• Me:Siri. Is Bethyl canon?
  • Siri:My results say that Bethyl is not canon because Beth met her demise in episode nine of season 5.
  • Me:
  • *later*
  • Me:Mom I need a new phone.
  • Mom:Why what's wrong with the one you have now?
  • Me:Somehow it ended up in a pile of broken remains at the bottom of the stairs, covered in gasoline and burning away.
Pretty Boy and Awkward First Encounters (Jack Johnson Imagine)

(Request: can i have a jack johnson imagine where i’m sammy’s sister and we meet?? can it be all cute and awkward awh pleease)

“(Y/N) Get your ass downstairs we are so late for the flight,” Sammy screamed from the bottom of the stairs.

“Maybe if you helped me bring down my suitcase, I would be down there already,” I replied in frustration as I tried to lug the overweight bag down the very narrow staircase of our house. Sammy and I were always very close, but we did have little fights once in a while. Of course right now I can’t complain since he is bringing me to California to stay with him for a week.

“What the hell do you have packed here? You don’t need all of this stuff for a week,” he stated.

“You’re not the teenage girl here. I have necessities and I need options,” I clarified for him, but still earned a laugh. To be honest, I wanted to make sure I looked good for Jack. I had planned out an outfit for every single possible situation. I didn’t even care if I have to fight with security to get this bag on the plane.

“Alright now that I put your whole closet in the trunk can we go?” Sammy asked sarcastically.

“YES CALI HERE WE COME!” I shouted through the window, making the neighbors wish they had moved after our first ten noise complaints.

“So who’s picking us up at the airport?” I asked Sammy nervously. I wanted it to be Johnson since I could see him in person actually, but then again I just got off a 4 hour flight with a delay and I wasn’t feeling too happy.

“I think it’s just going to be G but J.J. might come too if he’s up to it,” he responded, and my heart jumped a little at the sound of Jack’s name.

As soon as we got off the plane we were greeted with a bunch of fans that were really thirsty for Sammy. It’s a little gross to see as his younger sister, but if gets me to go to California I’m not complaining. Then I saw Gilinsky standing by the exit of the airport, trying not to get mobbed, and a cute little blonde guy with sunglasses next to him. Of course it was J. My face automatically lit up. Sammy and I took pictures with all of the fans while we walked over, and thankfully security had taken over the whole situation, so getting into the car was a breeze. However, the only acknowledgement I got from the boys was a “hey” and a hug. Sammy and G sat in front in the car, while Johnson and I got the back.

“Wow (y/n) Sammy never told me how beautiful you were in person,” Jack told me as an attempt to flirt, and obviously I blushed like mad.

“And he never told me how sweet you are,” I replied back, smiling crazily.

“Alright J you can stop flirting with my sister, it’s a little bit creepy bro,” Sammy interrupted. We both blushed at his comment, but it still didn’t take us out of our own little world.

“We can continue this conversation later,” he said while putting his earphones in and handing one to me. I got tired all of a sudden and didn’t realize that I was slowly leaning into Jack’s shoulder. When I woke up, he was still sleeping and I was really nuzzled into his side. I didn’t want to wake him so I quietly looked through my snapchat on my phone. As I went to check out J’s story I saw a familiar face on the screen, mine. There was a picture of me sleeping with the caption: Sleeping Beauty. Swoon! I decided maybe I should get a few more minutes of sleep with my Prince before we got home, so I rested my head again on his shoulder. The next time I woke up I was in an unfamiliar bed, which I guessed was probably the guestroom of Sammy’s apartment.

“And you’re even pretty when your hair is all messed up and you just woke up,” Jack declared right as I opened my eyes.

And of course, with me just waking up and not being fully there yet I was stupid and said, “You’re pretty too,” before bursting out laughing at my own weirdness. J joined in the laughter too so I didn’t feel too embarrassed.

