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BatB Characters as Youtubers
  • Belle: Personal vlogger. Videos are usually sociopolitically focused, in which she brings up a current event/scandal and not only talks about its contemporary relevance, but unpacks the historical themes behind it. Also does book review installments that start out as one-offs, but end up spanning the length of five or six videos.
  • Gaston: Let's Player. Predominantly streams shoot 'em ups, but will delve into any genre. He especially likes to show off how he can maintain his cool throughout jump-scare horror games, and keeps a running commentary going as he builds a giant homage to himself in Minecraft. He keeps a smaller recording of himself physically playing the game in the bottom right corner. It's minimized, though not nearly enough.
  • Maurice: Theoretical science vlogger. Segments include exploring the myths behind certain social misconceptions, as well as "believe it or not!" specials in which he just raves about cool, lesser known theories. Will get excited and start blending layman's terms with scientific jargon. His less scientific-savvy fans don't mind. They like his energy. Occasionally uses a go-pro and livestreams the progress of one of his current inventions.
  • LeFou: A cappella cover artist. He's cornered the Disney medley niche, but also toes into the realms of pop and dance. He's written lyrics to the instrumental theme Gaston plays before all of his videos, but hasn't worked up the nerve to contact him yet. Does really gracious shout-out videos whenever he reaches a subscriber milestone.
  • Adam: Narrator. It began with biweekly uploads of him reading through classic poetry, until his voice, low and soothing, drew him mass attention. He takes requests to read works of other genres as well as those of new, aspiring authors. Never shows his face.
  • The Enchantress: Makes those fucking "Bee Movie but every time someone says 'bee' it gets faster" memes and not a damn person knows it's her

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*works first time*



    Linderhof Palace and the Venus Grotto

As I was getting my first couple of posts together I was running around Pinterest, where I am always guaranteed to get sidetracked, and came across this picture of The Venus Grotto (top right), and got sucked in to the Rococo magic that is Linderhof Palace and decided to post these instead.

    Despite being the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and being able to fit into Versailles (where clearly Ludwig drew his inspiration from) probably a billion times, it is certainly not lacking in incredible, elaborate detail. The Venus Grotto is actually entirely artificial and was built for the king as an illustration of the First Act of Wagner’s “Tannhäuser”. There are also 2 identical “Tapestry Chambers” that served absolutely no function, but still had equally as much work put into them (one is pictured bottom right). That bedroom though… I had seen pictures of this amazing creation before on a much smaller scale with filters that really took away from all of the details and then I found these and it took me a while to process all of it. The Rococo artistic movement was something else.

     Rococo is a style of architecture and decorative arts that evolved from the Baroque style in the mid-18th century distinguished by its curved asymmetrical forms and elaborate ornamentation. Lots of foliage. very frivolous, very Louis XV, very modish.


So I’ve received a few pings on where my banner’s from. I love it so much since it combines two of my favorite things, whump, and reading mostly whump. It’s from the amazing movie The Book Thief, where you’ve got a hefty amount of gorgeous whumpy scenes that will color your life with rainbows and skittles and puppies…

Thought I’d make a GIF set as evidence, and while we’re at it, let’s celebrate  Tumblr’s GIF evolution from 2MB to 3MB, a.k.a. whump in better quality!

P.S. That bottom right corner GIF though, when the guard throws a brush on the floor, and poor Max, in his feverish semi-conscious state, blinks for a slight second at the noise… Nggguuuh!

character arc parallels

I may be being overly optimistic, but one of the reasons I’m confident on the outcome of Haru’s character arc is that - so far - it has been quite the parallel to Rin’s in S1, imo. Just inverted.

We have things like their nightmare sequences and even the pacing of the happenings to draw that home, but beyond that:

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What I’m Missing

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1006

Request from anon:  “I was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where Sam and Dean where off on a little hunt leaving the reader alone. And when they get back Dean finds her asleep on the couch with a sketchbook in her hand. Then Dean looks through it and finds drawing of him, Sam, and Cas (but mostly of him). And it gets fluffy in the morning?”

Okay, I really loved writing this one, and I wanted to write so much more, so I kinda split it into two, maybe three parts. We’ll see where it goes. But I hope you like this part, prepare for lots of fluff in the next part! Enjoy everyone!

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