A vibe I’ve witnessed on multiple occasions in my lifetime that is apparently the Modern Day “Guru” : white woman in Florida/LA/or Sedona approaching her 50s who married a rich man and divorced and now has enough money to be an aesthetic yoga-traveler-gypsy queen as long-as it’s-boujee and fashionable who did 1 retreat and shopped at free people and got arm bracelets at planet blue and is now a self declared lightworker spiritual life coach (??!?!?!?) but (only) coach fellow white upper class luxury clients and the spiritual aesthetic is merely a mask and “look” that is trendy and created by pure ego and the desire to look zen™ and actually does no real light work to better humanity or mother earth herself & behind the scenes she pounds lavender gin spritzers with her gal pals on the weekends since her kids are grown up and gets botox to the face since she’s gotta look The Part™ and neglects every other wrinkling part of her body as they trash talk people less than them who actually simply cannot afford the lifestyle illusion since they didn’t marry rich and plan their trip to coachella that they outgrew 30+ years ago but still cant

@poipoi1912 I was reading your post and got to this:

“Peter needs to do that botox thing people do between their eyebrows for their “11” lines, he’ll get wrinkles if he keeps frowning like that in every single one of his close-ups.“

and I went..

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….I will fight you.

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If You Never Frown, You Won't Feel Sad

Botox is a popular cosmetic procedure to reduce facial wrinkles.   Botox is injected into various muscles, for instance in the face, and it  paralyzes the muscles thereby causing the wrinkles to “relax”. It’s   been known for a while that one of the side effects of Botox treatments are that people can’t fully express emotions (for example, they can’t   move the muscles that would show they were angry, or even happy). New   research shows another interesting side effect – people who have Botox   injections can’t feel emotions either.

Muscles and feeling are tied together – If you can’t  move your muscles to make a facial expression you can’t feel the   emotion that goes with the expression. So if you have recently received a  Botox injection and you go to a movie that is sad, you will not feel   sad because you won’t be able to move the muscles in your face that go   with feeling sad. Moving muscles and feeling emotions are linked.

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Hey, uh, I haven’t seen a post like this, but I feel like it should be said? 

 Don’t… Make fun of people who get Botox. Don’t call us “bimbos” (mentioning this because if you go into the Botox tag it’s 95% “ooh this girl becomes a bimbo / my bimbofication journal” And that just makes me super uncomfortable? 

Like… I have really severe chronic migraines, so every 3 months I get 35 shots of Botox (which, I might remind u, is an actual neurotoxin and is p darn dangerous, and SUPER PAINFUL lmao) into the head, neck and shoulders to help with them. 

 Every time I go into that tag for support (because the shots hurt A LOT) I just find people shaming girls and weird kink stuff. 

 Sorry, I’m rambling, just. Please don’t be gross, guys.

Confession Time

I have spend the past four/five years claiming that I don’t mind who Jon ends up with so long as he doesn’t die and ends up happy cause he deserves it.

I’m taking that back. I fucking hate Daenerys. I do, I really do, I’m sorry. If they end up together (and I mean end up together, not hook up because the first is nowhere near confirmed while the later kinda is) I WILL be dissapointed and I WILL NOT like it.

I just have to cross my fingers and have faith in George RR Martin.

I know- I am dissapointed in myself too, but I’m weak. Very super weak. Also I don’t like Daenerys. I really don’t.

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I love how your lips look constantly pouty, like there's people who spend hundreds of pounds on botox and stuff, and you get it alllll for free lmao

ur british!!!!!! pounds :–) and lol! 

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Imagine Barbara in her mid 40s got Botox and peter sees her and he's like "Woah Barbara, your lips look like a baboons ass." And she doesn't react. And Peter gets uncomfortable and is like "wh-what's happening here? Are you dead? Did you die standing up? Babe, I think Barbara needs help!" And Barbara in her stuff voice replies "I'm glaring at you, idiot. It's the Botox"

oh my fucking god

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Freelee's new vid, she cannot understand why the company threw her interview in the trash can, nothing will ever wake her up, she is so far full of her own opinion that it came across terribly in the interview, another thing is she lied whole heartedly because she didn't once mention you as the main driver behind the evolution of why she became vegan and turned it into a career. absolutely disgusting that she didn't mention you, I reckon they found it shitty as well and saw the ME ME ME in her

I was sitting in the next room when she did that interview and I knew we were pretty much over at that point.

Man the botox really changed her for the worse. I wasnt perfect but I never forget who helped me when nobody else would, could or cared to.

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(Continue of Botox Barbara) after she says it's the Botox a light bulb goes off and he says "ooooh all the fat in your ass is now in your head and you can't come up with a comeback. Hm. If I'd known Botox was the way to shut you up I'd've paid for it years ago. Well, see ya Botchbra" and he walks off while Barbara's frozen face let's out a scream that doesn't even move her mouth