Exordium Dot just has me thinking like….Exo cares so much about their fans. They pack in fans at these MASSIVE venues, and still, they come to places like the U.S where they play these venues on a much smaller scale that don’t even fill to max capacity. Their NJ show wasn’t even close to selling out this year, and they were still happy to perform there. They were still smiling and cheerful. They have oceans of fans coming out to see them in Korea to the point where you can hear them cheering from miles away…and they’re still grateful for some half-full show in a downpouring New Jersey. Bottomline…I love them so much…


Quick Review of the True Crime Books I read in 2016 (Part 2)

(Part 1) (Review of books in 2015)

Invisible Darkness by Stephen Williams: This is one of the most unsettling books I’ve read, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. Starting with the good, it’s a very complete and detailed account of the relationship between Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and their crimes. It also offers a good insight into the very controversial legal agreement between Karla and the prosecution, that ended with her serving only ten years despite being an active and willing participant in the rape and murder of three girls. The third act of the book, dealing with this, was one of the better things in the novel, although I wish the actual trial had been covered more in depth. As for the bad… I thought the rape scenes were excessively and unnecesarily detailed, and I felt like the author enjoyed writing those disturbing passages a little too much. His narration is also very uneven, especially in the first part; while I liked his subtle sarcasm while describing the legal proceedings and Karla’s life, he also made some strange time jumps that made it a bit confusing to know when things are happening. There are so many private scenes that he couldn’t have possibly witnessed that he must have made them up, which made me question a little the credibility of the whole book. Finally, his obsession with Karla turns her into a fleshed out, complex character, but the opposite happens with Bernardo, who seems almost a caricature with no real insight. I still feel like I don’t know much about him other than he’s a narcissistic, sociopathic idiot. Bottomline: A good introduction to this case, if you have the stomach for it, but you’ll probably need to complement with other books later (Thank you @adeadlyinnocence for recommending me this book).

Conviction by Juan Martinez: Last year I read Picture Perfect, which is the better book to learn about Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander and how their story ended with her murdering him. This book was an interesting complement because I enjoy the details of trials and this one in particular was a very intense and eventful one. Juan Martinez, the man who prosecuted Arias, describes in detail his investigation and strategy to get a conviction, and he certainly doesn’t pretend to be humble when detailing his role in putting her behind bars. There’s no new information or revelations that I hadn’t seen everywhere else. He’s also extremely biased and portrays her as the worst of the worst, he even talks of her “dark soul” at some point. I have to say, I personally didn’t mind that because I can’t stand Jodi Arias, but if you’re looking for a more objective look into her, you should stay away from this.

True Crime Addict by James Renner: I already wrote about how bad this book about the disappearance of Maura Murray is here, but to summarize: don’t waste your time with this narcissistic, self infolved piece of sleazy reporting disguised as “journalism”. The author is insufferable and seems to think we care about his life while offering nothing new to the actual case of Maura.

Bringing Adam Home by Les Standiford: I can only describe this book as “correct” but is not really very engaging nor memorable, despite covering a very famous and horrible case. The kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh in 1981 and the many years it took to be solved was one that shook the United States and started many changes. I feel like this book doesn’t quite manage to portray those changes, mostly because it decides to look away from Adam’s parents and their struggle and instead it focus on the story of the detective that eventually gave sufficient evidence for police to close the case naming Ottis Toole as the killer. Toole’s story is also described in some chapters but again, it seems to only give a superficial portrayal of him.

Imperfect Justice by Jeff Ashton: This book was written by one of the prosecutors in the Casey Anthony trial, so it’s important to keep in mind we are seeing only one side of the story, and he certainly doesn’t hold back in showing her as the most manipulative and lying person on Earth. That being said, it’s really hard to see how this woman was found not guilty. Ashton explains all the evidence they had in detail and it’s very compelling, and tells about all the things going on behind the scenes. He also can’t hide his contempt for the defense lawyer (he openly admits he dislikes him) and for the jury too, whom he clearly blames for the ultimate decision of the trial. My only issue with this book is that I didn’t see much introspection or real analysis into why they lost the case.

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller: It’s so hard to find an unbiased analysis of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder, because so many people who’ve written about it have been “part of the investigation”, which makes it a big no no for me because we know that investigation was far from stellar, for many reasons that aren’t just the fault of the police. This book is hardly perfect (see what I did there?) but it’s a decent start to the case, because it details the investigation and the many inside shenanigans, the Ramsey’s version, the complicated dealings with the prosecution’s office and why they refused to charge the Ramsey’s, and also how the press covered the case. It doesn’t really give much perspective on other potential suspects and the title is misleading, since it suggests it will explore more the context of Boulder, the town where the murder happened, but I didn’t see much of that. I’d say this is an okay book to understand why this case went so wrong, but I don’t think it gives one convincing theory about what really happened.

Devil in the Darkness by JT Hunter: Israel Keyes is one of the most chilling and intriguing serial killers in recent times, not to mention there’s still a lot of mystery around him, so it’s a bit surprising he hasn’t been more deeply covered by other authors. This book is a decent attempt at it, and gives a good introduction into what kind of person he was before he started his crimes; not so much after. Because there are a lot of unconfirmed things in his story, including his victims, the book mostly dedicates time to his most infamous murder, the one of Samantha Koenig. The narration jumps back and forth between the time around that crime and Keyes’ past, with a lot of attention put into his relationship with the mother of his daughter, probably because she seemed to be one of the few people involved willing to talk to the author. I found this book a bit hard to follow at times, but I’d still recommend it if you’re interested in true crime.

The Cases that Haunt Us by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker: As you probably know, John Douglas is the guy that pretty much built the department of behavior analysis in the FBI and is one of the pioneers in profiling criminals. He makes sure to tell you that a hundred times in this book, because he can never flatter himself enough, although I get that the talk of his past experiences is important here to validate his opinions. This book covers famous unsolved or solved but controversial cases through America’s history (plus Jack the Ripper because who can resist) and in each one Douglas gives his point of view of the profile of the suspects, and whether or not they fit with the actual murderer. Lizzie Borden, the kidnapping of the Lindberg Baby, the Boston Strangler and the Black Dahlia are among the cases covered. I found his views in the JonBenet’s case particularly interesting because he got to be involved personally in it, and he got a lot of criticisim because he thought the Ramseys were innocent (and I have to say, strictly from a profiling point of view, I agree with his assessment). The book can get exhausting because the writing is very academical and not very fluid, but it’s also a good learning experience if you like investigations.

No one asked but Power Rangers (2017) as Lemonade Mouth

Billy is Charlie BC they r both awkward n never wanted to get into trouble with their bully’s . also like Charlie becoming the bands sweetheart after they blow up , Billy becomes popular towards the school n his friends love him (n Trini bros loved the blue ranger so even more love that he desrves)

Trini is a mix of Olivia (BC anxiety with talking with ppl n doesn’t really have friends) and Stella (BC gay n not fitting in with her fam esp her mom n being the new student )

Jason is Wen BC they’re both sweet caring guys to their love interests n have a sass side (arguably Wen x Olivia is similar to Jason x Billy BC of how protective they r towards the latter)

Kimberly is Mo bc umm She’s So Gone being an iconic banger abt changing ur life around n that’s literally what happens to Kim ??) also there’s a bisexual metaphor in LM hmm

Zack is also Olivia and Stella imo. Olivia BC the sad fam stuff that happens n Stella BC they r the rebellious ones who don’t mind getting into trouble

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Why does the rest of the kpop fandom seem to hate ARMY so much?

