bottom lip and tongue

Sex on the beach with Karno ~~

“Thank you for taking me here, Karno. It’s so beautiful.” You said softly as you looked up at the night sky, the stars were twinkling and the moon was shining down onto the ocean. “Not as beautiful as you.” Karno whispered in your ear. You turned your head, looking over at him, he was now on his side, his hand propping his head up. “Come here beautiful.” Karno growled and pulled you on top of him.

He pulled you down and kissed you roughly, soon it started to heat up. His teeth biting down on your bottom lip, your tongue grazing against his wanting an entrance. He moaned loving how you just wanted it. As you both tongue wrestled he ran his hands up your body. “Let’s do it, right here.” He moaned. You could already feel his hard cock in his pants. “Yeah, yeah lets have sex right here.” You agreed and took off your shirt.

BTS Reacting to you asking to play “Too Hot”

Too Hot is a game where two people have to kiss and CAN NOT touch each other, the first person who does loses and has to do whatever the winner wants them to do to them.

Requests are open!

Warning: A bit explicate (Smutty-ish), Daddy kink for one.

- Member S

Rap Monster

He just looked at you for a second then smirked. “You think you can keep your hands off of all this, (Y/N)?”

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He would smile and agree to play but would tease you with his tongue on your bottom lip and would smirk when you would wriggle and squirm.

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He would look you in the eyes his visibly getting darker with lust. “Okay, but Daddy gets to punish you if you lose, prepare for a spanking babygirl.” He knew you go weak when he calls you that making you lose within 30 seconds.

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He would watch you walk over to him as you ask him trying to be sexy and confident. “Let’s play (Y/N).” he would say and roughly attack your lips.

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He would be Jungshook.

Ill go home

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He would say no because he knew he would lose, He loves your body too much to not touch it, and lets face it he hates losing. “Why cant we just have sex (y/n)?” He would say making this face. *gif*


He would win right off the bat, Your hands would make their way to his hair to pull him closer making you freeze. “Damn it!” you would say. He would smirk. “Strip” He would demand immediately sitting on the computer chair in his room.

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The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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“So we’re just going to start from the kiss. Matthew, whenever you’re ready.” the director stated.

You were nervous. It was your first real acting job and your first real kiss scene. You were an efficient and professional actress but what woman wouldn’t get flustered if they had to kiss Matthew Gray Gubler?

“Do you want to do a count or?” You joked, looking at Matthew who was standing in front of you preparing for the scene.

He chuckled, glancing up at you while reading over the scene’s directions. “Okay.” he handed the small piece of paper to the assistant director and nodded to the director.

“Alright and… Action.”

Matthew stared at you, completely in character. His brown eyes burned into your (Y/E/C) eyes before taking two strides towards, his hands cupping your face and smashing your lips to his. You kissed like this for a few moments before Matthew’s tongue traced your bottom lip and you gladly gave him access. His tongue skillfully roamed your mouth as your hands positioned themselves around his neck. His left hand crept to your waist, pulling you even closer as the kiss continued at an almost aggressive pace.

“Cut. That was excellent, you two. I think we can wrap up that particular scene. Take five and prepare for the office scene next.” the director nodded at the pair of you as you parted.

You licked your lips, not looking Matthew in the eye as you made your way over to the other side of the room where the refreshments were.

“(Y/N), hey.” Matthew came up behind you. “Uhm, I was wondering if-if maybe you’d like to go for coffee afterwards?” His mouth pressed together, one of the many quirks you had realised he had.

“Well, we did just French kiss. I think getting a coffee is the least we could do.” You joked, opening the cap of your water bottle.

Matthew let out a laugh. “Yeah, that’s true. Uh, so I’ll meet you outside when we finish?”

You nodded, swallowing your water. “It’s a date.” Your eyes widened slightly as Matthew quirked an eyebrow. “Uh, I mean - you know what I mean.”

Matthew gave you a lopsided smile. “It’s a date.”


