Not a Fairy Tale
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: It should have been an ordinary evening at the bookstore but one forbidden book later, Baekhyun finds himself in another world. And the king there is everything short of prince charming.
Author: chanyeoloving for baeconandeggs
Side Pairing: kaisoo, hunhan
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst, Powers/Supernatural AU, Royalty AU, just a really beautiful fantasy world I wanna live in
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mpreg, highly intense smut

Admin Summer: possibly the most beautiful fic I’ve read since the fest started. (like what are those descriptions???? SO VIVID AND BEAUTIFUL) everything is so beautiful, the dialogue, the characters, the struggles, (AND THE ANGST OH MY GOODNESS) it’s so cliche but it’s so beautiful. I can’t stop reading it. baekhyun and chanyeol are both so beautiful here. the author deserves not just kudos but multiple awards for this. this definitely makes my top 10!
It's Gonna be Electric
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Baekhyun has just finished finals, and his friends decide to play a game of truth or dare. Chanyeol reveals a secret that leaves Baekhyun’s mouth dry. They end up in a closet.
Author: Rhaenyra45
Side Pairing: xiuchen, sulay
Length: Twoshot
Status: Completed
Genre: fluff, smut, pwp, friends to lovers, college au
Rating: NC-17
Beating Hearts & Wondering Hands.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Baekhyun hates people and Chanyeol loves Baekhyun.
Author: codepink
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Romance
Rating: NC-17

Admin Summer: it’s SO NICE like how their relationship seems like it’s never gonna work but how much they wanted to make it work and the smut was actually so heartwarming and powerful ahhhh ;-; more of such fics pleaseee

  • chanyeol: the sexual tension between two gas stations on the same intersection
  • junmyeon: i’m so sick of this shit. Two gastations can’t even be on the same block without some walnut shipping them, while I can’t find a single fic for dennys/applebees with dennys bottoming.
  • baekhyun: you’re literally out of your mind if you think Dennys isnt a top
  • minseok: I wish the 2012 apocalypse actually happened
Winter Wonder
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: “Baby,” Chanyeol said lowly, taking Baekhyun’s face in his hand. He made sure Baekhyun looked him in the eye, seeing his wild expression before darting out his tongue and licking Baekhyun’s lips, small but thorough licks, over his lips again and again before moving on to his jaw, licking the curved length. It was wet, it was dirty and lewd but undeniably titillating. He trailed the soft wet muscle up to Baekhyun’s ear to whisper “You make me feel like an animal.”
Author: MiraclesInApril
Length: Twoshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Royal AU, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dirty talk, barebacking, blowjob, cumplay, toys, public sex (somewhat exhibitionism)

Admin Summer: ONE OF MY FAV ROYAL AUS!!! the smut is so hot!!! and so kinky ahhhhhhh ;; baekhyun is so soft and chanyeol is well………….ROYALTY

[Fic Search] #12

1. Take Me, Claim Me, Own Me Hye dear, ive been searching for this fics where chanyeol as demon/wolf (cant remember) and baekhyun as his mate but chan didnt like him, soon chan’s father, kris called him and want him to be the leader(?)but have to mate, really funny fics because of krisho as chan’s parents also hot smut ,help juseyoo thanks..

2. Preying On You Tonight Hi, so i’ve been looking for a fic. It is wolf!au. Baekhyun was pregnant with chanyeol pups. They live together in one house with their pack. When baek was going into labor, chanyeol was hunting with other alpha. It was joonmyeon or xiumin who helping with the birth. But in the end chanyeol came home and helped the birth of their second or third pups. Thanks for your help!!

3. Can u help me find this fic where chanyeol is an idol and baekhyun is a normal citizen. Basically yeol made baek pregnant and he decided to take care of baek by going on a hiatus. Baek give birth to a twins, and after that chan went back to his for his job that consist of him being on a tour. Chan’s work gets a little hectic n baek starts to speculate things especially after seeing a pic of him w/ another girl, and yeol actually forgot his kids 1st birthday. Thankyou for ur hardwork admin♡

4. Predator and Prey hello! sorry to bother you! but i’m looking for a fic! so it was an ao3 fic i believe and chanyeol was like holding baekhyun hostage? he had him handcuffed to the bed or handcuffed to something and chanyeol loved baek but like it was messy and there was a point where baekhyun did try to escape but chanyeol caught him and he does slap him. and i think chanyeol wore glasses. thanks!

