• I Can't Make You Love Me (cover)
  • Rachel Oldham

If you go to CU Boulder and want to collaborate let me know! This is the only song I’ve ever recorded, but it’s not the genre of music I see myself creating. Just a sample of my voice. I love Cherub and I love Alt-J. I know tons of people here want to be producers so i’ll sing over any of your beats, I’m a sub par writer though. lets do dis


Our pool table and surrounding basement turned into a literal pool this morning due to the flood waters here in Boulder. It’s getting real out there… And it’s not over yet. Lets hope it doesn’t get worse tonight. Keep NoCo in your thoughts folks, all our rivers are flooding and there is potential for some big dams to breach. Not psyched.

Huge thanks to our mop-up crew for coming to the rescue and special thanks to Peter Lee and Matt Tschol for bringing the pumps!!! We would be straight-up drowning without these things.