bottle minerals

The World’s Simplest, Most Secret, and Maybe Most Effective Health and Healing Spell

You will need:

  • A glass of water.
  • Alternatively, a plastic bottle of mineral water.


Any health or healing purpose, any place.

The spell:

  • Hold a glass of water between your hands. Because water is pure, you can use it as a magical space and imprint it with whatever you need.
  • For a specific health or healing purpose, say what you most need. For example, say: “My headache is lifting and I am full of energy.
  • Empower the water for health, vitality, and strength for the days or hours ahead.
  • Keep your hands cupped around the glass for about two minutes and then slowly sip the water, thinking about the empowerment.
  • If you always feel tired in the morning, fill a glass of water before you sleep, endowing it with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Drink the water as soon as you wake, saying: “I fill myself with the enthusiasm and joy for the day ahead.

“1001 Spells: A Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

Items found in Ted’s stolen Volkswagen

The following is a list of items seized from the orange Volkswagen after Ted last arrest in Florida.

Clothing Items :

  • One pair of white athletic socks with blue bands.
  • One pair of navy blue socks.
  • One pair solid white athletic socks.
  • One pair of white athletic socks  with green stripes.
  • One pair white tennis shorts “Court Casuals” size 32, double black stripes.
  • One white tee-shirt “J.C. Penny Towncraft”, size 38-40.
  • One yellow knit pullover shirt  “Hanes”, size Large.
  • Two pair jockey shorts, “Classic Brief”, size 32.
  • One bath towel, one hand towel, one wash cloth, gold, “Burlington House”.
  • One beach towel, one bath towel, one face towel, brown, “Burlington House”.
  • Three pair boxer type shorts, “Hanes”, size 32, blue, green, and yellow.
  • Two pair gym shorts, one red, one blue.
  • One shirt. Shirt is burgundy with gold, green and red stripes, with debris and ripped at the shoulder.
  • One pair of black socks with grey and red bands.
  • One black and navy belt.
  • One pair of brown socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with blue brand, price $2.35, “Super Sox” by SAI.
  • One pair blue terry-cloth stretch socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripe.
  • Two pair white socks.
  • One pair white athletic socks with green toe stripes and blue top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair black socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair brown socks “Burlington Gold Cup”.
  • One pair gray and charcoal socks with with red top bands.
  • One pair navy blue socks.
  • One pair of Levis Panatela sportwear jeans, size 32 x34.
  • One pair faded Levis blue jeans.
  • One pair racket ball gloves.
  • One Sears brand stopwatch.
  • One pair blue jockey shorts size 32.
  • One red nylon down filled vest.
  • One pair of work gloves.
  • One pair ski type gloves.
  • One blue with red and white trim jockey type bathing suit, size 32-34.
  • One multi-color plaid shirt “Norman”, size M.
  • One blue terrycloth bath robe.
  • One brown washcloth “Burlington House”.
  • One pair corduroy cut-off pants.
  • One dark blue shirt.
  • One sky-blue knit pullover shirt.
  • One faded navy « See Bee » shirt.
  • Six pair of jockey type shorts.
  • One blue cotton shirt and one red windbreaker.
  • One brown knot pullover shirt.

Manicure case  :

  • One Gillette disposable razor.
  • One can of Noxzema, shaving cream; one tube Revlon Shampoo, one Right Guard deodorant stick, one bottle Sea & Ski suntan oil, one bottle of Jovan musk oil after shave cologne, one small pair of scissors, one large and one small pair of fingernail clippers, one full pack of Dentyne chewing gum, one small tube of Crest toothpaste, one Gillette  Tract II razor, one packet of five razor blades refills, one Goodie plastic comb, one Pepsodent toothbrush, one metal nail file, one pair eyebrow tweezers, one hair brush, one soap dish with used bar of soap, and one metal mirror.

Various :