“I’ve never been called pretty before, but thanks I guess” he chuckled. “But my masculinity is a little hurt. I think you can make it up by letting me take you out to dinner later.”

“Pretty boys and a meal. How can I say no?” I answered.

As I walked out the door to the living room I heard Sam yell over the loud television, “Couldn’t think of a better compliment than “pretty” (y/n)? But asides from your poor flirting skills, I want to tell you to be careful because you are my little sister and I kinda maybe sort of care for you and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Aww Sammy actually has feelings and a heart” I responded sarcastically, “Don’t worry about me I’m fine.”

“It’s not you, it’s pretty boy over there that I’m worried about. You hear this Johnson! You better not try anything on my sister, and I don’t want to have any nephews or nieces before I turn 20!” Sam shouted to Jack, while J stood there with the must uncomfortable expression and a beat red face. I couldn’t say that it wasn’t cute.

Creepypasta #542: Wishes

My eighth birthday was the first time I got my birthday wish.

My older brother had stolen my Batman comic the day before. He was always doing that kind of thing to me. So when the birthday cake came at my party, I closed my eyes and blew out the candles. I wish Jared was dead.

My mother found him at the bottom of the stairs that night with a broken neck. Everyone said it was an accident, but I knew better. A wish is a powerful thing, and you can make anything happen if you want it enough.

A week before my ninth birthday our dog bit me. My parents said it was my fault, that I shouldn’t have been teasing him. That’s fine. I was always patient, and I knew it would be my birthday soon. When the birthday cake came, I blew out the candles and made a wish. I wish Max was dead.

That night Max ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Another accident, they said. I knew better.

I didn’t make a wish every year. Wishes are powerful, and you can’t waste them on little things. When my parents got divorced, I didn’t try to wish it away. When Mom started drinking, I didn’t do anything. When she moved to California, I let it happen. You can’t rely on wishes to solve all your problems.

Dad got remarried last year. His new wife doesn’t like me. Last week Dad told me that she’s pregnant. Last night she was talking on the phone. She didn’t know I was listening. She doesn’t know I heard her planning to send me to live with Mom after the baby is born.

I don’t want to leave Wisconsin, but I’m not worried. It was my fourteenth birthday today and I knew just what to wish for.

Anyway, I should probably go. I have a lot of work to do if I want my birthday wish to come true.

This one won’t be as easy as pushing Jared down the stairs.

Credits to: duckrental

In January 1897, a young boy walked into the Shue home to ask the lady of the house, Elva, if she needed her husband to get her anything at the market. He found Elva at the bottom of the stairs, dead. The boy ran off and told his mother who summoned the city coroner. By the time the coroner arrived Mrs. Shue’s husband, Edward, had washed her and dressed her in a high necked dress. The coroner examined Mrs. Shue but when he got too close to her head Edward became agitated. Not wanting to upset Edward further, the coroner let it be and listed her cause of death as complications from pregnancy. During Elva’s funeral, Edward acted bizarrely. In addition to burying her in a high necked dress he put a scarf that didn’t even match her other attire over her neck. Elva’s mother, Mary, didn’t believe that Elva had just died. Mary never really liked Edward and believed he had something to do with her death. Mary began praying every night for Elva to come to her and tell her what really happened. Allegedly, over four nights Mary’s prayers were answered.

According to Mary, Elva told her Edward was abusive and one night during a fight over dinner he broke her neck. When Mary initially told the local prosecutor, John Preston, he didn’t believe her, but as she became more persistent he decided to appease her and look into it. Preston discovered that the coroner’s examination had been incomplete and had Elva exhumed against Edward’s wishes. During this examination the coroner found that Elva had indeed been choked and her neck was broken. Further investigation by Preston found that Edward Shue had been married two other times, first to a woman who divorced him and said he was very abusive and then to a woman who died mysteriously. Edward Shue was put on trial for Elva’s murder, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison. Elva’s mother spent the rest of her life sticking to the story that her daughter had come back to tell her story.