1) they’re super fucking jealous. i have not tasted salt saltier than the ones these fandoms possess. bts has gone international, they’re representing south korea all over the world and that automatically means they’re getting much more recognition than the rest. someone went as far as saying that the bbmas weren’t as close to the daesang which is true. but bts winning the bbmas (and they’ve won a daesang too so wth ???) paved a path for the rest of the kpop bands to come and show themselves to the world as well. bts isn’t taking all the popularity for themselves, they’re opening horizons for mainstream kpop

2) ‘lol any armys here’ ok this is a very valid reason to hate us bcoz some immature teenage fans commented this on literally every video on youtube. superwoman even called us out for it (move to 7:30) and honestly it got annoying. armys were on political, social and all kinds of media platforms and it was so out of context, it was actually bringing bts’ image down

3) our unity and our power. we won the daesang. we got collaborations no one would dream of getting. we got the teamwork that made the dream work. armys shouldn’t be taken lightly, because when it comes to bts, we are ready to fight through thick and thin for them. Why? Because they deserve it. They deserve everything good about this world. now we recently had the voting for mwave. and two certain kpop groups were neck to neck in their votes and guess what? the entire kpop fandom abandoned us. I’m talking fandoms that swore they were more loyal to bts than the other kpop group. But in the end? They voted with that particular group not to see them win, but to see us lose. Because they were so fucking petty. because they get pleasure from bts getting harmed. but what did we do? we won. The boys named us army for a reason, we literally battled with those votes and we beat not a group, we beat fandoms. and such a stronghold has probably gotten them scared or what idk but basically they hate us more now.

4) someone antis have pretended to be armys and started fanwars. the situation has gotten pretty ugly. I rmr when someone hacked into bighits site and i think twice’s mv was put up there? you know what the media did? they didnt talk about it, thats what. the issue was taken so lightly and a bunch of people from the twice fandom went as far as making fun of us for getting hacked because we deserve it. bottomline is, antis have created a misconception about us which is why we’re so profoundly hated

These were a bunch of reasons that were on the top of my head. there are surely many more but I’m pretty sure these are the main ones. none of these were meant to offend any fandom or any group. All groups are amazing its just every fandom has an ugly side and we were victim to it. But, like a wise man once said, “Ya playa hater you should love yourself brrr”

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can i rant about something that i feel like is super important yet extremely understated? ok here goes:

heath care givers, scientists, and other health advocates oftentimes overlook the obstacle that poverty has on cancer prevention. i’m not talking about treatment, which we all know can absolutely devastate a family’s finances. i’m talking about the “simple” and “easy” day-to-day lifestyle actions that can dramatically decrease one’s risk of certain cancers, and how they can be hard to achieve when money is tight. 

take sunscreen for example. sun protection is the #1 best way to decrease one’s risk of skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. but sunscreen can be a luxury when that ~$6/bottle needs to be spent on food, or saved up penny by penny for utilities or rent. and take into consideration that many low-wage jobs are spent outdoors, like farm workers. 

diet and exercise–other great ways to lower the risk of certain cancers (and other diseases). but the ratio of fast-food places to grocery stores with fresh produce can be extremely skewed in poorer neighborhoods. and then think about how much $5 can buy in terms of fresh vegetables and fruits (and then other ingredients to cook them with, along with the utilities to keep them fresh/cooked well) vs items from the dollar menu at mcdonalds. i see so many ads calling for the “mediterranean diet” to prevent cancer, and i always think… ok that’s pricey. fish is pricey. also if i was someone who worked a labor-intensive job, and only had $3 to spend on lunch, would i go for a low-calorie salad, or a high-calorie high-protein burger? 

and trying to jog through unsafe streets, without access to nearby and well-maintained parks? not easy. 

and then there’s cancer prevention routines at the clinic–like mammograms and pap smears and visits to the dermatologist to get a mole checked out. covered by insurance or not, these procedures involve having that time off from work/other responsibilities, and having the transportation to get to the clinic. again, very real obstacles for those who can’t afford them. 

none of what i’m saying here is new, nor is it isolated to just cancer prevention. talk to anyone experiencing or has experienced poverty about these concerns and they’ll say “well duh”. but the thing is that we–the people advocating for these “simple” cancer/other disease prevention strategies–are not listening to them and making the necessary changes to society. all i hear from scientists and doctors is “prevention is key!!!” and yes, that’s true, but i want to yell back “well what are you doing to address the societal and financial barriers to that!! your fancy DNA test to detect cancer early is neato and all but can everyone afford it!!!” 

and i get it. sometimes we as scientists and doctors can’t really have control over this (money has to come from somewhere, and we all have mouths to feed). but as a society, a community of people who can care for others, there are things we can do: raise minimum wage. have better employee benefits like more personal time off (to go to clinics). expand public transportation. have affordable universal healthcare. aliquot more government spending on scientific research to offset costs. promote neighborhood gardens, parks, better infrastructure (without gentrification). end the cycle of poverty and crime by means other than prison (like reaching out and understanding mental health needs, improving public education, etc). basically make the fundamental changes to society so the downstream effect is that people can realistically afford positive impacts to their health. 

bottomline: we can’t hope to prevent or cure cancer–or any other disease–until we address affordability and accessibility. a new diagnostic test is sweet and all, but it does absolutely nothing if it can’t actually help people

Ray rewatches DAtri.Determination - pt8

I know I’m getting ahead of myself seeing as I’m not even done watching this. but…. 

Strike one.

Strike two! lol

First they approach the topic of egocentrism and explain how it can turn into a problem and hurt even those you care about. 

If this was just those girls Mimi could easy shrug it off and ignore them, but at this point this is the second time she’s called “selfish”. Mimi here is forced into a situation she has to acknowledge there may be some truth in what Koushirou told her, about acting on her own volition without asking. This is Koushiro of all people, someone who actually cares about her and sometimes seems even too much infatuated with her.

And then, we have this

I can’t with these ugly subs lol…

We have Jou telling Mimi being selfish is better than being a coward and this is such an important statement I swear.

This film in general is very straightforward, but at the risk of sounding stupid and captain obvious let me at the very least tell why the hell I love this so much.

To understand Japanese social behaviour it’s imperative that people living there understand two concepts: Honne vs Tatemae. Like, Honne means “true feelings”. Tatemae means to conceal these “true feelings”. And basically the secret to work and live a respectul life in Japan goes through learning these concepts and engrave them in our hearts. To a point usually when we think of Japanese society we picture this perfectly structured community where you’re supposed to sacrifice your individual desires for the sake of whatever group you belong to, being it school, team, or the company you work for.

And in this film Mimi here represents true feelings (Honne), while Jou represents the act of hidding feelings for the sake of society (Tatemae), or in other words, to do what society expects him to do: to stop being a child, study, and become a respectable member of society. We all have heard about the legendary hell that are exams in Japan, as dramatic as it sounds the results may end up affecting the rest of your whole life apparently.

As such, young people in particular are subject to crazy levels of pressure; the struggle between following their dreams and following reality is a recurring topic in most Japanese animations these days and I think it remains the secret to the success of the animated medium itself in Japan and overseas.

But remember nothing is perfectly black and white in tri. They don’t stick to saying “hey, see? Mimi acted selfish and bad stuff happened so now the digimon are in trouble” lol

Of course turning into a slave of society by doing whatever the hell they expect you to do is the same as asking to live a miserable life. And this is why we have Jou. Jou feels awful with himself, even though he’s trying to obey those rules and keeping them at heart.

He tells Mimi it’s better to be selfish than to be a coward. Because, as ugly of a statement as it is, sometimes cowardice is the only reason we people don’t stand up to our causes.

Basically they acknowledge the importance of Tatemae but they acknowledge being brave and bold is necessary too.

This isn’t saying Jou is the coward he thinks he is. We see Jou’s parents eager for him to do well in his exams. We all know Jou isn’t trying to become a doctor because they want him to. He’s doing so because he has long ago decided to. But maybe this is the very reason he finds himself telling Mimi, “the same questions return”. Because he can’t tell if he’s really doing what he wants or what people expect him to anymore. He’s confused.

In the end it really is all about living a ballanced life. It’s about not being so egocentric it turns you into a complete social outcast, incapable of putting others’ interests ahead of your own, but also manage not to completely betray your own feelings.

Being honest and living a social-acceptable life might feel like a paradox too complicated to solve, but one way or another I think the key to solve this issue is also present in the form of Mimi and Jou’s friends.

