bottom half of him

Imagine Eric looking at you after your first………..

Your body shuddered as your first ever orgasm took total control of your body. Eric’s fingers and tongue slowed down from their rhythmic thrust and licks to let you ride out your orgasm. As your wave slowly receded Eric lifted his inviting lips off you, lifted up and searched your eyes before he asked his question.  Eric knew the answer as soon as you walked into the Dauntless chambers as an initiate and he just received confirmation as his fingers and tongue sent you into another stratosphere after only a few minutes of pleasuring you. Always a Dauntless leader Eric wanted to see if you still identified with your old faction Candor.

“You a virgin?” he asked his voice deep demanding an answer.  You sat up to gather your underwear and pants feeling embarrassed your innocence was so easily detected.

You nodded your head yes not looking up at him as you dressed your bottom half of your clothes Eric so easily tore off you with little effort only moments earlier.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He told you in a dead panned voice. You almost lost your balance as you put on one of your sneakers looking up to a matter of a fact expression on his face. Was he serious right now?

“What?” you barely heard your voice as you watched Eric slowly get up from the couch you no doubt left a wet spot on.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He repeated just as nonchalantly as before as he walked up to you as you held one sneaker in your hand.

“But you just went down on me?” you were so confused as you looked in his piercing blue eyes. His eyes seem to change in front of you in a matter of seconds from the man that sweet talked you to his bedroom to the cold hard Dauntless leader you were so use to seeing every day.

“Sweetheart did you think that was sex?” he asked in a condescending tone as his massive figure approached and towered over you. You didn’t answer as you put on your other sneaker. You weren’t an Erudite but you weren’t stupid.  Why did he even bother with you? He could have so easily got any girl as you seen how he was admired by other females. You quickly headed toward the door when you felt Eric’s hand grab your arm to stop you. Your Dauntless training kicked in as you balled your fist and punched him in the nose.

“Asshole!” you shouted and smiled as the last image of Eric was him grabbing his nose as droplets of blood dripped through his fingers just before his door closed.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Bruce’s bed is probably huge and antique and too tall for Damian to comfortably reach by himself. He’s gotta climb the thing, which means he won’t do it unless he’s planning on staying up there for a while. Doesn’t happen very often.
  • But sometimes Bruce gets injured enough that he isn’t supposed to leave his room, and then he wakes up to Damian hauling himself onto the foot of the bed. He’ll sit there for most of the day.
  • They don’t actually talk that much beyond “good morning” and “hello.” That’s not the point. It’s more like they’re both doing their own thing, coincidentally in the same place it’s how Damian shows support
  • Damian always falls asleep at the bottom of the bed
  • Bruce tosses him the top half of his comforter so he can fold himself in
  • [a very small, very tired “thank you”]

You raced after a very naked John into the lobby, sidestepping the blood he left on the floor. He approached the front desk and you were finally able to catch up. You wrapped the clean towel you had around his bottom half and began to steer him away.

“Here, Mr. Lowe. Let’s get you cleaned up, okay?” He nodded at you, though still looking completely out of it. And, God, he was so gorgeous. 

“I don’t even want to know.” Said Liz, who had not even looked up from her book.

Hawke shook his head, chuckling to himself as he pressed his thumbs firmly into the arch of Fenris’s foot. “If you keep moaning like that,” he said, “This might get out of hand.”

“Keep that up,” Fenris answered, “And I may have to let it.”

The grin that played on the mage’s face was impossible to fight, stretching farther as he glanced up to find Fenris’s eyes on him, half-lidded, heated, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth.

“You’re making your sex face,” he informed him.

“I do like the sight of you on your knees,” Fenris said. The low, rolling confidence in his voice raised the hairs on Hawke’s arms.

“You two do remember you’re in public, I trust?” Aveline asked.

Hawke cleared his throat and quickly dropped his eyes back to his task, unable, quite, to completely lose his smile.

The campfire popped. The night was quiet around them. Hawke pressed on the ball of Fenris’s foot, helping him stretch his heel, and the elf gave another low, rumbling groan.

