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I’m working towards being zero waste. 

I am in love with this thermo water bottle by 24 bottles. It has helped me consume more water daily, as I bring it everywhere with me!
I have also been filling up my mason jars at the bulk store. I can’t wait to continue my journey towards zero waste for this planet. I’m making slow steps, but it’s progress.

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You’re beautiful - (Bucky x Reader One Shot)

This awesome idea was requested by @melconnor2007 !

Summary: Dating one of the hottest men on earth is incredible, specially since Sebastian is so loving and caring. Unfortunately, your self-steem problems go way back, and you just can’t imagine why exactly is he dating you… And neither can a gossip magazine, apparently.

Y/N: your name

Warnings: self esteem issues

A/N: I loved this idea, and I really hope you like it!! It’s a very interesting perspective to write. If you’re reading this, tell me the objet that is closer to your right hand and is not your phone/computer (I’m just curious about how many people actually read this). Hope you enjoy!

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Y/N’s POV:

My makeup is spread all over the sink in a colorful mess of labels promising clear skin, a wonderful glow and a beautiful face. I look at myself in the mirror, wondering if I will ever be like the women smiling at me from the plastic tubes and boxes.

I examine my face closely: my acne had a party all over my face last night, what explains the bags under my eyes of a deep shade of purple. I look down at my puffy silhouette, covered on stretch marks and little scars. I’m a collection of everything society deems ugly nowadays.

I feel a presence behind me and look up to see Sebastian’s reflection on the mirror kissing my cheek. “Good morning babe” he smiles as he starts moving a few of my makeup products aside to make space for himself on the sink.

“Good morning” I try to smile, but it comes out like a grimace.

Seb looks at me disapprovingly. “What are you thinking?” he asks, gazing over the magazine I’m clasping. “‘How to be hot in ten steps.’” he reads out loud “Y/N, we’ve talked about this.” He arches an eyebrow until I look at my feet. Then I hear the sound of plastic being pushed aside and a set of strong hands wrap around my waist and hoist me up, setting me on the sink.

Seb positions himself between my legs and smiles at me. “You’re absolutely perfect, Y/N. You need to stop beating yourself up like that” he touches a finger to the tip of my nose, making me laugh. I lean in for a kiss but he puts a finger over my lips. “I’m serious. Promise me.”

“I promise you.” I whisper against his finger, and then I feel his lips twist into a smile as they collide against mine in a warm, loving kiss.

When he pulls away and untangles my legs from his waist, he’s still smiling. “Thank you.” he whispers back, and offers me his hand to jump off the sink. “I have to go to the gym now, babe. I’ll be back very soon and then we have…”

“The interview for that gossip magazine. I know.” I hug him tightly, and smile against his chest when I hear him gasp for air. “I love you”

“I love you too, She-Hulk.” he laughs, massaging his ribs. “See you later!”

After a while, I storm out of the bathroom in a cloud of compact powders and frustration. After about three thousand YouTube tutorials and beauty hacks, I’ve arrived to the conclusion that my face cannot be fixed.

I head over to the kitchen to get some breakfast, but it only takes me five minutes to burn the eggs. “You can’t even fry an egg you completely useless idiot…” I muter to myself as I take a bottled smoothie out of the fridge.

I hear a ding from my phone and head to the living room, expecting it to be a message from Seb. As I turn it on, I see that the notification is from a new article of a gossip magazine I’m subscribed to. I click on it and look outside while it charges, but when I read the title and see the first photos, my breath abandons me.

“Sebastian Stan, as hot as always, has finally decided to relate with people of his category”

The article is accompanied of photos of my boyfriend working out at the gym, surrounded by a group of gorgeous women. I find myself reading it with tears steaming down my cheeks.

“Sebastian Stan, our favorite celebrity and official Hottest Man on Earth (at least according to us), has finally decided to ditch his girlfriend in favor of a group of beautiful woman that definitely suit him better!

Seb was photographed this morning in the gym, surrounded by a few very famous models. Of course, the internet has gone wild, ready to ship the next Perfect Celebrity Couple. Is the actor finally going to go out with someone who is at his level? We hope so!

Even though his breakup with Y/N, his current (ex)girlfriend, hasn’t been confirmed yet, everyone is waiting for it. It was about time for him to end the relationship, a relationship we’ve never been in favor of. You can only see Y/N’s face a certain amount of times without wondering why doesn’t she get a plastic surgery.

While we await for the next Perfect Celebrity Couple, we would love to know your opinions on the subject. Who will Sebastian choose as his next girlfriend?”

