bottled coke

the signs as ppl i saw at the airport at 4 am
  • Aries: the pilot that had a bottle of pepsi and a bottle of coke in his hands and looked at both for a long while before buying them both, mixing them into the same cup, and downing the whole cup in one swing.
  • Taurus: the old guy who accidentally threw his phone in the trash and got his two year old granddaughter to dig it out of the trash
  • Gemini: the guy across the waiting area from me that bought a whole bag of black licorice and poured it in his mouth
  • Cancer: the lady that has spider earrings in February
  • Leo: the obvious just-married couple that started making out aggressively in starbucks
  • Virgo: the guy trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom
  • Libra: the guy whose flight got delayed by and hour and he just kinda. collapsed into a chair and he looked like he was about to sob.
  • Scorpio: the very nice lady that asked me how old i was and how highschool was and offered me a cookie from her purse. it was stale and had a bite taken out of it.
  • Sagittarius: this 5 year old girl that was wearing five jackets while her parents wore shorts
  • Capricorn: that guy in gate 69 who would dab every time someone said "69" over the intercom
  • Aquarius: this girl talking on the phone to her husband and trying to explain how to make a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Pisces: the guy who obviously lost his luggage and was wearing a too-small powderpuff girl shirt and bags under his eyes.
Let's go to a restaurant : 我们一起去餐馆吧。(Wǒmen yīqǐ qù cānguǎn ba)

When you enter in the restaurant , you’ll often hear :

你们几位? (nǐ men jǐ wèi) : How many people (are in your group?) or simply 几位?(jǐ wèi)

You might respond : 

Two: 两位 (liǎng wèi)
Three: 三位 (sān wèi)
Four: 四位 (sì wèi) etc…

What you might hear (too) :

您要点菜吗?:(nín yào diǎncài ma?) Would you like to order?

您要点什么?:(nín yào diǎn shénme?) What would you like to order?

您已经选好了吗?:(nín yǐjīng xuǎnhǎole ma?) Have you chosen already?

您要先喝点儿什么吗?:(nín yào xiān hēdiǎnr shénme ma?) Would you like to order some drinks to start with?

马上! (mǎ shàng): Be right there!

Getting the Waiter’s attention

In a Western restaurant, we may politely say something like, “Excuse me. We’re ready to order.” Not so in a Chinese restaurant. 

Waiter! Order food! : 服务员! 点菜! (fú wù yuán! diǎn cài!) 

Instead of 服务员, depending of the place (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan…) we can use 小姐 (xiǎo jiě) for waitress. 

Making your order : 

I want… :我要… (wǒ yào) or I would like: 我想要 (wǒ xiăng yào)

Examples : 

  • I’d like an order of Kung Pao chicken : 我要一份宫保鸡丁 (wǒ yào yí fèn gōng bǎo jī dīng) 
  • I want a bowl of rice : 我要一碗饭  (wǒ yào yì wǎn fàn)

Do you have chicken ?: 请问,有鸡肉吗?

Is this beef ?: 这是牛肉吗?

(While pointing to the menu) : 这个, 一份 (zhè gè, yī fèn) (One serving of this.)

I want a bottle of Coke: 我要一瓶可口可乐 (Wǒ yào yī píng kěkǒukělè)

Asking questions : 

Waitress/ waiter, please give me the menu: 服务员, 请给我菜单 (Fú wù yuan,qĭng gěi wŏ cài dān) 

What can you recommend?: 你有什么可以向我推荐?(nǐ yǒu shénme kěyǐ xiàng wǒ tuī jiàn?)

What’s the most popular dish here?: 这里最火的菜是什么? (zhè lǐ zuì huǒ de cài shì shén me)“

Where is the restroom ?: 洗手间在哪里 ? (xĭ shǒu jiān zài nă lǐ)

Restroom/WC:洗手间 (xĭ shǒu jiān) or 厕所 (cè suǒ)

Complaints : 

这不是我点的  (zhè bú shì wǒ diǎn de) :This isn’t what I ordered 

我点了炒饭,还没到 (wǒ diǎn le chǎo fàn, hái méi dào) :I ordered some fried rice and it hasn’t arrived.  

