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Customer called us like "I bought this book and it's faulty. But I don't want to come to the shop because I live in hobbitsville. I don't want to spend money on petrol.Oh you'll post it?No I want it now. Order it and I'll /have/ to come all the way in for it then you can just give me a gift card to cover my petrol costs.Which is £10 by the way" How about you go fuck yourself, you self-entitled cock gobbler. Why the should we pay for your petrol? Not really our fault you live so far away!

I am not sure I want to post this one. I would hate to give the bottom dweller customers any ideas.



Courthouse - San Myshuno

“What’s taking so long?  You think they’re charging him?”

“Relax, D,  your pacing is making me nauseous. Ain’t no way these stuffed shirts are charging Mr. Thin.”

“Here he comes.”

“It go okay, boss?”

“It went as well as to be expected.  They don’t have anything that can stick…yet. I can’t afford any loose ends.  Domino, did you find the girl?”

“No boss, not yet.”

“I have a suspicion that bottom dweller Tony Corleonesi is helping her.  Cheeky, I want you on that.”

“You got it, boss.”

“This city is mine, boys, and I’ll crush anyone who stands in my way.”

Petals (taekook)

// Slight Hanahaki disease au! Badboy V! Mentions of drugs! May contain swearing, but that’s the least of your worries //

Summary: Taehyung felt comfort with no one else aside from the five friends, brothers, he lived with. He felt comfort in smoke and sin, pride in all the bones he’s broken and scars he’s left. Jungkook felt comfort with no one else but himself. He was too pure for the world, too compassionate, and it made him too irresistible. 

“Kim Namjoon, you either get out of my house or you stop breaking things!” It was the third time Namjoon broke the sink, and it was still two weeks before Jin’s next pay day. “I’m sorry. Just get Yoongi hyung to fix it like last time.” Namjoon said, distractedly dragging a cigarette away from his lips. “I can’t. He’s hungover.’

“When is he not?”

“Hyung, I got you another pack!” Taehyung slammed the door shut, loud enough to earn a groan from Yoongi somewhere in the house. 

“Ah, yes. At least someone here knows how to respect me.” Namjoon took the pack of cigarettes from the younger’s hand, a contented smile on his lips. Taehyung liked it getting this type of attention from his hyungs. The occasional rough-housing and teasing wasn’t bad, but sometimes it felt better to not be harsh towards each other.

“Taehyung, do you have the-”

He plopped an envelope on the counter in front of Jin. It had a thousand dollars in it, just like every month. “Thank you. I actually thought we had to sell another sofa to get food in our fridge.”

“No one would by our shitty sofa anyway. The only food we’d get from there is a few cans of tuna.” Jimin walked in the room and headed straight towards the fridge. He got out a beer and sat on the couch beside Taehyung. 

He wasn’t wrong about it. The foam was showing in some of the places, and the fabric was tearing despite their vain attempts to sew it back together. They were lucky enough to afford it. Actually, they were lucky enough to have a house. Jin barely got through a month trying to manage five other boys with the salary he got from waiting tables and manning arcades. 

“Maybe we could buy a new one if only T-boy over here had the guts to ask for two thousand instead of one.” He jokingly thumped Taehyung’s back. The younger boy’s cheeks grew pink. He wasn’t ashamed of what he did to get the money, but he didn’t want to be reminded of it either. He didn’t want to remember her.

“Fuck off, Jimin. I wouldn’t want her to think I’m that desperate.”

“Why? Is baby boy scared his sugar mommy would drop him?”

Taehyung punched Jimin a bit too hard on the shoulder to be considered playful. But then a lazy grin crept up his face. “Just wait a few more months. I’m going to be the one to drop her.”

Yoongi stumbled in the room, Jin following right behind him.”I told you to not wake me up until seven.”

“Yoongi, it’s seven-thirty.” The eldest sneered at him. The both of them joined their three friends in what they would call a living room. They sat on the floor, having no more space on the couch. The pasta that Jin had just finished cooking sat on the small dining table they had. Despite their grumbling stomachs, they had to wait for Hoseok. 

It’s always been that way. It started on their first Christmas, when Taehyung decided to drop everything and live with his best friends instead. He was the youngest of them, him being sixteen at the time. He had a huge backpack with him and he carried a tupperware box wrapped in tinfoil. To make things short, he had the best Christmas ever, feeling more at home with his new-found brothers than his own family. 

