Okay, something I feel like we don’t talk enough about, Jeno. i MEAN LIKE IM NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH BUT JENO IS SO MULTI-TALENTED. he’s a dancer, we know this, he’s a sinGER, we know this, BUT HAVE YOU SEEN HIM SING ON WEIBO LIVE THING HE SANG PART OF A CHINESE SONG AND ??? BLESSED. hE’s NOW A RAPPER?? LIKE PLEASE. aND LETS NO T FORGET he’s an ACTOR, like his specialty is acting. HES DONE SO MANY CFS as a smol. And can you just imagine… the older he gets the more hE CAN LAND ROLES IN DRAMA SERIES AND ETC if sm lets him like THINK ABOUT ALL THESE POSSIBILITIES FOR JENO. iS THAT NOT AMAZING OR WHAT?? i just, we just gotta love jeno so much man… I LOVE HIM SO MCUH HOW DO YOU NOT??