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What kind of aesthetics do you associate with each Dreams/Soda bottles based off of what we have seen so far in the teasers?

MJ: baseball hats and bouncy houses

Jinjin: toys and playing sports outdoors

Eunwoo: indoor playgrounds with a net, slide and ball pit and spiral notebooks filled from front to back (and A thought of the song Habits by Tove Lo, a sad hipster in a bathroom aesthetic)

Moonbin: stay at home movie nights, drinking coffee late at night

Rocky: underground dance crew leader (alternatively: makes his team members dance battle each other, and then he dance battles the winner, and he kicks butt every time)

Sanha: bananas and boats and acoustic music

(this took us really long to answer rip)


My little anti-nightmare spell bottle all ready to go for tonight. 

With any activity that is designed to calm or soothe me in some way, I like to be organised and get everything ready ahead of time. I made this in the afternoon so that now, tonight, all I have to do is light the candle in the mouth of the bottle and meditate on having happy, pleasant dreams. 


  • a small jar or bottle
  • two small sprigs of rosemary (to prevent nightmares/aid in a peaceful sleep) 
  • salt (for protection) (I used Murray river salt, which is why its pink) 
  • rose leaf/leaves (or petals, if you have them. my rose isn’t currently flowering, so i improvised. roses encourage sweet dreams)
  • sigil(s) designed to evoke peaceful, beautiful dreams  
  • a white candle, preferably unused if you have it
  • a piece of citrine (for happiness! and in this context, for happy dreams
  • a piece of white paper big enough to wrap your citrine in
  • brown string/twine
  • a blue, sea-breeze scented tea light candle (or white/unscented/candle of your choice. something you find soothing!)


Ahead of time: 

  1. Gather your materials. Put enough salt in your bottle to cover the bottom the glass, and add your rosemary sprigs. 
  2. Light your white, unused candle. On the back of your rose leaves, write your sigil(s). You can design them at this point while the candle burns, or design them in advance. 
  3. Roll up the rose leaves and blow out the candle, waving the rose leaves in the smoke to activate the sigils. Place them in the bottle. 
  4. Take your piece of citrine and wrap it in your white paper, fastening it with the brown string. Place in the bottle. (I included this because I was thinking about how I wanted to dream of nice things, and it made me think of the “My Favourite Things” scene in The Sound of Music. The basic idea of this spell is that when there are bad things rattling around your head at night, it will help you think of good things instead!) 
  5. Place your blue tea light on top of the bottle, and put the bottle near your bed, ready for the night. 

When you’re ready for bed:

  1. Light the blue, sea-breeze scented candle and meditate on the flame. Focus your intent on creating calm, sweet dreams. Take deep, slow breaths, in and out. 
  2. If it helps, visualise a beautiful, natural scene, like the ocean, or a forest, or whatever soothes you. 
  3. Blow the candle out and go to sleep. 

And there you have it! I’m so energised after making this baby that I’m glad there’s a few hours between now and bedtime. Here’s hoping for sweet dreams! 😴👍

NCT LIFE in Chiang Mai EP 01
  • ten saving k-pop with “if you’re happy and you know it”
  • cute documentary maker doyoung
  • english speaker jaehyun
  • “were happy together”
  • marks kiss for the camera
  • taeyong and his pokeball
  • dab-young
  • (t)werk it ten
  • lonely johnny missing his members then getting turnt up
  • cute boys being thankful
  • menace taeyong w/ his palm leaves
  • why are they bottle flipping smh
  • they are still bottle flipping
  • moonwalk outta there jaehyun
  • left or right door what will you pick
  • they sorted it out okay onLY TOOK THE WHOLE EPISODE
  • tens “I DIDNT FART” !!!
  • doyoung almost breaking some expensive equipment
  • cute lil goodbyes
Sleep Bottle

I finally got around to making this. And it was…. Fun…? I mean there was fire involved and me almost burning my fingers but psh, details.

Anywho, here’s what ya need for this little bottle spell!


  • Small bottle
  • Candle
  • Bayleaf
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Salt (sea salt/Himalayan salt but we didn’t have either)
  • Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli chips
  • Paper
  • Purple, blue, and light blue string
  • Sigil for sleep/dreams (I used my own sigil for this {to always have insightful and pure dreams})

Not pictured:

  • Fireproof container (I just used a large drum ashtray)
  • Lighter
  • Sink - just in case


  1. Light the candle up and let it burn for a bit; at this time, take our your sleep/dream sigil and put it aside
  2. Fill in the bottle with the rosemary, bay leaf, lavender, and salt
  3. Next, braid the three strings together. Once done, put the braid aside
  4. Be careful with this next step, because I was mostly stupid and well… Yeah. Anyways, so this step requires you to burn your sigil. I ended up taking around 5+ minutes trying to burn the sigil because I kept throwing it back into my large ashtray container, picking the paper up again, and burning it. There were moments where I ALMOST burned my finger…
  5. After you’ve burnt your sigil (or as best as you could), put the ashes of the sigil into the bottle
  6. Now put in the amethyst and lapis lazuli chips. I got mine on sale from Michaels. So check your local crafts store if they have a sale on crystal chips or beaded chips
  7. Once that’s one, pop the cork back on, make sure it’s secured tightly. Take the braid and wrap it around the neck of the bottle how many times you want. Once you think it’s enough, make a little bow
  8. Blow out the candle and seal the bottle with the candle wax. Now, I also tried my best to make it look… Pretty… Or at least not scattered. I also dribbled the wax on the bow so it doesn’t like, untie itself.