When I arrive to the end of the article, I barely have energy to turn off the phone and lie on the sofa. I’m conscious Seb has never actually flirted with any of the models (It’s pretty obvious in the pictures that they were all oblivious to each other) and he would never dump me. But that’s the problem. He would never ditch me, much less like this, but he is gorgeous, and nice, and famous; and I’m… Well, Y/N. In any case, not good enough for him.

I have to leave him.

I search for my energy and manage to get up and go to my room. Once in there, everything’s easier: all I have to do is put my stuff inside the suitcase and ignore the sharp stabs of pain in my chest. Warm tears are steaming down my face, my breath is short and sharp. I won’t look back. I can’t look back. I have to do this for him.

When the suitcase is full, I try to close it, but I’m clearly not strong enough. All of a sudden, I feel two strong arms wrapping around me from my back and then closing the suitcase for me.

“Where are you off to, babe?” a scruffy voice I recognize all too well whispers at my ear.

I breathe in. I wasn’t planing on having to deal with this face to face. I turn around slowly, only to find myself inches away from Seb’s face, his piercing blue eyes formulating the question for him.

“I’m leaving, Sebastian. Don’t call me babe, we’re not a thing anymore” I tell him, avoiding his eyes. He looks confused for a second, so I take advantage on it and slide out of his arms. I try to pull my suitcase from under his hands, but he reacts and holds it down strongly.

“What have I done?” he asks, softly and with an utterly confused look on his face.

“It’s not abut you, it’s about me”

He is quiet for a few seconds before asking “Are you cheating on me?”

“What? No! I would never do that!”

“Then why is this about you?”

I look at him in the eye. I should have lied about cheating. Now I can’t think of a good excuse.


“Because… Because I hate you!” I scream, my brain grasping the first excuse it finds. “I hate you for… being so perfect. For being the ‘Hottest Man on Earth’, the man everyone wants to date. The oscar-winer actor. The man that couldn’t be any nicer or sweeter. The perfect boyfriend. I hate you for that, for being the perfect boyfriend, and I curse the day I fell for you, the day I decided to be your girlfriend!” I sob and sit on the bed, hiding my face in my hands.

I expect to feel his arms wrap around me, but they never do. After a few minutes of silence, Sebastian calls me again.


I look up to see him on the other side of the room, holding my phone. He must have read the article. Good, that way he’ll realize he needs someone better than me. He mumbles angrily under his breath.

“Y/N, please don’t read this articles. They are written by a jealous hand, and all they contains is poison. Fake poison.” he crosses the room and sits next to me. “They aren’t true, they just want to hurt you.” he presses his finger to the tip of my nose and I hit his hand away. “There’s only one reason I’m dating you, Y/N.”

This gets my attention. I sit up and look at him. “Why?”

“Because you’re the only person I’m madly in love with. You’re beautiful, even more than those models” he pulls a stray hair being my ear. “And I’m not saying this to make you feel better. To my eyes, you’re way prettier than them, way more real.”

“I’m ugly, Sebastian.”

He laughs. “No you’re not, honey. They’re the ugly ones, the fake ones. You’re Y/N, the only woman I’ll ever consider impeccably beautiful. I promise i’m speaking the truth.”

I want to believe him, but I don’t know if I should. I look at the suitcase laying on the bed. Sebastian seems to read my thoughts, because he gently turns my head to him, two fingers under my chin, and looks at me in the eye, those two blue beauties searching through my soul.

“You’re really leaving me because you think I deserve something better?” he whispers, inches away from my face. My breath gets caught in my lungs. “Let me make that decision, Y/N.”

I can’t think clearly due to his proximity. “And what have you decided?”

“I’m exactly where I want to be” he whispers back, seconds before his lips crash into mine.

[Part III] Crimson Frost

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Word count: 1,800+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
Part I - Part II
A/N: Can we talk about how cute Peter looks in this gif? This cinnamon role is too pure for this world (and with that I mean Tom Holland, haha)! Here is part three! Enjoy! 💕

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Mean Queens Ch.11 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: This is a chapter. Enjoy mon petite fruitcakes

wankWANK’s A/N: MY FINGERS NEED AMPUTATING PLEASE ENJOY THIS I GAVE UP MY FIRSTBORN TO COMPLETE IT. please leave lots of feedback so my thirsty ass can enjoy it <333333

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Cliff’s Edge, ch 12 (of 14)

Yes, you’re reading that right. Cliff’s Edge has gotten longer. This is not the final chapter. (But ch13 is nearly done with edits and will be up soon! You will like that. <3 )

(ch12 on ao3) (read from the beginning on ao3)

Rain or shine, strange bed or no, Alexei always wakes up at seven-thirty to work out before he starts the day.