“I’m here!” Hoseok burst through the door, closing it, then locking it. “Why do you people never lock the door? For all we know, Seungcheol might burst in and shoot us in our sleep.” He set his coat on the counter and sat in the middle of Yoongi and Jin. “Don’t worry about them. I’ve talked to Woozi about it. Explained the whole misunderstanding. Plus, the cops didn’t get dragged in so-”

“We were almost caught in a drug ring, Yoongi.” Jin shut him up. The three other boys on the couch shuffled uncomfortably. “Hyung, I think I feel better here on the floor.” Taehyung knelt down. Namjoon and Jimin looked at each other, following the youngest’s lead. 

The boys circled around the table, eager to eat. They took their plates and got their portion of the spaghetti. Hoseok was about take his first bite, when Jin stopped him. 

“Say your thanks.”

“Everyone, say your thanks.” Jin said firmly. The five younger boys groaned, dreading at the amount of authority Jin had over them.

“Thanks for not getting caught.” Namjoon said quickly, the others mumbling their agreements.

“Ah, hyung! You always make the best food.” Jimin said through a mouthful of pasta. Jin chuckled at him. “Thanks. I hope you don’t choke. We still need your muscles in case something bad happens.” he playfully said.

“Jin hyung! Everyone! I suddenly remembered, I have to go somewhere tomorrow.” Taehyung looked up at them.

“Why? You need someone to go with you?” Jimin asked. Taehyung shook his head. “No, I’m just going for a walk. I’ll be back before six.” he assured them.

“Just don’t go near the law. If my manager somehow sees my picking you up from a police station, I’m surely going to get fired.” Jin nagged at him. The youngest rolled his eyes. He wasn’t going for a walk tomorrow, but he wasn’t going to cause trouble either.

Taehyung pulled his hood up, looking down. He didn’t want to run into anyone who knew him. It will just end up in either two ways:

1. He’d get dragged away, missing the opportunity to do what he needed to; or
2. He’d have to explain why the infamous Kim Taehyung was heading towards the public library.

He had made a name for himself in the years they’ve been in Busan, Vandalizing, destruction of property, breaking and entering, all those acts they did piled up on their name and created a filthy image of them to the public. Jin was the only one who didn’t participate much in their activities. His main role was to not let them starve, which is why he was the only one to land a decent job. 

Taehyung was grateful that Jin was nice enough to take him under their wing. Namjoon was their leader, but Jin still owned the house they were in. Obviously, asking Jin for an education was too much, so Taehyung had to drop out. However, he didn’t want to completely stop his studies.

For at least a day each week, he’d stop by the library and borrow the same thick Science book he recognized from his old school. He knew that the owner, Mr. Hann, recognized him. He has seen Taehyung’s face up close, but he didn’t turn him into the police. They never had a decent conversation, a few nods here and there, but Taehyung knew he could trust him. 

He walked through the door, searching for the book in it’s usual spot, heading to the chair he always sat in by the science-fiction shelves. 

He was grateful for the silence. He loved the laughter and chatter with his hyungs, but sometimes, a bit of quiet doesn’t hurt. And he wanted to clear his mind from the recent rivalry they had with another group.

He couldn’t say it was Yoongi’s fault, but somehow, someone fucked up and what was supposed to be a successful drug trade turned into a knife fight. The goods Yoongi were supposed to send Seungcheol apparently ended up in Daegu. To say he was pissed is an understatement. 

This then led Yoongi to drink for a few days now, saying how they could’ve been rich if only such a fuck-up didn’t happen.

“Yah, how about you just write the rest of our thesis and everything will be ok?” A gruff voice broke him from his train of thought. “I’m busy, I told you! I have grades too, you know.”

“Are you fucking serious right now? The submission is in three days. You have three days to make it.” The voice got louder this time. It seemed to be coming from the other side of the shelf. Slowly, Taehyung got up and went to the source.

“W-well, it’s not my problem.” He turned to see the weak voice coming from a boy who looked like they had the same age, maybe even younger. The man with the gruff voice had a flannel on, his back facing Taehyung. 

“Don’t get snarky on me. Unless you want another beating up, I suggest-”

“I suggest you fuck off.”

The guy in the flannel spun around. Taehyung glared at him. He usually doesn’t mind other people’s business, but there was something about the boy who needed help that lured him in. 

