I don’t. If we hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have seen. You have to see it to know. Now I know. The dragons are my children. They’re the only children I’ll ever have. Do you understand? We are going to destroy the Night King and his army. And we’ll do it together. You have my word.


happy asian american and pacific asian heritage month
↳ featuring some north american hockey players of asian extraction 

(others include: kelly mcdonald, jess koizumi, jamie storr, peter ing, mike wong, torrie jung, jomar cruz, matt oikawa, ryan kuwabara, ryan suzuki, steve tsujiura, kyuin shim, hiroyuki miura, rudi ying, keanu yamamoto, zach yuen)

karamels are truly so fuckin transparent lmaoo hating on alex cause theres an episode titled w her name and saying supercorps are hypocrites for not hating or complaining abt it. Alex got her arc sidelined cause of that ugly ass bith if anything we poppin big bottles cause at least theres gonna b one (1) episode in which shes supposedly the focus instead of ur ugly ass fav (this IF the cw dont fuck it up lmao)

we out here poppin supreme bottles, malec bottles, harry shum jr bottles, matthew daddario bottles, 207 is dead bottles, omamori bottles, 1.06 bottles, belgium waffle bottles, alec’s home is at magnus’ loft bottles, todd and darren aren’t white devils bottles