Anders jumped up. “Forget it!” he said. “I’m walking back to Kirkwall tonight!”

“Oh, don’t be so prickly,” Merrill told him. “I think it’s cute.”

“I think it’s hot,” Isabela said.

Anders said, “I didn’t ask either of you.”

“How you enjoying the view back there?” You asked, having felt being watched.

“What…” Daryl asked, looking away from you.

“I haven’t heard you move in five minutes, so I thought I’d ask.” You said turning around to face him.

“How did you know I was checking you out?”

“Well I didn’t, you just told me.” You smirked. Daryl shook the hair out of his face and you could have sworn you saw him smile. “If you got something to tell me Mr. Dixon, I’d say it now.”

“Nahh…” He groaned and looked out the watch tower. You nodded your head and did the same.

“How are you on ammo? Do you need any more?” You asked while shifting off the foot you were previously standing on.

“I’m– I’m good.” He answered oddly. You turned your head around and caught him staring at your bottom half while chewing on his lip. His eyes shot up to yours, causing you to laugh.

“Ok this is like the fifth time today I’ve caught you staring, are you going to make me ask you or…” You trailed off, waiting for his answer. The look in his eyes changed, but he didn’t say or do anything. “Of course…” You put your guns down and started walking over to him, but then stopped when he spoke.

“I don’t think we should Y/N, something could happen…”

“Oh I see– you can fight off a hundred walkers, but when it comes to one woman you freeze up.” You teased. He tried so hard to hold back from doing anything and it was easily seen.

“I don’t know… Our watch is almost over.”

“Then you better hurry up and make a move, Dixon.” He stood there surprised by your boldness. His mouth was slightly apart as he stared at you hesitantly.

“We really shouldn’t Y/N.”

“Ok—just let me know when you grow a pair of balls then.” You smirked and walked away from him.

“That ain’t fair.” He spoke up just as Morgan and Rick showed up early to relieve you two from your shift.

“What isn’t?” Rick asked having caught Daryl’s words. He looked between the two of you, waiting for an answer.

“Nothing.” Daryl said, trying to convey for you not to say anything.

“You best man here is afraid of me.” You laughed before patting your leader on the shoulder, leaving him in confusion. “Oh hey Morgan, are we still on for practice later.”

“Sure thing Y/N. Remember it’s at five o’clock, don’t be late like last time.”

“All right,” You smiled, “See you around Dixon.” You winked at the archer and left the watchtower.

“Did I miss something?” Rick asked.

“Just drop it Grimes.” Daryl said before taking off behind you.

“Well apparently we’re calling each other by last names now.” Rick said while looking over to Morgan.

“Let it go, Rick.” His friend laughed, having caught on to what happened.


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“You need some help?” Steve asked, walking up to where you’re filling in the mission reports. 

You glance up, the pen you were using tugging at your bottom lip, and nodded. “Yeah, thanks.” You passed him half the stack, even though you’d already done a majority of it, and started to get back to work.

“No problem, doll.” Steve smirked at you, but you were too busy writing to notice. 

Neither one of you noticed Tony Stark behind you, getting his suit off, just staring at your backs. Stupid Steve with his stupid 40′s charm and stupid boyish looks. Tony had liked you for a while, but you mostly hung out with Natasha and Steve. Tony knew then that it was more than unlikely that you would even look at him twice if he asked you out. No matter how many grand gestures he does for you- and he can do a lot.. 

Tony actually hung around until both you and Steve were done writing, (Him pretending to be tinkering away with his suit.) and you smiled at the Super Soldier, taking the papers he did. 

“Thanks, that saved a lot of time..” You smiled while organizing them. 

“Well I couldn’t let a pretty lady do them all by herself, now could I?” Steve grinned casually. 

You gave him a tight lipped smile, but your concentration was on the papers. 