I’m not a religious person but I’m going to hell for the thoughts I had when I stumbled upon these Matthew gifs. Holy shit.

Kitten (M)

“Say it again.”

Pairing: jimin x reader
Genre: smut
Warnings: smut, daddy!jimin, dom/sub relations, bdsm, oral
Word count: 1,259
A/N: this is my very first smut so please bare with me and give lots of feedback!!

“Allow me to pleasure you.”

He spoke with such intensity that you had no other option but to obey. The ominous look on the man’s face caused uneasiness to stir in your stomach, yet you didn’t fail to notice the heat beginning to pool in your lower region simultaneously. His arms were crossed over his broad chest, sleek black dress shirt slightly tight, outlining his toned muscles. You unconsciously darted your tongue out to lick your bottom lip, as if your body knew not to get caught drooling at the sight of the man standing in front of you. Yet he caught the small movement, plump lips upturning slightly and surely smugly.

“Go on now.”

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Gag Me

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Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 463
Warnings: Oral, NSFW gif
Prompt: “Do you ever shut up?“

Negan Smut Week masterlist

Negan was not exactly having what he’d call the best day. He was forced to deal with idiots, one minute it was hotter than hell, and the next it was down pouring. Nothing was going his way. And now? Now he was listening to you chatter on about something or another. “Do you ever shut up?” He snapped.

You gave him an amused look, not afraid of him in the least. You were sitting back in your chair, your eyes looking over the handsome man. Leaning forward, you put your elbows on your knees. “Well, you could always make me.” Ever so slightly, you smirked, your eyebrow raising for a moment. His tongue wet his bottom lip as his eyes locked on yours. “You seem a little stressed, sir. I’m sure we could kill two birds with one stone.”

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Addiction (Jiyong-4)

Genre: Smut

Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Five

Mino carressed the soft skin on your belly while planting tender kisses on your neck. The action making you melt into complete oblivion. Every problem, every thought, every memory drifted for you mind. His touch even made you forget your name.Every move that he made was to make sure that you knew he loved you. He touched your body like it was a delicate masterpiece. He looked at you like you were a goddess that a mortal like him was lucky to have. He saw no one but you. 

You responded to his touches and laced your fingers through his silky hair, pulling his face towards yours. The sweet taste of his lips made your eyes roll back and made your grip on his hair tighten. You felt the corners of his lips quirk up at the way just a kiss could get you riled up. His tongue swiped your bottom lip asking a silent question which you said yes to. He skillfully deepened the kiss giving you full access to the wonders of his mouth. Although your tongues danced against eachothers it wasn’t sloppy or rough or messy, or anything like that. The kiss wasn’t dirty and expecting something more, your kiss was gentle and passionate. 

Mino pulled away but kept his forehead pressed against yours. The two of you tried to catch your breath. 

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Imagine : tom looking at you like so , when you come to an event in a body hugging dress

Nervously you walked down the stairs only to spot to watching you . His tongue licked his bottom lip as his eyes run up from your feet to the top of your head . He walked over and put his hand around you waist and pulled you close to his side possessively “ you better be ready to have that dresses ripped off you tonight (y/n) ” he whispered into your ear before leaving a kiss under your ear .

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That’s your Daughter?

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Summary: Negan forms an attraction towards you, Rick’s daughter.

Warnings: Language

“And that.. that’s my daughter.” Rick hesitantly replied as he noticed Negan’s wicked eyes dancing upon your frame as you gracefully walked towards them.

A smirk plastered along Negan’s face as his eyes traveled along your figure blissfully.

Shit, that little vixen is your daughter?” His tongue captured along his bottom lip as numerous filthy thoughts played on like a movie in his mind.

You watched as your father clenched his fists at the idea of this evil, psychotic man having an attraction towards you.

The way Negan’s gaze met yours was enough to make your stomach churn in nervousness yet excitement.

Just stop.” Rick answered flatly, a cold glare on his bearded face. 

Negan chuckled dryly in amusement at your father’s disgust towards him.

It was simply an invitation to piss him off even more.

