bottomless pit

List of Stan's fantasies that point to him Being A Dad

-bottomless pit: “Thank you for building me, daddy”

-land before swine: Stan tenderly nursing Waddles like a fat little pig baby

-little gift shop: Stan imagining Dipper putting on glasses that “make him look like a genius”. It’s his dad. His dad was Stan’s baby genius. Because Dipper looks like his dad.

anonymous asked:

where the hell did that baby meme (your avi) come from? the internet is a bottomless pit lmao

it me

For the days my body is a bottomless pit

This is a greedy poem
A hands grabbing, full-mouth poem
A poem about your hair in my fists
And how I can never have enough of your breath in my mouth
This is about the feeling I get when the moon outside
My bedroom window fractures the glass
And suddenly I am empty
This is about how one night is never enough
Even a week, a year, a lifetime with you
It is not enough
I need your sleep your awake your beating heart
your fluttering eyelid
I need it all
This is a poem about how I have consumed your whole
Skeleton, bones licked clean
And yet still my stomach hungers for more.

So I post a bunch of Regal believer meta with pictures or gifs I expect the post to blow up.  It happens.  This one about the bottomless pit of pain that comes from a single screenshot of Regina with a comic book…. did not expect.


The Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions is currently marveling at this anamorphic drawing of a bottomless hole that looks like it’s about to devour its creator, the table and then the room itself. This clever drawing was created by freelance artist and designer Jonathan Harris. In addition to being skilled at creating awesome anamorphic and 3D optical illusions such as this one, in his spare time Harris creates tutorial videos so that other people can learn how to draw these amazing things too.

Click here for Harris’ anamorphic hole tutorial video and then drawing one yourself.

Check out Jonathan Harris’ YouTube channel for many more art tutorial.

[via Design Taxi]

Bottomless Pit ✂ khozen

“I can’t believe this nonsense. Magic tonics? Soos winning at something? Where did you come up with this stuff? I’ll tell you a good story. It’s called "Grunkle Stan wins the football bowl”

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