  • Part of a Pensacola journal newspaper, dated Tuesday February 14, 1978.
  • One “Velox” bicycle tube repair kit.
  • Three sealed cans of racket balls “Wilson” two balls per can; one racket ball can with one ball “Wilson”.
  • Two bottles of Vitamin C capsules.
  • One bottle of Solotron multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • One bottle of Vitamin E complex supplement.
  • One Exxon Florida road map.
  • One map of Tallahassee and Leon County.
  • One Polaroid Land Camera Supershooter Plus with carrying case, camera literature, and flash cubes.
  • One Ken-Tech digital clock AM/FM radio.
  • One bottle of Sudden-Tan bronzing lotion “Coppertone”, appears new.
  • One box of tobacco “Rum Cake” from Smokers’ World.
  • Five books : “Navigation the Easy Way” by Carl D. Lane & John Montgomery, “This is Sailing” by Richard Creagh-Osborn, “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis, “Modern Marine Maintenance” by John Duffett, “Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling” by Chapman.
  • One magazine, Cruising World, Sailboat Manual.
  • Thirteen Heineken beer coasters.
  • One « National » radio and cassette player.
  • One Panasonic AM/FM radio.
  • One Panasonic LTD portable black and white television.
  • One grocery bag containing five cans Chicken of the Sea tuna, one 16 oz., can of Oceanspray Cranberry sauce, six cans Underwood sardines and two cans of Spirt of Norway sardines.
  • Two pipes, one pipe accessory kit, one Colibri gas cigarette lighter, one leather tobacco pouch with tobacco.
  • White and brown wrapping paper.
  • One sheet of imprinted letters.
  • Four « Megaphone » magazines.
  • One blue nylon tote bag.
  • One blue and orange sleeping bag.
  • One paper bag and one champagne bottle.
  • One pair of white shorts, half piece of chewing gum and white wrapping paper that items are wrapped in.
  • One jack and one screwdriver.
  • One note, one piece of paper, one match box.
  • One Underwood Letters 33 manual typewriter with carrying case.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you please give some ideas of habits or hobbies so I can make my characters seem more 'real'? So far I have one that is obsessed with cleaning, one that apologizes too much and one that likes to 'play' with the zombies like they're normal people. I need more 7 of those because there are a lot of characters. Thanks in advance!

No problem. Here is a list a list of common habits and hobbies: 

Warning for the extremely long post! 


- Biting(Lips, nails, gums, etc) 

-Tapping nails/fingers on things



-Twisting/flipping/adjusting hair 

-Clicking their tongue

-Licking or smacking their lips

-Chewing Gum

- Rolling their eyes

-Getting easily distracted

-Talking too loud or too quiet

-Talking too fast or too slow 

-Scratching themselves


-Always waking up/ going to bed at the same times 

- Over Drinking

-Over eating

-Under drinking/ Forgetting to stay hydrated

-Under eating/ forgetting to eat

-Over spending or refusing to spend money 

-Over using media/ technology 

-Cracking Knuckles, neck or back

-Talking to themselves


-Not holding eye contact/ Prolonged eye contact 



-Making/breaking promises


–Constantly repeating yourself 

-Forgetting who you told what

-Slouching or having good posture

-Can’t focus

-Easily getting into fights

-Being rude or overly polite 





-Being late, on time or early always

-Clearing their throat

-Fidgeting with themselves or other things

-Grinding your teeth.

That’s all I can think of at the moment for that but there are literally hundreds more. 


-Sports(Playing or watching: Soccer, football, baseball, dance, Ice-skating,golf, bowling,tennis,volleyball,water-polo, swimming, Gymnastics,etc)

-”Extreme sports” (BMX racing, Street Racing, boat/jetski racing, wake-boarding, water/snow skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc)

-music(Listening, singing, playing an instrument, writing music or lyrics.) 




-makeup (Watching/doing normal, glam or fx makeup) 

-Cinema(Watching, collecting, criticizing, creating, etc) 


-Collecting things(Commonly: Toys, rocks/minerals, boxes, bottles, cars, weapons,stamps, coins, snow-globes, magnets,shot-glasses, etc)

-Video, card or board games(Watching, playing, making) 

-Exercising(Swimming, running, jogging, hiking, weight lifting, climbing, etc) 


-Crafting(Sewing, knitting, crocheting, metal work, making jewelry, wood working, weaving, etc) 

-taking care of animals

-cleaning up the environment 

-Costume Design/Fashion (Making or collecting)

-Theater(Acting, watching, or technical)

-Cars/motorcycles, bikes, other mechanical items(Fixing, collecting, etc) 

- Nail art

-Hair Styling

-Cooking or Baking

-Exploring Nature (Hiking, camping, picnicking, etc) 

-Martial Arts/Self defense classes




That’s all I can think of for that right now, but again, there are so many more out there, this is just a general, common list. 

I hope that helped, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

*・ 。 that voice ✧*゚

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pairing; got7 jinyoung x reader

genre; fluff

synopsis; you’re a celebrity, so is he, and he falls in love after hearing your voice.

word count; 828 words

✧ a/n; hello !! i’m back with another scenario weww. my inbox recently got flooded with your requests, and i’ll most probably be doing them in order of the requests that are sent first! i’ve received a few more member suggestions for the roommate!au, but that’ll be done in intervals :)

“GOT7, standby please!” the announcer called out. The members did a quick check on themselves — their microphones, their costumes, etc, before prepping backstage.

“You’ll be up after this group,” their manager told them, giving Jaebum and Bambam, who were standing the closest to him, a supporting pat on the back. “Do well!”

All seven of them smiled, nodding, Jackson and Bambam prancing around a little. 

