boulder artist

Recently Boulder Studios, responsible for such gems like The Amazing World of Gumball, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and Wander Over Yonder, put out job listings for artists for a new 2D Transformers animated series.

While I jumped at the chance to potentially work on a TF series, I reread the fine print, and I’d have to relocate to Dublin, Ireland if I was hired. Relocating, let alone THAT far, is not in the cards for me atm, but I nevertheless experimented with a character design.

Nothing was specified for the style, tone or theme of the new Transformers other than “Sci-fi Vehicles and Weaponry are involved” so I tried something with a vehicle.

But because I’m a Beast Wars fanatic, I tried a Fuzor approach combining beast and vehicle, ultimately coming up with a formula one race car - cheetah Cheetor as a sample. Because kid appeal character other than Bumblebee.

I was really excited thinking I came up with something cool, but browsing the TFWiki I discovered Hasbro had already toyed with a similar concept.

Dubbed “Motor World”, this subset of Transformers toys apparently would’ve had Cybertronians with monster car modes, but it apparently never went farther than a few sketches.

Ah well. One day, I hope to have a shot at drawing Transformers for a living.

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