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Sorcerer’s starter pack

As someone kindly asked, here is the men version of the strega starter pack. When I think about a masculine version of strega, I always picture some kind of a ragged Dandy, dwelling the forests under the rain with a rather crazy look in his eyes. A modern Edgar Allan Poe with a folk twist. I’m not at ease with men fashion having always been a girly-girly girl reguarding fashion taste, but here you go! I guess everything up there can be find either in thrift shops or in mainstream stores such as H&M. Men fashion is always a tad bid expensive compared to women fashion (especially here in France) so you might need a bigger budget!

Rundown is from left up to right bottom:

a hooded jacket.
Warm, cozy, assymetric, a bit flowing and 100% stylish! Model shown is from H&M, but you can find similar clothing at nuitnuitnuit.

a warm shawl.
A very cheap item. Chances are you’ll find one at the thrift store, and if not, an old plaid cut in half could totally do the work! 

a velvet blazer.
This piece will give you a nice victorian dandy flare. Choose it with a slim cut. Chances are you’ll find one at the thrift shop! If the velvet is a bit worn it’s even better!

a waistcoat.
Again a victorian inspired piece. Any fitted waistcoast will do, you can choose to stay classic in black or gray, or consider something wilder such as contrasted damask, tapestry or whatever pleases you. Definitely a thrift shop find!

a long tank top.
This piece if for the layering look. It should be longer than your tshirts, but no longer than your knees, or shorter if you want to avoid the dress look. This one can easily be made at home from a huge tee, or if you have a small figure, maybe just take a look at girls sections in H&M and the like.

a oversized cumtomised t-shirt.
Take the largest basic tee you can find at the thrift shop. Cut it, dye it, print it, did it!

a distressed t-shirt.
Take a basic black tee the size you prefer, and tear it appart with style. Voilà!

a printed fitted tee
Could be a band shirt. Anything you’d like is fine as long as it is fitted enough to look good underneath the blazer

a folkloric/medieval shirt/tunic
Romantic, folk and magick all at once! Don’t hesitate to buy this one at ren faires, medieval markets, or if you travel to a country that has this kind of traditional clothes. Could be an investment, but it is a rather special piece!

a printed shirt
Paisley or liberty, or even stripes are what you are looking for. Again choose a slim fit, it has to look vintagey and elegant! If you are bold enough why not try a seventies shirt?

a large brim hat
No matter what look you choose you need a face hiding hat for that mysterious look. Thrift shops carry a wide choice of these!

leather pants.
The epitome of the dark romantic protagonist. Or of the rebel. You can find some nice ones for cheap at thrift shops. If you are vegan, PU leather is great too, as long as it doesn’t look too cheap.

sarouel pants.
Typically wizardy looking.  Super easy to make (tutorial to come) and you can find them easily too as it is a unisex item!

slim cut jeans.
You know for sure where to find them as it is the most basic item ever!

a hooded sleeveless jacket.
Gives you an assassin look, can be used alone or as a layer. Model shown is from H&M. 

a denim (or leather) waistcoat.
Can be customised with patches, badges, studs… A very versatile item all men need in their wardrobe! head to yeour local thrift shop for this one!

a black sweater.
A sorcerer also needs to be warm at times. You are free to choose any design you like. If you know how to knit maybe you can even do it yourself! But the cheapest option remains the thrift store.

fingerless gloves
You need to keep your hands warm while writing or collecting herbs and stones in the forest right? You can find them almost everywhere for very cheap, and keep them in your bag or pockets at any time.

a belt with silver buckle
A pretty belt is one of my favorite details in a man’s outfit. A celtic knot or a vegetal pattern are spot on. You may find your dream belt at a ren faire or a medieval market!

pointy derby shoes.
Classy and quirky, pointy derbys are your best option for a dressy look. You can find some at the thrift shop, that’s where my boyfriends got his pair.

western boots.
These make perfect everyday shoes while keeping the pointy look! Winklepickers are fun too. You can switch that one to any kind of boots if the pointy look isn’t your thing.

a basic black scarf.
It is so versatile you can use it around your neck, as a headwrap, as a belt… choose a jersey fabric for even more possibilities! This so easy to do it’s basically just a rectangle of jersey fabric (150/25 cm; 60/10 inches), no sewing needed!

a distressed scarf.
A scarf can complete even the most basic jeans+tee outfit! A distressed looking one will fit right in the style. This can be a DIY project, (distressed infinite scarf tutorial to come)

A messenger bag
A man needs to carry stuff, whether it a sketch pad, a notebook, a laptop, books, bones… The one pictured has a oui-ja board printed on it, but a basic blac one customised to your liking is good enough! keep it witchy!

A slouchy beanie
A sorcerer can have a bad hair day. This is how to remain sexy and stylish. Every mainstream store carry these in winter since they are a big thing, just pick one you like!.