Mimi’s friends know she didn’t really mean anything bad to happen; Koushirou is the first to acknowledge her intentions were good before he requested her to look at the practical outcome. It caused them trouble, but of course they won’t abandon her because of that, even if the people of Odaiba do.

Jou also knows his friends would defend him and he would be left without knowing what to say. It’s the reason he can’t even bring himself to face them.

Like, the bottomline of this film is obvious but it’s nice to see it celebrated lol. To hell with what strangers think, maybe what you need to care about is your friends and make sure they don’t get hurt. They also present various degrees and ways of being selfish; circumstances where being selfish is certainly not the smartest decision, situations were being selfish makes absolutely no harm even if people do talk on your back. lol

Damn right!

pensive-rambler-blog  asked:

Why do you refer to American Sniper as hate-mongering? Because the film is about fighting in a war-zone in the Middle East? Not sure why it bothers you so much

For sooooo many reasons my friend. But where to start?!

Well, as waltass recently said:

Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in US history

  • He killed over 200 people singlehandedly
  • In his book, Kyle clearly states that he thought the enemies were savages and despicably evil
  • he thought killing was “fun”
  • “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis.”
  • He stated he regrets that he didn’t kill more people
  • Kyle was a hate filled KILLER 
  • “ much of the US right wing appears to have seized upon Sniper with similarly shallow comprehension – treating it with the same unconsidered, rah-rah reverence that they would the national anthem or the flag itself. Only a few weeks into its release, the film has been flattened into a symbol to serve the interests of an ideology that, arguably, runs counter to the ethos of the film itself. ” eastwood let this happen. he painted the film in grey. IT WASNT GREY. ITS WRONG. CHRIS KYLE WAS WRONG. HE SHOULD HAVE PORTRAYED THAT CLEAR AS DAY. HE DECIDED NOT TO.
  • bottomline he killed women, children, and men and is being fucking defended


And I found this nasty excerpt from Chris Kyle’s book last night on twitter:

I know a lot of ppl are gonna come at me saying shit like “Well he was a SEAL and needed to be this way” and I’m gonna look you straight in the eye and tell you that’s irrelevant. I object not to the fact that such ppl exist to be depicted. I object to HOW this particular man was depicted at this particular time in history as a fucking hero. As though white ppl killing Brown ppl and calling them “savages” is ever okay, but especially now!?!? I mean, REALLY?!?!?!? WE SEE YOU!!!!

Yeah this is not a word to be applied to human beings, EVER! It’s literally DEhumanizing. But watching this movie, you would certainly get the impression that all of this dehumanizing, murderous, racist, and generally islamophobic shit was great. This is why I call this movie Hate Mongering. It is the very definition of hate propoganda:

The fact that the movie relies on depictions of murder and hate for sales without any critical thought about them is problematic and needs calling out. And I am not saying that the law should stop ppl from making shit like this. I am saying that ppl should be better on their own. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER. And when they aren’t better than this, they will have to face the criticism and consequences of their actions. Maybe if they know this shit won’t fly, they will stop making it.

So, this is kinda the story. I’m pretty sure there are more reasons that I’m forgetting atm but I figure I’ve made my point. If anyone else wants to add to this, I’d be ecstatic. Cheers!

anonymous asked:

did you really think american sniper was a bad movie or was that a joke

OOOOOOooo BOY alright 

american sniper is about Chris Kyle     

Chris Kyle was the most lethal sniper in US history

  • He killed over 160 people singlehandedly
  • In his book, Kyle clearly states that he thought the enemies were savages and despicably evil
  • he thought killing was “fun”
  • “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis.”
  • He stated he regrets that he didn’t kill more people
  • Kyle was a hate filled KILLER 
  • “ much of the US right wing appears to have seized upon Sniper with similarly shallow comprehension – treating it with the same unconsidered, rah-rah reverence that they would the national anthem or the flag itself. Only a few weeks into its release, the film has been flattened into a symbol to serve the interests of an ideology that, arguably, runs counter to the ethos of the film itself. ” eastwood let this happen. he painted the film in grey. IT WASNT GREY. ITS WRONG. CHRIS KYLE WAS WRONG. HE SHOULD HAVE PORTRAYED THAT CLEAR AS DAY. HE DECIDED NOT TO.
  • bottomline he killed women, children, and men and is being fucking defended 


clint eastwood

also lazy ass filmmaking 

  • THAT FAKE BABY. I KNOW THIS ISNT IMPORTANT BC THE THINGS ABOVE WHAT IVE SAID. BUT. COMEON. THEY COULDA GOT A REAL BABY. i have a theory tht all the babies they tried to bring on set wouldnt stop crying bc they didnt want to be in this awful eastwood movie so they gave up on using a REAL CHILD.

all this stuff can be googled to support what I’ve said. American Sniper should not win a single thing and Clint should Stop and Go Away. 

******People need to realize that you CAN support your country while thinking critically about its actions and its citizenry

RIGHT, so as I know it, there’s a rather incorrect view of who Robin Hood was and what Robin Hood did. Which is nobody’s fault, because if you spend the last century (aye, century) pushing the Merry Good Bandit in kids’ media, of course perception of the man will change. Which is amazing, because now I get to tell you, with my usual extreme pleasure and joy, some stuff about Robin Hood: The Original Mythos. So strap up, get comfy, and get ready to hear today’s tale about how Robin Hood makes friends just like in the shonen animes of the 80s and early 90s: Fighting them to the death riverside.

We already discussed how Robin Hood became an outlaw because he killed half of Nottingham in a failed stealth section after getting denied some cash he won in a bet. We are going to skip the parts were he starts building his murderous mass of Merry Men, not forgetting to mention that they live in a mansion (”give to the poor” my ASS) in a forest and that Robin Hood cannot whistle so he has a big curved horn with him at all times, which, if blown 3 times, signals the “OH SHIT LADS” alarm and all bandits go help him. We are going directly to how he met and made allies with his famous friend, Little John.

OK SO, one time, Robin Hood had nothing to do. Roads were empty, the lads were still hung over from last night, no commotion was happening in Nottingham, it was a lazy Sunday. The problem with this is that Robin DOES NOT LIKE LAZY SUNDAYS and also that he’s a PSYCHOPATH-SLASH-OUTLAW, so his boredom puts us all at peril. Robin gets all up in a fuss and yells “THIS SUCKS I AM BORED I AM GOING TO LOOK FOR TROUBLE”, which he does, and what do you know, it’s not three damn steps out of his Murder Mansion when he runs into trouble, because if there’s something Robin’s really good at, aside from shooting sharpened death stick out of that catapult he calls a bow, is getting himself knee deep into shit by circumstance. Luck: E-

There’s this river, see, and the only thing that leads to the other side is a log. Robin wants to Get There, so he starts walking on the log, when he suddenly bumps into a wall. A wall of muscle and fear, I mean, because right in front of him, midways through, stood a giant of a man, 7 feet of hospital-filling brawn, which calls Robin’s archer eyes into question, because how do you NOT SEE a 7 feet tall monster truck made into a person in a thin fucking log. How does he even land his arrows. I retract my previous statement, he has Luck: EX.

So they are at an IMPASSE because neither can cross now. “HEY THERE fella” asked Robin. “D’you mind stepping back to the other end so I can cross?”. “I most definitely do mind, as a matter of fact” replied the beefmountain, speaking in Muscle dialect, which is when you flex your pecs and biceps in just the right way to make comprehensible English words. “Why, that’s just wonderful!” declared an ecstatic Robin. “I get to shoot you now, thanks!” because, please remember, Robin Hood is a psychopath.

But before Hoodie could nock an arrow, a big BZZZZZZZT horn stopped him. “WOAH WOAH woah man, really? Bow and arrow? Under THESE circumstances? I am in a THIN LOG and you are going to give me the Porcupine Experience with a longbow from like 4 steps away? Sounds like… And don’t take this the wrong way… Like a PUSSY thing to do, my dude.”

