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A Nazi-themed Facebook group that called for the “execution” of Jews and African Americans has led to the expulsion of five Boulder, Colorado, high school students in an unusual case of “alt-right” hate speech spreading to teens in a liberal city.

Obsessed w/ Portland, Oregon.🗻 Hoping to be moved to the west coast by summer of 2017 😁crazy how short our lives are on this planet, and that the majority of people only get to see a small portion of the world. I want to travel as much as I can while I can. All these places and people across the globe are so beautiful.
Let’s travel the world 🌎✈️

In Sickness and in Health

for the Drabble Games, now closed for requests.

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Drabble games prompt #7: “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” requested by @omgcupquak3stuff || Also incorporating: Imagine being the Company’s nurse, and Fili always having an excuse to be hurt because he’s secretly in love with you + Imagine being considered quite awkward, yet the Company, mainly Fili, sees past that and loves you regardless from @imaginexhobbit || More Fili fics || Fanfiction Masterlist || Drabble Games series 

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@dragonfoxstar​ sent in ❥ - a childhood memory from Memory Meme. (Still open.)

“Oh no,” he said. He had gotten himself lost. Again. In the grasslands when he should have been getting ready for his parents party. This one he truly wanted to be there for, its reason being very important to his family. Thace loved it when the news of having another little sister to look after was announced. The cub took pride in his brotherly role.

Alas, he had wandered off to explore an area he had missed years ago and didn’t take in the path he had came, getting lost. At least he hadn’t worn his nice clothes. The breeze felt nice on his fuzzy mane anyway and wearing a shirt wasn’t comfortable. Lucky decision.

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Neato. Sun comes up casting shadow of a Joshua Tree on one of the granite boulders in the California high desert.

  • White Woman: I had a great week! I got my fifth chakra!
  • Me: What's a chakra?
  • White Woman: Oh it's just this really cool hippie stuff, you wouldn't understand.
  • - white woman outside of Boulder High School
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The only drawback to marijuana is that it kills my motivation to do laundry. But then again, less stress and better for the planet so I guess it’s kind of a win/win scenario.
—  white man, in Boulder