Jinyoung laughed, shaking his head. 

“Quit acting like kids, you two!” Jaebum chided playfully, and Yugyeom joined in.

“Yeah, you two!” he scolded, and Jackson and Bambam immediately closes in on him. 

Jinyoung notices a unbuttoned button on Youngjae’s costume, and points it out. 

“Youngjae! Your button,” he raises his voice, trying to be heard above to loud music being played for the group onstage. Youngjae looks at him in confusion, not catching what he said.

“Your—” Jinyoung pauses, as a melodious voice was heard from the stage. It was obviously live-singing — one could clearly hear it was not a playback track.

Youngjae walks over to Jinyoung. “What is it?”

“Your button,” Jinyoung simply says, before turning his eyes to the stage. The set had blocked his view of whoever was up onstage; all he could pick up was the singing. 

“Who’s that?” Jinyoung asks to no one in particular. 

“Y/N,” Jackson easily replies. “She’s from Quin. The group that debuted a few months back.”

Jinyoung looks at Jackson in surprise. “Y/N?”

He had heard of you before. You were well-known for your velvety voice as a rookie singer. Although you had just debuted, you had stable and clear vocals, and people had labelled you to be the ‘Korean Beyoncé’. You were thankful, of course, but didn’t find yourself worthy of being compared to such a revolutionary celebrity. 

Your stage ended, and you and your group got off, allowing the next group to perform. 

Jinyoung glances over to your group, barely catching a glimpse of your smiling self, before he got ushered up onstage. 

Your group went back into the waiting room and were given half an hour of resting time. 

“Do you guys need water?” you asked your members, eyeing the empty bottles of mineral water sitting on the tabletop. They nodded enthusiastically. 

“I’ll go get some then,” you told them, receiving a permitting nod from your manager, before you left to a separate room where boxes of bottled water were.

You picked up six bottles — the number of members your groups consisted of — and hugged them close to your chest. Your hands were incredibly small, so holding them wouldn’t be easy. 

You used your back to push open the door, slowly making your way down the hallway, back to your waiting room. You subconsciously started humming to songs, since the hallway was empty.

That’s when Jinyoung turned round the corner, walking in the opposite direction of where you’re heading — aka walking towards you. You bit your lip, shutting up.

You quickly bow in respect; he was your senior after all. When you did, a few of the bottles tumbled out of your arms. Forgetting that you had more in your hands, you reached out to catch the ones that had fallen, and the rest tumbled onto the ground. 

“Shit,” you muttered incoherently to yourself, bending down to pick them up.

Unexpectedly, Jinyoung bends down too, his large hands easily picking up three bottles at once.

“T-thank you,”  you said, embarrassed, reaching out to take the bottles from him.

“I’ll help you bring it back to your waiting room,” he said, aware. 

“Is…Is that okay?” 

“Why not?” he said, standing up with four bottles in his hands, while you just held one in each of your hands.

You thanked him again, and he shook his head, smiling slightly. 

“You’re Y/N, right?” Jinyoung asked, and you turned to him in surprise. He knew you? 

“Yes,” you responded.

“Your humming was pretty loud just now,” he teased, and you dropped your head. You wanted to hide. 

“It’s not a bad thing, though. Your voice is heavenly,” Jinyoung complimented, and a faint blush appeared on your cheeks. “I heard you when you were onstage, too.” 

“Thank you. You sound amazing too,” you told him. It was not a courtesy lie — you’ve genuinely watched GOT7′s performances, and Jinyoung’s vocals was your favourite.

Jinyoung chuckled. “Thank you, then.” 

The two of you made it back to your waiting room, and entered together. 

“You took so lo—” your member caught sight of Jinyoung beside you and widened her eyes. Everyone got on their feet and bowed politely, greeting this senior of theirs. 

Jinyoung placed the bottles on the table, and so did you. The members thanked Jinyoung without even knowing what was going on, and he just smiled. 

You sent him out, but the two of you stopped outside. 

“Do you mind if we… exchange numbers?” Jinyoung asked. “I’d really like to know you more.”

“Of course not,” you said, keying your number into his phone which he had passed to you. “Here.” 

He grinned. “We’ll be in contact, then.” 

Late night struggled (and beers)

HAPPY B-DAY @agentmarymargaretskitz!

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She was clutching his arm as she stood on her tip-toes; cold lips pressed against his hot ones.

Funny thing is that she thought his lips would be cold; ice cold just like the rays of his cold gun.  

But they were hot; burning hot against her and for a moment everything silenced. The noise, the humming of the Oculus Wellspring…

She felt only his lips on hers and the steady beating of his heart. It was so bittersweet. Something that she wanted for longer than she would admit and now that it was finally happening…

She held back tears as she lifted her eyes to connect with his.


