1925 - 1926c

RARE photo of Hitler with early supporters including Phillip Bouhler and Martin Bormann (arm in a sling)

Hitler is wearing a rare uniform that appears similar to the windbreaker uniforms worn prior to the putsch. It was meant to be a uniform since he wears his early armband and awards on it.

This ‘1926 uniform’ was likely green in color since that was the color of the pre-putsch NSDAP. Only after the reformation of the party in 1925 did they begin to wear brown.

Bormann wears a similar uniform without breast pockets

1935 May 1

 Nazi officials in the event Reichsarbeitstag (Reich Labor Day) 

 From left to right: SS-Gruppenführer Philipp Bouhler (Chef Führerkanzlei),

SA-Gruppenführer Rudolf Schmeer (Reichshauptdienstleiter der NSDAP),

Adolf Hitler (Führer und Reichskanzler),

Reichsminister Bernhard Rust (turned to the right, Reichsminister für Wissenschaft, und Erziehung Volksbildung) ,

SA-Gruppenführer Hanns Kerrl (Reichsminister für Kirchenangelegenheiten),

Reichsminister Dr. phil. Joseph Goebbels (Reichsminister Volksaufklärung für und Propaganda),

SS-Untersturmführer Karl Wilhelm Krause (behind Goebbels, Hitler von persönliche Kamerdiener),

Major Friedrich Hossbach (Heeres-Adjutant der “Adjutantur der beim Führer und Reichskanzler Wehrmacht”),

SA-Gruppenführer Wilhelm Brückner (Chefadjutant “Führer und Reichskanzler”),

SS-Obergruppenführer Richard Walther Darre (behind Brückner, Chef Rasse-und Siedlungshauptamt / Rusha),

Baldur von Schirach Reichsjugendführer (Jugendführer des Deutschen Reiches), and

Franz Reichsminister Seldte (far right in the back Schirach, Reichsarbeitsminister)

My goal is to raise fund to make a purchase of Hitlers ”Mein Kampf” 1st Edition sold by Nate & Sanders auction house. Both volumes are signed by Hitler and dedicated to Philipp Bouhler one of the first members of the Nazi party.  My intention is to bid on the auction on March 26 and burn both copies. A similar copy was purchased for over 60, 000 $ last year. If I lose the bid or have an excess of funds all proceeds will go to a Loafes and Fishes Sacramento. I’ll publish the video online once I receive the copies.

Just to clarify; I am not against free speech, but I am against the legacy of hate left behind by Hitler.  With the following campaign I hope to bring some hope to a few people. Also, by destroying the book I make sure no one profits from Hitlers legacy in the near future.