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important reminder

being in a fandom means a lot of things

it means you can support, make art/edits, etc. of the focus of your fandom

you can enjoy the content of the focus of the fandom, and connect with other about said focus.

you’re able to be part of a good community with good people talking about the things you love.

it doesn’t ever fucking mean you’re entitled to information

you, as a fan, don’t deserve to know someone’s private details about someone’s life just because you’re part of their fandom.

if someone wants to share their sexuality/relationship staus, great! amazing! that’s fantastic.

if someone doesn’t want to share their sexuality/relationship status, great! amazing! that’s fantastic.

as a fan, you have to fucking respect that. no excuses.

it (2017) and dnp/phan fandoms, i’m calling yall out right now.

yeah, i know not everyone is a piece of shit about it, but shipping irl people? do you have any idea what that feels like? being shipped with your friend(s) is never a good experience.

sure, i did ship phan. for a long time. but i’ve gained a new perpective and i’ve realized, hey, maybe this isn’t okay.

this is mainly geared towards those who confront dnp/jack and finn about their personal life, but it’s also something everyone should pay mind too.

upperpaleolithic  asked:

can I ask your opinion on bottom Finn?

I live for bottom Finn ok? It’s usually where you find all the good Finn fics (along w/switch Finn or gen Finn). I should’ve added that to my post ugh! But I think it was implied so w/e. 

Ya know I’ll be honest and let you know that I don’t actually like reading explicit material 99% of the time… so this tag shouldn’t matter to me right? But the problem is that top/bottom tags always have these homophobic/misogynistic assumptions that the bottom is the only one that gets to be vulnerable and taken care of/etc while the top is the one who is the caretaker/dominant/etc. and since Black folks are consistently stereotyped as being hyper-masculine in real life and this isn’t different  when it comes to Finn. I don’t trust nonBlack people to write Top Finn because of this. They’ve shown time and time again that they will use every opportunity to dehumanize Finn and make him into some racist caricature ooc mess! So I prefer bottom Finn cause at least one problem is avoided right? But…

Bottom Finn just like any type of Finn can be used in a racist manner! The early finnpoe fics were abundant in bottom Finn fics but they characterized him as completely naive and a bit dumb when it came not only to sexuality but also civilization as whole lol. Finn isn’t dumb or naive and doesn’t need Poe or anyone to teach him everything lol!!! Poe teaching Finn to fly? Cool!!! Poe teaching Finn about masturbation?? WTF??? Ya know seeing Black people as naive and childlike is really racist and has a long history in the US as being a tactic to dehumanize and control Black people post-slavery?? I think as long as a writer avoids writing Finn as completely naive and childlike when they write Bottom Finn everything will be a-OK. 

But ya… obviously I prefer bottom Finn (w/o the racism thanks). 

A gift for my friend @pongodoodle

NSFW. Don’t ask questions, don’t overthink it, just enjoy

Finn wandered the tavern aimlessly, bottle of whiskey in-hand, just utterly bored and seeking something other than the soothing burn of that amber liquid gliding down his throat.

He closes his eyes, shuts out the noise, the whisper of unwanted thoughts, and he finds someone worth listening to.

His eyes snap open to find a pair that aren’t far off the same bright gold as his, framed by thick, impossibly (unfairly) long, dark lashes.

Holy fuck, that’s a monster of a Hunter.

He clears his throat, finding himself unconsciously drawn to them, standing at the end of their table and infuriatingly lost for words for once as hungry eyes rake over that gigantic, muscular form. 

The Hunter spares him a fleeting glance, expressionless as they take another sip of their drink. 

Whiskey, neat.

They tip their glass, a gesture Finn takes as an invitation to sit down, and so he obliges. “I haven’t seen you around here before, Hunter.”

They shrug, swirling the liquid around, watching as it coats their glass. “That’s because I’ve only just arrived.”

Finn huffs a laugh, trying to hide the shiver that rocks through him at the deep, deep rumble of their voice, brushing over him like a rough caress.

“Well, welcome to Lunaris,” he smiles, raising his drink, thrilled when the Hunter’s lips curl slightly at the corners in a sort-of smile, and they clink their glass to his. “Care for a top up?” 

The Hunter pauses, then offers him their glass.

Finn walks behind them as they head for the door, swallowing thickly as he observes the sheer size of them, towering a good two inches over him, and those hands

“Vampire,” they grunt, pushing the door open, waiting. “After you.”


He can’t remember the last time he felt this… submissive, willing to surrender.

He nods his head, passing them and walking out into the night, stars shining bright, bright, bright above them.

Finn’s prior suggestion that there was a rather roomy alley next to the tavern was met with an interested quirk of a dark brow, and as the Hunter’s heavy footsteps echo behind him, he smirks.

A big hand clamps down on his shoulder, turning him and pushing him back against the jagged stone wall with a heady thud.

He stares up into those whiskey-gold eyes, and it’s like staring into the blistering sun and hoping he doesn’t burst into flames.

