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Being a Middle School Stage Manager
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Don't touch that prop<p/><b>Actor:</b> *touches the prop and breaks it*<p/><b>Me, yelling:</b> Okay people we have to have..*looks at list of props and sets* A boat, this backdrop painted, and 27 plastic knives by tomorrow<p/><b>Actors:</b> *fuck up all the props when the dierctor tells them to help*<p/><b>Me, during the show, whispering:</b> Don't talk they can hear you *sprays people with a spray bottle*<p/></p>

Happy Easter from Hill Farmstead with E. and the gang. This week was the release of Edward so we grabbed some to celebrate. Edward was the brewer’s grandfather and the name of the first beer he brewed in 2010. E is also for Easter where “brewing in Denmark revealed a European tradition of crafting Påske beer. Finally, E is for entelechy, the continued actualization of our potential through spirited effort and vision”. Edward is the perfect Påske Pale Ale; fermented with Farmstead yeast, oak-aged, dry-hopped with Galaxy hops and bottled conditioned. Also pictured are Florence (Wheat Ale), Arthur (Farmhouse Saison), Anna (Farmhouse ale with local wildflower honey), Everett (Robust American Porter), Three Magic Letters (American IPA), Conduct of Life (American Pale Ale with Citra and Amarillo), Susan (American IPA with Pacific Northwest and New Zealand hops), Abner (Imperial IPA), and Society and Solitude #5 (Imperial IPA with PNW and NZ hops), Double Galaxy (Imperial IPA). Sweet Jesus Happy Easter.

Natural Hair Challenge || 6 Month Hair Therapy

In order for your hair to be healthy and retain length you have to care for it like it like you would a child. Some of you may have looked at that in confusion but your hair is something that can not care for itself and can only thrive and flourish it is trained and cared for in the right manner.

Here are the guildlines to the challenge:

● Use a ACV rinse once a month to get rid of product build up.

¾ water in a spray bottle

● Deep condition once a week for at least 30 minutes

Rinse with cool water

●NO EXTREME HEAT (constant blow drying and flat ironing at high temperatures)

●Protein treatment every two weeks

Protein strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth

●Drink at least 8 cups of water a day

Water is great for your body and is essential to your health. Healthy body, healthy hair.

●Trim your hair only when needed

Every 4 to 6 months

●Protective style at least 2 weeks out of the month.

Flat twists, mini twists, braids, and twists. Avoid keeping. Twists and braids in for longer than 3 months to avoid locking.

●Wrap your hair with a silk or satin bonnet/scarf every night for bed

Unless you have silk or satin pillow cases tie your hair down. Cotton can dry out and pop your hair.

●Low manipulation

Do not stress your hair by over working it with different styles and tools. Keep it simple.

●No shampoo

Shampoo drys out and tangles your hair. Co-wash instead.

●Moisturize with the L.O.C method ●DRINK WATER

To participate in the challenge just post pictures of your progress with the tag #NNPCChallenge

electricpotoo  asked:

(A bottle was found in the claws of a dead Pride demon. Despite some Fade remains, the bottle is in perfect condition. The contents, however, are not. One item is a burnt... thing. The other is a letter) -To whomever receives this: Aneth ara (scratched out) Greetings from the waking world! I hope the Breach's effects aren't altering the Fade too drastically. Sorry, we are hoping to fix that soon. This letter was an attempt to determine the effects on something deposited into a Fade Rift. (1/2)

(2/2) If it’s not too much trouble, please record the condition of the items and seal it in the bottle. Please address the contents to Lithoriel at the Haven Chantry. If it is safe for you to do so, please deposit the bottle into the nearest Rift. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Lithoriel Lavellan. (PS. If you meet an elf called Solas, please do not mention this letter to him. He said it was a bad idea and tried to stop me, so I had send this secretly.)

The bottle hits the ground with a dull thunk as the Pride demon’s remains disintegrate, reclaimed by the Fade. This draws the attention of a certain insatiably curious warrior, who immediately saunters over to pick it up with a clawed gauntlet and examine the contents inside.

“How in the f- … Who approved this?” he asks no one in particular as he reads over the letter, eyes trained on the words as if they were about to change on him, or burst into flames, or some other mysterious Fade thing he could hardly wrap his head around.

