bottomless pit

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Sarah and Helena, D

D. Subtle kindnesses.

Sarah notices one cookie left in the bag, neatly folded and set aside on the counter, abandoned by her bottomless pit of a sister; Sarah glances at it skeptically, wondering why on earth she would leave one cookie behind.

Sarah had bought the bag for Helena, after all - she doesn’t even really have much of a sweet tooth (cookies weren’t exactly a staple of her childhood).

“For you,” Helena mutters, shuffling past with a sheepish smile, bottom lip tucked between her teeth, waiting in anticipation while Sarah takes a bite to appease her.

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The Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions is currently marveling at this anamorphic drawing of a bottomless hole that looks like it’s about to devour its creator, the table and then the room itself. This clever drawing was created by freelance artist and designer Jonathan Harris. In addition to being skilled at creating awesome anamorphic and 3D optical illusions such as this one, in his spare time Harris creates tutorial videos so that other people can learn how to draw these amazing things too.

Click here for Harris’ anamorphic hole tutorial video and then drawing one yourself.

Check out Jonathan Harris’ YouTube channel for many more art tutorial.

[via Design Taxi]

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“I can’t believe this nonsense. Magic tonics? Soos winning at something? Where did you come up with this stuff? I’ll tell you a good story. It’s called "Grunkle Stan wins the football bowl”

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