“I’m sorry”

She couldn’t say it out loud.

The pain was overwhelming; spreading from her lips all the way to end of her toes and fingers.

So she turned away; grabbed Mick and left.

“I’m so sorry.” She wanted to say. But she couldn’t.


She jolted up; grasping for air with a strangled breath. She put her hands in her eyes noticing the tears there.

Sara was used to it by now. Years with the nightmares torturing her every single night. Sometimes it was her past and sometimes it was that day.

She would hear the sound of the explosion; she would see the Vanishing Pointing blowing up in front of her eyes.

And then she turned and she saw him.  Lying on his back next to her in their bed on the Waverider; mouth parted and a hand reaching out for her.

Sara felt herself smile at the sight but realized that she wasn’t going to sleep anymore, at least for a while.

So she slowly slid out of bed and fastened her robe, before the door opened and she walked out of the room.

Sara thought of going to the training room to blow off some steam but she knew that she would have to shower afterwards and the sound would wake up Leonard for sure. She turned towards the kitchen; walking over the fridge and grabbing a bottle of mineral water. And then her eyebrows furrowed as she realized that this whole time Mick and Ray had been sitting on the table, beers in their hands.

“What the hell are you doing?” She hissed but did nothing to show them that she was pissed.

“What do you think we’re doing? Getting drunk.” Mick said and then looked at the beer Ray held. “Well I am, he is drinking alchol-free.” His tone was mocking and both Sara and Ray knew how he felt about almost anything that was alcohol-free.

“He better.” Sara warned as she sat crossed legged in a chair across from them. “Why are you up anyway, Ray?” The man gave Mick a puppy-eye look; an indication that he really didn’t wanna answer.

So Mick did.

“Stein’s daughter has gotten so big that he can’t fit into the bed!” Mick exclaimed with a laugh and Sara felt sympathy for Ray. The beds on the Waverider weren’t designed for two… Let alone four.

“She is having twins, Mick and the beds aren’t that spacious if you have noticed.” She turned to Ray. “Maybe you can just ask Gideon to fabricate you a real bed if she can.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s just for a few more days and then we’re back in Central for good.” Ray answered with a smile. He and Lily both were ecstatic about the twins’ arrivals and he had agreed to stay on the Waverider until she was a week before her due date, before going to settle on Central City for good. “Besides, now is the best time to bond with Mick!”

“Speaking of… why aren’t you in bed? As far as I know Amaya isn’t pregnant? …Or is she?” Mick almost choked on his beer. “Okay got it… Not pregnant.”

“It’s just one of these nights, Blondie… Where I just can’t sleep. Too much shit going on in my head.” They shared an understanding look… Sara knew what he was going through… Even after they fixed time and got Leonard back and even after all these years… The nightmares were still there.

“I get it.”  She responded and Mick knew that shit like that was bothering her too. Sometimes Snart but he  was a master at masking his pain and he had a feeling that only Sara had seen how he really felt after everything… His own nightmares and demons.

Amaya had told him not to hide from her, but his darkness sometimes was a little too much… so instead he chose to leave her in the dark- the light…

“But you have to let her in Mick.” Sara told him softly. “What you two have is so much stronger than all your flaws and mistakes. Leonard saw past mine and I saw past his and that’s what love is.”

Mick sighed.

“Fine…” He stood up and threw his beer on the trash. He turned to Sara. “But you are taking him back to his room.”  

Ray had fallen asleep on the table. Great.

“Night Blondie!”

Sara groaned as Ray started to softly snore.

After leaving Ray on Nate’s room; a late night surprise the man really didn’t appreciate, she headed back to her and Leonard’s room where the man was still fast asleep. The latest mission must have tired him a lot more than he had thought because usually Leonard always knew when Sara wasn’t next to him.

But now she was glad.

The nightmare was still replaying on the back of her head as she lied back next to Leonard and pulled him close… but if the nightmares were the price to pay to have him back, it was more than worth it.


“..Aur ab main, main apne aap se darne lagi hoon. Kisi se mohabbat insaan ko bohot kamzor kar deta hai, bohot bebas, majboor. Aur mujhe inn saari cheezon se nafrat hai. Lekin uske bawajood, tum meri zindagi ka markaz bante jaa rahe ho. Tum mujhse poochte ho ki mujhe tumhari kya baat achchhi lagti hai. Main tumse yeh kaise kahoon, ki mujhe tumhari kaunsi baat achchhi nahin lagti? Apne irdh girdh tumhara ghumna. Mere wajood se naa hatne wali, tumhari gehri nazrein. Tumhare har waqt ki tawajjo. Tumhara jaan chhidakne wala har andaaz.. har baar. Jab tum mere maa baap ke liye, ehtraman khade hote ho, toh main tumhare saamne jhukne lagti hoon. Aur kya kuchh nahin? Ek chhote se ghar ke iss pankhe wale kamre mein, tumhari yeh gehri neend. Mineral water bottle ko dhoond ne ke bajay, nalke ka paani peelena. Hand wash chhod ke, ek saste saboon se haath dhona. Apni plate ko, meri maa ke haath ke pake khaane se baar baar bharna. Par main yeh sab tumko kabhi nahin bataungi. Tumhare har wade par hasungi. Tumhari har baat ka mazaak uraungi. Tum mujhe sang-e-marmar samajhte ho, toh samajhte raho. Main tumhare saamne ret ki diwar nahin ban sakti. Mujhe toot jaane se khauf aata hai..”

