Relaxing off the clock, cause not everything in these two’s lives is about their janitorial jobs.

At the store:
  • Jace: hi sorry i seem to have lost my daylighte- i mean friend. Can i make an announcement?
  • Manager: yeah ok
  • Jace: jace is a bottle blond wannabe
  • *from the back of the store*
  • Simon: TRUE THAT
  • Jace: nevermind he can go back to being lost
Bring It On, Winchester.

Written for @celticfire21​  for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,437

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, rough sex, squirting, overstimulation, edging, biting!kink, slight pain!kink, oral sex (male receiving), dom!Sam, dirty talk

Summary: The reader is a badass hunter that oys have run into many times over the years. There has always been a certain spark between her and Sam. While they flirt shamelessly nothing has ever come of it… until now.

Author’s Note: the biting kink thing is me dipping my toes in the water about writing a/b/o.

It had been a little over two years since you’d seen the Winchesters.

The last time you’d met up was on a witch case in Wisconsin, and that had only taken a couple days. You’d parted ways on a cold, stormy night, and since then you’d only spoken on the phone a few times, twice with Dean, once with Sam.

Now, there was a werewolf wreaking havoc in Hamden, Connecticut and the boys had called you to help out.

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griffiee  asked:

So I absolutely love Bughead (who doesn't?) and I need more fanfics. Could you possibly write something where all of their friends don't approve of their relationship because Jughead doesn't seem to care but it slowly grows on them as the relationship goes on?

Thanks so much! I Got you!

Betty and jughead, the oddest pair to walk Riverdale halls since Dilton Doiley had landed that model from Sweden.

Jughead Jones was all types of dark and moody, keeping his head down and a permanent grimace on his usually grumpy face, Betty Cooper on the other hand, was sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, always willing to lend a hand or a smile to absolutely anyone.

So when the pair came out to the school as a couple, the response was not positive. Almost everyone would awkwardly stare at Betty when she clung to jugheads arm chatting his ear off as he nodded absently. and when he showed up at football games, lurking in the corners to watch her cheer they were both on the receiving end of some disapproving stares. The support their relationship received left nothing to be desired.

Veronica lodge was no exception, she had pulled Betty out of her booth at pops shooting Jughead a challenging look, as archie slid in across from him. Dragging Betty to the counter, she placed a comforting hand on her best friends shoulder.

“Betty, we have to talk.”

Raising a brow, Betty quirked an unamused smile

“I kinda caught that when you dragged me away from my boyfriend. What’s up?”

“It’s about Jughead..”

“No.” Betty cut her off

Pleading eyes caught Betty’s

“Betty just listen.”

“No. I’m not doing this with you, you’re my best friend v and I love you, but we are not discussing my relationship, we’ve already done this countless times.” Betty turned to leave by Ronnie grabbed her wrist.

“You deserve someone who cares about you, someone who actually wants to be with you, I love Jughead too Betty, but he isn’t made for relationships. You know that.” Shaking her head, Betty leaned against the counter. While Veronica was grilling the blonde, archie had taken it upon himself to share his opinions with jughead.

“She’s a great girl, betty I mean.” Archie said anxiously

Jugheads face turned to stone

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m dating her.” His tone was even and calculated as he stared the red head in the eyes.

“Is that why?” Archie challenged.

Placing his burger on his plate Jughead leveled Archie

“What’s that supposed to mean ..pal?”

Archie looked serious now, no longer nervous just concerned.

“Look jug, you’re my best friend but so is Betty and people… well people are talking. They’re saying you’re only dating Betty because you feel bad, you don’t really care about her, you just owe her for getting your dad a job.”

Jugheads knuckles turned white as he clutched the table so tight he thought he might splinter the wood.

“Me and Betty don’t pay attention to gossip, we know how we feel and that’s what matters.”

Archie shook his head , unconvinced

“does she?” his eyes moved to the blonde walking over to the table the raven haired girl shaking her head as they reached the two boys.

“Juggie, can you walk me home, I’m not feeling too well.” Betty said quietly. He just nodded, stuffing his text book in his bag and grabbing her water bottle. He placed his hand on the small of her back, gently shoving her to the door.

“I’ll see you guys at school.” She threw over her shoulder.