So Robin, who is mostly a brutish outlaw but not that dumb, realizes that if he shoots the guy here, his reputation will go to hell. You can’t have that, since PR is pretty important when you are ambiguously good. Or maybe he just didn’t like getting called a pussy. Probably the latter, the thing is, Robin says “FINE MOM” and puts the bow down, head back to his side of the log bridge, outright jumps in the shrubbery, and produces this big ass stick, since oak was aplenty in that forest and, if you have had a full and colorful childhood like me, you know oak branches hurt like a fornicators of female parental figures when used as bludgeoning utensils. The huge man, whose name was John Little, headed back to his own side of the bridge and also produced a big ass stick of his own.

Now, I want to make a very important pause here: Robin headed back. His whole purpose of prodding this giant’s ribs was because he didn’t want to head back. But he did. To accomplish his purpose of not heading back, he headed back. To fulfill his mission, he failed the mission. Do you see what I am trying to say here? MYTHOLOGY. Now, John had the perfect opportunity to, y’know, cross while Robin was playing Twister with the bushes to find his stick. John, instead, went and fetched his own stick. Why? Because John sure as hell won’t pass the luxurious opportunity to beat a tiny man to death with a club. Bottomline: Everyone in 1400s England was a dangerous psychopath.

So they are READY to play American Gladiators on nature’s own tightrope, and the showdown BEGINS. And by “BEGINS” I mean “ENDS IMMEDIATELY” because it takes John “The Undertaker” Little like 4 seconds to straight up fracture Robin Hood’s skull with his 7 feet tall muscles and send him right into the river and almost the afterlife. So John’s feeling pretty good about himself when Robin resurfaces, smiling. “What the wtf are you laughing about, mate, I CRACKED YOUR SKULL open, that’s usually not very funny for the recipient” and Robin is just like slapping his knee with childlike glee, looking up at the man. “Aw man, see, you just bashed my skull in, so there’s sixty-odd VERY PISSED outlaws in that forest right there just waiting for me to give the signal to eradicate you from this world to the atomic level by sheer number of arrows that are about to hit every part of your existence.”

John’s no longer too pleased about himself.

One of the Murderous Merry Men shouted at that point. “HEY BRO SO DO WE ATOMIZE HIM NOW OR WHEN HE STARTS RUNNING”. But Robin, see, part of Robin’s romance is that he is an unpredictable swashbuckler. “NEITHER, MY FRIEND” he yells back, and faces the uncomfortable Huge Little. 

“Hey man, I love men that can give me concussions. I’m Robin Hood, those are my bandits, we get drunk and then we rob people on the roads, wanna come and beat the crap out of people with me?”


So Robin, the creative psychopath, looked at him and christened John Little as Little John, reborn as a concussion-making machine, outlaw, and friend. Afterwards, it turns out John is also ridiculously good with the bow and arrow, around Robin’s level. Thus a beautiful bromance (and I kid not when I say there’s tons of subtext) is born.

The real moral of this story is to remind us of how human nature works: If someone can fracture your skull, you probably want them on your side. See: Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Robin Hood and Little John, Gawain and Lancelot, Goku and Piccolo, etc.

Bit of a pointer for the anon cuz im legit angry as I know im not the only one receiving these kind of dirtbag messages;

A: you being “agitated” means shit to me
B: You wrote like i just fuck up the story and never look back, the hell you think i did when more of Amonkhet’s lore was revealed?
C: “whenever you jump into a new plane” Dude… The first plane I “jumped into” was Kaladesh, and I was right on the money with what i did. Innistrad was when i started drawing fanwalkers so idk what you on about.
D: Get off your high-horse and maybe consider that some might actually not give two shits bout your “calling out” posts where u have to tell people you feel triggered that they are using whatever palette they are given because they are legit excited for an upcoming story/Set.
E: Bottomline; Let people to what they want with what they love and stop being a goddamn gatekeeper.

okay, so i’m borderline cross with this whole ordeal so here’s my take on it


this “jeonlous mouth thing” have been around for sometime now and i dont honestly get the negative feedback people are starting to impose on its name these days ????? 

shipping in general, as much as it leaves so much of a bad taste in our mouths and as much as i hate to admit it myself, is run by the delusional (read: responsible for delusion) cogs in our minds, lubricated by the teeny-tiniest details of the pairing’s words, actions, quirks and personalities to fulfill our wild desires to prove “TRUST ME, THEY’RE BANGING EACH OTHER ” and to act as supporting evidences to back-up this “constructed reality” of what we want them to be.

the thing with jikook // koomin otp, as most other kpop pairings are, is that they’re members of the same group or band or whatever you want to classify BTS as. one way or another, they’re bound to have a relationship, may it be purely for their careers (a business relationship, as described by SHINee’s Jonghyun in one of their Happy Together guestings) or an established platonic one, heightened by the difficulties they’ve dealt with and the feats they’ve achieved as a group. 

from this, we can branch out to a ton of “stuff” for a lack of better word, and i can only discuss (read: rant) so much


bts members are friends more than co-workers and we are very much aware of that, as opposed to those groups with their contracts sufficing as the adhesive to weave each other together (c’mon, this is not a shade). i dont know about you but in a squad (a group of friends rather, if you don’t like seeing that word), it’s most probably mapped out that as humans, we’ll be drawn particularly to one of them; hence, the best friend phenomenon. 

so…are they best friends? well, there’s still taehyung in the equation and there’s no way we can dismiss him like that. (side remark here: the three of them can just be each other’s best friends, you know? im aware that this is an actual, real life thing that happens to other people…but i’ve been in that circumstance and it’ll be hard juggling your attention and love equally that it’s more deteriorating than beneficial to all ends) now, taking into consideration how much emphasis the whole korean culture put into respect and age, the maknae line just transcends through all that , BUT

1. jimin and taehyung are close (even regarding each other as soulmates in one of their recent fanmeetings) esp because of the fact that they’re of the same age, meaning, the level of comfort with each other is as much as korean society expects them to have. they’re not just “comfortable” brothers more than chingus though, they’re that comfortable with each other it’s beyond classifications (like there are classifications, but you get the point).

2. maknaes are very much endeared in the whole korean “age-and-respect-and-authority-and-hierarchy” landscape (can it even be called that?). jimin has shown how much he cherishes jungkook even tracing back to their predebut days up until now, successfully fulfilling the role of hyungs in korean standard whose role among many others is to take care of those younger than they are. other members also treat jungkook fairly similar or sometimes even topping jimin’s treatment to the maknae aka taehyung, whose life source is probably skinship + aegyo with other members (we’ll get to that) and the whole reason im confused who’s whose when it comes to this best friend thing 

3. still in the korean view of age, you address those older than you with respect by how? c’mon, we’re all nuts about kpop how must we not know? there’s oppa, unnie, hyung and noona (this addressing thing is more of an asian thing than mere korean, really). now, here’s the catch: jungkook calls jimin hyung borderline merely (read: close to the bare minimum). a mere slip-up? a moment of the perfect mask idols need to sport, carelessly put aside? more than anything, it just fuels the fire in this situation. jungkook addresses his other hyungs with the names they need to be called, even taehyung he’s very close with. and this just show that jungkook considers jimin a chingu, one he can comfortably act towards, (just like jimin and taehyung’s relationship, being the actual chingus here) despite the apparent age difference.

i dont know if i’ve gotten to anything at this point, but i’m lenient to the concept of jimin and jungkook being the best friends which explains most of the things they do together which leads us to:


skinship between friends, more specifically friends belonging to the same sex (gender’s a bit more complicated concept, you guys), is the most normal thing in korea. they probably are most expressive with each other to the point that it baffles foreign onlookers, a good example of which are the int’l fans.