帐单不对 (zhàng dān bù duì) : The bill is not right. 

Other phrases : 

I don’t want MSG : 我不要味精 (wǒ bú yào wèi jīng)

I don’t want it spicy : 我不要辣的 (wǒ bú yào là de)

I don’t eat meat : 我不吃肉 (wǒ bù chī ròu)

I am a vegetarian : 我吃素 wǒ chī sù

I am vegan : 我吃全素 (wǒ chī quán sù) (or 我吃 纯素 wǒ chī chún sù)

I’m sorry, is it possible not to put meat in that? : 不好意思,可以不放肉吗 ?(bù hǎoyìsi, kěyǐ bù fàng ròu ma?)

After the meal, you might say :

The bill, please!: 买单! (mǎi dān) or 我买单 wǒ mǎidān (I would like to pay) 

How much is it (in total)?:  一共多少钱?  (yí gòng duō shǎo qián)

Can I use a credit card?: 刷卡可以吗? (shuā kǎ kě yǐ mā) 

Pay together: 一起付 (yī qǐ fù) 

Pay separately:分开付 (fēn kāi fù)


It’s not customary to tip in restaurants in China. If the service was exceptionally good, and you are paying in cash, you can simply ask them to keep the change as a tip.

  • Don’t need to give me the change. It is a tip : 别找了,算小费吧。(bié zhǎo le, suàn xiǎ fèi ba)


  • 不用找了,当小费吧!(bú yòng zhǎo le dāng xiǎo fèi ba)” :No need to get change, keep it as a tip!
Taste the Feeling

Taste the Feeling ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : Modern AU

****Requested: Yes

There are no Edmund coke bottles in real life, I am dismayed. (There’s an Ed one, tho.)

Y/N walks inside the nearest convenient store, taking a peak around.
The door opened behind her, and all of a sudden something bumped into her.
Y/N gasped as she stumbled forward.
The person who bumped into her and let out a string of curses before reaching a hand out to stabilize her.
“Shit. You okay?” He apologized. “Wasn’t looking.”
“Yeah,” Y/N nodded, smiling before walking off to the candy isle.
The boy who bumped into her just shrugged and walked towards the chips isle.
Y/N ran to the register a few minutes later, catching a glimpse at the boy who bumped her as he exited the convenient store with a few plastic bags.
She dumped a stack of random food to the register before shooting her head up. “Oh, yeah, one sec.”
The cashier rolled her eyes. “You forgot something?”
Y/N smiled sheepishly.
The cashier sighed “Go ahead, not like you have a line behind you.”
Y/N glanced around the store, realizing that she was the only costumer left.
Y/N grinned at the cashier. “I’ll be quick.”
She rushed over to the drinks isle and stood infront of the refrigerators.
“What do we drink today?” She hummed to herself.
Her eyes darted over to the red wrappers at the last refrigerator.
Y/N grinned and ran forward, snatching a couple bottles and running back.
“And this,” She said, gently setting the bottles down. “Ten bottles of coke.”

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Little moments of whump

Grand whump is wonderful, of course, but what takes my breath are those subtle moments that show the whumped character is really not ok:

- taking a moment to close his eyes because he’s light headed/exhausted/has such a bad headache

- pressing the heel of his hand against his temple, because his head hurts or he can feel his temperature rising

- spacing out a bit during a conversation - especially when he’s the one speaking, so that he kind of trails off and has to shake himself and apologise and get back on track

- pressing a cold bottle of beer/coke against his forehead and just taking a moment to savour the relief

