bottle of blues

That Kind Of Stark(Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 2451

Summary: Peter Parker finally talks to his crush, the reader, and finally puts two and two together.

Warnings: underage drinking. seriously, don’t do it

A/N: Yay some Peter!! I tried to get this up last night but my power went out and I’m only just getting it back! Ugh. But hey, this was so much fun to write. I love little teeny bopper Peter hehe.

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I decided to work on my pallete (cause I never did one properly) and practice Overwatch characters.

All palletes courtesy to @color-palettes ! I love how they name them, it’s half the inspiration for these ones. xD

"round a campfire"
walt whitman * trampled by turtles  run chicken run * the felice brothers  down home girl * old crow medicine show  seen it all * jake bugg feel alright * steve earle  coney island * the alex mallet band  might river * railroad earth  don’t get trouble win your mind * carolina chocolate drops  five interstates * green sky bluegrass tell my mother why i miss her so * ryan bingham  whiskey bottle * david luning  fur coat blues * jamestown revival  the mtn song * ray land baxter  little bit of love * jon and roy  fools gold by * the damn quails  the swimming song * loudon wainwright II harlem river blues * justin townes earle  passin’ through * riley downing, sam doors, & the tumbleweeds  real love * railroad earth  i take your hand * the wedding band (mumford and sons)  laundry room * the avett brothers  hard livin’ * railroad earth  hooky junk * the gourds  james river blue * old crow medicine show  how ‘bout you * yonder mountain string band  raise a ruckus * old crow medicine show  julie’s train * balsam range  michigan * the milk carton kids  dixie * huckleberry flint spanish pipedream * the avett brothers victory * trampled by turtles 

Beck - Bottle of Blues


Every night, Tramp stared silently at the little, burnt orange bottle that sat patiently on his nightstand. It gleamed beneath the filtered moonlight, and the white, round pills settled comfortably atop of one another like stacks of mini marshmallows. Every night, Tramp ignored the bottle, turning his head so that he faced the opposite direction, eyes tracking the minute hand of the clock above his door. He waited until the clock signified a lull in excitement and movement – a brief space of time that Tramp and only a few other nocturnal patients had to themselves.

This night, however, Tramp could feel his muscles knotted in exhaustion, and his body desperately needed to settle into a brief stillness. His mind racing, thoughts bouncing off the walls of his skull, Tramp couldn’t force himself to blink his eyes close and wait for his breathing to even out. Turning to his nightstand, Tramp, once again, peered at the burnt orange bottle – this time, it seemed to beckon him. Against his own reluctance to take the pills, his pale hand stretched out and curled around the container, and slowly, the lid twisted off. Inexplicably, as if against Tramp’s own desires, two round pills were suddenly in his palm. Before he had time to force himself to stop, his pressed his hand against his mouth, and he swallowed quickly, the chalky pills clawing their way down his dry throat. Tramp coughed a few times before laying back down on his bed, his arms splayed beside him.

He could feel the pills spreading lethargically throughout his body, settling a heavy cloth on his muscles. Closing his eyes, Tramp sunk into an oblivion, releasing his hold on the troubling thoughts that plagued him.