However, he always wakes up at seven-thirty on the East coast. So the first time he emerges from sleep, he checks his phone and finds it’s four-twenty-two.

Fuck time zones,” he grumbles, and rolls over.

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Crappy morning started with binging on pizza and cereal.

But I’m at work now with a giant bottle of green smoothie for lunch, my large water bottle, some herbal tea, and some almonds for snacking. Telling myself that 1 bad meal does not give me an excuse to continue to hurt my body for the rest of the day.

Hair Stylist

Authors Note: I have so many ideas for my upcoming imagines by the way! I don’t know if they’ve ever been done before but I’m trying to make them as original as possible! 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader used to be a hair stylist and takes it into their hands to style Buckys hair.

Words: 1555 

Warnings: Bucky being destructive in the kitchen, poor decapitated fridge 

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

You grimaced as Bucky walked in the room with sweaty gym hair. He tucked both sides of his hair behind his ear in an attempt to keep it out of his face but failed miserably as he reached in the fridge to grab a water bottle. He groaned out in frustration and slammed the fridge door shut, not realizing his own strength. The fridge door unhinged and fell to the ground with a loud thud. Bucky hissed a bunch of incoherent curse words and slammed down the water bottle, that he was holding with his left hand, down on the counter. The pressure he put on it caused it to burst open and water sprayed out everywhere. 

It was Bucky Vs. Kitchen and the kitchen was winning. 

You snickered from your spot on the couch and put the book that you were reading down. “Tony’s going to kill you.” Buckys head shot up, not realizing that you were there this whole time, and bit back a scowl. “Yeah, no shit Captain Obvious.” He dragged his hand down his face before letting out a heavy sigh. “Please don’t tell him." 

You raised an eyebrow at him and got up. "What’s in it for me?” You were going to help him either way but you enjoyed watching him squirm. Besides, you loved blackmail and you were all for letting Bucky do your laundry for a month or making you breakfast. This time, though, you had something different in mind. Bucky never lets anyone touch his hair but that was all about to change. 

“I’ll do your laundry for two months-oh! And I’ll make your breakfast for three!” You laughed at Buckys desperation to keep his little incident between you two and he frowned in confusion. Walking closer to him you smirked involuntarily as you saw him tense under your close proximity. 

You reached your hand up to rub the stubble on his cheek and leaned in closer to his ear. “As tempting as that sounds,” you said in your best sultry voice, “I have something else in mind." 

Buckys Adams apple bobbed up and down as he visibly swallowed. "Y-yeah, what’s that?" 

You ran your free hand up and down his chest before latching it on to his shoulder and pushed him against the counter behind him. "From now on..” You paused for dramatic effect. “..I can be your personal hair stylist!" 

Bucky was caught off guard as he blinked all the inappropriate thoughts out of his mind. He shook his head, "Wait, what? N-no, I’m not letting you anywhere near my hair.” He was still a little shaken from your little tease but you didn’t need to know that. Too bad you already noticed how flustered he had gotten. 

You faked a sigh as you moved away from him and towards the elevator. “Well, I guess I’ll have to bring Tony down here to fix the fridge.." 

"No, no, no, no-ok fine! You can be my. . hair stylist.” You grinned and bounced to the decapitated fridge. “Perfect! We can start tomorrow.” You raised your hand and the fridge door was attached back to its hinge in a matter of seconds. 

Bucky shook his head as you skipped away to your room. The elevator doors dinged, announcing someones presence. A few seconds later, Tony walked in the kitchen. He took one look at the kitchen counter and stopped in his tracks. “Um, why is my kitchen counter all wet? And why does that water bottle look like its been through hell?" 

Bucky chuckled nervously and shrugged. "Don’t know my own strength?" 

The next day you sauntered into the living room to see Sam, Natasha and Bucky watching a movie. You hopped over to Bucky and pulled on his arm to make him stand up. "Come onnn, remember our plans for today.” Bucky rolled his eyes and Natasha smirked. Sam kept his eyes on the screen not wanting to miss anything. "What plans?“ 

"Nothing!” “I’m going to style Buckys hair!" 

