I will truly fear the Tumblr bots when I find one with a Peridot icon, a psychiatric diagnosis in its username, and reblogs of Animorphs stuff and someone’s YouCaring on the first page.

When first I identify this bot - or its cultural-equivalent-of-the-moment - I will know that the enemy is not merely at my door. It has long since entered and left again; it has been in my kitchen, where it opened the fridge and then quickly closed it, rolling its eyes.

I’m such a sucker for Tony falling asleep in the lab. And the bots trying to “tuck him in”–putting a blanket on him, all of that.

Of course, their fumbling and bumping around immediately wakes him up but he pretends to still be asleep because it makes them so happy, and eventually he genuinely does fall back asleep, so calm and relaxed in his lab, surrounded by his robots.



It’s kind of disconcerting how bot posts have reached the point where they don’t actually make sense in context, but they sufficiently resemble sensical posts that you have to read it over multiple times to be completely sure. I feel like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop here.