remember what i said about taehyung? all males in korea are practically like him, even stemming from young age, being touchy-feely here and there with, ever wondered why apparently jikook is not a huge, blown out of proportion ship in korea as opposed to its stance in the international fanbase? yup, that’s because for koreans, seeing jimin and jungkook’s interaction with each other is like seeing the average same sex chingus walking downtown or their buddies at school as they do everyday. holding hands, feeling each other up, sitting on laps, pecks on the cheek (less observed), and even touching thighs, crossing the boundaries of what foreigners would deem appropriate, is common and normal (have i made my point about this issue yet? i’ve become a broken record,my goodness).basically, there is no such thing as personal space in korean culture of friends; thus, skinship is prevalent.

a very much related issue to that is korea’s view on homosexuality. no matter how peppered with the stereotypical gay (not meant to be taken offensively, guys im also a queer folk hi) interactions and copious displays of affection korea is, homophobia is still present. it’s too ridiculous that it’s become funny. you can tell me how korea has become liberated and all that shit but the thing is, they’re not. korea is just downright a conservative country (is this an offense too? oh god). korea is still anchored to the concept that people are only and only and only limited to a man-loving woman and woman-loving man. topmost reason why idols cannot come out and identify as different from the two because to deviate from the norm is supposedly throwing away tradition and rude and can spite everyone around them that they’ll lose their job.

i dont know where im going but i still am in check of what im talking about. bottomline of this exhibit is holding onto the contradicting persona of korea, jikook is all but nothing more (this is proper grammar, you guys) than a thing of delusion.


kpop idols love to treat their fans and bts is not a loser in the game. they give back quite warmly to the fans. they deem armys highly because, nonverbatim, bts is nothing without their fans. fans are the reason among others (to dismiss their hardwork is plain rude) why they’ve made it this big. so they’ve got fanservice in store for us, the majestic element of them all, leaving us in a baffled rut whether or not our otp’s interaction are candid or sheer fanservice. THEY ALL KNOW THAT THEY’RE PAIRED WITH EACH OTHER. a gift for the fans? publicity stunts to gain the favor of their audience? whatever meaning fanservices hold in the hearts of our dear bts members, it just ups the notch of the level of our delusion when it comes to our ships 

(it’s heartbreaking, i know. i didn’t even want to write this part out. if you can just sense my unwillingness to write on the matter ㅠㅠ)


let’s go back to what actually irked me and cross me so much that it driven me nuts to the point that i actually spend my time writing this long ass rant. 

“jeonlous” = a jealous jeon jungkook

now, this has gathered a negative connotation primarily but is not limited to two things:

a. “this jeonlous thing manifests a relationship with an abusive undertone” (okay, so i constructed that sentence to make their claims much more rational than it fucking is)

b. it does not make sense for jungkook (and even jimin) to get jealous of other members/fans/other people not them in general

firstly, what does it mean to be JEALOUS (can you see my eyes rolling?)

in the evolutionary, biological scale, is the exhibited response to the threats to the relationship they are in because monogamy that’s why (a reality that’s manifested almost throughout all the animal kingdom) 

in psychology, is the complex emotion that’s not just about anger, abandonment, fear or sadness; it’s the simmer that’s aroused when a valued relationship is somehow not in its standard state and there is raw desire to regain the affection and/or attention. it’s even described as “a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds. it motivates people to engage in behaviors that maintain an important relationship.” a clinical psychologist characterizes jealousy as something we don’t have much control over, and that it is a natural, instinctive emotion that everyone experiences at one point in their lives. 

it just follows that when jealousy is at hand, people tend to do things that has become seemingly second nature tics to them. now, this is a good reason to back up the jeonlous mouth/tongue thing, how much of a mere coincidence it may be. jealousy is not bound to romantic tones; it can encompass siblings fighting for their parents’ attention or even in friendships. so that’s a yes, yup, jungkook can get jealous of other members because he has that valued relationship (refer to exhibit a) with jimin and there will be a lingering longing in him for jimin to get back at being jimin again (read: showing him affection and attention; emphasis on him) 

don’t get me started at this abusive, emotionally manipulative relationship issue here because it’s just absurd and this rant will be longer than my lifespan i dont even know anymore (ok but the insecurity that is woven in the ambiguity of jealousy may also be responsible in driving someone to emotionally manipulate his partner to the point of abuse BUT JK JUST WANTS JIMIN’S ATTENTION BACK SO WHAT’S ABUSIVE HERE calling this whole ordeal abusive is too much of a stretch like really? really? y’all are actually taking this into consideration? really?)

(okay this rant had high hopes in presenting evidences to support my claims but i havent slept a wink yet and im also half angry ????)

the thing is, as much as we’re delusional in shipping jikook, y’all are just delusional claiming that the fucking quirk jungkook exhibits is abusive WHAT DO WE EVEN KNOW ABOUT WHAT THEIR ACTUAL STATUS IS IN THE FIRST PLACE goodbye y’all im just im–ugh this is so dumb

you wanna know the catch about this jeonlous thing that gets me every single time? IT’S THAT IT’S FUCKING CUTE. AND I’M SHIPPING THEM TO MY PLEASURE THAT IT GIVES ME JOY TO SEE THESE MOMENTS WHICH GIVES ME LITTLE SPARKS OF HOPE THAT MAYBE THEY’RE MORE THAN FRIENDS YEAH I KNOW IM DELUSIONAL BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE IT’S CUTE and that’s good enough reason for me to fawn over their “supposed” romance 

y’all are hypocrites enjoying the jeonlous thing one second then next second, condemning it after reading a post and riding the mainstream. Y’ALL NEED TO SIT THE FUCK DOWN (also reevaluate the hypocrisy but oh well)

redasdown  asked:

Cal is going to die ?

Honestly? I feel it’s 50% yes, 50% no.

When I first finished reading KING’S CAGE, I was disappointed with Cal. I wasn’t really mad because we all saw it coming. There had been too many hints from GLASS SWORD to KING’S CAGE that he wouldn’t just give up the crown. Farley knew this. Mare knew this, but she was too blinded by love at the moment to care too much about it, though, there was always a nagging thought about where Cal’s loyalty truly lay. When Cal promised Mare that he wouldn’t go back, I believed him. But then, Anabel entered the picture and offered him a chance to regain what was rightfully his and what had been so cruelly stolen from him. Believing he could make a change with the crown in his possession, Cal took Anabel’s offer, thereby breaking his promise and giving Mare up. Granted, his intention for taking back the crown was to make a change, provided that he truly meant what he said in his speech—which I believed he meant—and of course, he knew, to be able to do that, he would need power. But if he seriously thought he could make a change with Lerolan and Samos beside him, he was gravely mistaken. The bottomline is, I couldn’t really hate Cal because his intention was pure—he wasn’t lusting for power like so many other Silvers were—but this doesn’t change the fact that it was a dumb decision. So, I was so disappointed with him, I thought the only way he could redeem himself was to die while saving someone who is not Silver. I came up with cliché scenarios like him dying while saving Mare or something similar. But I realized that kind of ending is kind of overused, and as an author of three books now, Victoria is not really known for her overused plots but rather for her unpredictability (refer to Maven’s betrayal, Shade’s death, Cal choosing the crown over Mare (for those who weren’t keen to foreshadowing)).

Now, the more I think about Cal’s fate, the more possibilities come to my mind. In QUEEN SONG, Coriane vowed that her son would end the war and bring peace and wouldn’t die fighting. Perhaps I take Coriane’s words with more credit than there is, but what if the Singer Queen was right after all? What if before she died, she’d predicted that? Right now, it’s not yet too late for Cal to realize his mistake and go back to the Scarlet Guard. Contrary to what Cal believes, I think it’s still possible to make a change even without the crown. The Scarlet Guard has connections, and I believe they can do it, just not right away. It will be a very long and complicated process. Clearly, Cal chose what he thought was a shortcut. Or if Cal’s wise enough to get Evangeline on his side, if Eve grows a spine to finally go against her parents’ wishes, to fight for what she truly wants, to fight for Elane, and together, they could play his Nanabel and her parents and stack the cards in their favor. I know it seems impossible, but I don’t want to underestimate what Cal and Evangeline, together, are capable of. After all, they were originally the future King and Queen of Norta way back in RED QUEEN. In either hypothetical cases, the good guys win and Cal doesn’t die. Personally, I want Evangeline to berate Cal for his stupid life choices, which she will definitely do—thank Victoria—and make a proposition to work together so that no wedding will take place. She’ll get what she wants, he’ll get what he wants.

