boudoir palette

Mom said “bring all your makeup.” So.

And this is just the palettes (not counting Naked Smoky, After Dark and Brunch PRO, which stayed behind). Eek.

Pretty in Pink Haul 💕

I went to a different ulta than yesterday and will definitely will be going to this one from now on… Half as many cameras in a bigger store with a smaller salon and less SAs!


Too Faced Boudoir Eyeshadow Palette - $36

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks in “Chihuahua” and “Peony” - $42




Sephora and Ulta Haul!
Too Faced “Cat Eyes” Palette: $36
Nars Lipstick in “Funny Face”: $26
Nars Blush in “Orgasm”: $30
Benefit’s “They’re Real!” Makeup remover: $18
Too Faced “Boudoir Eyes” Palette: $36
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in “Yogurt” ,“Cashmere”, & “Strawberry Milk”: $5x3= $15
Too Faced “Candlelight Glow” Highlighting Duo: $30
Naked 2 Basics Palette: $29
Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleanser: $12.50

Grand Total: ✨$232.50✨👍👍👍

**this is all role play**

i have the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette and despite it being the best eyeshadow palette i own, all the shadows have risque names and the white one is called ‘in the buff’ but the printing on mine is a little messed up so it says 'in the butt’

i shit you not


My haul from a day or two ago when I desperately needed to get out of the house and distract myself. I bought that bag from H&M ya’ll are raving about when we first arrived at the mall because it’s so cute and it is a good size and structured. It was $30 which I think is a great price to pay for something I’ll use so much. So I had that and a huge H&M shopping bag to slip everything in. It was wonderful!

Pac Sun:
Necklace $20

x2 Earrings $18
Pill box $7

Hot Topic:
x2 Princess perfume rollerballs $12
Princess pen $6.50

Bath and Body:
x2 Mini scents $12
Scent plug $4.50
Scent plug refill $6.50
Hand lotion $6

Victoria’s Secret (wasn’t going to get anything but I love bumble bees so much and I saw these so I had to):
Panties $10.50

Jeans $46.50

Lilly Pulitzer:
Thermal Mug $15

Sephora (there were so many blind sights it was a miracle. BUT I FUCKING BEEPED AND I STILL HAVENT FOUND WHAT SET IT OFF. Luckily the SA by the door just said “oh you guys are fine!”):
Boudoir Eyes palette $36
Shadow Insurance primer $20
Lip Injection $28
Tarte blush $26
Marc Jacobs Dot rollerball $24
x2 Urban Decay eyeshadow $36
Naked2 Basics $29
x2 Naked lip gloss $40
Naked eyeliner $16

Total: $419.50 (I’m so proud of myself bc this is my first big haul ever! I just wish I could’ve gotten more clothes but my friend and I got to the mall way later than intended and I didn’t have time to be going into the fitting rooms and such)


Because I get a lot of asks about the make up I like to use, I thought I’d post the palettes/items I use everyday (excluding foundations and powders and skin stuff etc)
From left to right:
1. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette (this is my favorite palette, you can see it’s the most worn down because I use it so often lol).
2. Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush in ‘Candy Glow’
3. NARS Contour Blush in ‘Olympia’
4. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
5. Sephora Pocket Eye Palette

anonymous asked:

Would you tell us about your everyday makeup routine? Like especially what products you use? And if they are vegan or not?

Hi yes hello I will list it for you. Most of these are cruelty-free items and i’m still on the search for more good ones if anyone has recommendations~

  •  First I use Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, which is first and foremost a sunscreen but also a face moisturizer and I real dig it. It comes in a cute lil bottle

  • Then I apply Tarte’s BB Cream in Fair with a foundation brush
  • I would usually use some kind of under eye concealer but I ran out a couple weeks ago and don’t feel like spending money on it
  • Then I buff my whole face with a mineral powder. Mine right now is just a drug store brand and I mean I wouldn’t really recommend it that much
  • Next I do my eyebrows, which I fill in and shape with NYC’s brow/eyeliner pencil in Taupe
  • I use Urban Decay’s eye primer for my eyelids
  • If I’m in a hurry, I use Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes palette, if I have more time I experiment w/ my Naked 3 palette
  • Apply winged eyeliner so sharp it could stab a man (Almay’s Intense I-Color in Brown Topaz)
  • Curl my eyelashes, use Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara
  • use Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil’s bronzer to emphasize my cheekbones, temples, and jawline
  • Micabella’s Shimmer Powder in Sunset for blush
  • Then a use a big ‘ol puffy foundation brush and apply Glo-Minerals’ Perfecting Powder for a finish

And there’s the 93258295-83259 things I use