Since I did Awards for my birthday I thought I would try a blog of the season for winter!


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  • reblog to enter
  • ends December 15th
  • 1 winner, 2-3 runner ups
  • must get 25 notes or else this never happened

Kinds of things I’m Looking For

  • mainly SPN blogs, other/multifandom isn’t an auto lose at all, just have a gravitation to spn
  • pretty urls, icons, themes
  • friendly, active bloggers


  • +f from me if not already
  • spot in my updates tab until February 1st
  • winner: unlimited promos in until Feb. 1st + ficlet request + Christmas card!
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  • my love and friendship? (Who honestly wants that though)

Happy Holidays! <3

How a Twitter bot turned the 2016 election into a giant Pokémon battle

Politics is just a game, Nora Reed realized. And not just any game—Pokémon. U.S. politics is Pokémon incarnate. That’s when she had her latest big idea.

Pokémon takes the idea of gladiatorial combat, each player sending their champion into the ring to duke it out for bragging rights, and turns it into something akin to a deceptively simple card game.

Reading story after story, Reed noticed that the arguments made by opponents of Muslim refugees fell into familiar grooves. The repetition of the same arguments over and again felt rote and mechanized. Gradually, the headlines she read and the notifications popping up in Reed’s Nintendo 3DS screen started to blur. “Donald Trump uses ISLAMOPHOBIA!” she’d say to herself with a smirk. “It’s super effective!”

It was with that realization that the Twitter bot Pokéconservative was born.

Hey guys! I haven’t done anything for my followers in a while so i thought this would be a great thing to do to show my appreciation to you all! also I am close to hitting 4,000! :O So this is for my followers! I love you all, thank you <33

This is Rosesweasleys’ Winter Blogs of the Season! I will be picking multiple blogs for this, it’s basically like a botm & a mini tumblr awards :)


☁️  must be following me (since i’m doing this for my followers)
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☁️  reblogging ends on December 20th and winners will be announced on December 22nd (first day of winter)
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💫  newbie bots (must have less than 500 followers, and submit me a screenshot of your follower count!)
💫  fandom bots (could be booklr, harry potter, teen wolf, etc)
💫  non-fandom bots (could be studyblr, photography, aesthetic, etc.)
💫  best overall bots (could be anything)
💫  for every 50 notes (idk if that will even happen) there will be one runner up in every category! also depending on the notes it gets i may add more categories!! :)


❄️  a follow back from me
❄️  a link on my blog for the entirety of the winter season
❄️  a link on my blogger hall of fame page for eternity
❄️  a custom 8tracks playlist upon request
❄️  unlimited promos whenever you want for the entirety of the winter season
❄️  help with anything you may need
❄️  a friend to always talk to :)
❄️  and all of my love and adoration <3
❄️  winter season ends on March 20th just fyi