He had large circular glasses framing his chocolate eyes, and a cute nose. His hair was tousled a bit, hinting that he might’ve been sleep-deprived for a few days. He had plump, pink lips, which parted when he saw Taehyung. He recognized him.

“Oh, Kim Taehyung. Amazing seeing you here. What are you doing, finding more magazines to add to your porn stash?” Flannel guy sneered at him. Taehyung rolled his eyes. He taught he was pathetic. A bottom-dweller.

“Just leave that kid alone.”

That kid owes me some serious shit. Why don’t you just go back to your crackhouse with your stripper friend?”

Taehyung’s eyes flashed. He felt the rage bubbling up, and people always told him he had anger management issues. He balled his fists and swung at the guy. He was able to dodge and tried to punch Taehyung back, but Taehyung twisted his body and kneed him in the stomach.

Taehyung took the opportunity to straddle the guy on the floor, continuing to punch his face. “Stop, stop!” He could hear the yells from the other boy. Soon, he heard footsteps running towards them, and Mr. Hann’s voice. “Break it off right now, or else I’m calling the police on you.”

Taehyung got off, the man’s face bleeding. He looked towards Mr. Hann, thinking that he was the same as anyone else. Scared of him. But the older man wasn’t looking at him. Instead, he was looking at the boy on the floor, his flannel ripped, a hand covering his face. 

He scrambled up and ran out the place. “You kids alright?” He asked them. Taehyung nodded at him, signalling a silent thanks. “Aigo. I told you Jungkook-ah, you should’ve told a teacher before things got worse.” Mr. Hann said as he started headed back to the front desk. 

‘Jungkook’ Taehyung took a mental note. He sat quietly, arms folded on his lap. “Yah. Who was that?” Taehyung approached him, leaning on the side of the table. 

“Why are you here? Do you need anything from me?” Jungkook’s voice was almost a whisper. He couldn’t look Taehyung in the eye. He knew he was dangerous. He has heard all the rumors about him and his group.

“None of your business.” Taehyung grunted, ignoring the last question. Biting his lip, he stuck his hand out towards the younger boy. “V, 21.”

Jungkook stared at the hand. Cautiously, he took it. “Jungkook. I’m twenty.” He said, shaking it lightly. “I know your real name. Taehyung, isn’t it? Or do you prefer me calling you V?”
“Either way is fine with me.” Taehyung shrugged.

Silence took over after that. Taehyung started picking at his nails, while Jungkook kept staring at him. Jungkook cleared his throat. “I need to go home now. Thanks for… jumping in to help me.” Taehyung looked at him. He was shoving books into his bag, his actions gentle.

Black hoodie and some jeans, but he still looked like a model. ‘Wait, what?’ Taehyung blinked. “Oh, sure. You gonna be safe going home?”

The younger one nodded at him. “I hope you’ll be safe too, Taehyung-ah.” he smiled warmly. With that, he exited the shop.

Taehyung remained leaning on the table. He felt his cheeks heating up. ‘No. No, I’m straight.’ He ran a hand through his hair. He looked out the window, seeing the sun about to set.

Thinking about what he told Jin, he hurriedly got up. When he stood out of the shop, an empty street greeted him with no Jungkook. Shrugging off his shoulders, he started walking back to his place. ‘I’m straight. I know that. I like girls, not guys. I’m straight. I’m straight.’ he kept repeating in his head like a mantra. A vision of his father flashed back at him. The yells. The bruises. 

He shook his head. ‘I’m straight’. he repeated. But at the back of his mind, he couldn’t wait until he got to see Jungkook again.

however long

A/N: kinda have no idea what canon is anymore / kinda just wanted to write this story line. this is likely going to be short and sweet (lol) with short installments- snapshots in time if you will. humor me

Part one: 

Split, Croatia 2067


As if the past three years hadn’t taught her anything about the berating July sun, Caroline shifted in her seat, trying not to grimace as her dress clung to her back. If this were a pleasure trip, she’d have long ago joined the teenagers on the rocks as they jumped without a care into the water. Alas, her client was her first and required nothing but utter satisfaction: how else would she ensure his unwavering devotion?

Seven years ago, Caroline had wandered across the Atlantic and found herself amazed at the less than civilized way Old World vampires lived in the shadows as criminals or bottom-dwellers. When she encountered Ljudevit Horvat, the 400 year-old vampire was a shell of a being, his language so outdated that she could hardly even get the internet to make sense of the unfamiliar Slavic tongue. Today, Ljudevit sat in front of her looking much the image of sophistication and life: Caroline had given him that. 

