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Mat (Trolls Fanfic)

Here I come with another! I wrote this last night and just finished with the editing! This one takes place some years BEFORE the movie, so they are teenagers because why not?

Did somebody say KISS?!


Summary: It came to my attention that Poppy seemed to know exactly where Branch’s bunker was, but the others probably didn’t. It was Poppy who led them to the bunker and Creek had to lure them out with Poppy’s cowbell. So, for this fic, have some tsundere, teenager Branch (and Poppy).

Before he lost his colors, Branch really liked the rain. He liked to jump into the puddles while breaking into songs. Now, he realized rain just meant cold feet, frizzy hair full of static and mud.

And while other teenager trolls were acting still like children, rolling in the dirt, singing cheesy songs, and dancing their way to pneumonia, he was recollecting berries and leaves to make some warm tea. Thanks to his carefulness and foresight, he had enough dry wood in his bunker. A bunker that every day was closer and closer to what he had envisioned. Sure, he still had to build some other rooms to store more food and a gym would be nice, but he was certain he could make it.

He was heading back to his bunker and not very far when he heard his name being called by a very cheerful, very familiar voice.

“Branch!” Poppy’s voice rang in his ears. “Branch! Branch, where are you?! BRAAAAAAANCH!”

When her pink form finally came to his line of sight, he discovered she was not only wet but also muddy, and walking straight into a trap he had hidden between the heather.

“Poppy!” he shouted, and dropping the berries, he ran to her and tackled her out of the way. They rolled by the filthy felt just in time before the catastrophe could happen. The trap had activated, though. Branch sighed, knowing he would have to come back and fix it when the rain stopped. Poppy saw it and gulped, still pinned to the ground by the stronger teen.

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If I was forced to climb in only one arena for the rest of my life…. it would be Yosemite Valley. 

If, in this imaginary situation, we got specific and I could only boulder for the rest of my life; Fontainebleau would be just fine.

La Foret de Fontainebleau, France