bottle gems

Jar spell for when I’m having a Crohn’s flare:
Citrine chips (Digestive health, energy)
Peridot chips (Digestive health)
Mustard (Health, antiinflammatory)
Lavender (Health, rest, calming tummy)
Pink salt (Protection, cleansing)
I sealed it with wax and wound green thread around it. I’m planning on wearing it whenever Im feeling like shit.
Anxiety Charm Bottle - herb and gem necklace, Protection for Anxiety
Anxiety Charm Bottle - herb and gem necklace, Protection for Anxiety You will receive the exact necklace in the images. Ingredients - • Tarragon • Black pepper • White sage • Carraway seeds • Aquamarine • • Malachite • Labradorite • Your package will include an afformation with the necklace to charge and activate the charm before you wear it.

so I’m listening to the Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone audio book again while working on my sewing machine (now that I have free time whee-hee) and -
you really wanna tell me that boy didn’t go and buy a sh*t ton of small nonsense things once he got a hold of all that money? Harry has never owned something of his own and now he can buy anything he wants! An obscure book about special spells to get rid of stains? It has pretty colors so he buys it. A small glass bottle of gem stone shards? They glimmer in the sun so he pays the 5 sickles for them and takes it. A weird looking shiny purple tie at Madame Malkin’s? The fabric feels very nice so he takes it.
ALSO there has to be some kind of exchange counter where wizards can change their wizard money into whatever muggle currency they need bc you can’t tell me that Harry didn’t want to buy some decent f*cking clothes that actually fit after he knew he had the financial security to do so bc I’m pretty sure the Dursley’s still wouldn’t bother to get him an appropriate wardrobe even with him being a wizard and all, maybe Harry would also be too timid to ask them, or both, but he clearly can’t do that with galleons and such. Could be he even takes Hermione along to help him with it and we’d have the following situation where she holds up two sweaters, one green, one brown and says ‘so the green one really makes your eyes look good and the brown one is a nice fit’, to which he’d probably roll his eyes and just take them both bc this was taking too damn long. If Ron would be there with them they’d end up putting together the most ridiculous outfits ever, just out of pure boredom.
Either that or they would need to have some kind of wizard H&M (or similar) at Diagon Alley were you could get a decent pair of jeans and a nice shirt. As far as I can recall, Madame Malkin just sells robes and evening wear.
I don’t know, just some rambling…
Amethyst Charm Bottle, Gem Necklace, Meditation, Protection, Crown Chakra, Crystal,
Undrilled amethyst chip beads in small glass charm bottle on antique brass chain Healing properties; Calming Spirituality Addiction Communication Borderline Personality Disorder Self esteem Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Arthiritis Asthma Hormones Insomnia Headaches