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So I’m considering making a YouTube channel to document some big changes coming up in my life!

Some things happening;
• beginning to train for the Death Valley marathon next year.
• food lifestyle changes!
• getting my personal training certification.
• eventually work at planet granite as a personal trainer and get alllll the bouldering videos in! 💪🏼
• doing more yoga like I used to!
• changing my college path and getting an AA degree in nutrition then not going to a 4 year anymore.
• letting go of friendships that are unhealthy on both my part and theirs.
• coming out to my family and friends, learning how to accept who I am. • living a more confident happy life :)

I love answering all the questions I get on here and I think making videos is more of an interactive way to get to know you all and for you to get to know me!
Also it’ll be fun to document fitness and mental progress through this process of getting my certification and becoming a personal trainer!

*pipe dream alert– to one day create my own runners protein bar!!*

Anyways, yup, this will all be happening in the next week or so! I’ll let you all know when it’s all set up and done, but for now any videos you’d want or questions etc, let me know! ☺️


The most bland, boring, sick day intake lol 🤒

Two people asked me to post my intake even though I’m sick soooo, yeah.. you’re all forewarned if it’s boringness!

• breakfast/lunch- egg whites with vegan cheese, a 100 cal Trader Joe’s English muffin and ketchup.

• snacks- a pint of this halo top aka the best flavor in my opinion.
And then I also had a packet of this childhood fave, comfort food (dinoEGG oatmeal!!?!!!)

• dinner- two more of those English muffins with daiya cream cheese.

Another sick day, ie. me literally laying in bed ALL day. I did walk downtown and back this morning (a little over 2 miles) but that was the only form of movement all day lol!

I am thinking of having another snack later maybe while watching Criminal Minds just to get my calories up a bit more even though I was inactive today. We shall see :)

Can’t finish any workout without some yoga ✨ As time goes by it becomes more and more relaxing, when i started doing yoga it just felt like simple streching and ect and now after nearly half a year it has become a total meditation ✨🌙❤


Saturday things! 💁🏻🦄

• woke up at 9am and relaxed in bed for a bit!

• today’s a rest day so it’s been a slow, easy morning :)

• colored in my new Buffy book for a bit! Drank copious amounts of coffee! Currently in bed watching Dirty Grandpa 😏 lol

• no plans until work at 3!

• my tummy feels funny so eating hasn’t really been happening lately :/
Idk why, it’s like nerves or anxiety but nothing bad has happened and nothing’s changed so idk why all of a sudden it’s come up.

• if I’m being honest, food has quickly become an issue again. I can’t eat anything without feeling super super guilty, I only ever can manage extremely healthy food, and I just want to look like certain people to the point where it’s all I think about/my only goal.
Idk it’s just really frustrating because I keep making progress and then going right back to square 1. Except I’m not even skinny now at square 1. So. That sucks.

• anyways.. on that downer, everything else is alright at least! Work is fine, things with alisha are kinda non existent now but there are some good moments here and there. But I don’t bank on them happening anymore, sometimes it’s hard but it’s just how it is, and accepting that makes things a bit easier.

• I hope you’re all well and happy weekend :)

My friend whoโ€™s a yoga teacher said that gluten can destroy your babyโ€™s immune system.

white woman, in Boulder, at Bodywork Bistro

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Getting to eat lunch outside in BEAUTIFUL weather 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Salad and soda.. balance 💁🏻
But this salad was amazing! In it was; beets, Brussels Sprouts, BBQ tofu, corn, croutons, raisins, and topped with a little balsamic dressing!!
So much yum 👅

I get to do a bit of reading before my bio lab begins at 11:10am! :)
Oh happy days!


Friday things!!

• slept in until 10am! Made coffee and relaxed for an hour!

• then went bouldering and KILLED it today!!! I am SO happy I picked up this sport!! I’ve made so much progress in the short time I’ve started this and I’m in love with it!! Did my first V2 route today and I am on cloud 9 about it!

• after bouldering + weights and ab work I did my make up and got ready for work!

• and now I’m just chilling in the bookstore before work at 3.

