botw 2014

First flower childe of the year!!

Flower Childe of the week:


  • You will be followed by me
  • Unlimited Promos for a week
  • A link on my blog for a week
  • The next Flower Childe will be required follow the previous Flower childe
  • Gain followers (the main idea)


  1. Must be a POSITIVE (and similar) blog (no self harm, no hate towards others, no Pro anorexia or bulimia) 
  2. Must follow me  (moonflowerchilde) & my previous flower childe: cactus-princess
  3. Must reblog this post, (likes will not count) 
  4. Winner will be chosen RANDOMLY by an ONLINE RANDOMIZER to ensure equality. 
  5. Winner will be chosen & announced Wednesday, January 29th 2014

*Don’t delete the text*

My first 2014 BOTW :) 

  • mbf me
  • must reblog this post
  • must be fab!

Higher Chance:

  • Reblog from here or here (message me if you did)
  • Talk to me (I don’t bite)


  • Will get a spot on my blog
  • can self promote everyday in my askbox
  • will get surprise promos
  • etc…

I will choose when I’m happy with the notes!


With love,