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Rain from a lightening storm

  • this has the greatest energy
  • used in a bath to re-energize your being and aid in a ritual of clearing and cleansing your energies of negativity by soaking in it
  • used to clear and cleanse an object or area 
  • store in a white glass bottle

Rain from thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes

  • Used to empower spells for moving things forward such as letting go of the past and moving forward in life
  • used to help move a project forward and get beyond current blocks in life
  • used to change a pattern or habit you don’t like
  • store in a blue glass bottle

Sun and Rain

  • Used to balance energies when feeling weighed down
  • helps gather your thoughts when they are flighty and scattered
  • store in a dark green bottle

Hail storm

  • collect in a metal bowl but dont let it sit in the bowl for more than 6 hours
  • allow the hail to melt before bottling it
  • store in a black or dark brown bottle
  • used to dispel psychic attacks or negative energies
  • best used for black magic to get rid of your enemies or negative forces that stand in your way

Spring Rain

  • used to empower new ventures such as new relationships, new business ventures, a new job
  • rain collected on the spring equinox or the first rain after the spring equinox is good for empowering spells for relationships
  • stored in a light green bottle

Summer Rain

  • used to encourage growth whether it be personal, spiritual growth or growth of a business venture or relationship
  • used to break bad habits
  • great to water indoor plants
  • rain collected on mid-summers eve and day is especially mystical
  • store in a sky blue bottle

Fall Rain

  • used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance the year has given you
  • store in an orange or fall colored bottle

Winter Rain

  • can be used for blessing a person, relationship, family or object
  • can be used to bless an event such as a birth, wedding or new business venture
  • to be able to survive the hardships of winter one is able to survive the hardships of life

Full Moon Rain

  • Used to honor the Goddess
  • a small glass can be added to a cleansing bath
  • add a couple of drops to your bath before an important event or ritual
  • used for a blessing during a full moon ritual
  • used for blessing a child or pet 
  • rain collected during the full moon according to that season will have the energies of that moon according to month and season
  • clean altar spaces and other things by putting an ounce of rain water into your cleaning products
  • also very good for divination

Waning Moon Rain

  • good for getting rid of things, banishings, and purging negative energies
  • used like a banishing oil
  • also can be added to your bath for relaxation, clarity or promoting self love
  • use to prepare for lunar rituals
  • anoint your money with it to increase your wealth 
  • anoint yourself to increase your psychic awareness

New Moon Rain

  • good for workings in which something needs to be brought in 
  • used when starting a new project

Waxing Moon Rain

  • used to bring in good energies and blessing
  • used at the start of a new project or a new beginning

Rain collected from trees or roses will have different energies depending on the type of tree or color of the rose you collect it from

Use 1 cup of rain water to 1 tub size of water

For rituals use 1oz of rain water in a glass bowl or cauldron, to add effects to the water pour over crystals energized with your intent

For a spell place all your spell items in your bowl or cauldron and add 1tablespoon of rainwater

For cleansing or anointing ritual take 1/2oz of rainwater into a glass bowl and as you recite your incantation dip your fingers or wand/athame into the water then mark your physical body, the mark can be any spiritual symbol that has meaning to you

To anoint a tool, pout 1oz of rainwater onto the tool as you state your incantation to empower the tool for its intended purpose.

@autumnwitchesx i hope this helps you some!!!

also the bottles you store in dont have to be a specific color unless you want them to be, im all for using what you have first and foremost 

Witch Crafts:  Witch Ball

Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purpose is to protect the home and its inhabitants from evil and harm.   Traditionally, you made a witch ball every year to seal fortune and protection for the next twelve months.  You can hang this ornament in a window, over a doorway, in a bedroom or even outdoors; wherever you feel it would serve its purpose the best. It would look lovely as a Christmas or Yule decoration as well!