Her altruism had spurned on from then, and under the guise of an art dealer- which was a legitimate front with a growing reputation stateside and abroad- Caroline singlehandedly brought European vampires into the 21st Century. 

And they were grateful! All because Caroline kept herself in a position where their age did not pose a threat: the praise she got for daylight rings was ridiculous, but well-worth having a witch on retainer.

“I have spent one century too many trying to remember the sunlight,” Ljudevit reflected in his usual soft tone, before handing her his phone. Without pause, Caroline opened the maps application and typed in the address of the latest buyer. 

“Lucky for you, because your next stop is Sicily.” She handed the phone back with a smile. “His name is Stefano: he will expect and amount of 3,000 but will be pleasantly surprised when he counts 4,000. You will then take the piece to my residence in Zagreb.”

Pausing for a moment, Caroline took a sip of water as a rouse to slip her focuses to the beach around them.There was another supernatural near them: she could feel their eyes on the back of her head. 

“Is there anything you would like from me?” 

Always be willing to give, she recited to herself, even after you’ve given them the world.

“No, mila,” Ljudevit’s grin was as honest as could be, “you have given me the sun: anything else would make me a glutton.”

The sensation of being watched did not waiver, making Caroline’s skin crawl.

“You say that as if I didn’t just see you eat your weight in kroštule.” Standing, she blew him a kiss before scanning the crowded beach for any signs as to who would be watching. 

“I will expect your call soon. Please, stay a day extra for me, and tell me how the beaches there are.”

Before he could reply, Caroline was gone, having long perfected the art of a quick exit. 

Focusing on the source of the feeling, she listened for the tell-tale sound of a sluggish heartbeat.

There! Wait! Where did it go?

For the first time in decades, Caroline felt panic blossom in her chest as a chill ran down her spin despite the heat. There were only a handful of people that could evade her, and all but a select few would have come up and said hello.

The issue was that the ones that wouldn’t all had one thing in common: they happened to be related to Klaus Mikaelson.

Her phone was against her ear in seconds.

“Helen,” she tried to keep her voice even when the witch picked up, “can you do a locator spell for me?”

Of course, Care. Just give me an item that I can spell. I’m just boarding the train from Slovakia now, actually. What’s the priority?”

“Top priority.” Caroline mumbled eyeing the bracelet on her wrist. “I will meet you in Zagreb with the object.”

Daemon, Echinodaemon

Echinodaemons are rarely seen, sticking to the deepest chasms of Abaddon’s foul seas. Embodying death by crushing pressure at the ocean floor, echinodaemons only rarely follow other daemons into battle, cleaning up already weakened opponents and devouring the corpses of the fallen.

An echinodaemon’s body is almost entirely mouth, its slavering maw filled with two rows of shark-like teeth and balanced on two spindly legs. Tentacles resembling a cross between a squid’s and a spiny starfish’s emerge from its lumpish body at random points. It has no eyes.

Echinodaemons are not very intelligent and are of limited use to other daemons, so their role in battle is limited to taking up flanking positions to aid more powerful fiends. Left to their own devices, they scavenge whatever they can find in Abaddon’s putrid oceans. They are not capable swimmers, instead simply walking or climbing along the ocean floor.

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What sort of tank mates would you recommend for Bettas?

Hey, there. :)

If you mean in terms of fish, I don’t really recommend bettas for community tanks because it’s so hit or miss. Bottom dwellers, like cories, and more peaceful fish like rasboras are potential options, though, but still hit or miss. You also need at least 20 or 30 gallons if you go this route. However, if you have lots of cover with plants, shrimp and snails are options for smaller setups.

@aquariadise just recently published a handy article about tankmates:

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how about your thoughts on the moon card? it's one I have trouble really connecting with tbh.

The Moon is the card of fantasy and the subconscious. Its typical symbols includes a lobster. The lobster comes out of the ocean which symbolizes the subconscious. The ocean is a pretty apt representation for the subconscious as it’s deep, tumultuous, and not everything is touched by light. Most of it isn’t and that’s where the lobster, the bottom dwelling ocean dweller, comes in. It symbolizes the deepest secrets of ours reaching the surface when it crawls up out of the waves. These things are buried deeply for a reason which is why they trouble us so much when they’re dredged up. 