The Hunter steps forward, and Finn sways unconsciously towards that incredible heat, growling when the heavy weight of them presses hard against his chest.

A palm against the wall beside his head, another curled tightly around his wrist, and Finn is a goner, all of his baser instincts a mere memory as the Hunter leans in, in

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The Reader and John were teenage sweethearts 

John Shelby X Reader

You had never known such a masculine, aggressive, intimidating group of men such as the Shelby’s. Who had the capacity to treat their wives or girlfriends like queens? It didn’t fit with their persona and you were fascinated by them.

Your history with John Shelby was a strange one. You grew up a street away from each other, sat next to each other at school and went out when you were teenagers. All the usual stuff of being each others first time, first kiss, first date, first love interest. You had been his first and only love for years until Martha came along.

Then the war came, John had already settled down with Martha, married her and had five children. He had to run off to war and you couldn’t say goodbye like you wanted to.

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anonymous asked:

“Is that my shirt?” With Gabriel and Finn please!

These two hold such a special place in my heart, thank you for this prompt!


Finn splashes cold water onto his face, gripping the edge of the basin as he stares at himself in the weathered mirror. He looks tired, maybe a little thin, but for the first time in as long as he can remember he looks happy.

He’s in love, sick with it, and though he’s only just torn himself away from warm sheets and an even warmer body, everything inside him is screaming to return.

The old door creaks, and familiar arms wind around his waist, hands slipping under his shirt. “Hmm, this is mine,” Gabriel says, trying his very hardest to sound annoyed, but the way curious fingertips trace the sharp wings of his hipbones tells a very different story.

Finn smiles, pushing back into his welcome embrace. “I have nothing here other than my uniform, I thought you’d be terribly bored of all that awful green by now.”

Gabriel hums, closing his eyes as he presses his lips to his shoulder, throat, jaw. He’s always so warm, burning bright like the sun, his kisses like fire against Finn’s perpetually cool skin. “Maybe you should move your things here, I’m sure I could find some room for my favourite person.”

His hands continue to drift over rib and abdomen, silver eyes locking with Finn’s gold in the mirror, an innocent smile as if he hadn’t just asked Finn to move in with him.

“You… you’re serious?” Finn whispers, looking for a falter, waiting for the ‘joke’.

But Gabriel shrugs, his smile growing a little wider as he finds the waistband of Finn’s underwear, running a teasing thumb beneath the elastic. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Finn shivers as those hands dip lower, nails lightly scoring over his thighs, trying to distract. “Gabe…”

That dismissive hum again, and Gabriel is getting lost, burying his nose into the soft raven hair that curls at the nape of Finn’s neck, breathing him in.

Finn grips the basin harder, knuckles bleeding white, his thoughts firing double time, and the thought of spending every morning like this is more than tempting.

“Well?” Gabriel purrs, lips pressed to his ear, his gaze mischievous, but earnest. “Move in with me, Finnegan,” he chuckles, as if he’s exasperated by the fact that Finn needs to hear those solidifying words to make it real.

Finn quickly turns in his arms, big hands gripping his shoulders, fixing his gaze, and he smiles. “I… okay. Yes.”

Gabriel let’s out a little laugh, a joyful noise, one that Finn would do anything to hear again and again. He takes hold of the collar of Finn’s shirt, of his shirt, and reels him in for a kiss that feels a lot like a promise.

They break apart, forehead to forehead, nose to nose. “I love you,” Finn whispers, eyes shining with wonder as Gabriel’s striking silver gaze meets his once more.

“I love you too, Finnegan.”

finally putting together a masterpost of my newest fics :) so here’s part 1

this sounds like our story (tony/rhodey, marriage fic, fluff)

“We should get married.” Tony murmurs one night, lying next to Rhodey in the dim light.

standing right here (and my heart is beating) (t’challa/steve, pets, smut, fluff)

Fuck, if he could he’d keep T'Challa right here, bare and happily bruised under Steve’s hands and lips, kissed breathless and needy for Steve forever.

Or, where T'Challa adopts animals and Steve falls in love.

small doses (t’challa/thor, rimming, smut, top thor)

“You taste,” Thor starts, moving up T’Challa’s body as he presses a wet, dirty little kiss to the human’s lips, “Magnificent.”

(it’s warmer where you are) (sam/bucky, bucky barnes recovering, sam wilson feels, anxiety, ptsd)

“I think that’s the most you’ve said since I walked into my kitchen to you standing in the corner.” Sam muses, throwing away an eggshell, “In the dark, no less.” he adds, eyes narrowing before he mumbles, “With your dramatic ass…”

”Steve should be with you.” Bucky tells him.

Or, while Steve is off dealing with Ultron, Bucky has tasked himself with bonding and protecting one Samuel Thomas Wilson.

turn your pitch down low (t’challa/steve/bucky, love, alpha/omega dynamics, dom/sub undertones, smut, fluff)

“Anyway, we wanna court you.” Bucky grins. Steve throws his hands up.

“Buck. There was a way I was going to say that–”

“He doesn’t need anyone sugar-coating shit for him Stevie.” Bucky shrugs, “He knows what we mean.”