“Well, hello there,” He gently grabbed your small hand, his fingertips brushing along your smooth skin causing your cheeks to become heated.

“Didn’t know Ricky here could have such a fucking mouth watering daughter, but shit, I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life.” He exclaimed with a twisted smirk along his pink lips.

Your father’s body began to shake in anger, his fists were clenched along with his jaw, his chest quickly raised up and down.

He looked as if he were about to lose it.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you go help Carl with dinner?” Rick forced a fake smile as he motioned towards the house.

You nodded as your gaze was glued to Negan’s once again. “Nice to meet you, Negan.”

You bit your bottom lip as you seductively swayed your hips while you walked towards your home.

“Mm, I like that.” Negan groaned as he clenched his fists in satisfaction.

Rick glared at him with his lips pursed in anger. “Your shits’ at the gate. You can go.” He muttered through clenched teeth.

Negan chuckled in amusement, slouching back on his feet.

”“Thank you, Ricky boy, for introducing me to your sweet baby girl. Looks like you got one more thing in Alexandria that I want to take.”

With that, he draped Lucille along his shoulder and pranced towards the gate.

I swipe my tongue across my bottom lip and taste every word I wish I had once said.
—  E. Grin
~BTS Reaction to You Moaning During Kissing~

Jin: One he hears your small little moans this is going to drive him insane. Jin is going to lean in a bit rougher, swiping his tongue across your bottom lip forcing entrance, his hands tangled in your hair. He’ll lightly push you against the wall wrapping your legs around his waist.

Yoongi: When you moan for the first time he is going to freeze for a second, but then his lips are going to curl into a smirk. Yoongi is going to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you closer.

Hoseok: While you moan he is going to chuckle, pulling away, but only for a split second before pulling you on his lap, his hand rubbing up and down your thighs. He’ll then start to massage them softly.

Namjoon: As soon as you moan, Namjoon is taking this as an opportunity to go a little rougher. He is going to push you against the wall and lean down, cupping your chin and gripping a little tight. HIs tongue would fight with yours for dominance.

Jimin: He is going to get all blushy and giggly, probably tickling your lips. Jimin will pull back for a minute just to smile at you, but he will be right back at it, kissing you softly and massaging your scalp.

Taehyung: This is going to make him completely mad in the good way. Softly, he will push you down on the couch, his legs dangling between yours. His fingers would be twirling in your hair. Your moans will make him want to kiss down your neck, sucking and nibbling.

Jungkook: While his cheeks will burn and he will feel a little nervous, this is going to cause him to explore his boundaries a bit. His tongue is going to sneak into your mouth, playing with yours. One hand would be rubbing your back while the other would be feeling up your thigh.

title: would you sit me on a couch (with your fingers in my mouth)
pairing: wolfstar
genre: fluffy smut
warnings: use of q*eer slurs, cursing
beta: @wolfstarbaby ty u r fabulous ♡
words: 2286
summary: remus and sirius sharing a flat post hogwarts and making good use of their sofa if you catch my drift… basically just an excuse to write sirius riding remus but shhh title from halsey’s trouble (aka the song that sounds like it was written for these losers)

excerpt: “hate it when you look like that and are too far away to kiss,” remus mutters, reaching up to brush his thumb across sirius’ protruding bottom lip. sirius grins breathlessly, eyes closed, and flicks the tip of his tongue against remus’ fingerpad. remus slips the finger into his mouth, watching intently as sirius sucks on it. 

a/n: had a prompt sitting in my inbox for ages but couldn’t come up with anything, so i wrote this instead bc im trash. @ravenhairedharry hope you enjoy