!!!!!METH USERS!!!!! The Meth Medicine Cabinet


The  information provided will help you remain healthier and your body will thank you for it.

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Some people want meds to take the unpleasantness away after using methamphetamines. Others want to take “something” to keep from getting the same reactions before using meth. The wiser will be the second group. For those of you who know little or nothing about the upkeep of your body and what meth is doing to it: There is NO magic pill.

Obviously, we can’t cover every condition or medical problem associated with using meth, but we can give you an essential guide to using the basics of vitamins, minerals and even herbal supplements that can be used preventatively, during and after use.

We won’t discuss any chemicals that may be found in other sections of Drugs-Forum dealing with bringing down the high, forcing sleep or in any way induces the body to react in a manner you might like it to. We are not polyusers and don’t subscribe to it. Combining uppers with uppers, or uppers with downers can become quite dangerous—and that is not Harm Reduction.

The use of meth causes a rapid chemical change in the mind and body, and the body reacts to it as a toxin, which it is. Our idea is to reduce the damage caused.

Preparation for a meth session is extremely important. If the body is not ready for this onslaught, the damage comes on faster and with more force. Two things we might not find in the medicine cabinet, but more likely the refrigerator, are the essentials you need, in liquid and solid form.

Keeping the body hydrated is the #1 rule. What does this mean? Simply making sure we have consumed enough water and metabolites, and continue to do so, while meth does its thing. Water is the base liquid, but the addition of metabolites such as potassium and sodium, are critical to maintain your body’s fluid, regulate blood pressure and heart function. Sports drinks are recommended by many.

Once meth enters the body, it’s a fight for survival and blood is routed to the organs that cleanse the body. The blood has to be moving fast—free-flowing—and that means it’s not sticky and dehydrated. Those organs need to remain healthy to do the job at hand and survive while doing it.

Eating. A nutritious diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as high protein foods such as red meats will give your body the majority of vitamins and minerals you need to keep you healthy. Fatty foods such as French fries and deep-fried cheese sticks do not contain them.

Hydrating and Eating are your 2 top priorities, bar none.

Now, let’s go see what’s in the medicine cabinet. On the top shelf—the most important one–the first item is Multivitamins (and minerals). Do you really need them? Do you eat 3 nutritiously balanced meals a day along with drinking 3, 8-oz. glasses of homogenized milk, including a good workout regimen in the sun? Most people don’t, and that’s why you need a multivitamin.

Many meth users have asked what kind of a multivitamin they should take. If you research them on the internet, it seems the ratings on each chart are somewhat dependent on who is sponsoring the charts of the best. I’ve looked around, read reviews, and come up with two that actually rate somewhere better than the middle of the charts and aren’t that expensive. Just remember: take one per day, and only one.

For Men: Centrum Silver Men 50+. The experts say you should ignore the “men 50+,” because the combination is correct for any male. These multis don’t contain any iron and you already get enough from your food. Go to the Centrum Silver website and get a $3.00 off coupon for them!

For Women: One-A-Day Women’s contain the amount of iron needed for premenopausal women, in addition to the other essentials you should find in a multi. Go to the One-A-Day Women’s website and get a $1.00 off coupon!

While included in the multis, there is one other vitamin that needs to be increased in the meth users’ diet, as well as those who also smoke cigarettes. It is Vitamin D3. You need vitamin D3 to properly absorb calcium. Meth leaches the body of calcium and it’s vital you maintain blood calcium levels. You also need D3 to help your body continue to build strong and healthy bones all throughout your life. It also can reduce inflammation and hold your immune system in check. The most natural way the body gets Vitamin D3 is from the sun. Milk is also fortified with Vitamin D3. But since you didn’t drink your milk and didn’t go outside to exercise in the sun, you really need these. I take one 5,000I.U. soft gel every day.

The next bottle on the top shelf is Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc. Even though they are already included in your multi (but only at 25%-30% of daily recommended value for Calcium and Magnesium), the way meth uses these minerals up, you really need more. Calcium, of course, builds strong bones, but it also makes muscles move and contract, allows nerves to carry messages, keeps blood vessels throughout the body healthy, and helpsneurotransmitter release! If you know and love dopamine, then you know how really important this is. Unless you are on a heavy fig and rutabaga diet, then you need this supplement.