You can purchase empty ornaments and bottles from craft stores, or re-use old light bulbs for this!  Fill it with the following:  

  • Sprigs of Lavender to encourage a calm, peaceful environment
  • Chamomile Flowers to aid in relieving anxiety
  • Yarrow, Roses and Rose Quartz crystals to encourage self-love and love in relationships
  • Jasmine Flowers to attract wealth  and sweet dreams
  • Cinnamon to draw happiness and  comfort

You could also include:

  • A seashell and a shark tooth to incorporate the magic of the sea
  • Curly pods (because they are so cute!)
  • Cloves to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Anise wards off the evil eye
  • Other tiny crystals for added energy
  • A bay leaf for protection

So a long time ago (maybe a year ago) I wanted to draw this comic about Lafayette’s grave but never got around to ironing out the details but I found these old very messy doodles of it that I thought I would post. 

Lafayette is buried in France and has American soil from Bunker Hill spread in his tomb. Posted at the head of his grave is an American flag that was said to be standing all during the German Occupation during WW2. 

Basically, I liked the idea that when America visits France he always visits Lafayette’s grave and spreads some American soil on his grave. As a symbolic gesture saying “I’m here”

So when it comes around that America joins the war effort in 1941 he fills a bottle of homeland dirt and stars his personal quest to get it to Lafayette’s grave. 

It’s not easy because things keep happening to the bottle (It gets lost, stolen, thrown away, bottle breaks,) and each time disaster strikes one of America’s allies help him resolve the issue. (Like England dumping out his secret stash of alcohol so America can use the bottle to store the soil.)

 During all of this America never tells his fellow allies or citizens' what the dirt is for and why it’s so important. The only one that knows is France and after he’s rescued from Germany he accompanies America to complete his personal quest and they share this touching moment where I would try to convey That America was there and was going to make sure France stayed free just like Lafayette did for America during the Revolution.


vintage beauty products i came across at a lovely antique store yesterday ♡


Gem Elixir 

“As crystals have powerful vibrations, it is easy to transfer these vibrations to water. Gem remedies, also known as elixirs or essences, can be taken internally-unless the stone is toxic. They can also be applied to the skin or put into bathwater. Remedies such as Black Tourmaline can be put into a mister in water and sprayed in the room.” ~Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible 2003)

3 Ways to Craft Gem Elixirs:

Method One: 

Place cleansed crystal in a bowl or glass of distilled water. Charge all day in sunlight. For stones that are susceptible to fading, charge overnight in the light of the full moon. This method is best for stones that are non-friable, such as clear quartz, and should never be used with toxic stones like malachite. If there is any doubt in your mind about a stones toxicity, please DO NOT USE THIS METHOD. (example pictured left)

Method Two:

Place a small bowl inside of a larger bowl or dish. Put cleansed crystal inside the smaller bowl and add distilled water to the larger bowl or dish. Charge all day in sunlight (non-fading stones) or all night in full moonlight (fading stones). This is an excellent indirect method for smaller stones that are toxic and/or friable. (example pictured center)

Method Three:

Fill a bowl with distilled water. Surround your bowl with the cleansed crystals of your choice and charge all day in the sunlight (non-fading stones) or all night in the full moon (fading stones). This method is also indirect and safe for friable and toxic stones, but requires you have enough crystals to surround the bowl. (example pictured right) 

Storage and Usage

Once your elixir has charged all day (or night), you have a mother tincture which should be added to more water inside of a blue or amber glass bottle and stored in a cool, dark place. If storing beyond a week, add 1/3 base of vodka or grain alcohol to discourage bacteria growth. 

Gem elixirs are vibrationally potent. You can add them to aura/cleansing sprays,  put some in your bathwater,  throw some into a jar spell as a crystal correspondence, and even dress spell candles with them. 

Though Judy says it’s safe to ingest the non-toxic elixirs, I’m just gonna say this: Please do your research and please ingest ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. There is a lot of wonky information out there and I’d hate to see something terrible happen to someone on account of identifying something as safe when it’s actually not. That being said, gem elixirs are super fun and versatile in their usages, even without ingesting them. Enjoy! 


Viktor, who has been living on his own for 10+ years and probably lived under the thumb of Yakov beforehand, is a neat person who always does his laundry and the dishes. He can cook because he’s been living on his own for 10+ years. His skate bag is neat and organized.

