bottom right so cute

For some people that asked for Yohamaru doodles!

I call this tfw your gf is too cute


I know it’s not munday but I want to share my succulent babies. The front cactus is Colin 3 (he is the one I’ve had the longest), the small cactus is Sherlock, then the dark succulent is Jim, the small pale succulent is John and the tall delicate one is Molly. Also feat the tiny little succulent stem off to the side that I might call Mary if I can get it to propagate, idk we’ll see. 

Peak’s twitter update! - “ติดตาม #makeitrightseason2 ด้วยนะค้าบบบบ 😘” - ©


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it


“I want to know what you guys made of each other the first time you met.” “It was love at first sight.”