- especially a normally diligent/stoic character - falling asleep on the job or somewhere he shouldn’t, even if it’s just for a moment, and he’s startled awake by someone/something and there’s just that moment of being lost in his eyes as he tries to figure out where he is and what’s happened

- his hands are shaking and he accidentally meets someone’s eyes who’s seen it happen so he shoves his hands into his pockets or armpits and stalks off

- a little stagger as he walks, or kind of drunkenly reeling off-course a tiny bit before he self-corrects

- that helpless expression just before he collapses

- moving wrong in a way that aggravates the pain, and the sudden seizing of his body

- breathing through the pain

- leaning against objects so he can stay upright, especially if he’s doing it as nonchalantly as possible

- a pause as he first notices that something isn’t right

- that white knuckled grip

- a hitch in his voice as he talks

- half-lidded eyes that are becoming unfocussed

- the way his head lolls

- where he can’t even spare the energy/strength to turn his head and he kind of just accepts things/carries on looking straight ahead

- trying to carry on speaking a command or direction or explanation even though he can only voice a few words at a time, either because of pain, or weakness, or confusion/disorientation

- someone passes him something but his hands are clumsy and he fumbles with it rather than just taking it normally

- reaching under a jacket and coming out with a blood-stained hand (always this <3)

- apologising for being about to pass out just before he does (afhflksdkkjfgg)

Type Of Pranks BTS Would Pull On Their S/O


  • pretends to have made your favourite white shirt pink while doing laundry
  • push you off the bed when you were sleeping claiming you were disrupting his beauty sleep
  • pretends to have eaten the cake you’d been saving for when you got home

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  •  he’d prank you all the time and you wouldn’t even know bc his poker facing is amazing
  • *after he falls* “omg yoongi are you okay” *straight face* “no. i’m dying call 911.”
  • asks his s/o to hold his hand when he put on too much hand cream

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  • pretends to be mad when he’s not
  • would wake you up by screaming
  • send you “ugly” pictures of yourself

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  • pretends to not be in the “mood”
  • sends you a fake email
  • pretends to get hurt 
  • switches your drinks when you’re not looking

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  • more teasing pranks than anything (he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you)
  • changes his contact name in your phone to “tallest man in the world”
  • if you were shorter than him he’d intentionally place items you regularly use a shelf higher
  • he’d photobomb a lot

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  • hides under their s/o’s blanket and gives them a jump scare
  • changes the names of all your contacts
  • hides a fake spider in your bag
  • texts you song lyrics

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  • pretends to break up with you
  • changes the names of all your contacts
  • shakes a bottle of coke before giving it to you
  • places his foot on the weight while his s/o is weighing herself
  • mockingly imitates you lolol
  • his pranks would be intricate af too bc he’s a pos lmao

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You'll Miss Me When I Go

Part 2:

By the end of the meeting Keith was sure he hated Lance.
He was loud, obnoxious and never stopped talking.
Keith may of been able to forgive most of this if the guy actually had a reason to be at the meetings.
Grieving for himself?
What the he’ll is that supposed to mean?
Like what did he delete his Facebook and decide he needed coinciding for it.
No matter who was talking or what they had to say, Lance had a comment or a joke.
It was like he was laughing at all their suffering.
He was even smiling when Hunk told them all how hard he found it since he lost his grandfather.
Keith was losing it and Allura seemed to notice.
“I think that’s all for today thank you all for coming.” She said standing up.
“But we have at least ten mo-”
Coran was cut off when Allura directed his attention to Keith who had been glaring at Lance for the last ten minutes.
“Ah yes. I do have somewhere to be so we shall bring the group to an end until next session.”
“Sweet I’ll call the bae to pick me up.” Lance joked jumping to his feet and pulling out his phone.
Keith wondered what kind of woman would be crazy enough to stay with that weirdo.
“So any plans after this?” Hunk asked leaning his elbow on his knee to support his head.
“Not really.” Keith shrugged. He had planned on spending the rest of the night at home alone waiting by the phone for any word from Shiro.
“Well you do now.” Hunk grinned standing up and grabbing his backpack.
“Hunks tradition, after every session we go get ice cream.” Pidge explained trying to look uninterested but something about her tone gave away the fact she was actually looking forward to it.
“I don’t know… I mean I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Keith decided to leave out the fact he wasn’t sure he could stand much more of Lance before putting him on his ass.
“Awww come on, first Lance won’t come, now you don’t want to come.” Hunk groaned throwing his arms up in the air dramatically.
“Wait Lance isn’t coming?… erm I mean sure I suppose I could go for ice cream.” Keith smiled slightly as Hunk threw his arm around him and Pidge.
“I see you’ve replaced me already Hunk.” Lance said jokingly.
“Please you know I’m just after the buy two get one free ice cream deal.” Hunk replied laughing.
“Ah I miss ice cream so much. Almost as much as you three are going to miss me until the next session.” Lance winked flirtingly causing Keith to cringe.
“Yeah miss you like the plague.” Pidge smirked.
“Ah you know you love me young pigeon.” Lance laughed obnoxiously ruffling Pidge’s hair.
“That’s a filthy lie and you know it.” She snapped without any real venom.
“Babe get your ass over here.” A tall man with incredibly long white hair leaned in the door way with a hand on his hip.
Lance’s grin grew as he did as he was told.
The man leaned down wrapping his arms around Lance possessively and kissing him on the top of the head locking eyes with Keith.
“Hey babe go get me a drink I something ok.” He said tilting Lance’s face up to him.
Lance blushed and nodded before running off eagerly down the hall to the drinks machine.
“So who’s this little cutie?” He asked cocking his hip to one side as he ran a finger along Keith’s jaw line.
Keith jerked away staring at his guy who must of been Lance’s boyfriend. “The names Keith and don’t touch me.”
“Oh a feisty little kitten I like that.” He chuckled “well Keith it is simply wonderful to meet you. I am-”
“This is Lotor, he’s Lance’s boyfriend.” Hunk sounded strange. Like he was… angry. Keith didn’t know Hunk very long but he just didn’t seem like the kind of guy that could be angry at anyone every.
Lotor glared at Hunk before his seductive smile returned “as the fatty said I am indeed with Lance… for now.” He winked and Keith felt very uneasy.
He didn’t like what he had called Hunk and despite Lance’s flaws he felt like he could do better then this jerk. But it wasn’t really his place.
“Shut up Lotor Hunks perfect!” Pidge yelled taking a step forward and had to be held back by Hunk to stop her from taking a swing at the man.
“Oh yes I’m sure he is. And that’s why Lance is hanging around him and not me.”
“You know what!” Pidge shrugged Hunk off and looked ready to pounce when Lance returned holding a bottle of coke.
She stopped in her tracks and Keith couldn’t understand why.
Why would Lance being there stop her from defending Hunk?
“Ah thanks babe.” Lotor took the drink kissing him on the head before taking a sip, which he promptly spat out and threw the bottle against the wall causing everyone to jump.
“You know I have diet!”
“Sorry bae I’ll erm… I.”
Lotor sighed “oh my sweet idiot, your lucky your so pretty, no one else would put up with you.”
“Guess im lucky you love me then.” Lance joked but Keith saw a slight shake to his hands and a nervous glance to Hunk.
“Yeah sure I do. To make it up to me you buy some me dinner.” Lotor purred grabbing Lance by the wrist and pulling him out.
“Ok… sure.” Lance glanced over his shoulder waving “I guess I’ll see you guess next session.”
With that he was gone.
“Wow…” Keith mumbled in shock.
“Yeah… Worst thing is it’s the happiest I’ve seen Lance in a very long time.” Hunk said staring after Lance like all he wanted to do was wrap him up and keep him safe from the world.