Steve opened his mouth, about to say something else when you nodded. “Alright, I have to get these filed. Thanks again!” You grinned, walking towards Tony. The billionaire stood up when you walked towards him, and you smiled at him too. “Oh, hey you’re still here! I didn’t hear you,” You chuckled, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“Yeah. The suit needs some work. I’m probably going to have to take it to the lab,” What was wrong with him. He was like one of those nerdy high school boys trying to be a jock and flirt with the pretty girl with a nice smile. And damn did you ever have a nice smile. 

“Oh? I didn’t notice anything on the missions. You’re still as good as ever,” You grinned, and it took a minute for it to sink in. You were flirting with Him. 

Captain Spangles, the boy wonder could barely get a genuine smile out of you. And you were flirting with him. Suck that on, tighty wighty. 

“Damn right I was. I gotta fix the suit so I can keep up with you though,” Tony winked, finally kind of relaxing into his own ways. 

“What a charmer,” You chuckled. “Well I gotta file these,” You held the papers up. “Can your suit handle you taking a five minute break so you can walk with me?” You tilted your head, and Tony immediately dropped one of the gantlets on the ground. 


What even is flirting. I don’t.. What.. 

Stormtrooper FN-2199, or TR-8R, has such a rich history outside the confines of “The Force Awakens”, I’d hate to think that a crossbow blast to the chest is the end of his story arch permanently. Worse things have happened to Star Wars characters in the past only to be resurrected through clever writing. I mean Boba Fett escaped the Sarlacc pit with a broken jet pack through some mental connection, telekinetic bullshit he had with the Sarlacc itself, and Darth Maul lived on a literal garbage planet, after getting sliced in half, for years. Until his long lost brother came to get him, and he he got a robot bottom half from some cult lady, so I’m sure that they can write in some way for FN-2199 having survived the blast. Who knows, he could be the new, sort of ominous bounty hunter type character. Or not, because I think that Captain Phasma already sort of fills that position. Whatever I just want to see him twirl that baton thing again. 

(Also could someone superimpose the @buzzfeed logo on Han Solos face please?)

Beaten and Bruised || closed rp


Bruce had been sitting on the small outcrop for days. He couldn’t whimper anymore because he was too tired. He had Bruce’s and scrapes all over. One of his arms was badly mangled. His tail barely had any fur on it. He was curled up tightly, trying to stay warm and ignore the pain.

The small pup didn’t know what he had done wrong. He didn’t know why his owner did this. He didn’t know why he wasn’t loved no more, or why nobody was helping him. All he knew was that he was in pain and he wanted his mommy…

People had been starting to notice that the small pup was actually alive. Other pets would tell their owners to look or to tell someone but the humans ignored the pets. In this society pets were classified by two genres, animalistic and humanoid. Bruce was a humanoid type pet, he would have more fur on him, like his bottom half, if he wasn’t so sick.

He could barely look up when he heard something splash in the water. He whimpered in fear and from pain. The small child looked to be no more than three human years old. He had freckles and a brown and a green eye.


Collection of Close shots and Far shots of Solas

I had screenshots lying around, so I figured I’d play with them. That expression at the top is when the camera is cut away from him turning to the Inquisitor (coincidentally, the bottom half of his body is glitched in the shot) and the expression is hilarious and completely inappropriate for how he’s actually feeling. I imagine it’s what he looks like when Sera says something inane, or Varric makes a lame joke. I dub it, “Really, Vhenan?”

Imagine resting next to michael in his small tour bed and you’re perfectly relaxed til you feel his lips under your ear and your breathing gets hard to control and he pulls himself on top of you, grinding into your bottom half making you open your eyes to see him smirking as you let out a strained whimper

title: oh, the cliché (part x)
summary: The storm. Put your dukes up.
length: one shot; 1k words
beau: chris evans

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You’re half expecting to see Chris when you arrive at Logan International’s baggage claim. Which is probably why it’s easy for you to spot his Patriots cap and sunglasses get-up.

Your heart picks up as you head over, hiking your carry on up on your shoulder. He hasn’t spotted you yet so you take the time to peruse him. With the scruff covering the bottom half of his face and the plaid shirt he’s wearing, he looks more like a lumberjack trying to fit into urban society rather than a celebrity hiding in plain sight.

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