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aesthetic book recommendations: The Bartimaeus Trilogy

“Believe me, I know all about bottle acoustics. I spent much of the sixth century in an old sesame oil jar, corked with wax, bobbing about in the Red Sea. No one heard my hollers. In the end an old fisherman set me free, by which time I was desperate enough to grant him several wishes. I erupted in the form of a smoking giant, did a few lightning bolts, and bent to ask him his desire. Poor old boy had dropped dead of a heart attack. There should be a moral there, but for the life of me I can’t see one.”  

Honestly one of my favorite book series ever written, we don’t talk nearly enough about it. 


I just Love this song so fucking much <3 D:


Ugh. Come back plzzzzz. <3

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valdaya prompt: It's DWTS All-stars 2.0 and it's the "most memorable year" week and Zendaya and Val are dancing rumba (they're already dating) to commemorate the year 2013. And they're dancing to Bottle You Up /acoustic tho/ and just...put cuteness and fluffiness <333

It’s more sexual than fluffy and cute my apologies ;p

Dancing with the Stars was doing an All-stars season again because nothing helps ratings than bringing back their favorite celebrities on the dance floor.

When Zendaya found about about it she was pretty sure she would receive a phone call from them. She wasn’t cocky although spending so much time with her boyfriend she has to admit he was rubbing off on her.

She wasn’t sure of her decision mostly because she was dating one of the dancers of that high rated show and she was afraid how it could affect their relationship.

They talked about it a lot and decided to do it but only together. The producers had no other intention than to put them together because the chemistry that pair had was beyond anything they ever had on the show.

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