roulez successivement dans le sucre en poudre puis le sucre glace.

Cuisson : 15 minutes à 180 °C

À la glacerie

la glacerie - ice cream shop / ice cream parlor

la glase / la crème glacée - ice cream

les vermicelles (m.) - sprinkles

la cuillère à glace - ice cream scooper

la boule - scoop (unit of measurement)

le saveur / le gout - flavor

le cornet - cone

les pépites de chocolat (f.) - chocolate chips

la sauce - sauce

la garniture - topping

les noix - nuts / walnuts

le caramel mou - fudge

la cerise - cherry

le sundae / la coupe glacée - ice cream sundae

la crème chantilly / la crème fouettée - whipped cream

le sorbet - sorbet/ sherbet

les produits laitiers (m.) - dairy products

qui n’est pas à base de lait - non-dairy

commander - to order


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#specialclothtalk #TI
#itshappening #finaldestination #TRANSITIONOFPOWER “Yes the Boule’ is in your town!” Anywhere there are “prominent” professional blacks, chances are they’re in the Boule’. The Boule’s colors are blue and white and is a cipher within itself. Blue has a close relationship with masonry. In masonry, blue resembled the lower protective lodges. These are also the code of silence lodges. They are the front line of the protective layer. The color white really needs no elaboration, but we will for those white worshipers …it represents the race they respect the most.

We,(African diaspora) have been handed cultural, political and religious belief systems used to great advantage by these generational Satanists and lying collectives.These elite systems promote dissension, division, hatred, bigotry and war. According to the ruling powers, people are objects that need to be controlled. Therefore, we have men and women in high places that are soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning processes.We have an ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants. The evil elite has had a good run. Though they may be certain skin colors, certain nationalities and creeds, they are apart from you and me. We must stand up like the true Kings and Queens we are. We must let the truth be known.

Brother Cokely is the God that should be given biggup’s to. His tireless dedication and research has allowed the masses of Afrikan people to know the truth of which the Boule’ has pledged to never let you know. We have the roster up to 1994 which includes 101 chapters. It is now 1998, we haven’t yet gotten the latest roster, but I’m sure there are quite a few more. Next piece, we will elaborate on the symbolism behind their logo, their colors, the origin of college fraternities and sororities and the close relation to demonic masonry. Continue to seek knowledge and we shall find.  #Atlanta #steveharvey #raylewis #kanyewest #blackdevils #newworldorder #whoaretheRealDevils #whitesupremacy #blacklivesmatter

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Christmas – Noël – Navidad - Natal
Christmas tree – Sapin de noël - Árbol de navidad - Arvore de natal
Christmas ball – Boule de noël - Bola de navidad - Bola de natal
Garland - Guirlande - Guirnalda - Festão
Star – Etoile – Estrella - Estrela
Snow – Neige – Nieve - Neve
Snowflake - Flocon de neige - Copo de nieve - Floco de neve
Mountain – Montagne – Montaña - Montanha
Ski – Ski – Esquí - Esqui
Santa – Père Noël - Papa Noel - Papai Noel
Socks - Chaussettes - Calcetines - Meias
Presents – Cadeaux – Regalos - Presentes
North pole – Pôle nord - Polo norte - Polo Norte
Sleigh – Traîneau - Trineo - Trenó     
Reindeer - Renne - Reno - Rena
Cookie – Cookie - Galleta - Biscoito 
Turkey - Dinde - Pavo - Peru
Chocolate - Chocolat - Chocolate - Chocolate
Gingerbread - Pain d’épice - Pan de jengibre - Pão de gengibre
Advent calendar - Calendrier de l’avant - Calendario de adviento - Calendário do advento
Family – Famille – Familia - Família

I grew up not watching many cartoons and sometimes feel like I’m missing out on the nostalgia but then I go to my parent’s place and re-read the Belgian comics they have…. 

People who grew up without any “bandes dessinées” don’t know what they missed out on.