Yuuri, who is 24 years old and has NEVER LIVED ON HIS OWN EVER, has been sharing an apartment with ANOTHER TWENTY SOMETHING IN DORMS/STUDENT APARTMENTS, does things like: piles plates in the sink. First person to knock them over washes them. Has A Chair in his bedroom where the clothes all inevitably go to live instead of the hamper. Does weekly walks of shame where he carries all of his mugs and water glasses into the kitchen. Forgets to eat and then at midnight makes himself three meals worth of food at once–a microwave pot pie, a box of macaroni and cheese and an EZ Freeze Frozen Stroganoff dinner. Every time someone opens his skate bag, a small explosion of granola bar wrappers and half-empty water bottles emerges. Viktor screams softly to himself on a daily basis because Yuuri has ONE BOTTLE of dollar store shampoo in “Ocean breeze” scent that he uses for both body and hair. What’s conditioner?

Things You Can Definitely Buy From the Dollar Store: A Guide to Being Poor

Band-aids- You can probably get a box of 100 or so for a buck
Light Pads- Not tampons, because you really shouldn’t skimp on tampon quality, and if you have a seriously heavy flow, I would consider a sturdier brand, but for just some just-in-case panty liners or your last couple days, a 20 pack of liners for $1 is pretty sweet
Pain Relievers- it depends on how many are in the bottle and what your local prices are, so check what it costs for a big bottle at Walmart with 100 in it, vs the 25 in the dollar store bottle. It takes a little math, but sometimes it can save a lot of money to by 4 (25ct) bottles for $4 instead of 1 (100 ct) bottle for $7
Nail Polish & Makeup- If you aren’t picky about brands, Dollar stores have some good ones sometimes. LA Colors is a makeup brand that Dollar Tree sells, among other stores, and most of its makeup is pretty good. ELF is something common at dollar stores, as well, and is pretty darn good for $1-3. I would stay away from Dollar Store foundation and concealers if you haven’t tried it out before or seen good reviews though
Dishes- A dish is a dish is a dish, man. Don’t waste $50 on your first dish set after moving out of your parent’s house. It really isn’t worth it—moving for college, a new apartment every year your lease is up, roommates, parties, exploding in microwaves, soon-to-be-ex throwing them at your head and whatnot: they’re going to get trashed. When you have a steady job, your own house and want to entertain, then go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy the nicest set of dishes you can find. Until then, Goodwill  and Dollar Store dishes are for you. In my opinion, it’s actually more fun to have miss-matched dishes, but if it’s not for you, you can totally buy matches from Dollar Tree. I’ve actually seen some pretty nice ones.
Books- Find something interesting? Go for it. Book is a Book is a Book. Sometimes they even have pretty good ones, it’s worth checking next time you’re in the store
Pregnancy/Ovulation Tests- It’s been proven that the cheapos are just as accurate as the $10 apiece ones. If you have a late period or are feeling paranoid, don’t waste huge money on name brands.
Food- Dollar stores have really evolved when it comes to food. Some even have frozen sections! Be careful, as sometimes the almost empty boxes are actually MORE MONEY per oz. but all in all, you can get some good deals if you look for them. Keep an eye on expiration dates though—there is a reason it’s in the dollar store. Do NOT buy spices from discount stores! If it’s a name brand, that’s fine, but the cheapo brands make spice “mixes” and “Blends” that are usually full of salt to make them cheaper to produce—this is unhealthy for you because if you are seasoning something and want more flavor, you use more spice mix, but you’re adding more salt. Total high sodium risk
• Cleaning Supplies: It all depends on what you can find, of course. But dryer sheets, sponges, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. are all pretty standard and aren’t going to be very different if you spend $1 on it or $10. If you buy one and it doesn’t work for you, or feels ineffective then spring for a more expensive version, but the cheap is always worth a try.
Candles + Incense: some of them actually smell pretty good and you can find a good deal every once in a while. They have pretty nice candle holders sometimes, as well