It’s late afternoon and Remus is sprawled out on the sofa reading an essay called “Shamanism - Magic or Muggle Hoax?” when Sirius strolls into the lounge. Considering that their flat consists of barely three rooms - kitchen, bath and joint living and bedroom - the word lounge is probably an exaggeration, but Sirius insists on the term.
The dimming light falls softly through the long flimsy curtains and draws lines across the pages of Remus’ book.
“For many centuries, the ceremonies of shamans have been a part of native cultures. But can they really perform healing charms?”
Remus flicks his tongue out in concentration.
A shadow falls on his book.
“Is shamanism practised solely by wizards that happen to live among muggle communities or -”
A weight settling on Remus’ knees and the squeak of the sofa springs finally make him look up.
Sirius is sat on his legs, dressed in ripped skinny jeans and a loose tank top, his messy hair in a bun and lips in a pout. “Stop ignoring me. What’s the point of you if you’re not giving me attention?”
Remus raises his eyebrows. “I’m reading, Sirius.”
Sirius huffs and folds his arms behind his head as if to stretch his back, flashing a stripe of pale skin above the waist of his trousers. “I can see that, I just don’t see why,” he whines, pushing his lip out further and frowning at Remus.
Remus chuckles and carefully marks the page before placing the book on the floor next to him. “Did you want something, love?”
Sirius’ lips twitch as if he’s trying not to smile, betrayed by the sparkle in his grey eyes.
“Oh no, nothing in particular. Just saw you lying there and thought I’d join you.”
He glances around. “What were you reading?”
Remus starts to explain but trails off when he finds Sirius isn’t listening at all, but rather staring at Remus’ shoulder where the worn-out collar of his jumper reveals quite a bit of skin. His tongue lashes out instinctively to wet his lips, and Remus feels it go straight to his crotch.

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Too close

Too close ┅  part #1

❝ Why are you staring at me?❞

s u m m a r y  ░ ░ ░  in which Justin and y/n are best-friends and he finds out something he didn’t know about her while hanging out with squad

You prop your feet up on the Justin’s brown coffee table, the conversations between squad flowing through your ear. You all decided to link up tonight—at Justin’s house—the first order of business is catching up. You aren’t much to talk about yourself so usually just listen to what has been going on in there lives.

“Kendall and I were talking about body counts the other day,” Hailey kicks off her black heels, setting them next to the small chair. Justin’s arm wraps around your shoulder, his touch warming your body. He lets out a soft chuckle, your tongue grazing your bottom lip.

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A/N This is a little Taehyung Smut inspired by Troye Sivan’s DKLA :3 Sorry for being inactive lately TT Elle and I are trying our best to write one-shots and reaction :D Hope you guise enjoy thus excoose if this is bad or has any grammatical error I am still ‘pure’ and have never written a smut before

Genre: Smut

Rating: M?

Warning/kinks: Slight!Dirty Talk, Smut

Word Count: 474(ish short)

(Gifs Aren’t Mine)

“Taehyung..we shouldn’t be doing this in the dorm” you whispered into his ear as he gently sucked on your neck causing you to moan.You quickly put your right hand over your mouth.

You felt him removing his lips from your neck.His eyes were dark and staring deep into yours “Don’t do that…let me hear that beautiful moan of yours”

Wrapped my thoughts around your mind

Wrapped your body around mine

He removed your hand and placed his lips on yours, you bit on his bottom lip.He moaned and you took that chance to stick your tongue into his.You moaned into the kiss as you felt his arm slowly went down your spine and grabbed your thigh

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I’ll nod my head the next time someone says they love me. I’ll nod my head slowly, softly, watching their lips move. 
Yours moved 4 times before your tongue swiped against your bottom lip like you couldn’t breathe.
You never could breathe.
And I’ll check the next person’s breathing I guess to make sure I’m not too suffocating.
Because maybe that’s what happened to you.
Maybe that’s what my love will always do.
And make sure when you kiss her goodnight
You mention how the closet door doesn’t close all the way so she doesn’t waste her time trying to make it stay.
Trying to waste her time, making you stay.
—  Call me paranoid at least you’re calling

Victor wasn’t expecting Yuuri to take control of the kiss, but he certainly has no mind to stop him once he does, never tries to take it back. He’ll have anything Yuuri gives him, no questions asked.

