bou antic cafe

I decided to make a huge picture spam with pictures of Bou in his Bonds Kizuna outfit. (last time I made one was months ago XD) soo here you go~ <3 :D

Sexy in tanktop :3 Also, maybe I should’ve posted this in my post with screenshots of him from Bonds the movie, but I forgot. I’m sorry. XD

I know he’s not wearing his Bonds Kizuna outfit here, but he’s wearing the beanie and you can see his (nice, I admit it lol) ass in this picture. :D

I’m bored so I decided to make a Bou picture spam (again xD). This time it’s just kinda random. 

I think it’s amazing how he can pull off anything. He looks good in everything. Even if he wore a super ugly t-shirt and had totally messy hair he would still look handsome (and sexy too xD) as fuck. And now lots of random pics of him in different outfits/clothes. Warning: major picture spam! XD