• it’s the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in honor of that, I bought the Buffy coloring book that was released today, and I. Am. Happy. About. It. 🙌🏼😁☺️ ily buffster

• now I’m sipping on a dark roast coffee with soy milk, eat a pro meal bar for lunch, and about to head over to work!

I hope you’re all doing well!! :) happy weekend!

Did my first V2 incline route!!!!!! ✌🏼😁

Not to sound snooty but I’m literally so proud of myself lol! A month ago I couldn’t even go more than one rock on this kind of route, and now I’m doing them with a liiiiiittle bit of ease (and a lotta pain lol!)

I may spam you guys with bouldering videos bc today was a kick ass day at the gym!! 💪🏼

Ladies, you point your toes like Barbies, and men, you put your feet like you’re pushing on the gas pedal.
—  white woman, in Boulder, teaching a yoga class at Corepower Yoga
Bear with me here.

I’ve always been mildly active, meaning I’ve always had some sort of hobby that involved mild physical activity but it wasn’t ever something I was really great at or anything particularly strenuous. I took dance (and performed poorly but enthusiastically!) for 10+ years, I was on the track and field team in high school (emphasis on “field”), I worked out during college and had a decent gym routine during my first job and during grad school. I’ve tried pretty much every kind of workout class: pilates, yoga (many styles), piyo, barre, Zumba, Les Mills, kickboxing,  boot camp. Aside from a fairly long stint with Body Pump I’ve never been really loyal to one kind of exercise, and I’ve certainly never in my entire life actively looked forward to any of it. My physical activity has traditionally been motivated by vanity and a general commitment to not dying at age 30. I kind of vaguely knew and accepted that there were people who enjoyed working out, but just pretty much assumed that it was because they were “Active People” and I was a “Slug Person” and that even though I’m in generally decent shape (decent shape = I can dance in heels and a corset down a 7 mile parade route twice a season without throwing up) I’d probably never be passionate about exercise because that just wasn’t me.

It’s interesting the boxes we choose for ourselves.

I’m a week in to Bikram. I’ve eagerly looked forward to each class I’ve attended, enjoyed myself during the class, and felt wholly better afterwards. I smile when I arrive at the studio and I’m greeted by name by all of the staff and instructors and encouraged in small, kind ways by my classmates. I smile while I reach for positions I can’t even come close to completing properly, muscles burning and face red as a raspberry in the many mirrors. I smile when I catch a glimpse of myself in the elevator doors in my office building after class because I’m standing up noticeably straighter and I look more relaxed– my shoulders are down where they belong instead of tensed up by my ears, where they have been for 3+ years (YEARS!). I (voluntarily, successfully) got up at 6:15 this morning to get to work for 7:00 so I could leave to take a mid-morning class. I feel buoyant and peaceful and positively fucking incandescent and I can’t wait to go back on Saturday morning.

So I share this not to say “well you should try Bikram because obviously it’s THE BEST” but instead to tell you that, if you are like me and have tried almost everything and still aren’t passionate about an exercise hobby, don’t write yourself off as someone who just “isn’t into exercise”. There is still hope. And maybe it’s not some shortcoming on your part, maybe it’s that yes, you’ve tried a million things, but your thing is thing number one million and one. And we should be more kind to ourselves– in all ways, but particularly in how we approach exercise, because maybe not thriving when practicing a certain kind of exercise isn’t an indictment of our bodies, but just a sign that it’s not the exercise that’s optimal for us.

And I’m sorry to my body for lamenting over the years the many ways in which it has “failed” me, because it has impressed me and moved me this week, and I am grateful and proud. Every single person in these classes is in better shape than I am, without fail. They have beautiful bodies and their practice is breathtaking and the ways they can balance and stretch and turn are incredible! But in class today there was a point where three of the class veterans had to stop during a pose and sit down and take a break, and I kept holding the pose. Every class is different, because your body is different every day, and there were plenty of times they executed a pose that I couldn’t even come near, but in that moment I was so damn proud of my blotchy little potato body. I felt powerful. I feel powerful. I am happy.