so happy you're back

pairing: onho

words: 2500

genre: romance, smut, fluff

description: bottomho with a plug in his ass and love in his heart (and a thirst for jinki’s cock) 

inspired by this day and jinki’s thighs

subminhonet because i saw you reblog my post about it here it is finally

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anonymous asked:

i don't understand how people think onew HAS to be the bottom on onho cause "he's so girly" like onew is the manliest one in shinee. 0_o i think he can be super cute but he's never seemed feminine to me. :/

i think he can be super cute but he’s never seemed feminine to me. :/

Same. I’ve always found Minho more feminine than Jinki. /and no that’s not saying he botttoms cause he comes off more feminine so let’s not go down that road

Jinki has always come off masculine to me in a genuine, unassuming way, and I’ve wondered how it’s been brushed under the rug so often. /well the ‘unassuming’ part would make that easy.. lol Because masculinity doesn’t have to be ‘tuff jock’.

But when it comes to the onho ship, Jinki is often looked at as the ‘female’ of it, and I’ve never understood why other than trying to make the ship something that fits into a yaoi manga(?). It’s hard to understand and wrap your mind around because it doesn’t actually make sense if you really think about it.

Minho loves sports, is competitive (so is Jinki and he’s said he is, just not as hung up on it as Minho, and we’ve already gone into why Minho has issues with it), and is taller = seme.

Jinki is shorter, cute, ‘clumsy’, joker = uke.

yaoi math.

- admin L

homo-erotic-asians replied to your post: “I keep seeing people complaining about bottom!Ho and I really don’t understand why. I get that he’s sexy and can be manly but seriously he’s a pretty princess most of the time. And there’s such a thing as reading tags or ‘warnings’- if you don’t like it, stay away from it and don’t bother people who do. [rant end]”:

I think it’s because lots of people seem to think that being on bottom is emasculating (unconsciously or not) and because they view Minho as this cool, sexy guy they don’t and can’t imagine him as the receiver. It’s dumb either way.

Yes, that’s a huge reason for it. Fans get mad when I point out a big problem is yaoi among fandom (cause lots of fans come from it) - but let’s be honest, it is. Yaoi, a big part of it (you know besides the noncon/dubcon all over it) in emasculating the one 'on bottom’ and putting all the power in the 'dominate top’.

Enjoying yaoi is fine, not dogging it - the problem is trying to mold real life type relationships to fit into it and that doesn’t work.

There’s this idea that Minho is so masculine the mere thought (or act) of receiving is a threat to him in all aspects. There’s no real basis for it though.

- admin L

[ficweek ficrec] 18

Author: heinne

Title: Night Terror

Genre: fluff, band ‘verse

Rating: PG

Pairings: Onho

Warnings: I can’t remember any warnings. /shrug

Why fans should read it: Minho has nightmares and hesitantly seeks comfort from the leader. Need more Onho like this in my life. Another oldie that can still be found on the internet…

He knew that Minho would eventually figure it out himself, or he would seek out one of his fellow SHINee members for solace. Jinki, however, had never thought it would be him that Minho would seek out.

Read here.

anonymous asked:

do you think Minho bottoms in all ships or just certain ones? I'm not saying he has to bottom or top, I'm jsut asking like do you think he has a better chance at bottoming in like onho over 2min or something?

I think (perceive) Minho to have quiet a submissive personality in the sense that he’s eager to please and be accepted, and just generally nurture. If he’s with someone who loves to top he’s going to bend over for them, if he’s with someone who loves to bottom he’s going to do whatever it is he can to make them comfortable and pleased, if he’s with someone who loves to switch it up he will be down for either or.

I think that goes for all ships. I guess it mostly depends on how an author is going to characterize them, and as for - in real life, assuming any of them ever did anything, he could be up for either. Putting your penis inside someone doesn’t mean you have to be a domiante douchebag to who your lover is. /so much fic still does this though

He has this image of a very ‘dominant’ personalty but as he’s shed the stage image to a softer person, a lot of fandom doesn’t want to let it go. Also 'submissive’ is viewed as something bad too when it doesn’t need to be.