But the letter was, for all intents and purposes, a regular piece of paper. Taking a quill and a piece of parchment from a scroll case on his belt, the warrior sits down and begins to compose a reply.


I get the feeling I wasn’t the intended recipient of this thing, but hey congratulations, your letter was found by the Herald of Andraste himself. I’m sorry I don’t know much about the Fade or the Breach or magic in general, but if it’s any consolation, maybe my signature will be worth something some day. I’ll try to write it as neatly as I can for you.

I’ve included the whatever-it-was you had in here. I can’t even tell what it was supposed to be, hopefully something not very valuable. The bottle and your letter seemed to do pretty good though.

I appreciate your efforts in trying to learn more about the Breach, as we’ll need everything at our disposal if we’re going to close it, but promise me you’ll be careful, alright? Oh, and I won’t tell Solas.

Adam Tevelyan

He makes sure the bottle is sealed nice and tight before throwing it into the next Fade rift he and his party come across, satisfied with now knowing what it’s like to throw something into one of those things.

(ffff that was a very good letter thank you for sending it in)

[ HAVE YOUR OC SEND A LETTER TO MINE (and get a response)]


Having a À Tout Le Monde after packaging 8 Gallons of Flanders Red.

I planned this batch in anticipation of winning a prize in the San Diego County Fair’s exhibitor home brewing category.

 I did not get any notice from the judges — however, they provided tasting notes that I considered for future brews.  Flanders Red brewing is a time- and technique-intensive style that blending usually takes place at some point before bottling or kegging.

At this juncture, I used an eight-gallon bottling bucket to blend two different batches and added priming sugar.  After a few weeks in the bottling conditioning, I sought a little more fizz in the glass for this batch and added the appropriate amount of corn sugar.  

I didn’t have enough Belgian bottles with corks, so I used a few half-liter and a couple of 1-liter, Lightning Brewery-labeled swing tops — the ones with the Lighting Brewing label pasted over a Stone Brewery growler.  They actually handed these out at the brewery, a testament to the collaborative relationship between microbreweries in town. You won’t find a bottle like that anywhere else.

This started off from a batch brewed in February and blended with an oak barrel aged one.  It was a little darker and has a higher ABV with the two blended, at about 50/50 blend.

I am looking forward to my next batch of something else.


Maine Beer Company “Mo”

94 A-

Mo is a bottle-conditioned Pale Ale. Thanks for the trade, Kirby! Aromas deserve an A+ for such delightful hop notes, which closely resemble the smell of ripe cantaloupe, guava, honeysuckle, and grapefruit peel. Malts carry frail sweetness over hints of pale grain.

The palate starts sweet with smooth wheat. Meanwhile, hops immediately taste of oranges and cream. Tropical notes weave throughout. Herbal characters rise up from the middle, just before sour grapefruit slowly rises to a crisp climax. Bolstering support from below, biscuit malts kick into high gear for some much needed balance. Despite their efforts, bitterness reigns supreme. Mouthfeel is creamy, then sharpens up as oils gently dry to a clean finish.

Overall, I think this is a balanced, flavorful Pale Ale where the sour component runs parallel to bitterness. I think there’s enough originality here to make it stand out. As is characteristic of the style, malts only exist as a platform to support the hops. The hop profile is distinct, revealing a short, complementary flavor range. Bitterness is poignant, yet never pushes beyond respected boundaries. If you’re a fan of the Pale Ale, this is probably worth seeking out. I recommend it.

Malts: American 2-Row, CaraPils, Caramel 40L, Red Wheat

Hops: Warrior, Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe



Freeport, Maine

* image used in banner doesn’t belong to me. it belongs to its rightful owners and isn’t mine. i only take credit for creating the banner *

Hello again! I got quite a good response to my other long ‘study/exam tips’ post so I decided to type up another one centred specifically around ‘exam tips.’

