boulder wall

Borgund Stave Church - Norway

The Borgund Stavechurch was built in 1180, and is dedicated to St Andrew. It is the most well preserved of the 28 stave churches that still remain in Norway. With a foundation of boulders, the church walls were built using vertical wooden boards, a style typical of all stave churches. On the roof, four carved dragons heads mirror those that would have been carved into the front of Norse Longships, reflecting Norways Viking heritage. 

Although the Borgund Stave Church no longer functions as a church, it is now a museum, and is maintained by the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.


Drone flight over cliffs labeled as part of Hadrian’s wall, border between Scotland and England in Roman times.

I did a thing. Angel x Lanka

“DON’T LOOK AT ME!” She screamed. She zipped down the tunnel, moving through the Hive architecture as if she belonged there. Angel hid herself in The Grotto’s, after being partly corrupted by the Taken Knight on Phobos.

Lanka ran after her, trying to calm her down. “Angel! Wait!” She pleaded, tripping over rocks and, yes, bones. 

The Warlock screamed in agony again, throwing something huge at the Hybrid. Lanka rolled out of the way, and a boulder shattered against the wall. “LEAVE ME ALONE!“ 

Lanka leaned against one of the strange Hive lighting units, catching her breath. "Angel, please” She called “Talk to me.” She took off all of her weapons, and left them on the ground, before hopping from her spot and running after the Awoken. 

“Go away.” Angel said, her voice tiny and pitiful. “Please.”


Lanka finally caught up with the Warlock, who was huddled inside of a tiny crevice. She crawled in there, despite Angels’ pleas against it. 

“It’s okay, Angel.” She said. “It’s me, Lanka.” She gently cupped Angels’ cheeks, and with her natural night vision, could see her clearly. The Warlocks’ eyes and right cheek were somewhat deformed, the skin turned black and rough. Her eyes were both bright white and glowing, and black tears streamed down her face.

“I’m a monster.” Angel said miserably. 

Lanka choked back tears. “No you aren’t.” She assured. “You’re perfect, the way you are.” She tightly embraced the Awoken, who began to sob on her shoulder. 

“It’s okay, I’m here.” Lanka whispered. “I’m here.”

She eventually let go of Angel, when the Warlock stopped crying. She got a look at Angel’s whole body, and almost gasped at the full brunt of the corruption. 

Angels’ right arm was much larger than her left, and was entirely black, with veins rippling across the rough skin. Her hand had joined into three black, shiny claws, and from her back, through a hole in her armor, two large, leathery wings protruded. 

“You can see it, can’t you?” The Warlock assumed. Lanka nodded and reached her hand out, touching Angels’ left wing. The Awoken shuddered slightly, as they were still sensitive from being newly formed. 

Lanka smiled warmly, causing the Warlocks’ expression to twist into one of confusion.

“Now your name makes sense, you really are an Angel, just like the ones from human legend.”

Despite all that she had been through, all that had changed, Angels’ laugh could be heard throughout the caves.

Lanka hugged her again, running her hand up and down her back. “I missed you, Twinkle Toes.”

“I missed you too, Ms. Fixit.”