5. Daddy Hello! I’ve been looking for this fanfic for a while. It’s a really smutty one. I remember Baekhyun having a dildo inside of him while the members and him were in the middle of an interview and Chanyeol had the control of the vibrations and he made Baek collapse from his seat because of the pleasure then he takes Baek and fucks him into a changing room if I remember and they had Daddy/Little relationship, Baek even getting into subspace. Please help me ;A;

6. I Wasn’t Expecting That Hello! I’ve been looking for this fic, it’s smut and it’s from aff. Basically what I remember is baekhyun was annoying chanyeol so chanyeol suddenly trapped him on the bed then its like baek apologized and said smth like “this staring thing is creeping me out” then chanyeol said smth like “i dont know i think i like this position” and baek was getting rlllly sensitive with chan nuzzling his neck and they ended up dry humping i think and confessing to e/o. hope u can help tysm! ♡

7. Hi! I don’t want to bother but I’ve been searching for this fic but I can’t find it. I’m hoping you could help. They’re a student here. Chanyeol is popular and Baek isn’t. I recall on the first chapter Baek wants to use the restroom but he can’t get in because Yeol is in the way. Yeol is being confessed to by this girl & he’s not interested so when he saw Baek, he kissed him & told the girl he’s taken. They started pretending after. Thank you so much. You’re a blessing to this shipdom.

8. hey,do you know that fic where chanyeol would go with baek at the bus stop everytime after school(?)or when it was really night(?)and baek was into hapkido(?)and some time he got beaten up(?)uhhh i don’t really remember that much tho

9. Man in the Portrait hello! so glad to see your ask box open ;; im looking for this fic where chanyeol is a painting and the painter has a son who is baekhyun. chanyeol falls in love with baekhyun and wishes to be human?? i don’t know if this has been asked already but thank you in advance!!

10. Bad Habit Hello! I’m looking for a fic where Chanyeol is popular at school and Baekhyun is a bad kid. They’re a couple but not a school. The fic takes place in Chanyeol’s car where they share cigs which Chanyeol hates but is willing to do for Baekhyun because it ends up being hot. Then they.. You know, sumt. 😆
[Deleted] Playboy
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Baekhyun has better things to do in life than fall for tall guys with funny ears. A crick in the neck is not what he’s looking for in love, no thank you.
Author: ichigotabetai
Side Pairing: kaisoo, hunhan, weixing (lay/chan weiting)
Length: Chaptered
Status: Completed
Genre: fluff, angst, college au, enemies to lovers
Rating: R


anonymous asked:

Sub!exo reaction to getting pegged??


Originally posted by myeondolf

His ass is so fine wow. Anyway. Junmyeon is probably a little bit shy about this and I doubt he’ll bring it up first. If you tell him this is something you’re interested in trying with him he’ll be surprised, and he’ll blush and laugh it off but it’ll nag at the back of his mind until he finally decides to give it a try. He’ll definitely enjoy himself a lot and it’ll become something he asks you frequently for after the first time.

“Princess? Would you, um…like to play with your strap-on this evening, maybe?”


Originally posted by akacereal

The king of power bottoms. I cannot picture Minseok being a sub, per say, but I think he probably really likes being pegged and eaten out. He’s bossy about it, will probably prefer to be on his back with his legs up so he can thrust his hips up more easily and control the pace. Definitely can take whatever you give to him, he’s very relaxed about it and doesn’t need much prep beyond your tongue and a liberal amount of lube.

“Is that all you’ve got? Fuck me like you mean it, baby.”


Originally posted by getlayd

He’s hesitant at first when you bring it up but when you point out the fact that prostate stimulation is supposed to be a whole different kind of orgasm for men, he can’t deny he’s curious about it. Needs you to be patient and gentle as you warm him up, he might laugh and get ticklish and roll away from you the first couple of tries but eventually he’s moaning underneath you and his face and chest are flushed and after, he’ll claim it was the best sex he’s ever had.

“I can’t believe how hard you made me cum…I really never imagined it would feel so amazing.”