It starts slow and soft, as it always does with Yuuri. Victor can taste the hesitation in his tongue, licking his bottom lip, shyly requesting entrance (as if Victor could ever deny him anything); feels it in the quivering of his fingers running through silver locks with reverent adoration.

But there is so much more to Yuuri than insecurities and self-doubts and no one knows that better than Victor; no one loves it more. Thus he’s not surprised when Yuuri’s hands stop trembling as they trace down his neck, press on his shoulders to push him down, his back on the mattress, and he’s not ashamed of the needy whimper that burns his throat when their lips part, Victor does, after all, quite like to remind Yuuri how weak he makes him, how much he affects him.

Yuuri’s lips are on his before he can linger on that thought too much, and this time, there’s no asking or requesting, just taking, and Victor has no qualms in giving himself up entirely, not to Yuuri.

His fingers ghost over Yuuri’s chest, travel up his neck to cup his cheek, the other hand on Yuuri’s waist and he pulls him even closer, because with Yuuri it’s never close enough, even when they’re melting into each other.

Yuuri’s hands squeeze Victor’s shoulders tight and move up his arms, slowly, as if he wants to map every curve of hard-trained muscle and commit it to memory. Then he finds Victor’s hands, pulls them away from his body (and Victor whines into Yuuri’s mouth because he wants and needs and loves), and laces their fingers into each other. They’re not perfectly fit –no two pairs of hands could possibly be- but Victor knows there are no other hands he wants to hold -there will never be- and that’s all that really matters.

As their breathing grows shallow, Yuuri pulls their laced hands, stretching Victor’s arms over his head, towards the headboard. He breaks the kiss then, his soft pants warm on Victor’s skin, and when Victor tries to chase after his mouth, he pulls further away and stays still for one, two, three heartbeats. His brown eyes are ablaze and Victor realizes he’s not going to be able to move as long as those eyes are looking at him like that. And then Yuuri’s fingers untangle from his. Victor whimpers at the loss, wants to protest, he needs, needs and Yuuri’s too, too far, but then Yuuri speaks for the first time.

“You’re not allowed to touch.”

A shiver runs down Victor’s spine and he swallows, his skin burning, the commanding tone ringing in his ears.

“Shouldn’t you tie me up then?” he asks, with the last bit of bravado left in his body, but even that dissipates with the little tilt in the corners of Yuuri’s lips.

“I could certainly do that.” He leans closer again, his mouth ghosting over Victor’s, tempting him to breech the breathe that separates them, but Victor knows it would be a mistake. “But I trust you, Victor. If I tell you you’re not allowed, I trust you can follow that simple direction and that I don’t need to physically restrain you.” He pulls back again, his eyes never leaving Victor’s, the tilt on his lips turning to a subtle, teasing smirk. The next words roll off his tongue like the promise of something forbidden. “Am I wrong to trust you?”.

He shakes his head as a response, he’s lost his voice altogether, for he’s realized that this man will be his utter ruin, and Victor has no intention of stopping him.


The locker room was clearing out. It was almost completely quiet when Ginny stomped through to her broom closet. So the sound of her glove whacking thickly against the wall was more than audible. The next sound that followed was Lawson’s grunting as he pounded by her door. Ginny swallowed the swears on her tongue and licked her bottom lip into her mouth.

It had been three weeks since their blowout. Three weeks of his cold shoulder and her silent glares. He was upset but she couldn’t even say if it was actually at her or something else he wouldn’t talk about. Either way he only seemed to get angrier every time he saw her with Duarte which only infuriated Ginny further. That wasn’t her fault, she could do nothing about him feeling that way, and still his anger angered her.

On this particular occasion, Mike had overheard Duarte teasing her about going out for a drink with him, a game her spare Pitcher had begun playing with her almost immediately upon the win of their first game, and Mike had waded away only to confront her later on about being inappropriate. Usually the two of them were good about keeping their disagreements to the two of them, but this fight had a witness and soon after Ginny had stormed away, Livan had followed.