Things you SHOULDN’T buy from the dollar store
• Spices: As noted earlier, Spice “mixes” usually contain a lot of salt and other filler, so when you go to add more seasoning for more flavor, you just end up with more salt. It’s really unhealthy, over all, and being a low-income or likely in college person can already put you at risk for unhealthy eating. Spring for the real stuff, I promise it’s worth it
• Office/School Supplies: Okay, this may just be personal experience, but I have to be honest, I have not had any kind of luck with pens, pencils, or even the paper. A lot of the notebooks are actually cheaper at a regular store, especially in the fall, and it’s better to stock up on $.20 each then than pay $1 per notebook later. Your individual stores may have better options, but I’ve never found discounted office things (especially pens, ugh!) to be worth the slightly lower price once you factor in the ease with which they break, how quickly they run out of ink and whatnot.
Razors: No. Just, just don’t do it—your skin will thank me later
• Candy: most small snack and candy items are old, from bad batches, or are mostly empty boxes—as well as usually being overpriced. If you need your chocolate to indulge, do it right and spend the same, if not less, amount of money on better candy.
Anything you find questionable: use your gut. It something seems too good to be true, or doesn’t feel right, don’t bother with it. Use your judgement!

my character, a vampire bard, is traveling with a drug-addict healer (human) , a wizard, and a monk.

we reach a village and find a house with an old man. 

DM (old man) : i’m… to old… to escape this town… burning down…. (my character accidentally set the whole forest on fire) you’re welcome to take some water in the old well behind my house though.

me: we don’t have any water bottle to store the water in. 

DM: the old man has a mug which he’s been working on for decades. it has some beer in it.

me: i fight the old man for that mug

healer: why?? ? he hasn’t even finished the mug let him have the mug 

me: we need water

healer: forget the water. i see if the old man has any chickens in the backyard.

DM: the old man indeed has some chickens that you can catch.

healer: can we please just leave the old man alone and take the chickens; i’m tired of you idiots causing ruckus again


healer: DON’T

after a few rolls, the old man with one eye socket empty, lies on the ground with bleeding wounds.

me: can i suck his blood




healer: UGH i exit the house to go to the chickens.

DM: bard, roll for the action

me: (rolls a 3)

DM: you approach the man, but the blood has already drained all to the ground. you sadly lick the puddle of blood.

me: amazing. this isn’t going to cut it, im going to need a live chicken to feast on. i approach the healer with all the chickens.

me: hey can i have a chicken

healer: wait, actually,

healer: here, wizard, hold this chicken.

wizard: (holds the chicken) what for?


everyone in the room goes NUTS as i continuously scream NO in frenzy for twenty minutes.


DM: the blood is soaked up in the dirt and you eat dirt instead

me: SHIT



Tinctures, tinctures, tinctures!

Many witches from all walks of life have been using tinctures for generations. Tinctures can be used for healing a whole variety of illnesses. Let’s be clear though, tinctures are more soluable in alcohol than in water. Alcohol will dissolve and extract natural resins, oils, alkaloids, sugars, starches, and hormones, though tinctures do not extract nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. Most often vodka or brandy is used to make tinctures. Unlike an infusion or decoction, tinctures are much stronger making it so you only need to use a few drops in water as a medicinal dose. You can also use a few drops in salves or baths.

Making a Simple Tincture

You will need:

• (4) ounces of dried herbs or (8) ounces of fresh herbs

• (1) clean jar for storing your tincture (something that can hold at least (20) ounces.)

• (1) pint of brandy or vodka

• (1) dark bottle (used to store the tincture when it’s finished)

Let’s get started!

To make a tincture, take (4) ounces of dried herbs or (8) ounces of fresh picked herbs in a clean jar. Make sure this jar can hold at least (20) ounces. Now pour the (1) pint of alcohol you have chosen slowly over your herbs. Simply seal your jar now and keep it in a warm place (no colder than 70°F/21°C) for 2 weeks, shaking it up a couple times a day. After the 2 weeks is over, strain out the herbs so all that is left is the liquid. Lastly, pour your tincture in a dark colored bottle and store away.