Above all though - I don’t find Minho very sexual, so sex not being a big thing and it would have a lot more to do with pleasing who he’s with than pleasing himself.

- admin L

anonymous asked:

thinking of minho as a bottom has already ruined me but thinking of him as a /noisy/ bottom is just aja;kldf;adkkfa bye.

He’s noisy outside of the bedroom, so it doesn’t seem a stretch he could be in the bedroom.

Float off into thoughts, go on~.

- admin L

[ficweek ficrec] 16

Author: strongbabypanda

Title: Killjoy

Genre: smut/PWP

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Onjongho

Warnings: Major spoilers for the end of the Bonded Series.

Why fans should read it: You don’t have to have read the Bonded Serious to read or enjoy this smutty threesome (pretty much stand alone, not canon to series), but it does have a huge spoiler for the series.

Minho’s long slender legs wrapped around Jonghyun’s waist, and he moaned again, but said, “This is.. let’s stop..”

Read here.

[ficweek ficrec] 13

Author: strongbabypanda

Title: Art/Sick

Genre: PWP, torture smut

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Minkey

Warnings: dark, humiliation, non-con, blood, etc.

Why fans should read it: Two drabbles together that make up torture PWP (within Bonded Series ‘verse but not canon to anything). Vampire Key, human Minho. Torture smut, oh yes~.

“Please.” he said in a broken voice, “Whatever you want..”

“You look amazing.” Key told him, leaning in to nuzzle the human’s cheek. “What part should we do next?”

Read here and here.

[ficweek ficrec] 12

Author: vipjuly

Title: Work Hard

Genre: smut/PWP, band ‘verse

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Minseok/Minho (Mincest)

Warnings: incest.

Why fans should read it: This is the first ‘Mincest’ fic I was ever aware of being written and posted. If only for that reason alone, it’s gonna get a rec out of me.

Again, this was natural – Minseok usually beat Minho in everything so Minho got less and less angry as the years went by.

Read here.

notwuyifans-deactivated20150423 asked:

I keep seeing people complaining about bottom!Ho and I really don't understand why. I get that he's sexy and can be manly but seriously he's a pretty princess most of the time. And there's such a thing as reading tags or 'warnings'- if you don't like it, stay away from it and don't bother people who do. [rant end]

Don’t get me started on the ‘warning’ of bottomho… that’s messed up when you label it to one person but bottom(any other member) it’s totally okay and doesn’t need to be warned of it.

bottomho is a problem among many parts of fandom for no valid reason, lbr. 

If bottomho is a warning then I want to be warned of bottomonew/bottomtaemin/etc. and warned of topminho/topjonghyun/etc. Let’s be fair and do it across the board.

In short, it’s messed up what fandom does.

eta: one can be manly and bottom, one can be ‘girly’ cute squeak and top. /cause it seems to always need to be said

- admin L

taemeow asked:

omfg did someone say minho tops jinki? lmao no jinki always tops team minho is a bottom

You must not dabble much in the onho ship fandom then?

The majority ship it bottomJinki/topMinho - at least when it comes to being really active within the shipping fandom that is. I’m sure there are quiet ones hanging around that like both or favor bottomho.

Lots of fans say Jinki bottoms to Minho because– insert reasons here.

- admin L

KIMKEYBUTT said: Honestly I think Jongho is usually pretty accurate for both guys. They won’t write Jjong as a super submissive twink so minho’s stereotypical “macho jock” character doesn’t work and the pair end up being balanced and nearly authentic.


They’re not written as douchebag bros fighting over everything, even sexual positions, anymore?

I’m curious asking about what you guys think of as best portrayal, as when I regularly searched for fic to read long in the past, it was always a nightmare, no matter what writing Minho as submissive (even in the off chance I could find bottomho in a smut fic) was a threat to his manhood, so there would be a fight (until he won) or the other gives in just to appease Minho’s fragile manhood. And the smirking, oh the smirking. A word I now hate.

So looking for fic basically came to a stop for me, and more joyous was Minho irl beginning to really break the general characterization of him in most fanfic, so like I didn’t even need to read fic anymore when irl Minho was so much better. lol

Times have probably changed though from 2010-2012, so that’s why I ask, as the impression given is possibly different now.