Magnesium is important for the functioning of your heart, muscles, kidneys, and balancing other nutrients such as calcium and potassium. It also improves blood pressure. Once you know what the deficiencies of magnesium cause, you will ask no more questions. They are: anxiety, weak bones, low energy, weakness, inability to sleep, PMS and hormonal imbalances, irritability, nervousness, headaches, abnormal heart rhythm, muscle tension, spasms, cramps, and fatigue. Now get this—one of the biggest complaints we have—TEETH CLENCHING, or Bruxism, is also a Magnesium deficiency. And it seems the magnesium does a better job resolving it when it has a fresh supply of calcium helping it.

Zinc helps you maintain a healthy immune system and fights infections. (Take note, IV users.) Zinc is necessary for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes and plays a vital role in an enormous number of biological processes.

What a one-two-three knockout punch these guys have. And only two tablets a day will take care of all these things for just pennies.

Potassium Gluconate. I think I was taking these tablets before meth was invented. Potassium is an electrolyte (along with sodium), which is why I encourage people to use sports drinks, as they are included. The potassium helps regulate (lower) blood pressure and heart function. As you know, when using meth, your blood pressure skyrockets, so why not help curb the possibility of a stroke? As a matter of fact, there was a Harvard study that showed taking potassium supplements along with a diuretic (yeah, give me a couple of those potassiums with a cup of coffee), reduced the incidence of a stroke by 60%. Potassium is what makes our cardiovascular and nervous systems function. I’ve found it also works with magnesium to prevent cramping, and it aids during the recuperation part of your meth escapades.

The tablets contain 595mg of potassium, which is slightly more than the potassium found in a medium-sized banana. Take your pick. Have one of each. But be sure to double that number over the period of a day. Potassium doesn’t stay in the system for a long time. Oh, and one more very important thing: potassium is one of the prime movers, along with zinc, in elimination of wastes. That’s where all of those toxins the body is trying to get rid of are hanging out. And if they hang out inside of you too long, you become a recipient of toxic buildup—not a good thing.

Those, believe it or not, are your “prepping for meth use” essentials. Food, drink, and 4 bottles of vitamins and minerals. And when you look at it, and how complete it really is, it reminds me of prepping for the flu. You know the invader is coming, and you are prepared.

Before we have a look at the 2nd shelf, let me tell you that the supplements industry brings in over $60 billion a year. Once some people start taking them, it becomes almost an…addiction. “Horny Goat Weed sounds good. I think I’ll try that along with the Horsetail Shavegrass.” About $1,000 later and a cabinet full of supplements, these people realize all they are doing is taking supplements. They can’t even remember the last time they cooked a meal. So, let’s not get too carried away and fill the shelf too full.

Another point of view involves human nature. If we make a list of things to take every day that is too long, because of the hassle and time involved, a lot of people will fall out of the program. However, if we have simply the essentials that will do the job, the tablets or capsules can be assembled and swallowed in less than a minute.

My first two personal picks not only are helpful when using meth, but also fulfill a couple of other needs I have. The first is L-arginine. It’s a dietary supplement that produces Nitric Oxide (NO). Nitric Oxide should not be confused with Nitrous Oxide, the laughing gas. But it’s still a gas and what is does is enter the bloodstream and drop off these little bubbles on the insides of the vein walls, stretching them out, making them wider. My primary use is because I have a slight high blood pressure condition, and it allows the blood to flow smoother. But, if you’re a meth user, too, you might have figured out it works against vasoconstriction, or tightening of the veins. Many men cope with vasoconstriction when high. The more meth they use, the tighter the blood vessels, until no more blood can get through to make an erection. Relief is possible with just a couple of capsules a day, two times a day. Also, for IV users who have a difficult time finding veins, I have discovered that as the veins plump a little, they also become more visible in some areas.

The next supplement is HGH Dopa 400, also known as mucuna pruriens. I don’t bother with the HGH (human growth hormone) efficacy as it is small, even if true, but the plant material ground up and put in these capsules is full of L-dopa, a precursor to making dopamine. Now why would anyone want their brains to produce more dopamine? Besides the fact I’m getting a bit old and maybe the dopamine production isn’t as good as it used to be (normal), maybe I just don’t want to run out of dopamine when I’m high and want to stay that way.

The next couple of bottles contain supplements that are popular, and effective.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are not produced by the body and naturally are derived from eating fish. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioral function. It may also assist in controlling high blood pressure and, in people with Bipolar disorder, reduce mood swings. Symptoms of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings or depression, and poor circulation. Daily dosing should be based on the amount of EPA (180mg) and DHA (120mg) acids, not total amount of fish oil.