Have fun with this. There are endless opportunities when making tinctures. It’s a very easy way for any witch to cleanse and heal the body naturally. You don’t have to be a hearth witch to love making tinctures! ♡

Subtle Magical Practice

Some of us live an environment where we cannot practice our craft openly.  It is a shame but our living situation is what it is.  So this is for those of you - of age of course- who cannot openly practice magic!

Energy working

This is a method that requires pretty much no tools so there’s not much to hide.  You can set barriers and shields with this method and no one ever can see.  However, if your spiritual strength is a bit on the low end, this is also a great way to start trying to increase it.  Like working out for your spirit power.

Here’s a post with various sources on energy working!

Kitchen Magic

This is one that if you like cooking, you can do without ever being suspected.  This is also a perfect excuse to have a lot of herbs because you can claim its for cooking!  I’m afraid I’m not particularly versed in it so I don’t really have any recipes to give but you can find a ton within the kitchen magic tag!


Music can be paired, I think, with energy work and it can be used for a lot!  Especially if it has an emotive response for you!  Music tends to give me emotional responses and I have used it on more than one occasion to cleanse, lift the air and even give myself a boost in power.  You can even pull song lyrics to help make a spell incantation!  I can’t really tell you specifically which songs to use because this all would depend on how music effects you.  But it is certainly an option!  You can also sing or play your own instrument if you can to fuel a spell or cleanse!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Keep your empty bottles and you can store water of different types in there. Moon water, Storm water, Sun water, Sea water (if you are near the ocean), or even just add some salt to your water bottle.   You can keep it in a drawer or something and it is pretty versatile.  Salt water/sea water is great for cleansing and banishing and I love to use Storm water for the same purpose!  And if your family or roommates find it, so what?  All they’ll see are bottles of water.

Pop Culture Magic

As a nerd, I like the idea of charging up video game symbols or something and using it as something witchy.  And to others, it can just look like you are just wearing nerdy regalia.  Got a cool necklace from your favorite tv show?  Great!  Charge that sucker up in sun or moonlight and wear it around with you as a special charm!  Like some symbols from that video game you like?  Awesome!  Use it to make a special sigil of your own!


Now that we’ve mentioned sigils, those are actually pretty great too!  You can use a pen to draw them on your skin somewhere under your clothes.  Draw it into the soup you are about to eat, use your concealer to draw it on your face and blend it in, draw it on a sheet of paper and put it in your pocket to carry with you.  Draw it on the inside of your tag on your shirt or jacket!  Hell, draw it and take a picture of it and set it as your phone background!  Sigils are extremely versatile and easy to keep very subtle!

Glamour Magic

This is a big one and really easy to disguise.  Use your make up to cast a spell on yourself for the day!  Charge your make up in moonlight to give it some extra strength!  Don’t wear make up?  That’s cool too!  Chapstick charged in moonlight is great!  You can also use your facial scrub or soap and use it as a cleansing ritual.  You can also use your clothes!  Charge up your clothes with moon or sunlight!  You can also charge them with your intent and focus on that intent becoming a part of you as you put them on!  You can also incorporate knot magic and braid your hair to lock in the spell so to speak or focus on the braid and it’s weaving together what you want to happen!  You can also use your cologne or perfume to set your tone for the day!


If you are allowed to burn them, they can be helpful as well!  All you have to do is say you like to have nice smelling candles!  And speaking of scents, aromatherapy is a great tool as well!  You can carve sigils into candles, anoint them with different waters and herbs!  

Bath Magic

Oh boy this is a good one and also great for self care and cleansing!  You can charge up your favorite soaps, body washes and shampoos in the sun or moonlight!  You can also mix a bit of your different waters in with them!  I like to take my body wash and mix in some herbs!  Rosemary is a great one for cleansing and protection.  You can use bath salts to help with cleansing and there all kinds of things you can add in there!  Throw in some lemon slices, orange slices just some really great stuff and it makes you feel so nice!