As soon as they hit the street, Jughead grabbed her backpack out of her hands and thread his fingers through hers. She smiled at him weakly and he returned it giving her fingers a squeeze.

“Are you really feeling sick or just sick of our annoying friends?”

She giggled “a little bit of both, I think I’m just tired is all, Alice cooper has decided her youngest daughter can not get Bs so the studying has been upped quite a bit.” She leaned into his shoulder as they walked.

“Well Jughead jones has decided his girlfriend can get whatever grades she wants as long as she gets the appropriate amount of sleep.” He said raising a brow at her as she twisted to see his face.

Reaching up she pressed her lips to his and they fell into familiar conversation about their plans for this weekend, too soon they arrived at her door and his hands went to her waist, he took a deep breathe ducking his eyes to meet hers

“I love you, you know that right?“he asked seriously

She smiled her heartbreakingly gorgeous smile, eyes lighting up as she placed her hands on his cheeks

"I know. I love you too, so much.”

When they kissed, he felt the same warm, safe essence of home that was purely Betty. He felt her getting more and more passionate and he could the moan that escaped his lips. Sliding his hands lower in her hips he tugged her center to his. Gasping into his mouth as his lips moved to her neck, nipping lightly

“Juggie” she whispered

“Betty.” He returned, panting slightly in her ear

All too soon the familiar porch light turned on and he knew Hal had heard the pair.

“Okay Juliet, time to return to your tower.” He said pecking her lips one more time.

She giggled moving to the door, “I’ll see you tommorow Romeo.” He turned throwing her a wink and a lazy wave. Before she called his name causing him to turn back.

“We’re okay. We always are.” She smiled showing off her pearly whites.

He laughed and returned her smile

“We’re okay. We always are.”


The next day at school, the pair was greeted by the familiar, questioning stares and the faces of their friends.

Cheryl was ranting about the fact that one of the vixens had dyed their hair pink.

“Our uniforms are blue! Blue! No one can pull off pink hair, literally no one.”

“I bet Betty could.” Everyone’s eyes snapped to Jughead who was smiling down at the blushing blonde connected to his arm. Looking up he noticed everyone’s eyes on his and shrugged “s'true”

Who knew Jughead could be cute? Veronica sure didn’t, And by the looks on everyone else’s face they didn’t either.

The cute just kept happening and Veronica and Archie were certainly confused.

At lunch Betty had started coughing, choking on the apple she was eating. Jughead had nearly broken an ankle reaching for the water in his bag, after she had calmed down he was rubbing her back soothingly “no more apples for you” he had said dropping a quick kiss to her lips.

During free period, they had all decided to hang out in the blue and gold office. Leaning back on the couch Veronica close to Archie, Kevin had started laughing.

“I’m guessing this is jugheads station.” The desk was covered in a mess of paperwork and food wrappers but what caught the most attention was the framed picture of Betty and jughead as kids, sitting in a tree house holding hands displayed proudly amongst the mess.
Archie chuckled “is this Betty’s doing?” He gestured towards the photo.

Jughead shook his head

“No I put that there. It’s my desk.”

It went quiet in the tiny office, minus Cheryl’s declaration of

“That’s hashtag cute.”

Archie and Veronica shared a glance.

The final straw was when, the group was walking home. Archie had asked Jughead to come over and play video games with him. Betty was wrapped up in his jacket and she went to take it off, She lived next door so it wasn’t that far a walk to brave the cold. Jughead immediately placed his hands on her shoulders keeping the jacket firmly in place.
“I don’t think so. Keep it on, it’s cold out. Don’t need you getting sick, I’ll pick it up tonight.” Then with a smile he was walking into the Andrews house.

An hour later Veronica was laying in Betty’s bed reading the newest glamour magazine, her brain on something entirely different

“What was with jughead today?” She blurted out

Betty looked up from painting her toes, a confused expression on her face.

“What do you mean? He seemed fine to me.”

Veronica shook her head

“No I mean he’s fine, it’s just he was extra… lovey today.”

Smiling gently at her friend Betty turned back to her toes.

“He’s always like that, you just never payed attention before.”

Staring at the beautiful blonde girl next door in front of her, she couldn’t help but think

Maybe Betty was right, maybe she just wasn’t looking hard enough.

