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Name: Mée
Age: 17
Country: Netherlands

Hi! I’m Mée, which is a short version of my real name and the French version of May (not the literal translation, just the way to pronounce it), at least, I think so, I’m not French. Oh look I’m already rambling.

So. Right. *looks for notes*
I’m a bit of a combination of a stereotypical nerd and a badass YA book character. I play chess and read literature and comics (mostly DC, but I also love Marvel), and I’m a scout, a cosplayer and a shooter. I often write little stories that don’t make sense at all, and I quote stuff every other sentence.
As for some other interests, I can’t get enough of survivaling, rafting, bouldering and baking. I watch everything in the Arrowverse, Voltron, Steven Universe and all the other DC Comics-related shows.
I have zero music preferences. When I listen to something, I will either like it or dislike it, without any consistency.

My sexuality is currently one big question mark, and that’s all Tumblr’s fault.

On a bit more serious note: One of my best friends suffered from depression and anxiety. For years, I stood by her in times of need. So, if you have a problem, I can talk to you, and be there for you. Not because I know how it feels, but because I know how to support you.

Preferences: I don’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. Simple as that.
― Robert Michaels

Bouldering in the Buttermilks, Bishop, California

Photograph by David Clifford

“Bouldering is all about taking on movement that does not seem like it should work. When it does, you feel powerful,” says ace climber Daniel Woods, who just made the first ascent of the Process, an intensely difficult problem on a 50-foot boulder in the Buttermilks near Bishop, California. It took two winter seasons, around 15 days, and a year’s worth of mental preparation for Woods to complete this prized project that has turned away many other climbers.

This boulder bakes in the sun all day, which makes it impossible to grasp the minimal holds, so Woods climbed at night. “We ended up having 25 crash pads and resorted to night sessions to get those cold, sticky temps,” Woods says. Luckily, a motivated crew of friends came out to help carry pads, arrange them, hold lights, and give encouragement beneath the stars. “Because of all the logistics and mental and physical torture this line brought us, we thought the Process was an appropriate name.

"The movement is very committing. The holds are sharp and cut up your fingertips, allowing for only a few tries each day. The height of the boulder made it difficult to feel safe and commit in the no-fall zone at 30 feet. So yeah, there were a lot of factors that made this thing next level.”

Mmmmm Boulder Baked

There is nothing like a late night order of freshly baked cookies and cupcakes. Boulder Baked is on my top 10 favorite things about Boulder. It has been way to long since my last randevous with the delcious bakery so I decided to go all out. 

The roommate and I split an order of half a dozen cookies. I ordered a Gingerdoodle, Kona (espresso, macadamia and coconut), and a Cinammon Sugar Chocolate Chip. I also added on a Chocolate Mint cupcake and a quart of skim milk. The only problem with Boulder Baked is also the reason why it is so delcious… It takes for ever. After a painstakingly long hour and half wait, the cookies, cupcakes, and milk were at my door. About five min later then were halfway consumed. :) 

Re-Discovery, Day 266: Boulder Baked.

Boulder, Colorado is a fun little hippie town. It’s home to Colorado University, by all means a normal school if not on the liberal end of the spectrum, and Naropa University, which offers degrees in yoga, classes in Japanese flower arrangement, and a large population of students sporting dreadlocks.

I’d visited Boulder once before, about two years ago, to visit my friend Steph. I met her at the bus station and we walked to her Naropa dorm, where I was introduced to a bunch of her friends and classmates, and I stood out like a sore thumb in my normal, non-hippie street clothes. I sat in on one of her martial arts classes and tooled around to explore different parts of town, including the famous Pearl Street Mall.

There, a gem exists. It’s known as Boulder Baked, a shop that’s only open from 4pm to 3am, to cater to those with the munchies (mind you, this place existed long before marijuana was legalized in Colorado). Its brilliant business model, and it’s selection of fresh baked cookies, cupcakes, shakes, and homemade soup and grilled cheese, has made it one of the most popular stops in town.

This weekend I returned to Boulder with my family, and met up with Steph once more. When my sister heard about Boulder Baked and their gluten free cookies, she insisted we stop in for a quick afternoon snack, which I don’t regret one bit.

We ordered one cookie a piece, and they came out of the oven fresh, hot, and gooey, just like I like them. Eating their cookies is akin to dying and going to cookie heaven, even when you’re stone cold sober and don’t have the munchies. I know this from my first trip with Steph two years ago, when we inhaled a baker’s dozen worth of their cookies.

If you ever visit Boulder, stop by Boulder Baked. They do takeout (and delivery to certain spots, I do believe). Their cookies are worth every bite.

I might just be having cookie withdrawal right now. Save me!


It's been a while...

I haven’t posted in a while because LIFE IS BUSY. I’ve been job hunting (and finally found one at Victoria’s Secret), packing, unpacking, getting situated, and driving all over the planet. As I am in Colorado for the summer, the exciting outings that I used to write about so enthusiastically will now be few and far between… I mean, I love CO, but it will never hold for me the same thrill as the big city.


Anyways… My friends and I ventured into Boulder yesterday out of sheer boredom. We went to Pearl Street just to walk around in hopes that something fun would present itself; what we came across was Boulder Baked. Boulder Baked is a bakery just off of Pearl with some of the cutest little cupcakes I have ever seen! All of the baked goods looked delicious, and you could even order a full meal there! On top of that, they have vegan options– YAY!

External image

I got the Chocolate Banana Vegan Cupcake and it was to die for!

Everything here was extremely cheap, although served in small portions. I will definately be stopping here every time I’m even close in the future :)

undertale quizzes be like

“what are ur hobbies”

a. making puns
b. puzzles
c. anime
d. being FABULOUS
e. supplexing boulders because i can
f. baking pies
g. taking the souls of lost humans
h. //shrug