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Tlc Instagram au ft. Emiko

An inside look on Emiko’s feeds- Loren frickin Gray as Emilie is perfect for me omg. Anyway that’s not the point. Iko and Emilie are those girls who love keeping neat feeds and themes. They’re photographers and are each other’s muses (top right, Em’s feed, bottom right, Iko’s feed)

Iko is obviously obsessed with shoes (see top right of her feed).

Caption: Too glam to give a damn.

Also, my personal favourite picture on her feed, bottom middle, where Iko is wearing a crown cuz she’s freaking queen.

Caption: Reine

And of course, being the shipper she is, Iko loves taking pictures of the other Rampion Crew couples. Especially, Kai and Cinder, hence the top right photo.

Caption: Me being a third wheel. Ajavakdjsjhd just get married already.

Em likes taking pictures of herself for fun. She’s that instagramer that posts pictures with random inspirational quotes.

Also, for Pride Day she decided to paint her arm with rainbow eyeshadow cuz why not right?

And obviously, they take pictures of their relationship goals stuff, like the pictures on the top middle of each of their feeds.

Caption (Emilie): ma deuxième moitié


scarbenoit GOALS

linhcinder MOMS

crescent OTP

haylee.w SHIPIPP

iko.xoxo i see the tables have turned

Also you’ll see I’ve changed instagram formats. Which one is better?