Love hides in mysterious places.

Things about TAZ that everyone pretty much agreed on that I love (From what i have seen personally)

- Magnus has a cute lil red handkerchief around his neck.

- Merle wears socks w/ sandels

- Kravitz, who is described as strikingly handsome, is depicted as a beautiful black man 90% of the time and if not that, a dark-skinned POC the other 10%.

- Taako is a trans man 

- Chaalupa

- Magnus is a BIG BEEFY BOY, and I mean BIG.

- Merle wears Hawaiian shirts.

- Merle is Dad. 

- If Taako’s blond, boy’s a bottle blond.

- Angus, who is smart and kind and clever, is almost always depicted as being black.

- Killian is SWOL AF.

- Elves ears can move A LOT. 

- The Director says everything, and I mean everything,  with the most deadpan expression ever. 

Feel free to add. 

Bottle Blonde

Summary: Bucky has two people he cares for more than anything in this world. It’s just too bad that one of them is a little shit and the other is this close to kicking his ass. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1802
Warnings: Minor language, very tame.
A/N: Just an innocent little fic for Fluffy Friday, I hope you like it! ❤
I needed something to balance out the filth I have planned for Sinful Sunday. ;)

Originally posted by enochianess

Bucky didn’t like waiting. He’d been waiting for too many days already and his anxiety was starting to frustrate him. You and Steve had been out on a mission together for almost a week now. What made the situation worse was that you were on radio silence. Bucky knew he shouldn’t worry as much as he did but not knowing if you were okay was stressful for him. He knew you and Steve were more than capable of taking care of yourselves, of each other. But when it came to his best friend and his girlfriend, Bucky was a little paranoid. Sitting on the couch in the common room and tapping his foot incessantly wasn’t easing his stress at all.

But a few minutes ago, he finally got some news. Sam had come out of the comms room and told him that your mission was a success and the two of you were almost home.

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iamtonyredgrave  asked:

Cool. Well my prompt is this.: How about a prompt where the bullies in Angel Grove are belittling and spreading rumors about Trini around highschool which is causing the yellow ranger a lot of distress. Kimberly steps in like the protective girlfriend she is and confronts those bullies and gives them a stern and physical warning :)

It starts slowly, for Trini. First, she’s roughly shouldered in the hallway by the brainless beefcakes and their entourage (which she hardly feels, but it’s hard to not notice the glare it’s partnered with) before escalating to her books being dashed out of her hands and her locker being defaced in ugly red, the word dyke prominent and angry across the face of it. Trini hardly breathes a sigh, but merely waits for the cleaners to do their job.

It’s getting harder and harder to hide from her girlfriend, too. Kimberly’s observant, and she notices when Trini avoids talking about getting to class late with papers askew in her hands, or why she texts Kim to say she’ll meet her in the cafeteria instead of at her own locker.

One day, though, Kim sees it for herself.

It’s after gym, with Trini changing in a corner with her back to the rest of the room (god only knows it’s the only way to escape the accusing looks if she manages to so much as catch another girls eye while she’s changing) when she’s slammed into the wall.

“What the hell?” Trini whirls around, only to get face-to-face with Amanda, resident bitch, one of the Top Three before Kim was booted from their ranks.

“Oh, hey Trini. Just thought I’d teach you a lesson for looking at me, dyke.”

“Like I ever would. You’re not my type, you know? Sorry to break it to you.” Trini spits back.

“Yeah, sure. And who is your type, huh? Kimberly?” Amanda turns around then, looks at her minions scattered around the room. “You guys remember Kim, right? Our old friend? Think she’d go for some angry, pining lezzie with a creepy crush on her?”

“Nah, last I heard Kim was all about Jason,” one of them pipes up.

“Oh, that’s right. Jason Scott. Golden boy, until that whole cow thing. How does it feel to know he’s fucking Kim instead of you?”

“Jeez Amanda, I don’t know. How does it feel? Seeing as it’s obvious you’ve got a big fat crush on him yourself.” Trini’s almost finding this funny now, but gym’s over and she’d really like to get to bio to see Kim. “Now, not that this hasn’t been fun, but I’ve gotta go.”

