I’ve been looking through a lot of older photos lately and came across an unfinished and ongoing series of portraits taken of my family while in Argentina.  I started taking photos at my grandmother’s house a few years back because I have always been so inspired and fascinated when I am at her house- there are so many knicknacks, and old photos, old letters, beautiful nightgowns and dresses that belonged to my great grandmothers, antiques, old cabinets full of random things…endless amounts of curiosities.  Ever since I was little, one of the first things I do when I arrive in Argentina after a 14 hour flight, is to look through all of these old things.  Some of the things I have already seen and just can’t get enough of; year after year I look through them again and again, as if something might have changed; I guess it makes me feel connected in some way to my family’s history.  AND it’s so funnnnn!