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 vitamin supplement, is naturally made in the body, but sometimes (especially with aging) the necessary levels of this enzyme-protein that speeds up the rate at which chemical reactions take place in the body, drop to below what is considered normal. Its main function, however, is as an antioxidant. While many trials have been run, peer reviews have not been overwhelmingly positive, due to the lack of further studies. The antioxidant function of CoQ10 appears strongest in reducing neurological damage or decline, including that of dopamine neurotransmitters. My next door neighbor, who is 80, says this is the closest thing to a miracle drug. Do you want to live that long? My answer is that I take this stuff. Since it is fat-soluble, I take it at the same time as my Omega-3. Daily dosage is 200mg-600mg.

At this point in time, I am satisfied with the above list. The dietary regimen that we started off with, along with these vitamins, minerals and supplements, are really the glue that binds in keeping our bodies whole, especially for the meth user. They are also the most protective and restorative additions we can make without breaking the bank.

There are other supplements that seem to be common with meth users. Perhaps the most often mentioned is melatonin. This is a hormone that is found in all biological organisms, and as such, we know we produce it ourselves, in the pineal gland from the raw material Tryptophan. Melatonin regulates our internal clock and maintains the Circadian Rhythm of our body. But we know what happens when we start using meth. All of a sudden our internal clock is shattered and we are officially on “Meth Time.” Depending on usage patterns and amounts, we find one Meth Day can extend itself past 24, 36, 48 hours and even beyond. At some point, the user may decide to end this prolonged day and get some sleep. But the meth is still active and sleep is hard to arrive.

Melatonin turns off the meth clock and helps reset the body to the biological clock function. It also promotes sleep and affords the body a long restful period, where deep sleep begins and allows the body to start healing itself. Taking the recommended tablets returns the body to normal levels of Melatonin where sleep becomes automatic.

Melatonin is also used by some people along with benzodiazepines; however there is a possibility of creating a benzo dependency with long term use. (As mentioned earlier, I can’t talk about or recommend using uppers with uppers or uppers with downers as there sometimes are consequences that cannot be predicted.) There are also several other chemical interactions with a supplemental dose of melatonin which can reduce the efficacy of other medications you may be taking. It was for that reason, I decided not to use melatonin.

If we were to look at the lower level of the Meth Medicine Cabinet, we also might find other things that might be used. For instance, that bottle ofisopropyl alcohol, which is mostly used to sterilize any areas of the skin that might be met by an IV needle, a broken piece of a glass pipe or other minor cuts and scratches. A tube of Hydrocortisone 1% Cream used to treat itching and small burns, and a tube of Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) to be applied on a damaged area to prevent infection are a couple of great first aid musts. Not to mention only accidents that happen when doing your drug, think of all of those times you’ve experienced spun out people pulling things apart, moving things around, falling on their butts and creating minor mayhem.

What’s this bottle? Viagra! For those men who have really serious consequences trying to get their manhood going while under siege from vasoconstriction, a half-tab of this stuff may do the trick. The caution is that it’s trying to relax those veins while the norepinephrine release is doing just the opposite. There’s a tug-o-war going on here that can stress the body, especially the heart.

Yohimbe 2000 is over there in the corner. It’s a natural stimulant, what I call “Poor Man’s Meth.” One of the better features of this herbal product is that it actually acts as a vasodilator, while still stimulating the body. Yohimbe has been known as an aphrodisiac for centuries, which most likely has been based on how it stimulates. Let’s say you are all out of your man-made stimulant but still feel ready to go that extra mile. Using one or two of these capsules may just let you make it to the finish line. But be careful, as there is a very thin line between being good and being bad. Too much of this stuff, and the nausea and other bad vibe reactions kick in, simply spoiling the moment.

Sitting up behind the Yohimbe bottle are a couple of sanitary wrapped prophylactics. They are there as a reminder that meth users, as a group, become a pretty high percentage of people who spread STDs, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases along with assorted cooties, which are not the same as meth bugs.

Below the Meth Medicine Cabinet, there’s a basket full of goodies. Let’s investigate. I see a couple of toothbrushes, some toothpaste and dental floss. I think we’re onto something! Taking care of your teeth and mouth are extremely important, whether a meth user or not. But when meth gets ahold of your mouth, the damage can increase at the speed of light. Next to those items is a big bottle of ACT Restoring Mouthwash, great for restoring enamel and it helps mineral recrystallization on the teeth. Next to the ACT is a bottle of Biotene, a mouthwash specifically made for dry mouth. Meth dries out the mouth and gives you the common “Meth Mouth.” A dry mouth means bacteria can form, causing ulcerations—mouth sores. Biotene also comes in gel form, which is designed to keep your mouth from going dry for 6-8 hours. There’s also a salt shaker and an empty glass. Falling short of the commercial methods, you can always gargle with warm salt water to kill off the bacteria. Just do it more often.