Then there’s a chance that Cal will die. Of course, this isn’t impossible. The question is how? For someone like him, what is worth dying for? It would break Mare’s heart. She hasn’t fully recovered from Shade’s death yet. I know for a fact that I haven’t.

If Cal dies, the little chance of a MareCal ending would totally crumble. If Cal doesn’t die, it still doesn’t guarantee a MareCal ending, but that little chance would remain standing strong. Either it’s a MareCal ending after all (they would need to talk about a lot of serious things for this to happen) or just no more, as in they are both alive but no longer together. Maybe it’s because I’m biased, but I don’t think Victoria spent three books (that means three years and more) building this relationship just to simply destroy it.

Is Cal going to die? I don’t know. I certainly hope not.

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What do you think ever since new York is about? I feel a little stupid but I can't make sense of the lyrics

Well, it’s open to interpretation really like Harry said but mine is this one:

You know when you have to face adversitiy in your life, you have periods of hopelessness. Sometimes you get really depressed, feeling like you’re trapped and that there is no way out. I think this song was written in one of these moments. I t doesn’t mean Harry didn’t get out of of his funk after, there’s bound to be ups and downs in the shitty situation Harry and Louis are in, really.

Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
I need something, so tell me something new

This is about frustration. You can feel his anger here. And when you feel desperate you lash out, it’s only natural and very much human to do so. It doesn’t mean you blame your significant other for all the shit you’re going through. My guess is that babygate was supposed to be over a million years ago and that it didn’t. Either this verse addressed to Louis or one of their handlers, Anyway it’s totally understandable. 

Choose your words ‘cause there’s no antidote
For this curse or what’s in waiting for
Must desert you just before you go

This is to me a clear hint to their closet (the curse)  and the way it straining on their relationship. Remember something (because I’m sure this will get me shit), couples have bad years (not bad days mind). It doesn’t mean they stop loving each other or that they have resentment between them, but it’s naive to think that they never fought about the way to handle it or were always on the same wavelength all the time about it. I believe this song is about one of these moments. (and yes I believe they have worked through it).

Oh, tell me something I don’t already know
Oh, tell me something I don’t already know

When you have the same argument over and over again with your partner and you feel like you’re trapped, this is something you’re bound to say

Brooklyn saw me, empty avenues
There’s no water inside this swimming pool
Almost over, that’s enough from you

This one fucked me up so bad omg. This screams despair (glass half empty analogy, almost over that’s enough for you– I almost hear us scream “END IT” in the background vocals)

It’s like he’s saying “stop with your wishful thinking, be realistic”, it’s like witnessing one of their arguments and this is why it’s painful for me.

I’ve been praying, I never did before
Understand I’m talking to the walls
And I’ve been praying ever since New York

In this moment, there is no way out, no silver lining, the glass is half empty. No one is singing “Just Hold On” here. It’s the lowest of the lowest point. But remember something, once you reached rock bottom, there’s only one way to go: UP. (I believe other songs will feature this topic heavily on the album: the silver lining, just like it shows in the way he wrote in 1D albums.)

Bottomline, I believe something happened in New York, maybe this is where they learned Babygate had to go on for much longer than anticipated? I really don’t know. But what I do know is that the song is about one of the lowest points in Harry’s life and that it’s the only song he wrote without a silverlining somewhere. 

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Could you write up a post on how you made your saddle pad? I've been thinking about making my horse her own pads but was wondering how to go about it! Thank you! And please if you don't want to than you don't have to!

I didn’t take many progress pictures sadly, so i will have to just try and describe the process as best i can, then if any of you want to have a go and need a better description/illustration you can just message and i’ll help! I suggest having some basic knowledge of how to sew, and how a sewing machine works before starting, but you don’t need to be an expert by any means.

Here are all the pieces you need for a medieval pad:

To start out i took one of my normal saddlepads that i laid out flat on a big piece of paper, wrapping paper is great cause it’s big enough. Then i traced around the pad onto the paper with a marker. Make sure to leave enough space at the bottom of the paper to draw the rest of your design on. This step is where you decide on the lenght, shape and rough design of your pad.

Next you cut the stencil out following the lines. Then put your cut out stencil on top of whatever fabric you want to use, and trace around it. Try to use a fabric marker that washes away, or flip the fabric over and trace with a pencil or something that doesn’t stain through your fabric.

If you want to make a pad with different sections of fabric like i did, cut out all the different sections from your paper stencil and trace them onto fabric individually. Remember to flip your stencil when doing the other side of the pad as they need to be mirror images.

Make sure to give yourself a good amout of seamallowance when you cut your pieces out from the fabric.

If you are joining several pieces like i did, cut them all out and flip them all over so you see the back, then join the edges where you need to sew with needles before sewing them all together, then you should eventually be left with one outside layer of your pad, do the same with the other one. After that you need to take the piece of fabric that will go on the inside of the pad and pin it like you would when making a pillow (flip the fabrics so that the outside is facing out on both) then sew pieces together, leaving the bottom and top open if you want a medieval pad and just the top open if you’re making a normal pad.

Sew the two together and then flip them right side out again. For the next step you need your stuffing material, i used quilt stuffing because that’s the most suited for pads and makes them uniform. Cut out as many sheets of stuffing you want depending on how thick you want your pad. I went with two for mine. Cut the stuffing to the same shape as the pad and slide it into the fabric.

As for the decorative flaps on the bottom on the medieval pad, you basically do the exact same thing but in miniature, i only used one sheet thickness for them though just to give them some weight.

Once you have all of your little flaps done, put them into the bottom of your pad which has been left open, between the stuffing and the fabric. Fold the edges of the pad down so that it’s neat and hidden, use pins to hold it all in place and then sew across the whole lengt of the pad to secure both the edges and the flaps in place. Do this for both sides.

Here you can kind of see how i put the flaps in between the layers, folded the edges and sewed across them all. 

As for the girth hole on the pad, i didn’t do it in the neatest way possible but still. Basically i drew the hole and set my machine to a very wide type of stich to give it a border, i went over it a few times and then cut out the hole as close to the stiching as possible. There are probably better ways to do this though.

After the two sides are done and stuffed you can sew whatever decorative stitch you want to secure it all together. I just followed the pattern on the fabric, but you can also look at various normal pads and how they have been stiched.

This next part is kind of tricky and can probably be done differently, but this is how i did it.

Basically you need to connect the two sides of the pad at the top. What i did was that i put both sides on top of eachother and sewed across them both, joining them. I then trimmed of as much as i could of the excess. I then cut out a strip of the fabric which i folded both edged of before pinning it along the top over the seam. Make this strip a bit longer than the pad so you can fold it under the ends. Then unfold the pad and stitch the fabric strip to the top of it.

I also added fabric paint to mine before ironing the whole thing, this makes it flatter and kind of “sets” things a bit.

If you want edging around your pad, do the same thing for this as with the top part, folding it around the edges and sewing it on.

I suggest taking one of the pads you already have and studying it, try to learn how it’s been constructed, if you have a basic idea that will help a lot in understanding how to do it yourself.

Bottomline is that a pad you make at home will not be as neat as one made professionally, unless you get really good at it which i am not. The positive thing about saddlepads is that you never see both sides at once, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s perfectly symertical. Just try and fail with some old fabric first if you’re unsure how to do something. And my explaination is probably shit so don’t be afraid to ask if you need to

I really really really love this version of Ride With Me. I mean – just look and be amazed and be idk – I JUST LOVE THIS. I don’t know if it’s the dance, their synchronization, the beat, the newly added violin or idk instrument or idk if I’m just imagining things (bcos JUMP really gives me a lot of ideas that enrich my imagination wink wink). PLUS THE CINEMATOGRAPHY OR WHAT YOU CALL THAT IS SOOOOO NICE AND IDK IF AESTHETIC IS THE RIGHT TERM BUT I FIND IT REALLY AESTHETIC (pardon me for the lack of knowledge and terms and everything).

