bottle music

i almost took you to a park and we almost sat under a blue sky and talked about our childhood memories. we almost lay next to each other and ate strawberries and made puns. we almost spent most of the day just looking at each other and blowing dandelion seeds and talking about if we’d be good at herbology in hogwarts. we almost watched clouds until the sun went down. i almost kissed you only when it was quiet, my hands shaking, standing on your doorstep. i almost met your dad as your girlfriend. we almost go to holidays together wearing matching sweaters. on thursdays we eat pasta and on fridays we eat fries with honey. i  almost show you the parts of me that are put into my attic. i help you clean the parts of you that are bleeding. we feed each other cake with our fingers and drink wine out of bottles and play loud music to clean. almost. almost. it’s just that it rained today. it’s just that i never get the nerve up to ask you to stay.

[playing spin the bottle]

Lafayette : Okay, Alexander, it’s your turn to spin.

Alexander : *very drunk* Haha, okay, fine. I’ll kiss Hercules.

Lafayette : Maybe.

John : Alexander, you’re supposed to spin the bottle first.

Alexander : I can’t believe it’s Hercules again, fourth time tonight…

John : Alexander, the bottle…

Alexander : Haha, me and Hercules.

John : Alexander…

Alexander : *moves bottle and points it at Hercules*

John :

Lafayette :

Alexander : Herculeees~

Hercules : You must be kidding me.

Hercules : *has three hickeys, is already halfway onto Alexander’s lap, plan on using tongue*

Lafayette :

John : You’re enjoying this, aren’t you ?

Lafayette : Maybe.