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I get a lot of questions about how I get my gifs to be under the Tumblr limit. Considering there are quite a few different methods to reducing the size of a file, I thought it would be a good idea to just compile them all into one post so that I can link that from now on when someone asks.

Hopefully this little tutorial will help you out if you’re struggling with getting gifs under 3MB. If you have any questions after this tutorial, feel free to send me a message.

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Blurb Starter #36. “And you’re naked. Okay.”

Friends who couldn’t hold their liquor were the worst. Normally, you would get super frustrated having to take care of an inebriated friend.

This time however, you had to admit that it was rather amusing.

When Bucky Barnes arrived at the Avengers Tower, he had been mysterious and a tad closed off. Everyone sort of gave him his space and waited for him to warm up to what was going on. He did eventually which pleased you.

Now, he was drunk off his ass and it was the funniest thing ever.

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“I don’t need your help! Don’t you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you… or he’s gonna kill me!”~Draco

i spent too much time on this, and then i realized that a picture at the bottom right corner was darker… fuck it…

This is just about my favourite hug of all of S1-2…

Their body language… sigh…

For one thing, her hand grasps the back of his neck.  This is not a platonic hug, says body language 101.

And just look at his face.  He’s so happy

A cute bonus: if you look hard you can see in the bottom right corner that they hug so hard one of his “edible ball bearings” goes flying in the shot… Haha!!!

Welcome to NERVE; a game like Truth or Dare, minus the truth. Watchers pay to watch, players play to win cash and glory. Are you a WATCHER or a PLAYER?? Are you a WATCHER or a PLAYER?? WATCHER OR A PLAYER?? WATCHER?? PLAYER?? PLAYER. PLAYER. PLAYER.

Rules of the game:

  • All muns must be 18+ due to content!!
  • All players must be following @nerve-gv
  • Players will be assigned a PARTNER and either single DARES or a double dare to complete with your partner.
  • All dares will be made up by YOU (the players) and submitted to @nerve-gv for approval.
  • All players will be give ONE WEEK to fully write your thread and either complete the dare or chicken out. After the week is up, you will be given a new dare and partner.
  • Failure to complete a dare or finish a thread results in immediate disqualification.
  • YOU decide what your muse can and cannnot do. We are giving you the freedom to push your muse until they break, so PLEASE keep this in mind and do not god-mod.
  • After being accepted, please TRACK and POST a small bio using the tag ;;are you a player or a watcher (Nerve GV)
  • Exclusives and Mains are WELCOME, but will not be guaranteed a spot. This is a first come first serve basis.
  • No duplicate face claims.
  • OOC drama will not be tolerated, HOWEVER IC drama is encouraged
  • Have fun !!!


You are a player. With every dare that is submitted through your phone comes a timer in the upper left hand corner with how long you have to complete the dare, a viewer count on the bottom right, and live comments from watchers everywhere on the bottom left. Every dare you will be sent with another player, either completing your own by their side, or completing one TOGETHER. The game has brought you to NEW YORK CITY, now it’s up to you to push yourself to your limits, reigning victorious above everyone else. There can only be ONE winner. Good luck.

Players // Application Below

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milky way, photographed by stereo b, 21st-22nd january 2007.

the plane of the galaxy around scorpius. the second brightest object in the image, above the galaxy, is antares. the very brightest, above and left, must be a planet - perhaps mars. the pair of bright stars that just sneak into frame at bottom right are alpha and beta centauri; one of the stars in the alpha centauri star system, proxima centauri, is the closest star to the sun.

18 frames over 22 hours. on january 21st, the spacecraft used a lunar gravity assist to escape the earth-moon system and enter a heliocentric orbit.

image credit: nasa/stereo. animation: ageofdestruction.