I’ve been replaying this part since the day I saw the concert dvd – and that was like 3 weeks ago??

I mean, this is so satisfying. Yes, that part right up there. THAT IS SO SATISFYING TO WATCH.

And ofc, how could I forget this boi? He looked right through my eyes and poof we got married


Roman Holiday - Veronica Lodge

Anonymous said:

roman holiday by halsey romantic fic for veronica and the reader please? Thanks so much

Originally posted by veronicalocge

I started off with a romantic plan then it got sad…

New York in late December was cold, very cold. The only warmth you could find this winter was the heat of Veronica Lodge’s affection. You knew her from your school and would often walk around the city with her during the weekends. Soon your friendship morphed into some twisted relationship. It was a tormenting back and forth between friends and more, way more than friends. Tonight was no different; pressed up against the wall of the closed city pool while Veronica kissed you like there was no tomorrow. The smell of her mother’s perfume met your nose when your head fell into the crook of her neck. She pulled away and the clouds of her breath were visible in the cold air.

“Still scared?” Her voice was low, her eyes dark as she studied you. You shook your head and you felt your heart beating crazily in your chest. “Good,” she murmured and shed her clothes to reveal a swimsuit underneath. She slipped into the water before you and you watched with wide eyes.

“You going to join me?” She asked this seductively, making her offer extremely enticing. Instead, you shook your head. You were content with watching her cause trouble, not so much in joining her. She shrugged and continued to swim around the pool. You watched her, drifting in and out of thought. Veronica’s behavior had changed a lot from when you first met her. She was thoughtful, headstrong, and she still was headstrong. It was her extreme stubbornness that got the two of you in trouble the most.

You mind flashed back to the drive to Queens. You shuddered at the memory of it; the taste of her lips, the weight of her ribs on your hips while you both laid in the backseat. You felt warmth on your cheeks as the mental image displayed in your mind. That getaway, that holiday, had been the best few days of your life. Veronica took you on romantic dates, complete with delicious food and mood-setting music. It played out like a romantic movie; show stoppingly perfect. As amazing as it was, it came to an end all too soon. The both of you were pretending to be friends at school, as if that long weekend didn’t even happen. The worst part was that you couldn’t tell if it was an act or not. Your feelings had grown tired and used, but you ignored this and kept going. Soon, your thoughts carried you to a sad truth.

What were you two? There were days when your relationship was as clear and crisp as the sunrise. Other days left a burning feeling in your soul as if Veronica had branded your heart. You heard a splash which broke you from your thoughts.

“You looked like you were thinking,” she said and looked down at her. You nodded and Veronica frowned.

“Thinking about us,” you said after a minute of silence. Veronica perked up, brown eyes dancing around your face.

“Y/N I don’t want to-”

“Label us? I get that. It’s just the act we put on around others and then when you’re alone,” you trailed off. You felt a wet hand slip into your dry one and you finally looked back at Veronica. Her brown eyes were sad and you felt a frown sink into your features. “What’s wrong?” Her gaze met yours and your heart sank.

“I’m leaving soon,” she said in a hushed voice. You raised your eyebrows and she hauled herself out of the pool to sit next to you. “My dad was arrested,” she said and you turned to face her. She was looking out towards the water, her feet kicking up waves at the surface. She looked so beautiful when she was lost in thought, but at that moment you couldn’t truly admire her beauty wholly.

“When?” You asked, and she turned to face you. She placed her cold hand on yours and squeezed it.

“Tonight,” she whispered and you breath caught. You felt tears stinging at you eyes she rested her wet head on top of your shoulder. There was no time; to time to explain your true feelings to and for her, or time to let your love grow. Your timing had never been right but now it was reaching that bottomline. “In three hours to be exact.” She said quietly and you felt your tears fall down your cheeks.

“So this was your goodbye?” You choked out and she lifted her head to face you. Her hands went up to cup your face, using her thumbs to wipe the tears away. She nodded softly as she attempted to soothe you. She pulled your lips to hers in a kiss that was messy with tears. Your hand reached for her face and found that her cheeks were also tear stained. You pulled away to wipe your eyes and she wiped her own.

“This,” you said, gesturing between the two of you, “this was real. The friend thing was an act?” She rolled her eyes and nodded.

“You’re asking now?” You let out a hoarse laugh and met her gaze once more. You nodded slowly and she stared at you.

“There was never a lapse in my ardent feelings for you,” she whispered and your heart melted. How would you survive without her? You leaned forward a pressed your lips to hers while mumbling over and over again about how much you loved her.

“I love you too, Y/N.” Her voice cracked a little as she spoke and your small smile fell from your face.

“Then don’t leave me,” you whispered back and Veronica pulled away from you. She looked back out to the illuminated pool and shook her head.

“It doesn’t work like that Y/N, my mom needs me,” she whispered, “without me she has no one.” You bit your lip in thought, trying to come up with a solution that would make both parties happy; but there was no solution to be had. “I should go,” Veronica said and you looked at her profile. She finally turned to look at you and your heart broke.Her eyes were teary and she wasn’t trying to hide it. You only nodded in response and Veronica picked up her clothes, slipping them back on. She pulled on her wooly coat and you both slipped through the window you had snuck through.

When outside, you turned to face you lover once more. She looked at you with sad eyes as you stepped forward.

“Good luck Veronica, I love you.” Her arms wrapped around you, pulling you close to her body. The heat reminded of your shared holiday and you pulled away. You weren’t ready to see you relationship purely in the past yet.

“I love you too,” Veronica whispered back. She stared at you for a moment longer before turning around and walking down the street. You turned away as well, walking down the street to your home. You felt painful tear stinging at your eyes as you walked and one thought remained; the very first night I’ll sleep without you, and when it happens you’ll be miles away.

The world building of John Wick is some of the best I’ve ever seen

I just watched John Wick: Chapter 2 a few days ago. I’ve never watched the first movie before then, but I figured it was alright to watch the second movie since most action movies don’t require a lot of knowledge of the story of either the prequels or the world to appreciate them.

As expected, it didn’t really take a lot of context to watch the movie. I made a few assumptions of things that happened in the first movie to fill in the blanks. I watched the movie at a movie theatre with my girlfriend so I didn’t have the luxury of pausing the movie to ask her about the backstory from the first movie.

This post isn’t really a review of the movie, but I have to say that this is probably the best action film that I’ve ever watched. The fight scenes were awesome and the gunplay looked so realistic that even the bits where Keanu Reeves was just reloading his gun was so satisfying to watch. After the movie, I found the movie’s lore to be interesting enough to make me want to watch the first movie just so I can know where some of the things shown in the movie came from.

Yesterday, I watched the first John Wick movie. After watching it, I found out that only a few of my questions were answered. I still don’t know how John Wick owes Santino D’Antonio. I also don’t know what the Continental really is and how powerful its owner, Winston, is and how he relates to the criminal world. I’m still unaware of what those gold coins are and why it’s being used as the currency in the movie.

I eventually found myself with multiple tabs on my browser and they’re all about John Wick’s lore or story. I was so obsessed in finding out how some of the details in that world came to be. That’s when it hit me: this is the first time I’ve been interested in an action movie’s lore simply because of how great the movie is at world building and how the movie tells the viewer about the world. The world is revealed throughout both movies through subtle cues and some dialogue between the characters.

A good example is one of the scenes from the first movie where they establish how scary John Wick is. Aurelio, the owner of the garage, punched Iosef Tarasov as soon as he learned that Iosef stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog. Afterwards, Viggo, Iosef’s father, called Aurelio to question why the guy hit his son. As soon as Aurelio told him about who his son has stolen and killed from, Viggo ended with an “Oh” and hung up on the phone. The head of a crime syndicate getting chills down his spine as soon as he hears of the name of a person implies a lot of fear and the realization that his son messed up big time.

