bought this manga

After Sochi Olympics ended, there was “Hanyu Fever” in Japan. A japanese tv show was doing investigation and almost everyone said that “Yuzuru looks like he jumps out of Manga”. Then that show’s reporter went to a manga/anime specialist. The mangaka answered the question , 1. Yuzuru’s body proportion is perfect. You can divide his body into 8 parts with the same height as his head. And that is the best style of male character in manga or anime.
2. His face is small and he has long slender neck.
No wonder,then ^_^


Kuroshitsuji Vol 24 back and inner cover!!

A Japanese friend of mine, in twitter, has bought the manga, and has sent me the pics. 

I didn’t expected, but my boys are on it!! Hurray!!!

I can’t wait… I need this volumen in Spain right now… I have until the 22…

Yurio's crush on Yuuri headcanon

•Yurio is constantly getting annoyed while seeing Victor and Yuuri being too close, but he has no idea why.
•Yurio’s room is filled with posters of Katsuki Yuuri, for science.
• He catches himself staring at Yuuri while he trains and he thinks he does it because he hates him.
•He blushes when Yuuri praises him then kicks him calling him a pig.
•When meeting Beka he can’t stop talking about Yuuri, saying how annoying he is and a loser. Beka just silently listens to him with a smile on his face, because he knows Yurio’s feelings for Yuuri are quite the opposite.
•He bought a BL manga, for science
• He bought all the video games Yuuri likes and are his new favorites.
•He’s growing out his hair so he would snatch Yuuri’s attention from Victor.
•He gets annoyed at everything Yuuri does, insults him, then feels guilty and gives him Pirozhki.

Yurio is in constant denial of his feelings for Yuuri. He’s fighting it and I love it XDD

I dunno how long I’ve been in this fandom, but you’d think someone who used to dedicate their blog solely to FMA would have bought the manga before now…

Kinda amazed that I held out this long…

My mom just texted me this pic. Looks like my final Christmas present has finally arrived, and I can’t wait to open it next time I’m home and check out all the extra goodies! ^v^

I swear every time I stop thinking about this show for a while, I see some merch or get some new merch and I just get pulled right back in

When I was in elementary schoo,l my mom told me I could get one book from the scholastic book sale. She got p mad cuz I bought a manga but tbh that poor book has followed me everywhere and everytime we move it had a spot in my room I loved it so much///
Yesterday I was just site hopping and I finally found a site with the rest of the series. It’s called +anima and I love it so much I stayed up all night to read it and I’m so happy it’s so good/// I’m sad it never got an anime because heck it was phenomenal and so cool/// I’m so happy I love it so much I’m gonna read through it again///