And done! Sleep bottle is done! Just be careful of the wax!

You can put this next to your pillow/bed or near your pillow/bed for some happy dreams and good sleep!!

(i’m planning to give this to my gf as a present b/c I know she has trouble sleeping)

Resources for Jar / Bottle Magic, Part 01

Updated: November 9th, 2016


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In another place, in another time, she would have felt the majesty of the beauty around her, but as she stood on the beach, she realized that she didn’t feel anything at all. In a way, she felt as if she weren’t really here, as if the whole thing was nothing but a dream.
—  Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Sleep sweet starshines! ☁✨💤💙A spell to rest easy at night!

This is a little spell I made a while ago that I revamped because lately, I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep at night! This spell is meant to help get you to sleep at night, keep away nightmares, and ensure a restful sleep with pleasant dreams! There’s two versions, the terrarium to hang above my bed and the spell bottle to put under my pillow or keep with me while travelling! Both have the exact same ingredients

Ingredients ✨  

🌟 Black salt - protection

🌟 Rosemary - fights off nightmares during sleep, helps with dream recall

🌟 Jasmine - for restful sleep, pleasant dreams,

🌟 Lavender - very relaxing, reduces anxiety, helps fight off insomnia

🌟 Chamomile - relaxing, induces calming sleep

🌟 Blue candle - to charge the spell and to bring peace and calm


🌟 Amethyst - promotes relaxation and calm, promotes a good night sleep, helps with dream recall and bringing about vivid dreams

🌟 Tourmilated Quartz - brings together both the properties of tourmaline (preventing nightmares) and clear quartz (dream recall, bringing about vivid dreams) 

🌟 Clear Quartz - to amplify and ground the spell

🌟 Fluorite - protects the mind during sleep, promotes deep sleep

🌟 Rose Quartz - just a few chips for pleasant dreams and added sweetness!


🌟 Cleanse, ground, and center yourself and cast your circle! I cleansed myself with moon water I had programmed specifically for cleansing.

🌟 Light the blue candle to help charge all of your ingredients and your spell with peaceful and calm energy.

🌟 Add one layer of each of the herbs, and with each herb, ask them for help! So ask the rosemary for protection during your sleep, for the chamomile to help bring you a calming sleep, and so on for each herb!

🌟 Program and charge your crystals with intent! After I ask my crystals for their help and charge them with the energy I want them to help bring into my life, I kiss them for a little extra boost! it’s a nice way to add some more of your personal energy

🌟 Mix everything together and ground your spell! So visualize your spell already in effect, visualize the calm and peaceful energies surrounding you before bed and helping you get to sleep each night.

And while this spell was created with the intention of making it easier to get to sleep and having peaceful dreams, a lot of the ingredients and crystals in here can help enhance psychic intuition and can enhance any dream messages you may be getting! 

I also find that this particular spell smells really sweet, so I find it relaxing to take a moment to enjoy the scents and let relaxation wash over me!

Hopefully this helps y’all get some good sleep and brings a little bit more calm into your life! Sleep sweet! - 🐸

once I had a dream where I was in the ninjago universe with the ninja and we were talking about stuff and I said “no ones ever done a spinjitzu bottle flip and had it land” and I decided to try as an example (this was like first person I was doing spinjitzu) and I flipped it and it landed and everyone lost their crap and we were all screaming it was great

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I'm increasingly finding it harder and harder to sleep because of my paranoia! Do you have any spells or crystals to help with falling & staying asleep easily? Thank you so much!!

Hey there!

Here are some crystals that can assist with sleep:

  • amethyst (calming and soothing)
  • chrysocolla (sleep)
  • clear quartz (calming)
  • emerald (sleep and tranquility)
  • labradorite (sleep and calming)
  • moonstone (calming)
  • rose quartz (calming)
  • selenite (sleep)
  • smokey quartz (calming)

Sources: [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Here is a list of [Herbs to Use in Sleep Magic] as well.

I have a crap ton of sleep spells that I’m gonna toss at you , so you can find whichever one best suits your needs and supply requirements.

Whew, that was a lot. I hope that helps you!

Those braids are sooo much fun. I really enjoy her trippy little glasses too.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 2