“No way. You’re not leaving that quickly.” Amanda steps in to her space, crowding over her. “You’re gonna sit right here, because we’re just gonna have a bit of a talk to you.”

“Sure thing, babe,” Trini steps up to Amanda, tilting her chin up. “As I said, you’re not my type, but maybe I can teach you something.”

“You fucking little-“ There we go. Amanda steps back and swings. Trini’s ready for the impact (not that it’ll hurt, but she’s interested to see how this plays out), surprised and kind of proud that she managed to rattle Prom Queen enough that she actually gets her hands dirty. She hears a smack, but feels nothing, and opens her eyes to see Amanda’s fist caught in a hand that Trini knows like her own.

“Sorry Amanda, you were saying?” Kim’s voice rings out, and God is Trini happy to hear it. Kim turns to Trini, her hand still wrapped around Amanda’s. “Sorry for interrupting, but I thought I’d come meet you before bio.”

“All good, we were just chatting.” Trini takes the chance to glance around the room at the shell-shocked bottle blondes in various states of undress.

“Right.” Kim turns back to Amanda, twisting her arm and forcing her to her knees. “So, I heard a little of what you said there. No, Jason Scott and I aren’t fucking. No, this doesn’t mean that you’d ever have a chance in hell with him, because he’s a good guy who’d never be into a vile, self-centred bitch like you. Now, I might have done some seriously shitty things in my life, but I’ve done what I can to make up for them. At least I’m not the one throwing around homophobic insults like it’s fucking 1963.”

“Now, you’re going to watch Trini leave, and I’ll be right behind her, and you’re not going to touch a hair on my girlfriend’s head because if you do, I will absolutely fucking demolish you.” She nudges her head at Trini, and Trini takes the cue and leaves, trusting Kim to follow her. She does, catching up with her as she exits the gym, joining their hands together.

“Okay, now that? I’m not gonna lie, that was hot.” Trini jokes as they walk down the mostly empty halls to biology.

Kim smiles beside her, but tugs on Trini’s hand and pulls her to a stop. “Trin, why didn’t you defend yourself? You could’ve easily blocked or dodged that.”

“Maybe I was just waiting for my white knight to save me.”

“Fine, we’ll talk about it later. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you’ve been hiding this from me for a while, though.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Trini leans into Kim’s arm, savouring the warmth of her. “Wait,” she pulls back and looks her girlfriend in the eye, “girlfriend? Are you sure you’re ready for people to know?”

“Oh, well.” Kim puts an arm around Trini’s waist as they keep walking. “I guess I was just tired of people making assumptions about me, and thinking that you have some gross crush on me. I mean, it’s true, you do, but it’s not the issue they’re making it out to be.”

“God, you’re gross.”

“You love it.”

“You know I do.”

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, Jughead and Betty are both famous in their own rights and no one knows they're married until asked in an interview by someone who's clearly done research and knows everything about them

That’s interesting!

They weren’t hiding anything, no really, they just weren’t saying anything…per say. Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were both very proud of their marriage, it was healthy and strong and they loved each other more than anything in the world, but both being prominent figures, constantly in the spotlight, it was difficult to have any privacy and that was something that was important to the pair.

Jughead jones was the most sought after novelist in all of LA, his stories and novels were being published and turned into movies faster than he could get them printed, it was bizarre to see how everyone reacted to his writing, paparazzi followed him places, asking when his newest work would come out. His first love story had been made into the biggest blockbuster of the year and the actresses were already winning Oscars.

Betty Cooper was Hollywoods It girl, she was Sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, the gorgeous girl next door never had a mean word to say to anyone and her sweet and caring personality drew everyone towards her like flies. She was a singer/song writer and had performed in almost every arena you could think of. She had won Grammys, and was currently up for an Emmy for her recurring role in the CW drama “teen wolf” she was trying her hand at acting and it seemed to working out pretty damn well.

