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Monday things!!

• today has been such a great day and it’s only 3pm 👏🏼🙌🏼
• I slept in until 10:30am and relaxed in bed for a bit!
• then at 11am I went to the gym! It felt soooo good to be back at it!! My hands hate me now and my strength isn’t where it was a month ago before I took a month off, but it’ll come back to me!
• I failed sooo many routes today, but that just makes progress that much more obvious and it’s cool to get to see the progress you make each session! I did get a solid few in so that helped lol!
• then after an hour of bouldering + weights + some ab work, I stopped at Starbucks for a bit and watched some csi miami while getting my coffee fix!! A tall soy sugar free vanilla latte! Much needed!!
• and then I hit the roads and got a solid run in! 4 easy but hot miles 😅
• it’s funny bc I haven’t worked out consistently in over a month now, and I was out partying more and drinking and just doing things that I don’t normally do and it made for some great memories. And also led to some rough times. But I’m glad it happened! Life is trial and error, I liked parts of it, but coming back to this lifestyle, it makes me realize this is my true self. I love a healthy and active lifestyle much much more than a partying one. I do want to find a balance with a social life and active/workout life but I’m not willing to give up one for the other.. so gotta find that balance 💁🏻
• but damn.. it feels so good to be back at it! ❤️

No plans for the rest of the day! Gonna continue watching csi, then maybe pick up something for dinner… idk yet?! Then tonight just hanging out with the little brothers!! :)

I hope you’re all doing well!!

Back on Tumblr, alas.

I’ve been searching for myself since my last blog and it’s been quite a wonderful journey. Getting to know yourself and what your passions and disinterests are can be beautiful all in itself. I’ve fallen in love with yoga and bouldering. I’m in a constant state of overindulging in vegan food and romance novels. And completely fascinated with baking and Asian historical fantasy dramas. My growth is still an on going process. Best of wishes~

Photographer: Brandon Baker


Friday things ✌🏼

• woke up at 9:30 this morning and chilled at home for a couple hours! Read a little, watched the movie Good Kids (which was really funny!) and just enjoyed they laziness of the morning!

• made breakfast at noon bc yolo! Eggs on toast, and cauliflower rice as usual :)

• then went to the gym and went bouldering for an hour, did weights + ab work for another hour.

• now I’m at Barnes and Noble for an hour before work!

• running into Zoey Deutch everyone and not complaining about that lol

• lunch on the go today; a pro bar, dark roast coffee with soy milk, and San Pellegrino!

• working from 3-11 today and I’m in a mood, so it’ll be interesting 🙃

I hope you’re all doing well and happy weekend!

CU Boulder Bucket List

As a student at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, I have been inundated throughout my college career with messages about enjoying all that the city of Boulder and our own campus has to offer. As a senior who is (hopefully) graduating in May, I have realized that I only have roughly five months left to fit in a whole bunch of activities that I somehow haven’t done in the past 3.5 years. So, without further ado, I present Tory’s Boulder Bucket List! As this list’s creator and author, I reserve the right to add, subtract, or modify items as I see fit. Additionally, I will be documenting the completion of each activity here on this blog (sort by author or tag if you want to find all of the posts I’ve made), and there will be prizes of some sort (details forthcoming) if people come find me at a certain activity! The hope is that I can attend an event wearing an identifiable shirt and people can come up to take a photo with me and then submit it to our Facebook page for a chance to win fabulous prizes. After this, I think I’ll be able to say, with confidence, that I’ve gotten to know CU Boulder’s campus, and the campus community, much more intimately. Without further ado, here’s my list:

1) attend a Pink Floyd laser show at Fiske Planetarium

2) take a photo with every buffalo statue on campus

3) have a heart-to-heart conversation with the statue outside of Old Main

4) Banjo Billy’s Bus Tour (the ghost version)

5) attend a sporting event I’ve never attended before

6) go to the roof of the UMC and spend an unseasonably warm aft ernoon there enjoying the view