———————————————part 1:
Patience and Faith

prompt:  We’re roommates and I heard you crying in the shower when I came home, are you okay?
pairing: destiel
tags: roommates, hurt/comfort, angst, burgers cw
a/n:  part one,  wrote this during my writing livestreams. thanks to everyone who joined, you’re amazing <3

Shopping bags bounce against Dean’s legs as he runs up the stairs. He doesn’t work out as much as he used to, so the elevator might have been a better idea. Instead, he tries to look tough and take all five stairs without ending up like an asthmatic rhino. He takes a few deep breaths when he ends up in front of his door with a red, sweaty face. He fumbles with the keys for a while, cursing under his breath because they’re slippery between his fingers.
Still cursing a little, he enters the small hall which is just large enough to get in a coat rack. He puts down the bags so he can slip off his leather jacket and hang it next to Cas’ trenchcoat.

“Hey!” He calls, but there’s no response. Maybe Castiel is focused on his school work again, or found a book in the library that he didn’t already know. Dean brings in the shopping bags himself, muttering he would’ve preferred a little help. Once he is in the kitchen and leans against the counter, he hears the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom. He can use a shower right now too, so he decides to take a shower once Cas is finished.

Humming some AC/DC song, he begins putting away the groceries. He bought ingredients for burgers, a little surprise for his roommate because he passed his English test. It was no surprise to Dean, but Castiel had been worrying the entire week. Dean forgave all his grumpiness days ago. But Cas apologised so many times yesterday that Dean wants to show him it’s fine that he was a bit absent-minded and pettish. To be fair, it’s actually kinda cute when he’s frowning and his hair is a mess because he keeps running his hands through it.

Castiel normally doesn’t shower so long. At first, Dean doesn’t pay attention to it, but once he puts away the last bottle of coke, it occurs to him that Cas has been in there for more than five minutes now, and he was already in there when Dean got home.
A little hesitant at first, Dean walks over to the bathroom and carefully knocks.

“Cas, buddy, you okay in there?”
No answer. Dean frowns and knocks again. He puts his ear against the door, but that doesn’t really work. Just as he’s about to knock again, he hears a sound that’s definitely not the shower. It’s a sob, soft and weak. But Dean is sure, even though he never heard Cas cry before.
Castiel is crying.

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Holy hell, guys! I’m seriously blown away by the fact you actually enjoyed my first ‘Imagine’. Seeing as some of you liked it, I think i just might continue writing whatever ideas pop into my head ;)

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Anonymous asked: Your Jeff imagine has me absolutely SHOOK! You’re so talented. Are you planning on writing a part 2?

Anonymous asked: YOUR JEFF IMAGINE WAS SO FUCKING PERFECT IM GRINNING LIKE A HYENA. OHMYGODDDDDDD and ik u said you aren’t taking request but like if you ever feel up to it if you made a part 2 to that imagine like the “date” part id forever kiss the ground you walk on lmfaooooo. But ya. You’re an amazing writer 😭

Imagine Jeff picking you up for your Valentine’s Day date. Dinner is not what you were assuming and you find out Jeff had a helping hand in finally opening up to you.

Jeff X Reader pt.II

Your knee bounces nervously as you wait for Jeff to pick you up and your mother watches you with a small knowing smile. "So who is this boy? Do I know him?“

You try hard to not roll your eyes. "Yes, mom. It’s Jeff,” you deadpan, but try with all your might to slow your beating heart. “Jeff from the eighth grade who I had a terrible crush on.”

A sharp, sudden inhale of breath has you looking towards your wide-eyed mother. When you were little, you used to tell her everything, but puberty changed things and you two didn’t quite talk as much. “Jeff.. Atkins!” She nearly squeals. “When- how?!”

“The other day,” you sigh and meet her gaze head on. “Tony and Clay were poking fun at me for turning down all the jocks asking me on a date, so I made it into a little challenge.”

Mom smirks as she takes a seat next to you, eager to hear more. “Go on.”

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