Sexy in Blue

When picking out your outfit for your boudoir photography there is lots to consider, Bra & panties, Corset, Bustier, Teddies and babybolls the list goes on and on but the colour is one of the most important things. The colour of your outfit can radically change the mood of your final images  

Psychology of Blue

When you are out next have a look around you will probably find blue is the most worn colour. It can be bright, pale royal blue and navy and they all have different psychology effects. Darker tones suggest authority (navy blues of police uniforms) and they entail more respect than lighter blues. Light blues are more associated with have fun and being at clam. Blue is associated with intelligence, trust, efficiency, peaceful, and serenity. No wonder its most peoples’ favourite colour!

Blue Outfit Ideas



#bts shot before snagging one of the @KittCrusaders kittens for their charity shoot by @Misskatrinalaw , helping kittens find forever homes and save them from high kill shelters, help with medical needs, food, litter, etc. SIGNED EXCLUSIVE photos from the shoot will be available soon! Follow them for updates!

Corset by @castlecorsetry
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“Voluptuaries of all ages and sexes – it is to you alone that I offer this work. Nourish yourselves on its principles: they foster your passions; and these passions, with which cold and shabby moralists try to intimidate you, are simply the means used by nature to help human beings attain nature’s goals. Listen solely to those delicious passions; their source is the only one that will lead you to happiness.”

Marquis de Sade.


Starring @thelingerieaddict in a sneek peek from her #boudoir session in Brooklyn with makeup/hair by @tinaya_weems and outfits by @ditavonteese and @kiss_me_simone #naturalhair #curlbox #thelingerieaddict #teamnatural_ #luvyourmane #blackqueen #thesultry #andrewthomasclifton #blackandsexy


Wonder Woman

Be gentle with your comments, I’ve never attempted proper modelling and I sure as hell have never done boudoir. As a photographer it was very difficult being on the other side of the camera as a model, anyone that knows me knows I pretty much automatically pull daft faces when a camera’s pointed at me, so being serious felt very vulnerable. Sharing these photos is actually really scary but I want to be brave and this may actually shut me up about being an ugly asshole. I’ll just be a plain old asshole instead. I may not be the prettiest or the thinnest, but it was nice, if only for a few hours, to feel like I could be beautiful. (Plus I couldn’t resist getting at least one pose with my fav vintage camera, ooh I love it my lil double lens bambeano!)

The third and last are my favs, the former as it shows off my eyes and the latter because that’s some gorgeous lighting.