bottles for everyone

A quick run down of the alcohol rules at my theatre:

It is one drink at a time per person, with a limit of three drinks total per person. The beer is all bottled, and we can’t serve it IN the bottle. If it’s being drunk in the lobby we can pour it in a glass, otherwise it has to be in a plastic cup because glass isn’t allowed in the theatres. Same for the wine, with the addition that we can only do six ounce pours of wine. The only exception is that we have small bottles of some wines that are technically a LITTLE over six ounces, but we sell those by the bottle.

Everyone who buys a drink also needs to have a wristband. We change the color every day so that people can’t reuse one and try to sneak in their own alcohol, We also use them to track how many drinks someone has by stamping the wristband every time someone comes back for a drink (they all start out pre-stamped for the first drink).

Side Rant: The wristbands get a lot of annoying reactions, ranging from “Don’t I look 21 to you” from middle aged guests (yes, you do, but it’s company policy and it’s about more than just age), to “oh my god, it’s like we’re at the club!” from day drinking moms who are watching a movie with their young children. And squally those moms are all together and all getting a drink and I’m just standing there thinking, “Okay, so who’s planning on driving these kids home?” Like, I know a lot people learn their own tolerance as they get older and drink more. And a lot of the time they don’t come back for a second drink and most movies at 1 ½ hours-2 hours, so I guess they think they’ll be fine to drive. But who really wants to take that risk when you have YOUR KIDS in the car with you? We’ll also get married couples with kids and both parents will get a drink and I just want to smack these people.

But back to what happened today.

So a guy comes up and asks for a beer for him and a glass of wine for his mother, and he tells me his mother is in the theatre.

Me: I’ll actually need her to come out here to get her wristband.

Customer: Well, she’s in a wheelchair…

No problem. If we have handicapped guests we’re more than happy to walk the extra drink and wristband in to make sure everything is by the book. In this case, I was alone because my mid called in and the only other Cafe employee was the Rover.

Me: Okay, then let me just see if I can get someone to walk it in.

I call the rover on the walkie.

Customer: What if you just give my dad the wristband?

Me: The person drinking it has to be wearing the wristband.

I haven’t heard anything, so I call the rover a second time.

Customer: Well, what if we just say my dad’s drinking it?

I mentally sigh, because why are people stupid enough to ask an employee questions about breaking the rules and expect me to LET them? And why when I am TRYING to help them? I TOLD him that I just needed to get someone to walk the drink in and it would be fine, but he still wants to push it.

Luckily, rover answers so I don’t have to respond because I need to ask her to walk a drink in. Turns out she’s close enough that I see her making her way over soon, so I start ringing up the two drinks.

Rover enters cafe, checks the screen to see what the drinks are, and then grabs two plastic cups. She grabs the beer and goes to start pouring it and…

Customer: I don’t need it in a cup.

A lot of people try to ask for their beers in the bottle.

Rover: Actually, you do. We don’t allow glass inside.

Customer: …Oh.

I finish up the transaction, give him his wristband and pour the wine. Rover takes the wine and a second wristband and follows them in to their theatre.

A few minutes later, she comes back out.

Rover: Was I too rude about the cup thing?

Me: Naaaah. The dude was being difficult earlier about the wristband thing, don’t worry about.

I have a lot more sympathy for the people who actually try to follow our rules, especially in regards to alcohol. The wristbands and all this is all stuff that we have to do or else we could be in danger of losing our alcohol license (at least, as I understand it), and I could get in trouble for letting you break the rules. So no, I’m not going bend them just because some guy is too impatient to wait a few extra minutes WHEN WE ARE TRYING TO HELP HIM.

((based on things I’ve said/done while drunk))

Kirk: *hugs everyone* I just love all of you so much.

Spock: Come on I’m drunk. Don’t make me feel things.

Bones: Ya’ll are ganna die and I will laugh. But also cry. But mostly laugh.

