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A dream about Sana & Vilde

Last night I dreamt about a clip between Vilde and Sana that would happen this season. 

It was Sana randomly running into Vilde on the street. Vilde was struggling to get her very drunk mother on her feet in order to get her home. 

Sana wants to help, but Vilde kind of rudely says she has it under control and doesn’t want help. But Sana sees it’s not under control, and is like, Nei Vilde. I’m gonna help you. That’s what friends do… 

And we know how strong Sana is, so by the power of the two of them, they manage to get her mother home and into bed. Vilde starts cleaning up the empty beer and alcohol bottles lying around, and Sana joins her. Vilde thanks her for helping, and says she really doesn’t have to stay. That she got it under control. The also begs Sana not to tell anyone about this. 

Sana can feel how embarrassed Vilde is about the situation, and they start talking about just everything that has been going on between them, and the other girls. About how they both feel they have to hide a part of their life in order to fit in with the girls, and that maybe none of the girls may actually be their true self around each other… how they all faked it to fit in.

And I woke up… I kinda of wanted that to happen.

  • someone: do you want to talk about it?
  • me: maybe when i die
  • me: *chugs an entire bottle of vodka without breaking eye contact with them*
  • me: should be soon

Enjoying the view of a peaceful world.

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