I hope this can be helpful to our fellow male fashion lovers, or inspiring for people who want to wear an androgynous/unisex style!

All my DA children because I’ve been meaning to draw something for thejbusition‘s OC Wednesdays for like forever D:

Featuring (top to bottom, left to right): Dante Mahariel, Dominic Amell ( baewall AYYYYYYYY), Emery Hawke, Astrid Hawke, Sikko Hawke, and y'all know that loser Dyn on the bottom.

I’ve got a few others, but these guys are the ones whose games I’ve fully completed :) Ask away if you wanna know more about any of them!

I can’t get over everyone’s faces in this page. I just. 

Soma smiling contentedly in the background. Ryuou SO EXCITED that he has cake falling off his face. 




Like. I’m sure there are important details in this page too but nope my mind is just happy cake party that’s all I can handle. That’s it. 





This is a trap. There is no way a page can be this happy. 

And then you have Sakura just sitting there and mentally taking everything that Ryuou and Syaoran are saying to each other and putting it in a different scenario entirely. 

Because come on.

super long rundown of current hello! project

Morning Musume ‘15:

current members; top to bottom, left to right; IIkubo Haruna (sub-ledaer, 10th gen), Kudo Haruka (10th gen), Ikuta Erina (sub-leader, 9th gen), Suzuki Kanon (9th gen). Fukumura Mizuki (leader, 9th gen), Masaki Sato (10th gen), Ishida Ayumi (10th gen), Sayashi Riho (9th gen), Oda Sakura (11th gen), Ogata Haruna (12th gen), Nonaka Miki (12th gen), Haga Akane (12th gen), Makino Maria (12th gen)

Morning Musume as a group has been around a new, but this line-up is relatively new. The four 12th generation members all started their idol activities this year. I can’t exactly say Momusu has a set “style” but currently, they seem to be all about formation dances and EDM with a few exceptions here and there. Has a large amount of members, but the “front” members are usually Sayashi Riho, Sato Masaki, Oda Sakura, Fukumura Mizuki, and Ishida Ayumi, but a song on their newest single has Riho, Mizuki, and Ayumi on a dance team to give spotlight to Kudo Haruka and Suzuki Kanon. Considered the flagship of Hello! Project. Has had three eras; the Golden, Platinum, and Colorful Era. Currently, all of the members joined during the Colorful Era. In the Golden and Platinum links, expect to see completely different members, as the group is known to have a consistently rotating lineup.

Recommended Listening (current lineup): Oh my wish!, Seishun Kozou ga Naiteru, Yuugure wa Ameagari, Ima Koko Kara

Recommended Listening (Colorful Era): One Two Three, The Matenrou Show, Help me!!, Brainstorming, Ai no Gundan

Recommended listening (Golden): LOVE Machine, Ren’ai Revolution 21, The Peace!, I WISH

Recommended listening (Platinum): Kimagure Princess, Naichau Kamo, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game, Nanchatte Ren’ai, Mikan


current members: top to bottom, left to right: Tamura Meimi (2nd gen), Katsuta Rina (2nd gen), Takeuchi Akari (2nd gen), Murota Mizuki (3rd gen), Sasaki Rikako (3rd gen), Aikawa Maho (3rd gen), Fukuda Kanon (1st gen), Wada Ayaka (leader, 1st gen), Nakanishi Kana (2nd gen)

Formerly known as S/mileage. They re-branded to ANGERME last year when the third generation members joined. Currently considered one of the strongest groups in Hello! Project, with a lineup that was already pretty powerful with the addition of three new members that all hold their own. The group is also known for having members that are quite…eccentric. Fukuda Kanon is graduating this year in the fall, and she will be writing her own graduation single. Has no current “front” members, as all the idols are usually pretty equal.

Recommended Listening: Nana Korobi Ya Oki, Gashin Shoutan, Mahou Tsukai Sally, Taiki Bansei, Otome no Gyakushuu

Recommended Listening (S/mileage): Uchoten LOVE, Yumemiru 15, Shortcut, Please Miniskirt Postwoman!, Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki, Yattaruchan, Oh Susukino


current members: top to bottom, left to right; Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai, Yajima Maimi (leader), Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato

C-ute has been around since 2005, their 10th anniversary being on June 11th. As their members are all adults, their style is usually more mature songs. Originally, all their members were part of the Hello! Project Kids division, but they were split up. Eight went into Berryz Koubou, a now retired group, and the other 7 went into C-ute. Two of the H!P Kids members graduated, and one other non-H!P Kids member also graduated. With Berryz’ graduation this year, there is a lot of worry that they will follow, but there is no news on that yet, and they seem to be staying for a while.