“I didn’t know you and Lawson were a thing.” He stated after the closet door clicked shut behind him. She threw a nasty look over her shoulder at him as he leaned casually against the wall with his arms crossed.

“Were a what?”

“You’re sleeping together.”

“Are you on drugs? We’re friends. If that.”

“We’re friends, mijita. That’s not what the two of you have.”

“Did that out there look like a relationship to you?”


“All this is funny coming from you.I think that woman from the bar last night makes five this week.”

“Thats sex, Mami. Not dating.” He laughed and she rolled her eyes while crossing to snatch up her glove though her insides had begun to fizzle like a freshly opened soda. He was wearing a smirk that made his dimples look like craters when she returned her eyes to him. He shrugged “and maybe you see friends but I think Lawson’s mind is somewhere else. Almost like he’s jealous.”

“We’re just friends. That’s it.”

“That’s too bad. Sex with Lawson might’ve helped you.”

She scrunched up her face in an expression she hoped looked more perplexed than nervous as he crossed the room to sit the wrong way around on her chair. “Helped me with what?”

“Your tension.”

“Ha…I don’t hav- I’m not tense.”

“When is the last time you had sex?”

“What?” She balked pausing in the middle of stepping out of her cleats. He folded his arm over the back of the chair, and then rested his chin on top of them so that he could grin up at her.

“A long time, yes?”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”

“Am I wrong?”

“Yes!…I don’t know. Why are we even having this conversation?” She replied before chucking her shoes into her cubby. She moved to half hazardously twist her hair up onto the top of her head, and could hear him chuckle to himself.

“I told you about my girlfriend back home.”

She threw a smile over her shoulder. “That was information you offered up on your own.”

“It’s cool, we don’t have to talk about it. I’m just surprised is all.”

Ginny was well aware that he was baiting her but she couldn’t help herself. His interest was refreshing and she was actually having some much needed fun. So this time she spun all the way around. “Alright, I’ll play. Surprised about what?”

“Tranquilo, mama, it’s not a bad thing.”

“I know it’s not. I still want to know.”

“You’re not what I expected.” He stated simply. He kept a tight hold on the chair as he leaned back in a stretch, and Ginny could hear the metal groan under the shift of his weight. She noted the way his biceps rippled beneath his sleeves.

“Is that right?”

“Yea, I imagined you were the type that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of that.”

“Are you making your point soon?”

He sat up like a stretched rubber band had been released. “I saw those that photoshoot, Mami. You’re confident with your body; I’m think you’re confident in how to use it too. So why don’t you?” He asked, absentmindedly using his thumb to run the length of his bottom lip.

“It’s not a need.”

“So where do you put all of that pent up energy? You’re an athlete. You’re in peak physical shape and are practically made up adrenaline, endorphins, and three meals a day. Getting on the bike doesn’t always help with all that restlessness.”

“How like a man to think sex solves the problem.” She scoffed over the dull thud of her fingertips drumming against the glove still her hands. He chuckled and shook his head.

“You don’t really think about yourself outside of all of this, do you? I’m not just talking about your hobbies cause you don’t look like you have any-”


“I’m talking about your needs.”

“What do you know about my needs?”

“I know you need to loosen up.”

She couldn’t disagree with this which is probably why she was nodding before fully realizing it. She straightened. “There are other things that can help me relax. Like reading or shopping.”

“Do you really do those things?”

“I don’t have time.”

“You mean you don’t make time.”

She pursed her lips in indignation before sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. “Why do you care?”

“Your frustration is distracting.” He said matter of fact and she snorted.

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“I can almost taste it.”

“Oh yea, and what does that taste like?”

“A little sweet, a little sour.” He described and instantly they were having a different conversation. An anticipation littered the rooms atmosphere like fire flies at night. She blinked at him for a few moments and then shook her head.

“Well, I appreciate your concern, but I think I’m good.”

“Okay.” He said casually as he rocked backwards. She balled up her shirt and threw it at him.

“I’m serious.”