Recommendations—Good and Bad

Here are a couple of items I have seen people recommend, but they come with some advisories. There are many of our multivitamins that are also sold individually as Super Paks or under other marketing names. Let’s take the Vitamin B Complex group as one such item. And I am sure they have some benefits that your multis don’t have. But the fact remains that they are already in your multis at 100% Recommended Values. Before proceeding to take the both, and therefore at least doubling recommended amounts, I would want to research them to see at what level they become toxic.

Here’s another that I see recommended from time-to-time, and for the life of me I can’t understand why, except whoever started this trend did not do their homework. L-tyrosine is abundant in our foods and we get more than enough of it without supplementation. But, it’s also known to convert to L-dopa. And that’s where the research must have ended. They didn’t read how it also produces a lot of norepinephrine, that Dark Knight of Vasoconstriction–that bugaboo of irony created when using meth. But there’s more. It just might be that adding the supplement puts you over the top and actually shuts down your production of dopamine. That’s what L-tyrosine can do in larger amounts.

Some people simply cannot eat when high, due to other conditions they may suffer, or their own body chemistry. There is an alternative in liquid form that you can use to replace the solid food. Many meth users prefer to use protein shakes, such as Ensure.

Before we end this, let’s talk about dosages. More people than I want to imagine must believe that if one tablet is good, two must be better. That is not the case. Even vitamins and minerals have toxic levels. Always read recommended dosages and warning labels on any vitamins, minerals, supplements, and medicines you may also be taking. As I had to remind a friend one time: taking too many vitamins is not going to get you high, but it might get you sick.

There’s still more room in the Meth Medicine Cabinet. Maybe you have something you’d like to recommend. If you have something neat you have discovered and use, then let us know. But just don’t name it. Tell us how it helps your body, if there are any contraindications, and if there are any downsides to using it. You should at least be able to explain this, since you are using them.


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Q:  Could you say anything more about exactly HOW stressful this is on the body? Or just how risky it is? I thought I saw where someone (maybe you?) said they take it a half hour before using. Is that what you would do? Are there different milligrams of Viagra pills?

A: There are a lot of variables involved here: How much meth you have in your system, what your body chemistry is, what age you might be, what physical condition you are in, how badly the vasoconstriction affects you…

I suggested a ½ tab of Viagra to be on the safe side and see if it is enough to make a difference. There have been several remarks on the subject in various threads. Some men use a whole tab of Viagra, some use Cialis, and even without using meth, men who have ED need to do some experimentation to be comfortable with it. I believe there is only one dose amount.

The reason I mentioned taking the Viagra about ½ hour before using meth is to let it do its work, be ready to perform and also reduce the conflict between it reducing blood pressure and the meth increasing blood pressure. It’s easier on the heart. However, some people have reported taking a Viagra after the fact, when the meth has given them dope dick.

Only you can decide what is right for you.

Don’t let Meth destroys ur brain 

GerFra Week, Day 1: Food & Culture

WOW can you BELIEVE I nearly forgot to post this on the correct day??

Anyway, my first contribution is a piece I wrote for the Frenchiest fry Romi for her birthday, and as such is also based on an actual discussion we’ve had about my country’s obsession with sparkling water. Honestly, it’s bad. I’m drinking from a 1,5l bottle of sparkling water as I am posting this.
We Germans even put sparkling water in a variety of other drinks, and the combination is then referred to as Schorle.

And that’s all you need to know! Have a fun read and a great GerFra week!

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Perierat et Inventus est (5)

Bucky x Steve x OC


Notes: angst, fluff, smut, violence, torture/conditioning, dubious medical procedures.

A/N: I’ve decided to do the story in full third person POV. See how that goes. I’ve been kind of absent these last two days because of the damn flu, but I hope to be able to update more regularly now! 

“Ready to go, Steve?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess I am” Steve hauls a backpack over his shoulder and locks the front door behind him.

“Alright, get in. We’ll be there in 30 minutes”

“Is Bucky alright? He sounded a bit frantic on the phone”

“He’s fine, he needs you. And you’re gonna be there in no-time, so that’ll be taken care of” Sam smiles and neatly turns a corner.

When they arrive at the facility, Steve can’t keep his gaze from wandering. It looks beautiful; all round buildings, crest white, surrounded by a healthy green field of grass and flowers, trees scattered around which make for a tighter forest further back. Steve’d never guess this would be an Omega testing facility. The thought makes him nervous; he is an Omega, after all. Years of hospitals and tests and needles; dark places in his mind. It makes him itch.

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