Jughead had met the beautiful blonde on the set for a movie he wrote a few years ago “Jason Blossom In Cold Blood” Betty Cooper was essentially the main artist on every track for the movie, her hauntingly beautiful voice and gorgeous lyrics fit the score perfectly and Jughead had been pulled in the moment he met her. Things moved very quickly after introductions, Betty was seemingly as interested as Jughead, they fell in love and dated for about six months before he brought her on a trip to his home town and proposed, they were married on a small rooftop ceremony a few months later. Veronica Lodge, international supermodel serving as her maid of honor and Archie Andrews, rock star as his best man. Betty’s mom had cried and Jugheads father had thanked her for saving his son. It was beautiful and perfect.

Three years later they were still just as in love as they had been that first day and as he watched her walk the red carpet of his newest Movie he felt his heart swell with pride. She was wearing the gorgeous, flowing, light yellow dress he had taken off just hours before hand and ravaged her. She was the most beautiful woman in the room and she was all his.

“Mr.Jones! Over here! Please, for an interview!” He turned to his right and smiled at the young lady holding out the microphone, running a hand through his hair he moved to join her.
“Hello.” He smiled

“Hi!” She beamed “can you hang tight for one second? Ms.Cooper! Ms.Cooper!” The tiny dark haired reporter shouted.

Betty looked over and raised a brow before heading over to stand beside Jughead
“Well hello.” She said with effortless grace, smiling brightly at Jughead

“Ms. Cooper, how do you feel about being back to work on the soundtrack for another one of Mr.Jones movies?”

Betty smiled
“Mr.Jones is a fantastic author, I couldn’t ask for better inspiration for my music, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Finding what fits and going for it. Speaking of fits, those shoes are absolutely gorgeous.” The interviewer blushed and thanked her profusely.

Jughead once again felt the swell of pride for his wife, she really was a natural.

“Same question to you Mr.Jones?”

Jughead smiled and stared lovingly at Betty
“Her music is beautiful and she always finds a way to fit exactly the theme I’m going for in my novels. It’s umm.. it’s really great to have her back” he shrugged as Betty placed a warm hand to his arm and smiled softly

“You two seem awfully close, is there possibly more to your relationship than meets the eye?” The ponytail wearing woman asked with narrowed eyes.

Jugheads eyes widened and he felt Betty squeeze his arm a bit

“Well that depends on what relationship your asking about?” She grinned.

“Ever since your first movie together you have been seen multiple times, at parties, at dinner, your families follow each other on instagram and there have been multiple witnesses who have seen the two of you shopping at Farmers markets together. Not to mention the addition of the engagement band Ms. Cooper began wearing right after the first movie wrapped. Care to explain?” She shoved the microphone towards Jughead who stared blankly at it

“Those are some very interesting sleuthing abilities…” he mumbled.

Betty giggled from beside him
“Very good indeed, in fact my husband and I have been known to be pretty good sleuths ourselves, in his newest novel the character who solved the murder is based off of me, keep an eye out for that.” Betty winked and grabbed Jugheads hand, leading him away from the interviewer and taking her place on the carpet for pictures, pulling Jughead right beside her.
Jughead was grinning like a crazy person and couldn’t keep his eyes off of his wife

“Looks like the cats out of the bag now.” He turned for the camera.

Betty looked up at him and smiled adoringly
“It was bound to come out sometime. Plus with me starring in your newest movie, were going to be together all the time, it’s easier they know now.” She shrugged and flipped her long blonde hair so the photographers could catch it in motion.

“I love you Betty Jones” he whispered against her ear.

She turned in his arms and stared up at him, ignoring the flashing lights and the screaming paparazzi

“And I love you Jughead Jones.”

Blood in the Cut || Lip Gallagher Imagine

Originally posted by shamelessfans

Originally posted by thecabron

word count :

pairing : lip gallagher x reader

warnings :  cursing, revenge, breaking things, hitting.

summary : After one year of dating, you find out that lip gallagher has been cheating on you since day one and you decide revenge is best served red hot.

a/n : hi! i’m a new shameless imagine blog here! i hope you enjoy my first image on this account! my requests are open if you want to request something!

     You had known from the very first day you started dating him you had to watch. Philip ‘Lip’ Gallagher was just another bad boy and you knew it. You just had a thing for them it seemed. You’d never in your life dated a nice guy, you sure they were an extinct species here in the South Side. You had fallen for that curly haired fucker; with those baby blue eyes, curly messy hair, perfect lips…god how could anyone deny that man.

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