Bucky groaned as he realized that he was going to endure weeks worth of teasing from Sam when his head shot up, his interest piqued. The movie was long forgotten as Sam burst out in laughter and Natasha raised her eyebrows in both surprise and amusement. 

"Barnes never lets anyone touch his hair, how’d you trick him into that? Wait- no, let me guess, blackmail?” You nodded and pulled Bucky up the stairs and to your room. Sams laughing didn’t die down as he yelled at you guys. “I always wondered how you would look in pigtails, Barnes! Oh and a French Braid!" 

You snickered as you noticed the annoyed look on Buckys face and dragged him down the hall. "Don’t worry, I won’t give Sam the satisfaction of seeing you in pigtails.” You paused before adding, “But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it either." 

Once you guys were in your room you walked into your bathroom where all your supplies were. You sat Bucky down on the closed toilet seat while you turned on the pipe. "When was the last time you washed your hair?" 

Bucky watched you move around the bathroom, "Last night.” You looked up at Buckys hair. “What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?" 

Bucky furrowed his eyebrows,"Um, I don’t remember. Does it really matter?” You squeezed some shampoo in your hands. “Of course it matters. Take off your shirt.” The soldier was taken back by your bluntness but covered it up with a smirk. He peeled off his shirt and threw it somewhere by the door. “Doll, you didn’t have to pretend to want to do my hair just to see me shirtless. All you had to do was ask." 

You rolled your eyes but you had to admit, this man was sculpted by the gods. You pushed him with your elbows under the pipe."You humor me Barnes. Rinse your hair out.” After he did that you moved to rub the shampoo in his hair but he moved away and scrunched up his nose. 

“Bucky! You’re wetting up my floor!” He ignored you and look at the shampoo bottle. “Fruit Smoothie Bonanza? There is no way you’re putting this in my hair." 

"Why nott?” He was making this more difficult than this had to be and you were getting fed up. “I don’t want to walk around smelling like a fruit basket!” You threw your head back with a groan and washed the shampoo off your hands. 

“Fine, you want a shampoo that smells all musk and ‘manly’? I’ll go see what Steve has.” After you had gotten Buckys preference in shampoo, he allowed you to wash his hair with no trouble. You were now drying his hair when he started squirming in his seat. 

“What is it now?” He glanced at you through the mirror and bit his lip. “You. . you’re not really going to put my hair in a French Braid, are you?” You froze for a moment and the burst out laughing from Buckys actual concern. He looked like a confused puppy at this moment and all you wanted to do was hug him. Butterflies erupted in your stomach at the thought. 

“No, as funny as that would be.” You take off the dryer and put it down before picking up the brush. “How are you such a professional in doing my hair? It’s never been this soft.” You giggled as Bucky started touching his hair and smacked his hand away. 

“Before I joined the team,” You explained to him,“I used to be a hair stylist. One of the biggest ones in Manhattan, actually. I was booked to do Tony’s hair multiple times, that’s how we knew each other." 

Bucky was surprised by this newfound information. "Really? How come you never told anyone before?” You shrugged your shoulders. “No one asked." 

When you were done with Buckys hair you placed the brush down and gave Bucky some time to look at your work. "Wow Y/N. Thank you so much, I could kiss you.” You knew it was a joke and shot him back a response. 

“Well then why don’t you?” Both of you tensed as you realized that you sounded like you weren’t actually joking. Which you weren’t, you had been wanting to kiss him for months but you knew he didn’t feel the same way. 

“I mean-I’m sorry that sounded better in my head, just-” You were interrupted by Bucky placing his lips on yours. There was a bit of hesitation in the kiss and he pulled back before you can respond. 

“Shit, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I was way out of line and-” This time, you interrupted Bucky. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed his hands on your hips to pull your body closer. Your lips molded perfectly together as they moved together in harmony. He started to back you up against the wall but the back of your leg hit the vanity in the process. You guys jumped apart at the noise when your things clattered to the floor. 

You both laughed as a blush stained your cheeks. “You know,” You bit your lip,“this is a better price in paying me than I had in mind." 

"I had to pay?”

thewhitestars  asked:

Clexa: Clarke really, really likes to watch Lexa train. Lexa Likes to show off.

To anyone who asks, Clarke will say that this is the best and worst job she has ever had. She took it because she thought–hey, this will be easy. I can just chill behind a desk, maybe sell some refreshments–and for the most part, she had been right. She sits at the reception desk at the front of the massive university gym and rec center, and she signs people up for fitness or activity events, signs non-students up for paid memberships, signs alumnis up for discounted memberships, and sells people fruit smoothies, bottles of water, and the occasional banana. It’s all very simple, and she gets an hourly wage plus weekly credits to her student account.