  • Know your content.
    Study before your exam! Prepare for it by writing notes, reading from the textbook, doing past test papers, drawing up mindmaps etc. Know your content before entering the exam room! That way, you’ll be more relaxed, calm and prepared for whatever questions the test may throw at you.
  • Eat breakfast.
    Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day (in my opinion!). It provides you with energy to continue and start your day. Leaving the house with no food in your stomach is like leaving the house without your mobile phone. Both situations are bad and result in horrible consequences.
    Not eating breakfast can make you physically weak or drained of energy, causing dizziness, nausea, hunger etc. I recommend making quick but wholesome breakfast meals like sandwiches (with Nutella, or jam?), last night’s dinner, eggs on toast, or the good ol’ cereal.
  • Drink lots of water.
    Other than eating breakfast, keeping your body constantly hydrated with water is very important. Keep a bottle of water close to you throughout the day, and if you’re able to, bring a bottle of water into the exam too. Make sure it has no wrapping or stickers on it, as wrapped bottles usually violate exam conditions. (They think you’d write answers or formulas on the inside of the bottle wrappings!)
  • Breathe.
    Many people go into a panicky or nervous state before an exam. Trust me, I can relate! But the easiest and simplest advice that I can offer to you is to breathe. Take deep deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Use this to calm yourself down. Remind yourself that you’ve studied for this test. That you’ve done the best that you can to study as much as you can. Remind yourself that once you go in there and finish the exam, it’s over!
  • Make sure you have all your materials.
    Midway through a maths exam and realising that you’ve forgotten your calculator in the car is one of the worst situations ever and you NEVER want to be in that position. Before leaving the house, make sure that you have everything you need. This includes multiple pens, pencils (You never know when one will run out of ink!), an eraser, a sharpener, a board-approved ruler, any measurement equipment (protractor, compass etc.), a board-approved calculator and a range of other equipment. Try to keep them in a clear or translucent pencil case. (Once again, exam supervisors are usually paranoid about students hiding cheat sheets in their opaque, non-transparent pencil cases)
  • Take advantage of your reading time.
    I don’t know about other schools, but at my school, before you start an exam, everyone gets 3-5 minutes reading time where we’re given that time to just read through the whole exam and take note of the questions we’ll be given.
    Take advantage of this time by answering multiple choice questions in your head so you can quickly mark the answers in once reading time is over, or formulating the answers to the short-answer questions so you would know what to write.
    Using these methods can save you a few precious minutes or even seconds during the exam, which can be then put into other areas of the exam like the extended response.

Hopefully these tips help (: Good luck to any students out there who will be taking any exams soon! x

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3 open, half full baby bottles.... Ok cool makes sense

Three baby bottles, leaving bottles out in unhygienic conditions, not knowing how to open her child’s stroller over two months after his birth, and essentially mocking her child to troll people on snapchat.

Time to pack up and go home. Briana is #MotherOfTheYear.

anonymous asked:

baby bottles stink up you whole house if you leave one laying around for like an hour. can you imagine the in a hot car with the sun coming in

it’s fucking milk, like……………I don’t leave milk out for any length of time because IT’S MILK AND IT GOES BAD SO QUICKLY AND GETS NASTY AND SMELLY AND GROSS. She’s trying to make herself look motherly and she’s just making herself look like either a) a shitty mother who isn’t keeping bottles in hygienic conditions or at the proper temperature, or b) a nasty mother who is leaving her child’s old bottles in the car while they go bad and start smelling and curdling and whatever. Or a combination of the two.

Just…gross. All around gross.


Pisgah “Hellbender”

94 A-

This English-style Barleywine is named in tribute to North America’s largest salamander, the Hellbender. One dollar from the sale of each bottle is donated to the ‘Wild South’ non-profit environmental protection organization. I picked up this particular bottle while on vacation in Asheville, where I was quick to snatch up all the Pisgah they had to offer. I imagine this year’s worth of aging had a softening impact on the palate.

Aromas open up with a sweet emphasis on brandy-macerated strawberries, sweet toffee, brown sugar coated plums, and candied dark fruits. Additional fruity hints hints of banana, raisins, and orange zest meld with yeasted bread and herb-toned hops. Both the English malt bill and the bottle conditioning have noticeable influence here.