In the next scene, Viggo Tarason summoned his son, Iosef, and told him about who John Wick is. Afterwards, he called John Wick in hopes that he will be able to talk things out instead of resorting to violence. The scene implied that even the boss of this huge organization has a lot of fear and respect towards John Wick. That he is indeed the “Baba Yaga”.

In the second movie, it was heavily implied that John Wick was a well-respected assassin since everyone knows Wick and are glad that he is back from retirement. While I was watching that movie, I thought the first movie showed all of the feats that John Wick has done. I was surprised when it wasn’t showed and his backstory was really only hinted at.

Another great example about the film’s world building is in the second movie where it was revealed that the crime world is so big and organized that they have a guild and a “High Seat” of leaders among them. Alongside of that, the movie hints about how powerful the Continental and Winston is because everyone, even Santino D’Antonio who is in the High Seat, respects the rules of Continental about it being a neutral zone and how breaking the rules are met with dire consequences.

The bottomline is that the movie’s world is revealed through subtle hints through implication or character dialogue instead of being shown with flashbacks. It leaves a better impression on the viewers and will actually motivate them to read up about the world or be excited for a next movie. I know I am.

Just to jump in on the racism issue that’s brought up every season of BB, I think this quote from Michaela from last year’s Survivor when all 5 WOC went out pre-jury summarizes it:

It feels like America. You don’t feel it in the moment until you step back and look at it. Then you realize that we’re playing a social game. Part of making alliances is who you feel like you can trust. Part of who you feel like you can trust is who you feel familiar with. Part of who you feel familiar with is who you’re typically around. And part of who you’re around is who people look like. In a social game, what you look like can have an effect on what’s familiar to a person which can impact how quickly they trust you and how long they trust you. And so, maybe that had something to do with the boot order, maybe it was random. But I can say that I noticed.

Bottomline is it IS racism. However, I don’t think it’s a conscious thing for most of the houseguests. It’s more apparent in BB because of a less diverse and younger cast with less life experience. Survivor at least strips you down to your core which allows people to get over initial biases so it produces a more proportionate number of men/women and white/minority winners over time

Team Sansa Deserves Better 2k17

One of the reasons, I’m very much invested in the Jonsa ship is probably due to the sense of familiarity I get from Sansa’s character. Sansa was naive, she always believe in fairytales stories, knights in shining armor, golden haired prince and all the good things in life. She didn’t sign up for any of this. Never was interested in other people’s problem but her own. Call her selfish and ignorant, but I was also the same.

 Along the way the universe proves her the opposite, it shows her all the hardships in life in every way possible. Not only her view’s in life changes, but also her perspective in relationship changes. She made stupid mistakes, she got regrets; decisions that she can’t undo. Sansa was no longer a naive little girl, she was molded and shaped into another version of herself, she never thought she would be in a million years. 

The outcome of all the torment and agony of every past experiences she’s gone through has resulted in a form (one of them) of trust issues. She’s been on her own for a long time, trying to be brave even though it was the hardest thing to do on the list. Then comes Jon. He took care of her, defend her honor, fight for her and will protect her with every single bone in his body, without wanting anything in return. 

Just the idea of someone proving you wrong, in this case is such a beautiful thing. When you believe in an idea for a long time, where you thought the world is a cruel place where no goodness left. Then suddenly someone comes into your life, proving you wrong and becomes your ray of sunlight and brings you hope. I fall in love with this idea. I wish i could experience having someone just like that. 

Bottomline I’m rooting for Jon and Sansa, because i think he is one of the major contributor of her happiness haha. Sansa Stark deserves a good ending, she deserves to be happy. (and fuck the cousin incest thingy, this is game of thrones alright. We all know one way or another this kind of thing will happen). Peace out.

My rant on Hinata Hyuga haters

I never understand why Hinata haters put so much significance over one measly, little comment Hinata made about Naruto’s hand over the previous panels of Hinata crying her eyes out from seeing Neji die. And for those who blame Hinata is at fault for Neji’s death, you’re in the wrong because if Hinata wasn’t there, Neji would’ve done the same thing for Naruto who was the one on the floor. After all, the main priority was to protect Naruto. Blaming Hinata for Neji’s death is as stupid as blaming Luffy for Ace’s death or Cloud Strife for Aerith’s death.

Both Hinata and Luffy showed how much they’re saddened by the death of their older sibling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kishimoto was inspired by Oda to kill off Neji since Kishi and Oda are good pals.

And in my opinion, Hinata cried more tears than she should have over Neji. Why do I say this? Simple. Remember this page?

Yeah, Neji tried to kill Hinata in cold blood over a trivial family issue and this was only three years ago prior to the war. Yet Hinata forgave and forgot and still wanted to establish a family bond with Neji.

Another subject of the Hinata hate is this

Another stupid assumption towards Hinata from the haters is that they assume Hinata is popular because of her big boobs. If that’s the case, how come Tsunade, Ino or Mei aren’t as popular as Hinata? It makes no sense for haters to assume that Hinata fans only like Hinata for her looks. Whether people like it or not, there are many reasons for why people like Hinata and I’ve seen various good reasons from other people. For example…

“Hinata is a useless character”-Hinata Haters

Hinata is by far one of the most useful characters in the series. 9 times out of 10 whenever Hinata is given panel time, she does something useful. Hinata may not have had a lot of panel time in the Manga but at least she was useful all those times she got involved. Hinata fulfills her roles in the series.

“Hinata is just an obsessed stalker”-Hinata haters

To the haters: before you call Hinata a stalker, you should look up the proper definition of one. Hinata watching Naruto from a distance is not stalking. Minato did the exact same thing. He watched Kushina from afar because he knew she was a strong person.

So is Minato a stalker too? Of course not. A stalker is someone who follows you wherever you go, usually with the intent to do harm to their target. Hinata was bound to see Naruto a lot since they were in the same academy and class(obviously). Bottomline, Hinata is not a stalker. The definition of the term is in itself. If people are using the Naruto SD spinoff as evidence that Hinata is a stalker, then just keep in mind that this is the same series that calls Neji a cross dresser.

Ah here’s a funny one. "Hinata is so useless. She can’t handle a rock.“-Hinata haters

Okay. Now this is where I begin to lose faith in humanity if people are resorting to hating a character over every little thing possible. Hinata trips over a rock. So? I wasn’t aware that in the world of Manga/Anime tripping meant you were useless. I mean where were the haters when Naruto tripped in the exact same way?

The reason why they both tripped was because they were exhausted. It’s that simple. Hinata has been fighting on the front lines for about 2 or 3 days during the war before she met up with Naruto. This is by far the most retarded way or reason to bash a character. Haters might as well hate on her for breathing, which I’m pretty sure they do.

“Hinata is a weak kunoichi/character.”-Hinata haters

I think Naruto and Kishimoto disagree

The argument saying that Hinata is weak because she never won a fight in the manga is ludicrous. Keep in mind that the two opponents that Hinata went up against were the very same two that Naruto couldn’t defeat without Kurama’s help. Besides, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Rock lee never won a fight in the manga. Are they weak? Of course not! Hinata has been taking care of herself well enough in the war as well as her allies.

Not to mention, if Hinata was acknowledged by one of the sages of six path a.k.a the founder of the shinobi of the moon, you better believe Hinata is not some average ninja.

Also, this

I rest my case

Forneverworld on Youtube has a video called “Hinata haters without logic” and I must say that Hinata haters REALLY have no logic. Everytime I see a Hinata hater, they ALWAYS have their facts about Hinata wrong. If you’re going to hate on a character, at least make sure you know what the f*** you’re talking about. Honestly, these haters just give me the impression that they are just trying so hard to hate on Hinata for no particular reason other than the fact that a lot of people love her.

On a side note, none of these pictures or gifs are from me. Credit to lunaneko14 for the last two pictures.