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I always get so many comments regarding eyelash application - so I decided it would be beneficial to create this close-up tutorial on how I apply my eyelashes. 

There are SO many varieties of eyelashes on the market nowadays, and some are more difficult to apply than others. 

I would recommend starting out by trying a natural pair with a soft thin band that are easy to work with. Then once you have the technique down move on to a fuller pair (which often mean a thicker band).

If you just don’t get on with a strip lashes, whether that be because they are uncomfortable on your eye or that you struggle with the application, then try out the individual lashes a.k.a cluster / flares. 
They give a much more natural finish to your eyes but really accentuate your own set. 


*drinks blood for breakfast*

Christmas- Ashton Irwin (smut)




It’s finally Christmas morning. Finally. It’s one of my favorite holidays and my first one with Ash as a serious couple.

“Ashton, wake up!” I nudge him. His breathing doesn’t change in the slightest at my touch. “Ash.”

He stays still, snoring a little and rolling onto his back. I glance down, and there’s a small tent in the thin blanket where his groin most likely is. I sigh, moving to whisper in his ear. “Daddy, are you horny already?" Ashton lets out a throaty moan, squeezing his eyes closed. "I know you get grumpy when you wake up horny. Let me fix it daddy, okay?”

His mouth falls open, tugging his lip between his teeth with his eyes still closed. I push the blanket down past his hips, down to his knees. They’re only an inch or two apart. I put both hands on his knees, moving them to each side and resting my head between them. He’s only wearing his plain, tight black boxers, where his dick is visible, boner or not. It’s straining against the fabric now, and by the small cringe on Ashton’s face, it’s not comfortable.

My fingers hook onto the sides of his boxers, tugging them down his firm thighs. I kiss the skin as my fingers trail up and down, my lips getting close to his erection each time. Ash squirms, his breath catching as he sleeps.

“Daddy, wake up. I wanna suck your cock,” I pout, kissing his tip. My thumb spreads the precum around the top of his dick. My lips wrap around it, hallowing my cheeks. Ashton wakes up with a start, sitting up suddenly. His cock pops out of my mouth and I stare up at him through my eye lashes, bottom lip pushed out.

“Holy fuck, baby,” he groans, glancing from his erection to my eager face. “What are you doing?”

“Were you having a good dream, daddy?” Ashton nods. “Tell me about it.”

He eyes me, opening his mouth only to let out an involuntary moan as I take his dick in my mouth. I stare up at him, urging him to talk as I bob my head.

“I…mmm…I fucked my baby girl on the kitchen counter,” he pants.

“Mmm?” I moan around his cock.

“Like last week. Except there was a mirror in front of us so I could see…fuck yes, faster baby,” he pauses, knotting both hands in my hair and guiding my head. “I could see your tits pressed against the counter, moving each time I shoved my cock into your tight little pussy.”

I pull my mouth off of him, replacing it with my hand. “Maybe tonight, I’ll let you fuck my tits. I’ll let you fuck any hole you’d like, Daddy.” I place kitten licks along the sides. “Cum for me please. I want it in my mouth,” I beg, holding it open as I jerk him off.

With a loud groan of my name, he releases into my mouth. I kiss his tip one last time, swallowing his seed and licking off my lips. “What do you say, baby girl?” he teases, his cocky demeanor returning.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Good girl. Now let’s go get some breakfast.”

Part 2

paradigmed  asked:

do u do ur makeup in a way to make ur face look more masculine? i want ppl to see me as more masculine but my face is not working with me :~( pls help

This is an excellent question anon ! Thanks for asking.

There’s a few ways to to make yourself look more traditionally masculine with makeup. These are just the techniques I use but there’s a lot more out there. Note that this guide is mostly for cosplay but a more subtle version of each technique can be used for the daily.

Eyebrows: Fill em in ! The darker the better usually unless the character you’re representing has specific or lighter eyebrows. I usually use a dark brown eyebrow pencil or dark brown eye shadow (that you want to apply with a thin brush to allow for more dexterity). Black can over state and look very unnatural when drawn on so I typically avoid it. Men typically have full eyebrows too so don’t just fill in your brows but make them thicker too !

Lips: In most anime and manga female characters have very small centered mouths. The opposite masculine version of this would be a longer mouth ! Using brown eyeshadow or a eyebrow pencil carefully extend the corners of your mouth by drawing a small line on each side. You don’t want to make this too long cause it’ll look unnatural ! It’s subtle but it helps.

I like I avoid the look of really pink or rosy lips so I use a brown lip balm by Two Faced called Honey Chocolate ! It takes away the pink from my lips and gives it a darker more masculine color without over-exaggerating. I see other cosplayers use nude lipsticks (MAC sells a few good ones !) but personally I’m not a huge fan of this look because my lips aren’t very thin and it brings more attention to them/makes them look bigger. I like the look of nude lips but it doesn’t suit my lip shape well. You slowly discover what works best for you.

If you have fuller lips like me when applying your foundation feel free to use some on your lower and upper lip to conceal a little !! And then follow through and add your lipstick or balm.

Contouring: My favorite part ! It definitely makes the biggest transformation in your face. Men typically have more shadowed faces so what you’re essentially doing is creating shadows and highlights in your face to appear more masculine! I start with my nose and eyes. Contour your nose to appear thinner and then highlight the bridge. For the eyes use a brown eyeshadow and work a little onto your eyelids and into the hallow space below the end of your eyebrow ! You can also apply this eyeshadow beneath your eyes as well~ extending below your waterline to add more definition (always blend my dudes)

Cheeks are next. What you’re doing is defining your cheek bones ! Suck in your cheeks and follow the hallow of your cheeks with a brown bronzer! (Don’t go too dark !) Blend it a bit and then highlight on top of your contour to define it more.

You can also contour your temples if your wig exposes your forehead! Just dot a bit of bronzer on your temples and blend. You can highlight the center of your forehead.

Eyeliner: I don’t usually wear eyeliner so I don’t know a ton about it. But for a masculine look I wouldn’t use much. You can apply it to the corner of your eyes to elongate and define but avoid the top of your eyelids (This will just make your eyes look bigger and more feminine) but if that’s a look you prefer go for it !

Mascara: Although I don’t wear eyeliner I usually go with mascara ! You don’t want a mascara that works really well basically. So any cheap water proof mascara will do. You’re not trying to make your eyelashes bigger, you’re just trying to define them to create the illusion of eyeliner ! I take the mascara brush and sweep my eyelashes outwards (never upwards !!) I do this this on top and very gently on my bottom eye lashes too. It’ll make your eyes pop a bit more !

These are just my techniques and each character is different so feel free to modify your approach accordingly ! Happy cosplaying ✌🏼️

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Do you think Zayn's mom just looks at pictures of him, with those impossibly long bottom eye lashes and says "you're welcome, World"?

honestly i hope so, because if you can’t write “1/2 maker of Zayn Malik” on your resume then what’s the point?


But also

I just