bought more when i said i stop

So I just met this guy who totally looked like Grantaire in a sweet-shop in Scotland and after I stared a little I bought some fudge and told him I like his tattoo and then he told me about ten minutes about the meaning and everything and when I said i’m too thinking about having one myself he stopped for a moment, then said, ‘Ah well, just forget everything I said, do what the fuck you think looks beautiful and it will.’ And if that’s not a total Grantaire-thing I don’t even know.

  • Aoi: all you guys who bought the 7*, I'm cutting off all ties with you. you can't have the 7 when I still have the 5S!
  • Aoi: why ? ! cause the 5S is still a good, strong phone ! we should treasure our things more!
  • Aoi: ah, I'm gonna make special seats for people who have the 5S. the best seats, stage right, front row. right by the right stage wing!
  • Aoi: nah, I told R-San, too. I said, why did you stop making 5S cases? did you abandon us?
  • then he just...laughed.
  • he just gleefully and coldheartedly laughed.
  • I mean, even though the 5S is still a strong phone, he just laughed.
  • *iPhone 7.
raven–heartz said to : STEVESTEVESTEVESTEVESTEVE!!!!! Did you say yes?!?!?!?!?!
Anonymous said to askyourfavouriteotp: Steve, did you say yes to Tony? You guys are beautiful!
(continuation of this question)

“I… umm..”

“He said no.”

“That’s because you lied to me. I saw the receipt and you bought the ring that morning, you did’t have that planned, you proposed because you panicked.”

“But.. Maybe. But I love you..”

“I love you too, Tony. More than anything. That’s why, when we decide to take this step, I want it to mean something. You don’t have to propose to me to keep me, I’m staying with you.”

“… I nearly screwed up, didn’t I?”

“I’m getting used to this. And stop looking so sad, it’s fine.”

“It’s not easy when someone refuses your proposal, you know.”

“I said no, but it doesn’t change anything between us. I’m still here. I want to be here. With you. I love you so much, babe.”

“Prove it.”

“Oh, so that’s how you want to play this..?”

“I will prove it alright. I will prove it so much, you won’t be able to sit for a week, Stark.”

*excited giggling*

remember when the nopeiam stans said that liam didn’t want to hold nopeia’s hands in nyc because she’ll get mobbed too that’s why paddy has to protect her? so what’s their explanation now in the Houston pics where liam is still not holding her hand, and is 5 feet ahead of her, and is walking besides andy instead? there’s no paparazzi or fans around to mob them, just saying.

Carb addict vs. not

I gave my friend/Jazzercise instructor one of her favorite candy bars about a week or 10 days ago … maybe 2 weeks ago now, to thank her for doing some awesome songs for my birthday class.

I found out today she hasn’t eaten it yet. 


She said she loves them, but just doesn’t eat it that much. 

WHAT?  You have a candy bar in your house, one of your very favorites, and you have not eaten it? 

This is something that would have NEVER in 1,000 years have happened to me when I was eating sugar. In fact, that candy bar would’ve been gone before I got home! And, most likely, I would’ve stopped and bought a couple more to go with it.

This is the difference between a carb-addict and not. 

If you have never experienced that all-pervasive NEED to eat sugar/gluten/starches, you may think that I’m exaggerating. I can assure you, I am not. You may think it’s just a matter of ‘willpower’ or ‘self-control’. IT IS NOT. It is an addiction, and the cravings are unbelievably strong; it’s a physical need like the need to breathe.  

If you’ve never experienced it, I doubt you could really understand, just like I can not fathom how someone can have a candy bar in their house for days, something that they can eat without guilt or repercussions, and they haven’t eaten it yet.

I’m so upset guys. My twin sister who has special needs is going to a special needs boarding school in Kentucky. I’m happy for her but she and I are so upset because she can’t go to the TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT anymore. I was looking forward to share this special moment with her because Taylor means so much to her and to me she helps me with my anxiety when I listen to her music. And for Caroline, the doctors said she would never talk. But she defied all odds and when fearless came out my mom bought us the CD and Caroline would play it over and over and try to pronounce the lyrics and the more she listened the better her speech got. Now she never stops talking. Taylor has been with us in every difficult thing, even though she doesn’t know it she has brought me and my twinnie closer and I want to thank her for that. Even though Caroline won’t be there with me for the concert I know she will be excited to see my pictures I take. (This was us on Halloween. She dressed up as Taylor)