Seeing all these incredibly fit people flaunting their incredibly fit goods through the gym, though, is a bit of a downer sometimes, because hey, that’s the quickest way to make you realize how incredibly not fit your own body is, right? It should really make Clarke want to work out, but it actually just makes her crave junk food. Pizza, she thinks. Sweet, greasy, cheesy heaven–she could be devouring such deliciousness while watching the deliciousness of the football team hammering away at the weights and supportively smacking each other’s asses when they switch off machines.  

On the flip-side, while seeing all these incredibly fit people flaunting their incredibly fit goods through the gym isn’t the best for her body image, it’s fantastic for her libido. Clarke never goes a day without drooling over some chiseled abs or a tight ass, and if she’s going to work out, well, there’s only one way Clarke can think that she doesn’t mind at all. She has gotten more numbers than she can count in the year she has been working here.

The best part about her job, though, can be explained in two words–Lexa Woods.

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Curtis Sister Imagine “Playing it Off”
- requested by bunbun1027.
You’re the same age as Pony but get treated like a 5 year old. Ever since your parents past Darry, Soda, and Pony had been looking out for you 24/7. The gang was coming over tonight and you got extra pretty because Dally was coming over and you had a huge crush on him. As soon as they all got here you walked down the stairs in a pink dress and lots of makeup on.
“Going out?” Soda joked.
“Um…no! Mom got me this dress so I can wear it if I want!”
There was always an exception when it came to your parents. They respected that. You went into the living room and saw Dally.
“Hey boys!” You called out. Two Bit stood up and gave you a hug and spun your around. He’d treat you like a little sister because he had always wanted one. You were part of the gang and he’d look after you just like he did with everyone else. You sat on the couch next to Dally. You brushed your dress and smiled at him.
“Hey..” He said “we’re playing spin the bottle, witch means you might have to kiss Pony!” He laughed and you responded “oh ya! Well you might have to kiss me so ha!” He turned back around.
“Play fair!” Darry called out and went upstairs to finish some paperwork. Steve got a bottle and spun it first. It landed on Two Bit. He was dared to strip down and run around the block. When he came back it was Soda’s turn and he had to chug down a veggie smoothie. The bottle then landed on you.
“Kiss Dally!” Soda said.
“Ya, kiss your boyfriend!” Steve joined along. Pony told them to back off and that you didn’t have to.
“Ok, ok! I’ll do it” you dragged dally to the kitchen.
“In front of us please!” Two Bit said. Johnny or Pony didn’t think it was a great idea. You never had your first kiss. Sure you loved Dally but it was still weird.
“C'mon losers!”
You finally kissed him. You looked at him and he looked at you. Differently then ever before.
After the night is over you waited for Dally to leave.
“Bye Dallas..”
“See Ya Doll!” He smiled.
“I can’t believe you kissed him!” Pony said.
“Me neither! Ohhh Dally!”
“Gross Y/N!”

mstzy  asked:

I'm currently a college student & I don't want to eat food on campus all the time. Do you have any advice or ideas of how I could eat healthier? I bought everything I need to cook my own stuff. 😊