Not really magic but I’m including it because in theory if you are in a situation where you can’t practice magic, you are probably in a situation in which you can’t openly do tarot either.  Shufflemancy is a good one because all you need is your music.  That’s it.  Nothing suspicious about that.  You just shuffle whether specified by another person or by when you think you should stop and give a reading based on the song that came up.  You can also use Stichomancy (with books) or Bibliomancy (which is with the Bible.  How’s THAT for ironic?  HAH!) 

That’s what I’ve got for now but I’m sure there are other options to pursue.  I hope this was helpful to some of you!

Safe Travels

✪How I dry my herbs and such✪

My mom actually taught me how to dry herbs, and it’s a bit different from what I’ve seen around.

What you’ll need:

  • Plants/herbs
  • String/yarn/twine
  • Maybe thumb tacks

And if you’re gonna be storing it:

  • Air tight container
  • Silica gel packages (optional, but recommended)

✪To start off, take your plants and rinse them off. It’s not as big of a deal if your stuff is home grown, but if what your drying has pesticides or anything else undesirable on it you don’t wanna dry that in. Also, if your gonna be using them for cooking or anything going into your body, be safe and wash ‘em off.

✪You wanna take your yarn and herbs, and tie them into bunches. And make sure they’re upside down too, that helps. You wanna make sure that you don’t over crowd them, you want air getting to all the leaves.

✪Next, take your yarn and do one of two things, either tie it to the pulls on your friendly local ceiling fan, or just thumb tack it to the ceiling. I usually do the ceiling fan, because A, I don’t care for ladders, and B the ceiling fan helps circulate the air around the plant, not only making the whole thing go faster but making sure nothing gets moldy.

✪After that, wait. Dried plants usually either become brittle or leathery, or both.

✪If your plant has a stalk that you’ll be keeping, give it an extra day after you think it’s dry just to be safe. Once your plants are fully dry, it time to store them. Rather simply, stick ‘em in a jar. I like using old bottles from thrift stores and random stores, but mason jars, old clean pill bottles, Ziploc bags or containers, and glass bottles of any kind work wonderfully. I put silica gel packages (harvested from vitamin bottles) in with them so when it gets humid my plants won’t suffer.

Hopefully this helps, happy drying lovelies

my town’s currently in a state of emergency due to hurricane irma so here’s some tips to help keep everyone safe !!

• if you can’t evacuate, make sure you’re in the safest place possible

• make sure you have tons of water and food that doesn’t need refrigeration such as canned goods

• if you can’t get bottled water from stores, fill up containers in your house with tap water

• also fill your bathtub with water so you’re able to do things such as flush your toilet

• have a copy of all important documents/papers saved somewhere safe such as your email

• for things you can’t digital save, put them in ziplock bags

• don’t abandon your pets

• stay out of flood water as much as possible, it’s extremely flithy

stay safe and take as many precautions as possible !! please reblog and add anything I missed

1917  A French Red Cross dog wearing a gas mask

During the First World War there were ‘Red Cross dogs’, also known as ‘ambulance dogs’. These dogs detected wounded people. They were trained to ignore the dead and not to bark when finding an injured person, but to alert their owner in silence. The dogs were also used to bring medicine back and forth. They carried a backpack in which bandages, some food for the dog and a bottle of liquor were stored. There were around 10,000 Red Cross dogs during the First World War.

🌙⏳ Bad Moon Rising Curse⏳🌙

a revenge based curse that incorporates this song (x) designed to return the pain this person has inflicted on you from the new moon to the full moon.

perform under a new moon. play the song in the above link. curse only lasts until the full moon.


- a burnable object of theirs
- storm/hurricane water
- river water
- dirt from a foul place
- a black candle
- a bowl

prepare the waters in advance by charging them under a full moon. light the candle. fill the bowl with the waters, let the empty night sky reflect in it. mix the dirt in. burn the object of theirs and mix the ashes in. 

chant along to the lyrics if you like. bottle the mixture, store where the sun won’t reach them. sunlight touching the jar will undo the moon’s influence.

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.