7) attend a Left-Right-Tim performance

8) attend an acapella performance

9) tube Boulder Creek

10) eat at the Dark Horse

11) eat at the Sink (and sign the wall or ceiling)

12) eat at the Village

13) eat at the Buff

14) hike to the lit-up star on Flagstaff Mountain while the star is turned on

15) attend a concert at Chautauqua Park

16) attend a Naropa lecture

17) watch the sunrise from the summit of Green Mountain

18) attend a Colorado Shakespeare Festival play

19) purchase something from the Boulder County Farmer’s Market

20) eat a meal at the Dushanbe Tea House

21) get an op-ed published in one of the CU Boulder or larger Boulder publications

22) do yoga with one of the free groups on campus

23) attend International Coffee Hour

24) watch a busking show during the late spring or summer on Pearl Street

25) volunteer with Community Cycles and learn how to maintain a bike

26) hike Devil’s Thumb, Royal Arch, and Mount Sanitas

27) go to Estes Park and do something other than go to the Stanley Hotel (or in addition to)

28) attend the Mall Crawl on Halloween

29) attend Food Truck night

30) watch a movie at Boulder Outdoor Theatre

31) attend a concert at Red Rocks

32) watch an International Film Series film

33) go to the art museum

34) go to the natural history museum

35) visit the armory

36) tour Celestial Seasonings

37) pick cherries from the trees outside of Old Main

38) visit the mummy collection in Hale

39) play with the experiments in the Engineering Center


Intake today 5/9/17

• brunch: 2 cups of red lentil pasta with nooch, salt and pepper!
• snack: yogurt with ancient grains granola. A fruit leather!
• snack (I pictured): one Trader Joe’s 5 seed almond bar!
• dinner: two 100 cal tortillas with daiya cheese and black beans with salsa! Coconut water!
• dessert: a pint of halo top with tons of sf chocolate syrup and sprinkles!! 🙌🏼

I did a 30 minute Jillian michaels ab workout that killed me, plus a 3 mile run this evening! And apart from that, I literally have laid in bed allllllll day ☺️ watching lots of csi miami ☺️☺️

I hope you all had a great Tuesday!

I’m working on a story about these people who are going to Palestine to share good yoga vibes and spread peace.

white woman, in Boulder, at Espressoria

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My friend whoโ€™s a yoga teacher said that gluten can destroy your babyโ€™s immune system.

white woman, in Boulder, at Bodywork Bistro

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Tuesday things 💪🏼

• I slept in, again, until a little past 10am, and watched an episode of csi miami with my cawffeeee 🐸☕️

• then at about 11am I did my morning workout! I did level 3 of Jillian’s ab workout and OMG I am dead.
Literally. Dead.
I tried to do level 3 a looong time ago and couldn’t even get half way through! I mean, this was like a year or so ago.. and I just never attempted it again bc I didn’t think I could do it. But for some reason today I thought to try it, and there was only one move I couldn’t quite get!!! Progress is so cool guys! This just goes to show how different kinds of workouts can improve your strength so much!! :)
Thank. You. Bouldering. hehe

• now I’m relaxing post workout and watching more csi (lol I have a problem. But it’s soooo good!! I’m almost done with season 3 and I love it as much as I did when I was a kid watching it on tv!)

• no plans for today really! I am going to go on a run tonight once the sun sets, but apart from that I’m prob just watching csi all day 🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻

• I haven’t eaten anything yet today and it’s past noon, but I am not at all hungry. I think I need to make a doctors appt soon bc I’m a little afraid something’s wrong with me. Tmi- I have been getting bruises all over me with no rhyme or reason. My pee is like this neon yellowish greenish color, and I’ve been sleeping for 10-12 hours Every. Single. Night. and am still always tired, and I am not ever really hungry.
I take vitamins and iron supplements and have for a while now and it’s not made a difference at all. So idk what it could be? Any input is good if y'all have experienced any of this?

• anyways, I hope you’re all good! Happy Tuesday ☺️