On the palate, a heavy malt profile thrusts forward with the sweet organic brown sugar that was added to the brew. Fruity notes fill the middle register with banana bread, fig, red grape, apricot, melon, tart raspberry, and caramel apple. Bitter hops collide, infusing pine-centered herbs, flowers, and rose petals that stretch into a ginger spice climax. The finish departs with a few drops of hop oil, followed by a slight astringent twang with loads of residual malt sugars left behind. Mouthfeel is oily, leaning toward syrupy, pulling in a hefty body with chewy thickness. It’s smooth, rounded on the edges, slow to warm, and held up by just enough carbonation to keep things afloat.

Overall, this is a strong, fruity Barleywine that leans more toward the malty end (as any good Barleywine should). Through a shifting of weight, the initially sweet malts decrease in density, giving rise to a hoppy bitterness. This shift in flavor is slow, allowing enough time to soak in what each ingredient has to offer. The bottle conditioning provides an added dimension of complexity through added yeast flavor. The aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel are all pretty stunning. Considering the high alcohol level here, it doesn’t come off tasting like solvent or any other negative off-flavors. This is nice, I recommend it.

Known Hops: Centennial



Black Mountain, North Carolina

himynameisnick2152  asked:

I bought your #W00tstout homebrew clone, any advise on brewing it? I've heard some people say that imperial stouts benefit from double-pitching liquid yeast.

You can either double pitch, or make a starter. Properly aerating the wort is way more important, though. Be patient; it’s going to need at least two months in secondary, and probably another month to bottle condition.

thehungriesttribble  asked:

So I've only seen wolf in the fold once, because the idea of being falsely accused of crime breaks my heart. So I remember the main points, but perhaps not the finer details? Why would you categorize it as the worst? Also, I definitely agree with you about Spock's brain. I found it strange but not the least plausible.

Okay, so I’m going to combine this with what I remember from an ask I accidentally deleted because I’m bad at tumblr. 

So the entire premise of Wolf in the Fold is that Jack the Ripper is this immortal entity that feeds on fear, and thus murders women because “WomEN are MORE ScAREd than MEN!!!1!” After I complained about this episode a few asks ago, we got an ask that said something along the lines of “It’s been scientifcally proven that women actually do experience more fear than men, and men are more likely to take charge in a fearful situation.” So naturally I was side-eyeing this pretty hard, and my first response was to say Prove to me that that’s biologically-caused and not conditioned and then we’ll talkBut I accidentally hit “delete” instead of “respond” because I am uncoordinated, so I googled it and I’m responding here.

And guess what? Turns out I was absolutely right! All my sources will be linked to with the underlines below.

So women don’t actually experience any more fear than men. In fact, they experience the same amount of fear when compared to men, but they are more likely to report higher levels of fear anyway! This is because they have been conditioned from girlhood to respond more fearfully to stimuli (parents freak out more about baby girls, they say things like “ew bugs are yucky!” to girls, etc.). An exact quote from this source: “We learn that women reported significantly higher fear scores than men even though their responses did not indicate that female actually experienced greater levels of physiological disturbance; they said they were more afraid than their male counterparts, believed it was true, but acted at least as courageously as the men. The passivity encouraged in girls by our culture feeds directly into the early development of habits of fear.”

Here’s another source that suggests women are more likely to report being afraid because they are more honest about their feelings, while men are conditioned to bottle up emotion and pretend they’re big and brave. 

Additionally, it’s been proven that women experience more fear (more fear, but not more acute fear) than men during horror movies, but this is because they ANTICIPATE the fear based on common film cues, while men just kind of sit around and wait to be afraid until the scary thing actually happens. So, according to this, women are just better at predicting that something scary is going to happen. (NOTE: This entire notion that women and men inherently react differently to anything is pretty cissexist, and I apologize to any trans people reading this and being like wow this is deterministic bullshit. You’re right.)

Additionally, Wolf in the Fold starts with Kirk and McCoy spouting some crap about how Scotty received some injury that makes him hate women (???????) so naturally they take him to a strip club to make sure he’s over it. Keep in mind that strippers and sex workers are much more likely to be victims of violence than the general women population. So yeah, great idea to the whole Enterprise crew on that one.

It’s basically an episode about strippers being murdered because they are scared delicate little flowers and it’s really cringe-worthy and poorly-written.