Uhura: *blows up a condom that she found in her purse and draws a face on it* His name is Joe.

Sulu: *picks up plastic knife from the take out and holds it up to my friend who just took out their army knife to cut wood* En garde motherfucker.

Chekov: *shoving pine needles into an empty whine bottle while everyone fights*

Scotty: Look I’m doing better *pukes* Now I’m doing a lot better.

Jaylah: Don’t show me a kitten. If you show me a kitten I will cry and punch you in the face.

Calum Hood - How Dare you Come Back?!

Review: You and Calum broke up a long time ago, you both forgot about each other and kept living your lives until one day you’re brought back together in a party.

Warnings: Swearing, verbal fighting.

You laughed as your friend chugged the bottle of liquor, everyone was cheering her to finish it. Eventually she gave up and put the bottle down, laughing along with all of your friends. You barely knew who was hosting the party, what was the person’s name? You didn’t know or cared, you were always up for a party. 

The alcohol was rushing through your veins, but you were still conscious. You were in the middle of a talk with a stranger when you had the urge of going to the bathroom.

 “Whoops! Sorry buddy!” You chuckled as you accidentally spilled your drink on a girl.

“(YF/N)!” You yelled over the blasting music, the crowd was big, you pushed through the dancing bodies calling for your drunk friend. “Hey!” You laughed grabbing her arms, her eyes were unfocused and she was laughing her ass off. “Where’s the bathroom?!”

“Girl I don’t know! Oh look, Rena arrived” She ran past you to a random girl, you rolled your eyes and smiled.

Fortunately there wasn’t anyone on the stairs, because it was hard for you to keep your balance. You opened a door and something fell off, you gave a little jump in frustration, your bladder wasn’t going to hold on forever. 

“Fuuck!” You grabbed the other door handle and pushed it open, a couple was making out on a bed. “Ah, sorry!” You shut your eyes as you closed it again. 

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I Should’ve Kissed You (Chanbaek)

1.5k words

Happy New Year!

It wasn’t the first time Chanyeol got the urge to kiss Baekhyun. He can’t remember how it all started but he remembers when he looked down at his pouty pink lips, he was so tempted to kiss his best friend right there on the spot.

He was frustrated. He isn’t sure if Baekhyun feels the same or is just a super flirty person. He’s had so many occasions were he thinks that Baekhyun feels the same but a minute later he’ll act so different. It’s confusing and Chanyeol’s not sure if his poor heart can take it.

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yavemiel  asked:

Not sure if you're still looking for writing prompts, but if you are, I'd love to see ♧; One character playing with the other's hair, because I headcanon that Jyn secretly (or not so secretly) has a massive thing for Cassian's hair, it being so floppy and silky-soft! No worries if you're done taking prompts though (or too swamped). ^^

Cassian, it would seem, is drunk. 

It does happen occasionally. He is human, no matter what other people might think of him. There are nights when he just needs to drown himself in a bottle like everyone else, though he usually reserves that for when he’s alone in his room and no one other than maybe K2 can see him fall apart. And he has friends, if not many, and celebrates with them, though he rarely has more than a drink or two then. He doesn’t particularly like being drunk. It feels too much like he’s out of control. 

But sometimes, it can’t be helped, because sometimes recruiting consists of complex drinking games to prove one’s trustworthiness, and Cassian is human and thus his tolerance simply cannot hold up to some other species’. 

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my biggest secret is one time at a party i scared the shit out of everyone by chugging a whole bottle of vodka and everyone was scared as shit and just screaming at me to stop because i hadn’t  really drank that much before and when i was done since we all were so drunk they put me on their shoulders like a king and started chanting my name now everyone still to this day thinks im fucking hard ass bitch and everyone was shocked that i could take so much but its all a lie because i replaced it with water and that is my biggest secret.

anonymous asked:

can i request some angsty akaashi headcanons pls?

