Are you sick and tired of your water bottle taking up most of the space in your bag? You know, the bottles that squeeze easily, leak and are not reusable. Well, the bottle that we are featuring here is anything but… Memobottle will slide easily between your laptop, tablet, books or valuables, and because of its flat rectangular shape, it will make the most out of the space in your bag without ever compromising on functionality.


Jayne Mansfield surrounded by her shaped hot water bottles in the pool of her house, Mansfield’s Madness, (the house she lived before purchasing the ‘Pink Palace’), 1957

The Hot Water Bottle is 22 inches long, and made of hard plastic molded into the shape of Jayne’s body. The idea came from one of her promoters. In 1957, during the height of her fame, they started to be commercialized. It was an immediate success and in the advertisements it was saying: “Wow! Dig this glamorous hot water bottle

PS: The hot water bottles are still being sold in nowadays