Recommended Listening: The Middle Management, Gamusha LIFE, Tsugi no Kado wo Magare, Tokai no Hitorigurashi


current members: top to bottom, left to right; Takagi Sayuki, Uemura Akari, Miyazaki Yuka (leader), Miyamoto Karin, Kanazawa Tomoko (sub-leader)

I can only describe them as the “vocal” group of H!P, as all of them have better voices than a good number of idols. Formed in 2013, they are still relatively new. All of their image colors are described with fruits rather than the usual color names. The first Hello! Project group with no relation to MoMusu to reach #1 on the Oricon charts.

Recommended Listening: CHOICE & CHANCE, Ca va Ca va, Wonderful World, Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete yo, Everlasting Story

Country Girls:

current members: top to bottom, left to right; Tsugunaga Momoko, Inaba Manaka, Yamaki Risa, Morito Chisaki, Ozeki Mai

Country Musume was a group made in 1997. In 2007, it went on hiatus due to having only one member. In November, 2014, the group was revived as Country Girls, with 6 members, although one, Shimamura Uta, left the group due to a contract dispute. If you have any vision of what a classic idol looks like in your head, it’s most likely Country Girls. They are very “green” as a group, and tend to shine despite 4 of its members being newbies. Momoko is a former Berryz Koubou member, and she is currently working with the group as a playing manager.

Recommended listening: Wakatteriu no ni Gomen ne, Tamerai Summer Time, Koi Dorobou, Itooshikutte Gomen ne

Kobushi Factory:

current members: top to bottom, left to right; Wada Sakurako, Fujii Rio (sub-leader), Taguchi Natsumi, Ogawa Rena, Hirose Ayaka (leader), Hamaura Ayano, Inoue Rei, Nomura Minami

There’s really not much to say about them yet. They only have one indie single out currently. This group and Tsubaki Factory are considered the replacement for Berryz Koubou and C-ute.

Recommended listening: Nen ni wa Nen, Survivor

Tsubaki Factory:

current members: left to right; Ogata Risa, Niinuma Kisora, Tanimoto Ami, Asakura Kiki, Yamagishi Riko, Kishimoto Yumeno

Just like with Kobushi Factory, there isn’t much to say about them yet. Interestingly, all their image colors are pastels.

Recommended listening: No songs yet.

anonymous asked:

Hey could you explain what a queue is? I just have a feeling you'll be nice about it. I'm a bit lost. Xx

Sure :) a queue is something that posts later. So basically if you were going out all day and you wanted to keep your blog active you’d fill up your queue. There are two ways to do this.

The first way is as you are scrolling through your dashboard and see a post you like, click the reblog button. When the post comes up in a pop up window, you will see in the bottom right it says ‘reblog’. Next to that there will be an arrow. Click the arrow and you’ll see about 5 options (i think) and one of them will be ‘add to queue’. Click this and the post will save to your queue. Then, you need to figure out the frequency (this is all really easy). For example, if you are going out for 8 hours and you wanted something to be posted every hour, you would need eight posts in your queue. So click ‘add to queue’ on eight posts. Now that’s done, click the little person icon in the top right corner and under your blog name there will be an option that says ‘queue’ and it should have a number 8 next to it (the amount of posts in there). Click on it and it will take you to a list of your queued posts. At the top, you will see it says you can change how often it posts. Change it to 24 times a day (every hour) and select it to post from the time you leave, until the time you get back. This will mean it will post once every hour for 8 hours.

The second way is through Queue+. My friend Ashish developed this website and it is used by millions of blogs. Type in ‘queue plus’ in google, sign up and it has all the instructions there for you! That’s how I do my queues because it is an awesome site and Ashish is constantly improving on it.

Hope this helps!

Repost from @romihi0707 ’s page! Wonderful in-ear shots of some ½" Solid Martele Plugs with a custom ¼" wearable surface. Worn “backwards” in the bottom right. Write us to for custom glass anythings! #gorillaglass
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6 selfies tagged by joeybag-o-donuts AND wolfam0ngthesheep

threw a few in from when my hair was super long 😢 (#babycomeback)

top right: volunteered at a cow farm for the day! that is Bismuth, the cutie who was all over me and just wanted to eat my hair
middle left: deadlifting at school when I made all the boys cry
middle right: FOR THOSE WHO THINK IM SHORT - I’m 5'8" on a good day (c'mon guys, I play college volleyball)
bottom left: I’ve been the easter bunny at work two years running
bottom right: kitty 😍 my uni has an equestrian center not too far off campus, I go and visit the horses and play with kitties as much as I can

I taaaaag…

Just finishing these up.  No wonder my bicep is sore… I guess..?

No idea when I’ll have these photographed and in the shop, but if anyone wants to call dibs now, they’re all $25-$30 each, plush shipping. I have to wait for a shipment of more sterling silver wire before I can get another couple of those beautiful light green beads wrapped for the silver option.

(Little note on the dark purple one in the bottom right: it’s actually this gorgeously weird blue-fuchsia mix.  I’ve never encountered that in fluorite before.)