Originally posted by sefuns

Loves it so much. He’s so vocal and his moans sound so different when he’s being fucked vs like when he’s getting head. He goes from low, husky grunts and groans to higher pitched, desperate moans when you peg him. He begs a lot, too. Always “harder, faster, more, deeper, more” he’s literally such a slut for it. Will cum untouched if you’re fucking his cute little ass and it won’t take long, so you might want to edge him for a while and keep your pace slow to draw it out. Also very into being fingered open so he really likes it when you pay special attention to the foreplay part of pegging him.

“Yes, yes please fuck me harder, deeper, please!”


Originally posted by kaiuary

Jongdae is probably going to turn you down the first time you bring it up. He might not think and he’s going to like this kind of stuff but if you present the facts to him about prostate stimulation and how good it feels to you when he fucks you, he might get curious enough to try. Unlike Yixing, Jongdae is going to be a skeptic up until he’s actually in the throes of it, and he’ll be a moaning mess and staring at you in awe that you could help him reach this new height of pleasure.

“Wow…that was…really amazing. I might have to let you do that again sometime soon.”


Originally posted by sootasty

I think Chanyeol is very adventurous in bed and a switch as well. I think if you have him in a submissive mood when you bring up the subject, he’ll definitely be willing to try just to please you but he probably isn’t going to expect much. He’s mostly humoring you because he thinks it’s just what you want to do to him to get pleasure for yourself and he’s fine with that. Definitely surprised by how good it feels, and he, like Baekhyun, sounds TOTALLY different when he’s being pegged. Those deep, husky groans are loud and whiny and laced with a lot of begging.

“Ah~ jagiyaaa, please don’t stop, ah! Ah! Right there!”


Originally posted by prkchaeyoung

I’m gonna be real with you I don’t think Kyungsoo will be into this. I feel like he’s going to turn you down with a clipped, “No.” and anytime you bring it up he brushes you off and is totally dismissive of it. For the purposes of writing fiction, let’s say somehow you find the right words to convince him and he actually tries it. He’s going to be flushed, a little embarrassed to have that part of his body used in such a way, and I think he’ll be trying to conceal his moans and groans.

“F-fuck. No, it doesn’t hurt…you can keep going.”


Originally posted by kaimilky

Another slut for it. It probably isn’t something Jongin is going to want to do very often, but on special occasions he’ll bring your strap-on out himself with a devilish look in his eyes. A power bottom, he’s arching his back and working himself over the toy, moaning and he would L O V E to do it in front of a mirror so he can watch you and you can see his expressions. Also loves when you spank him as you fuck his ass.

“You look so hot like this, baby, you’re driving me crazy..”


Originally posted by aslancallenreeses

He’s not shy about it but he will be hesitant to ask you for it. He likes it a lot, though, because his orgasms feel more intense when you fuck him and stroke his cock with a tight fist at the same time. Very flushed, lots of heavy breathing and, god, his back muscles all tensed up and flexing as he steels himself on his hands and knees, anticipating each of your thrusts. He doesn’t really understand what you get out of it, since you aren’t being stimulated physically, so afterwards he’s all about thanking you and paying you back for the pleasure you had given him.

“Thank you, jagiya. You’re so good to me. Lay down, let me make you feel good now, too.”

false pretenses (iii)

genre | rating: angst & fluff | light M

length: 3037 words

pairing: chanyeol x reader

summary: “they said the price of love is loss, but still we pay. we love anyway”

| part i: he called you thunder | part ii: wrong assumptions | part iii: favourite chaos


“He’s miserable,” Baekhyun sighed, his voice took a tone that you had never heard before – a mixture of worry and weariness.

“Why? ‘Cause I said something that hurt his feelings?” you mocked, jutting your bottom lip. However, when Baekhyun seemed annoyed by your childish remark, you shrugged in irritation, “Tell your friend to grow the fuck up.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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Stupid Cupid
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Chanyeol is the president of his school’s Archery Club and accidentally shoots the new kid, also his crush, with an arrow. Chaos ensues.
Author: CookieCuddler
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: romance, fluff, smut, high school au
Rating: nc-17

Slave To Pleasure [1]
(This gif creates a waterfall between my legs, tyvm owner of gif <3)

Pretty please read the intro or this will not make sense

Trigger warning: rape/violent sex

sorry this is looooooooong overdue I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things with my writing this year. Send me a message and/or leave a like idk do whatever you want to show your support and thoughts:)

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