Or, where Steve and Bucky are a mated pair who fall in love with T'Challa.
…This’ll get complicated.

low tide (finn/poe, ptsd, finn working through trauma, fluff, love)

Being a solo entity is still something Finn is getting used to.

Every now and again he snaps back into himself in the mess hall of the resistance base he and Poe have settled on and half expects to be surrounded by stormtroopers. Shining white gear and blasters attached to their hips.

Or, where Finn tries (and struggles) to adjust, remembers bits of his childhood under the First Order, and represses trauma while Poe and Rey are the co-creators of the ‘Finn Must Be Loved and Protected’ fanclub.

sugar (finn/poe, bottom finn, smut)

“I got you.” Poe groans, fucking into him again, heart pounding as Finn arches his back so fucking beautifully, just like that, in that way that shows off the plump, thick roundness of his ass and presses him flush against Poe, who’s cock is fully sheathed in him.

compass (points you home) (t’challa/bucky, kidfic, ptsd, past domestic abuse, wip)

But then the man gives him a warm smile and Bucky’s heart skips a beat.

“I am T'Challa. I can’t thank you enough for finding her and bringing her back to me.”

Bucky flushes, “It’s no problem, really. She’s a great kid.”

In which Bucky is a veteran and former prisoner of war who has just returned home, and T'Challa is a stressed single parent running from his past.

lovebitten (to hell and back) (t’challa/nat/steve/bucky/thor, gangbang, bottom t’challa, smut)

Steve slips back into that heat, his cock wrapped in tight, wet warmth as he leans over and presses his lips to T’Challa’s softly, freeing his lip and tasting him. He can feel Natasha’s come where it rests between T’Challa’s thighs from her first round with him, when she pulled out and came all over that pretty skin of his.

He’s streaked with come, currently. That’s mostly Thor and Natasha’s thing, marking T’Challa like that.

Bucky and Steve? They bite. Leave teeth marks on the King’s collarbones, hips and shoulders.

T’Challa loves it all.

And they all love him.

Or, That T'Challa Gangbang Fic That No One Wanted But I Wrote Anyway

skip frames (sam/steve/bucky, deaged fic, baby!sam, fluff)

Bucky won’t let go of Sam.

Sam wiggles in Bucky’s arms, grinning with that adorable gap-tooth smile that makes Steve melt, giggling in Bucky’s hold.

Granted, Steve understands Bucky’s hesitance to let Sam go, seeing as he’s– well…three years old currently, thanks to some magic going wonky when they all arrived back on earth from Asgard an hour ago. It apparently should wear off very soon, but until then Bucky seems adamant about keeping baby Sam wrapped up in his arms, safe as Bucky gives everyone who gets near the child warning glares.

you brought the fire (to a world so cold) (t’challa/thor, love, romance, marriage fic, wip)

It’s when Thor ends up kissing T'Challa’s hand and leading him into a little pocket of space where the universe meets the moon that T'Challa starts to think that maybe Thor is doing a bit more than being nice.

I’m seeing a lot of posts saying Julian isn’t a bottom. If you’re joking, cool. If not…

He’s. A. Fucking. Bottom.

Don’t @ me. Stop blaspheming. Don’t project your desires onto him or edit his character to fit with your agenda. It’s canon. Why are we even debating this? Move on. Love you.

anonymous asked:

So uh....I found General Alkar picture and I love Finn for being the power top that he is but uh...tbh when I look at General Alkar I feel like he would be Finn’s unexpected top? Like “yeah, I’m the top” and General Alkar sneaks up behind him to whisper “a challenge? me gusta” and Finn is just “fUCK” (maybe it’s out of character and I apologize for that but that’s the vibe I get lmao I’m sorry

General Alkar is a little bolder than normal Alkar when it comes to Finn, so I think you’re right, anon.

Finn would still be a bitch about it though and still try to have the upper hand, no matter how much he enjoys being dominated by him.

@ondriaprice look what you’ve created.

Three Hearts Are Better Than One;

pairing: FinnxReaderxSami
summary: You three have always been close, but that changes on Valentine’s Day. 
warnings: swearing
word count: 2,740
notes: So, first of all, this is the first wrestling fic I’ve written in years, and I’m really excited to get this out in the open. I was inspired by the picture that Finn posted of him and Seth on Valentine’s Day and this is what happened. Got a little out of hand, honestly. There may or may not be a sequel, I’m not sure, but there probably will. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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Game on

Finn Shelby x reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You has spent the entire week with Finn, his brothers didn’t seem to mind which you thought was slightly odd. They waved you two off as Finn avoided doing any business and spent his days with you. Your brothers, however, were very unamused. The start of the week you tried to hide it, sneaking around telling Alfie you were meeting friends or going to the library. You were almost out of lies when he caught you two wrapped up in each other’s arms asleep in your bed. He came home in the middle of the night from work and came into check on you to find a gypsy boy in your bed. Let’s just say he was not best pleased but kept his mouth shut till the morning.

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