The moonlight unlike the sunlight only illuminates certain things, often emphasizing the /shadows/. Our shadow self is brought into view by the Moon. Our darker selves are emphasized and to avoid it we escape into fantasy. The moonlight casts the world in pale silver light, hiding the flaws as much as it emphasizes shadows. It’s a nine so it’s within the realm of idealism and as the card is associated with the influence of Pisces in Thoth decks, it’s strongly representative of escapism.

In order to meet the challenge of the Moon, one must dive into the waves of the subconscious and face the shadows where light doesn’t touch. It’s to take on the black horse of Plato’s chariot metaphor and learn to deal with the shadow and learn to integrate it with the self. It is a spiritual emotional-laden Piscean journey. To stay trapped in the Moon and away from the Sun is to stay trapped in hopeful idealism that borders on naivete. It is a refusal to look into the dark for fear of what may stare back. It is it to let fear control you rather than to stare rationally at your fears.

Does any of this help?

when I volunteered at the aquarium, it was always funny to see how many people were terrified to touch a swell shark or a horn shark (also a harmless bottom-dweller, so named because of some blunt, nonvenomous spines on their fins) just because it was a shark. I mean, I’m the one with my arm dangling in there all day…


Oyster Toadfish, Opsanus tau

The oyster toadfish’s scaleless, flattened body grows to about 12 inches in length.

It is a bottom-dweller found primarily within and around oyster reefs, in the Atlantic along the East Coast of North America, from Maine to the Caribbean. They are also found living among wrecks, debris, rocks, vegetation and other dark, secluded spots in the shallows during warmer months.

The oyster toadfish feeds mostly on small crabs and other crustaceans but will also eat mollusks and small fish.

(via: Chesapeake Bay Estuary Program)

photograph via: NASA (X) and Erickson Smith

if you’re really into acnl like i am, you should probably download this app. i normally dont care for guides especially for a game like animal crossing, but its actually really helpful and resourceful. its also very organized.

some features of it include:

  • a list of bugs, fish, and bottom dwellers available to catch at your moment in time
  • locations and prices of bugs, fish, bottom dwellers
  • will show you upcoming birthdays of your neighbors on main screen (after you’ve added who you have)
  • will show upcoming events on main screen
  • lists of stores and tools and how to unlock them
  • all updated in real time (you pick your region)

pretty much a guidebook in your pocket, especially since you can use it offline. its just really useful and i thought i should share. kudos to you jake ruston for this app.

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I'm hella interested in this 'bloodclan rusty' au please tell me more

Kind of simple really, it’s just Tigerclaw being the one to find Rusty during his first steps into the forest, not Graypaw. Tigerclaw didn’t take as kindly as Graypaw did, and basically tried to recreate his time as an apprentice with Scourge and went to end Rusty. Rusty, well he ran

Past his house, into the next street,he just kept going and going, always convinced Tigerclaw was right at his heels,even though he had left the chase a while ago. Soon night falls and Rusty is lost, trapped far away from his housefolk, from Scourge, from everything he once knew. Shivvering in the frigid air he’s not use to, he bundles himself up in a gutter,hoping that daylight will come soon. However, halfway through the night, he’s found by a huge, black and white cat with a dog tooth studded collar. Bone.

In an act of rare compassion Bone takes the shivering kit to Scourge,who decides to take the kitten under his wing.

Rusty eventually decides to stay with Bloodclan, and is trained by Bone and Scourge to be one of the higher ups. In his younger days he embraces Scourgesideals,doesn’t seem to care about those beneath him,he’s being catered for leadership and has the world under his paw. But then he decides hes gonna take a trip back to his house. 

There he meets two cats.His sister Princess, who is enamored of his stories of a community deep in the twoleg place, and a large, fluffy gray forest cat who Rusty can’t seem to get off of his mind. Graystripe obviously. Rusty starts sneaking away to meet the two of them more and more, struggling with his feelings for Graystripe and shocked when Princess gives him her fucking baby to raise.

Rusty takes the aptly named Cloud with him to Bloodclan, and Scourge allows the kit to stay, if Rusty can find someone to nurse him. No one in Scourge’s inner circle can, so Rusty looks through the bottom dwellers of BloodClan, hoping to find someone who can help Cloud. There he meets Spring and her kit Bean. Spring agrees to nurse Cloud and from Spring Rusty begins to learn of the trials of those not close to Scourge, the ones who are actually struggling to live each day. Soon Rusty grows cautious of his leader and starts to try and change BloodClan from within