- He has a lot of bottled up emotions. Since everyone always looks up to him as the “mom”, he feels obliged to take care of everyone else’s problems before his own. He doesn’t want to burden anyone and wants to be seen as someone his friends and teammates can look up to as someone stable, so he doesn’t share his own problems with anyone else.

- When he’s upset, it’s very hard to tell. Although, Bokuto has learned the patterns of Akaashi’s personality. When Akaashi’s upset, he talks much less than he normally does, and probably won’t speak at all unless the person trying to converse with him is a teacher or another superior. He’ll put his earbuds in and just sit there, and if anyone tries to reach out to him, he has the tendency to be very, very snappy, much more than usual.

- Sometimes, he feels as if he isn’t good enough to be setting for one of the best aces in the nation, and it gets him down.

- He fears the Spring, because after it passes, he’ll be the only one left, besides Wataru. Bokuto promises he’ll keep in touch, and Akaashi doesn’t doubt that, but calling someone other than Bokuto, “Ace”, is not something he wants to endure. That, and he doesn’t believe he’d be as good of a captain as Bokuto. He wouldn’t admit it, but he really looks up to him, and doesn’t believe he’d be as powerful and awe inspiring as Bokuto is.

- In fact, there’s nothing he dreads more than Bokuto leaving. Of course, he’s had friends in the past, but Bokuto was the first real friend he’s ever had, and although they will keep in touch, he still fears that their relationship will never be the same after he leaves. Akaashi’s even considered applying to the same college Bokuto is going to go to, but he knows he’s not scholarship worthy as far as volleyball goes, and he fears his intelligence just won’t cut it.

- When he was thirteen years old, his mom got in a car crash during a rainstorm and almost died. Because of it, he’s now absolutely petrified of thunder and lightning (Although cars don’t really phase him). It sends him into a state of panic, and the only one who can help him out of it is his mother herself.

- He was called pretty boy a lot as a kid, and although it used to bother him, he’s learned to take that as a compliment.

- When he cries, he doesn’t make any expressions. He just sits there, blank faced as tears run down his face. It takes a lot to make Akaashi cry, and he only ever does out of extreme grief or anger.

- He refuses to let out his anger. So, he usually keeps all his negative emotions bottled up deep down inside of him until the bottle is filled to the top and he has no other choice but to let it out somehow, usually by crying.

Histories Characters Vs. Christmas

(Feel free to add your own)

-Richard and Aumerle decorate the tree perfectly with shiny gold ornaments. Mathe proceeds to knock all of them off the branches.

-Hotspur falls out of the attic while trying to bring down boxes.

-Falstaff is mistaken for Santa, who was being mistaken for an intruder.

-Bardolph the red-nosed reindeer.

-Francis bakes a batch of cookies and as soon as he turns his back, they’re gone.

-Ned is wrapped in Christmas lights.

-Henry frantically flips through a Berlitz French book in preparation for Kate’s parents’ visit.

-Richard III is asked what he wants for Christmas. His list includes the crown and the right to decide who lives and who dies.

-When Clifford is asked the same, he just wants revenge.

-Margaret is mad that Henry did not take advantage of a sale.

-Clarence gets a bottle of wine. Everyone is suspicious.

-Kate Percy tries to keep Hotspur out of fights with family. She fails.

-The Boar’s Head runs out of mulled wine in record time.

-King John is not invited.

-Humphrey tries desperately to cover for Hal not being there.

-John of Gaunt grumbles about “When I was your age…”

-The Dauphin is in charge of the nativity set. It’s very horse-heavy this year.

-Chorus apologizes for the lack of preparation.

-It’s Henry IV’s turn to read In Hoc Anno Domini and he gets very emotional.

-Silence will not stop singing Christmas songs. Loudly and off-key.

-Ned is no longer allowed to light the Advent candles. Not after last year.

-Douglas mixes up Henry IV’s and Blunt’s presents.

-Henry gets a crate of tennis balls.