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My boyfriend bought me to Dublin last weekend, and i was able to try red lemonade, mc d's twisty fries, spice bag, snack box and traditional irish stew for the first time. Makes me wish we had some of these in the UK

…are there not twisty fries in the UK??

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any bughead au's based on movie/tv show plots? thank you!!

YES! Surprisingly there are LOTS! Here are just a few! - Jandy

Growth by @birdlovesafish​ (3/?)
WIP / Rating M
Summary: Betty and Jughead’s one night of fun has consequences. Loosely inspired by the film “Knocked Up.” Unbeta'ed. Mistakes are my own

The Rear Window by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency​ (4/?)
WIP / Rating T
Summary: Rear Window AU. When injured photojournalist Jughead Jones thinks he sees a man murder his wife from the window of his apartment it’s up to him to convince the police, and socialite-cum-girlfriend Betty Cooper, that what he saw actually happened, and what starts out as an investigation may just be the key to unlocking a few of their own skeletons in the closet.

27 Dresses (Bughead Edition) by vintagelovestories (3/?)
WIP / Rating: T
Summary: Betty Cooper discovered her love for weddings at a young age. She has worn a lot of dresses, but she hasn’t gotten to be a bride yet. She thinks that she has found met her perfect match, but there is someone out there who is going to come into her life and turn things upside down. For better or for worse?

He’s All That by @birdlovesafish​ (3/?)
WIP / Rating: M
Summary: When Archie Andrews dumps Betty at the beginning of senior year, Betty takes on a bet to turn the school loner Jughead Jones into the new Big Man on Campus. A modern day, gender swapped take on the 90s movie classic ‘She’s All That’.

Some Kind of… What Was I Thinking? by igotanobsession (1/1)
Word Count: 2,039 / Rating: T
Summary: Pre-canon, set in the summer before Jason Blossom’s death and Betty’s internship. What if Jughead and Betty’s first kiss wasn’t actually their first kiss? When Betty confides in Jughead that she’s worried her secret crush will think her too inexperienced a kisser, Jughead offers to help her practice, even though he knows that her crush is Archie and thinks that those two are endgame. Basically, he thinks he’s doomed. Loosely inspired by fabulous 80s teen romance Some Kind of Wonderful.

The Edge of Forever by @createandconstruct (2/?)
WIP / Rating: T
Summary: The macaroni tilts from Jughead’s fork matching the angle of his curving brows. “A teenage… excursion?”
Two perfectly polished fingers snap nearly an inch from the boy’s nose. “Keep those foreboding floodgates closed Cameron Frye.” The red velvet nails retreat to move a black strand away from their owner’s particularly smug smile. “I’m not your average Ferris Bueller – I actually have a plan.”

A Traveler’s Guide to Ireland by welshyak (2/8)
WIP / Rating: G
Summary: oosely based on the movie Leap Year (2010). “She scrambled for a computer, and before she could think, found herself a one-way ticket to Dublin, Ireland. Her heart was pounding. “Am I really doing this?” Betty clicked the accept button. “Yeah, I’m really doing this!” Jughead made it to his apartment. He picked up his phone, started dialing, and held it to his ear. “Hi, Veronica? I’m accepting your offer.” He hung up, opened his laptop, and bought a ticket to Dublin, Ireland. “I’d better start packing”

the Boyfriend Plot by Browneyesparker (11/11)
Word Count: 14,975 Rating: T
Summary: Jughead and Betty pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend to get Archie’s attention. But the best laid plans always have a way of going awry. Faking dating AU. Sort of based on 10 Things I Hate About You.


We had a good night 💛


- please reblog, for taylor, taylornation or litteraly anyone who can help me -

A couple of days ago I bought 2 tickets for Dublin 29th which said will be in same area etc general admission. However I checked on my tickets and one is for general ground floor and the other is pit standing. I REALLY need to change my pit standing ticket (which is over £30 more in face value) for a general admission which is downgrading I know, I need to because my boyfriend who I’m going with and I will both be in different areas, I have cystic fibrosis which causes panic attacks and I do not want to be alone If this happens, I’m begging you to reblog so someone important can see this! I don’t want 2 pit tickets as that is upgrading I simply want to downgrade my pit ticket to a general admission the same as my boyfriends otherwise I may not be able to attend the event which I paid £370 for 2 days ago, Please please please help me I will do anything, thank you so much if you reblog this! x

hey taylorswift i’m tara, i’m fifteen and i live in ireland! i first heard you in 2008 when love story came out, and i bought the album fearless several weeks later, the first album i ever bought with my own money :)!! i was obsessed from then, it was the only album i played in the car. i spent forever hoping I’d see you live someday, and when i found out i’d be out of the country during speak now a few years later, i was crushed. i was also unable to travel to London for RED, and i started to loose hope. when 1989 came around, being a fan for 5 years, I was determined to go to that tour no matter where it was. i bought tickets for glasgow and dublin, and i had the time of my life. i sang, danced and cried. i still can’t believe i saw you, TWICE. you’ve truly changed my life through your music, and for that, i am eternally grateful. i was down for a while in the past year, but your music always picked me up. you are the greatest thing in my life and through you I have found great happiness, and met two groups of best friends - the irish swiftie squad, and my glasgow swiftie girls 💖 i’m so lucky to have you in my life. hopefully we can meet someday. I love you! tara 💐

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I bought a VIP Dublin ticket and when it arrived it said "18+" on the actual ticket... Does this not apply for nofilter? I just saw your tweet so I was wondering :)

You’re all good!