“I didn’t say you weren’t.” Livan laughed as he dodged the assault. Ginny set her hands on her hips.

“But you don’t believe me?”

“Do you believe you?”

“And what’s your solution? I have sex with you?” She jested, and was only partially shocked when his smirk ignited slowly until again his dimples were deep pools. Her mouth fell open as an incredulous laugh popped out of her mouth. “Really, Duarte?”

“I doesn’t have to be me.”

“But you’re offering?”

“As a concerned friend and teammate.”

Ginny could feel her face warm. “Wow.”

“It doesn’t have to be sex. There are other ways for me to relieve your tension.”

“You are bold.”

“You’re not saying no.” He replied pointedly and she didn’t see the point in lying.

“I don’t know if I want to.”

“Yea?” He questioned teasingly before pushing himself out of the chair. Ginny kept still as he crossed to her like she were witnessing a lion on the hunt from the prey’s point of view.

“I want to see how far you’ll actually take this.”

“As far as you’re comfortable with.” He stated bluntly as he snuck closer. She hummed her amused suspicion as the back of her shirt grazed the cold surface of the wall. She felt her body respond when he stopped only inches from her. Still he hung back to survey her. “Do you even know what you like, Ginny?” He asked and it was a genuine question. She raised an eyebrow, a strange dizziness setting in, and then shook her head.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve worked that particular muscle.” She said. The thick glove still in her hand now felt like a weight, but she clung to it like safety net. “I’d need someone to help me reach it. You know…apply the right kind of pressure.” She added and the implication rang in the air.

Livan didn’t celebrate his win, he didn’t even put on that smug face he’d worn from the moment he’d stepped foot in the clubhouse, he just took her by the waist one hand at a time and edged closer. Ginny nearly cried out when he turned her to face the wall. He pressed himself against her and she could feel his lips on the back of her neck; drawing a line towards the soft skin behind her left ear.

“I got you, Mami.” He said quietly and she could practically hear the smile in his voice. His left hand kept her pressed firmly to him while the right snaked around the front to disappear beneath the smooth fabric of her panties. He used two fingers to make circles around her center and the nerve endings began firing off like controlled explosives. Her knees nearly buckled but Livan was able to keep her on her feet; never stopping his rhythm.

Ginny let her head tip back to rest on his shoulder; exposing more of her throat for his mouth to explore. After just a few minutes, Livan’s other hand found its place beside the other before blazing a trail further between her thighs to dip a fingertip into her center. The room swam, and she muffled a moan by biting down on her glove. It clattered to the floor when he drove a second finger deeper within her, and curled it upwards ever so slightly. Ginny splayed her own hands on the wall in a struggle to steady herself. Only nothing felt solid enough. It was almost as if she were melting into him.

The sudden hard knock on the door was like a crash landing. Livan threw a hand over her mouth and both fought to stifle their laughter as they nearly toppled over together. Still, he somehow kept control, lowering them both to the floor, and pulling her into his lap. He kept his hand over her mouth, the other one continuing its work, while the knocks sounded again. Mike’s voice floated through.


Ginny tried to focus on the words he was saying but Livan was now handling her at such a pace that the heated vibrating that had started behind her naval had spread throughout her body, and burst from nearly every pore.

“C'mon, Ginny. I’m sorry.” Mike grumbled. Livan chuckled in her ear as she deflated into him, and took his hands back.

“Do you want me to answer for you? Tell him you’re stretching?”

“Careful, Duarte. I might start to think you’re using me just to get under his skin.” Ginny replied breathlessly. She hadn’t actually expected to feel relief and now that she could hear Mike’s voice, part of her was already insisting she feel guilt, but in this moment she was weightless. Still she waited to hear Mike’s voice and only caught the sound of his footsteps fading as they moved away. Livan nudged her.

“Are you complaining?”

Ginny snorted and shook her head as she sprawled out in his lap. She already knew what he would want in return. Livan raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“Just say it. You know you want to.”

“I’m not calling you Papi.”