  • avocados avocados avocados!!! they are so satisfying + have so many healthy nourishing oils. i could live on them. just spread them on a rye cracker or corn cracker or whatever you fancy and sprinkle with sea salt + black pepper. so delicious. honestly. i eat this all the time! they healed my skin. and so quick and easy to make!
  • chickpeas salad (cooked chickpeas + raw pepper + tomato + cucumber + onion + garlic + grated beet + grated carrot + cooked mushrooms +  herbs (such as thyme and basil or anything that you enjoy!) + sprinkle of sea salt + black pepper + a lil bit of soya sauce + a lil bit of olive oil + a lil bit of balsamic vinegar + curry spices)… you don’t have to use all of these veggies, just whatever you have at hand and feel called to! don’t force yourself into something you don’t enjoy.
  • stir-fried veggies!!!! (anything at all! just stir fry it. i do stir fries all the time, almost everyday. and they are quite good if they’re at room temperature as well. just mix everything. i’ve been having this lately: leeks + pepper + tomatoes + mushrooms + onion + garlic + zucchini + eggplant + sunflower oil + soya sauce + paprika!!! + black pepper + lil bit of ginger (if you like spicy!!! i love spicy.) + cumin + dried garlic + sprinkle of sea salt. also, stir fried sweet potatoes (with black pepper + paprika + cumin + soya sauce) just on their own are so delicious! and stir fried or baked potatoes mmmm! with just a sprinkle of sea salt + black pepper. yum!!!! just follow your heart, warm the oil and throw everything into the wok + as it softens add the seasonings!)
  • wholewheat pasta + veggies (just cook the pasta, add tomato sauce + stir fry some veggies or cook them with the pasta + season everything.)
  • basmati rice + beans (cook the rice + veggies + add the cooked beans and season it as you please. so wholesome!!!! and endlessly satisfying.)
  • basmati rice + chickpeas + dark green veggies (so good + satisfying + wholesome + nourishing!!!)
  • raw salads (lentil sprouts are my favourite. sprout them at home, it’s so easy + so much cheaper + fills your soul. and then mix with lettuce + radishes + tomatoes + grated carrots + grated beets + avocado. corn is also delicious, i simply don’t eat it much because most of it is gmo. that scares me. if you find non-gmo organic corn then perfect, add that as well!!!) and nuts!!! almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds. i love them in raw salads. as well as sprinkled on top of rice!)
  • lentils curry + basmati rice with almonds + raisins + sesame seeds + coconut oil. yum!!!!
  • stir fried noodles!!!! i lived on stir fried noodles for months. i love them so much. just stir fry veggies on a wok + boil some water in a pot and cook the noodles or even just soak them for 3-4 minutes and then once the veggies are just about cooked + noodles are soft, mix them with all the veggies in the wok and stir fry them for a few minutes + perhaps add scrambled eggs… yum yum yum. i love noodles + veggies!!!!
  • diced melon or watermelon or cantaloupe or pineapple or mango or pear or apple or orange slices or sliced peaches or grapes!!! anything at all is always a great idea and so refreshing. 
  • dried mango as a sweet snack is amazing. also dried pineapple! like vegan gummy bears hehe.
  • salty peanuts (the ones that are just peanuts + oil + salt)
  • cashews!!! 
  • buckwheat + veggies!!!
  • millet + veggies!!!
  • raw red pepper stuffed with avocado + sea salt + black pepper!!! like a raw sandwich. so delicious. just thinking about it makes my mouth water…
  • hummus!!!! hummus is pure bliss. so good. i would just make hummus (cooked chickpeas + garlic + sesame seeds + tahini + lemon juice + olive oil + cumin + sea salt. blend it all. and then just slice lil bits of carrot. or pepper. or cucumber. anything at all. and dip it in the hummus… so good!)
  • tzaziki (greek yoghurt + cucumber + mint + garlic + sea salt + olive oil + lemon juice) and dip some veggies in it.

ah… sweetheart, just be creative! follow your heart. get a lot of goodness from a farmer’s market if possible and then just follow your intuition and whatever you feel like you want to eat, rather than forcing yourself to be healthy. eating is pure joy!!!! it is medicine. then put it all into a tupperware and take it with you. maybe make some herbal tea as well + put it into a glass bottle. or a smoothie. or just pure spring water. i hope this helped at all, sorry for the long ramblings hehe. i get excited when it comes to eating simple good veggie food hehe x x x x

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Prompt: The Bella's go on a vacation together. They have a VERY LONG delay for a connecting flight. Then lots of Bechloe airport fluff with ocasional disturbances from the other Bellas

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Beca grunted when she looked up at the screen displaying their departure time. They’d already been stationed in the airport for over an hour due to Chloe’s obsession with being exactly on time for exactly every single thing they did together as a group (despite the fact that when she was not operating in the group she tended to do everything late…like, for instance, um, graduating college), and now they were expected to wait five more hours. Without thinking, they’d sent Lilly to ask why, which resulted in her getting screened again and a pat-down of all the Bellas after the TSA discovered a very extensive knife and rope collection growing in Lilly’s carry-on. 

To be fair, most of them assumed that any dangerous thing she’d say would be said so quietly that no one would notice, so…they didn’t realize she was a flight risk until…after she became a flight risk. 

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Big Chop Update!

Hi !
I loooove my hair! Doing the “big chop” was probably the best thing I’ve done so far this year. Pictured is Jan. 9th- May 29th. I use moisturizer daily (Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie), spray bottle with oils (coconut, argan, a little leave in conditioner and water) and cowash once a week.

So if anyone has been debating, DO IT ! :)
You’ll love it.

Personal Tumblr: theycallmedyme
Beauty/ Fashion Blog: thexvanity